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Author's Notes: This fanfic is unbeta'd so all mistakes and typos you find are all mine. I have written this fanfic for the 31 Days of Shipping challenge and I have also included this fanfic as prompt fills in Harry Potter Crossover Bingo 2021 and Prompt Bingo.

Prompts used: A ship you never thought you would ship but do , movie night and fluff

Harry James Potter was a thirty-year-old wizard who lived in the American city of Pasadena. He was a man of average height, he had short black messy hair, a scar on his forehead that was shaped like a lightning bolt and he had bright green eyes behind a pair of round black glasses.

He had a smile on his face as he dressed for his latest date with his boyfriend, a socially awkward muggle man named Stuart Bloom.

Stuart was a thirty-five-year-old man, five years older than Harry was, and was the most normal and one of the nicest men Harry had ever dated. He also worked at and owned a comic book shop which was where the pair first met each other. The relationship was still pretty new as they had only been dating for a month but Harry was already impressed by Stuart and how he treated Harry.

Stuart was a man with brown eyes, short dark brown hair, was average in height and had a lean build. The man was a big fan of muggle comics and other geeky muggle stuff like movies, cartoons, TV shows and video games.

Harry found his boyfriend's passion for his interests endearing and he loved to listen to Stuart talk about them to him.

Tonight Harry would be going to Stuart's apartment and they would be having a date there, the plan was dinner and some movies.

Harry hoped he looked alright because even if it the date was going to be at Stuart's apartment, it was still a date so Harry wanted to look good for it. He had a quick shower, brushed his teeth and brushed his hair so it would looker neater than it usually was. The clothes he wore was denim jeans, a good pair of sneakers and a black long sleeved button up shirt. Once Harry was satisfied with how he looked he left his apartment and drove to Stuart's place.

Upon arriving at Stuart's apartment, he knocked on the door and waited a few moments until the door opened to reveal Stuart.

Stuart after greeting Harry with a "It's good to see you", a slight smile and a brief kiss on the lips invited Harry inside.

"So…er…I've ordered some takeaway food, I..I..I hope that's okay for dinner Harry" said Stuart , in a nervous , awkward type of voice.

Harry looked to the comic book shop owner as he sat down on the couch, he smiled at the older man. "It's fine, Stuart…don't worry"

Stuart smiled a relieved sort of smile, "That's..that's good.." said Stuart before sitting down next to Harry on the couch.

"What are we watching?" asked Harry curiously to Stuart.

Stuart looked beside himself to Harry as he reached for the remote control to the TV.

"There..There's some movies on a streaming service that I..I..think you might enjoy"

Harry smiled, "Okay, cool!" said Harry.

Harry made himself more comfortable beside his boyfriend and watched the screen of the TV as Stuart searched for a movie for the two of them to watch together.

Harry, having been forced in his childhood to have grown up with the horrible Dursleys for relatives Harry was new to movies, TV shows, many fictional book series, comics and video games. This was because Harry's relatives (his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon) had always hated him and so had always forbidden him from things that they had thought Harry might have enjoyed.

Many of the movies and TV series displayed on the screen looked very interesting to Harry and Harry wanted to watch so many of them.

"Hey! What about that one?" Harry suggested and he pointed at the screen.

On the screen one of the movies in the streaming movies that were available was a movie called Deadpool.

"Is that a movie of the comic book series you recommended to me Stuart?" Harry asked with interest in his voice.

Stuart gave a nod, "Yes, do…do you want to watch it Harry?" asked Stuart.

Harry smiled and nodded, "Yes please"

With the movie decided Stuart clicked on the movie with the remote control.

"There's also a sequel movie to it if you want to watch it afterwards" Stuart added as the movie started.

"Sounds, great" said Harry, grinning and he soon cuddled closer to Stuart.

A bit into the movie dinner arrived and the movie was paused so the food could be paid for and brought in.

Dinner was some pizza. After the pizza box was placed in front of them, they started to help themselves to the food before continuing to watch the movie.

Harry quite liked the movie, it was a fun movie to watch and interesting. During the movie, shortly after both men were finished eating Harry cuddled up to Stuart again and he smiled when Stuart very hesitantly and nervously wrapped a hand around Harry before he pulled his boyfriend closer to him.

Harry enjoyed himself as he cuddled with his boyfriend while they watched the movie of Deadpool and when the first one was over, they put on the second movie and watched that as well.

After the movies were both finished they talked and kissed for a while and then talked some more before they eventually when it became late fell asleep together on Stuart's couch.