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Prompts used: Rare pairing , favourite song and a crossover ship

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The bard known as Jaskier had a nervous but at the same time a happy and proud smile on his face as he waited outside the door of his boyfriend who he had been dating.

Jaskier's boyfriend was a mage who was originally from another world but was now living in the place known as the Continent. His name was Harry Potter and he was a very handsome man in his early thirties. He was of average height, probably just a bit shorter than the bard was, was lean but had some slight muscles on him and he had short, messy black hair. He also had beautiful green eyes behind a pair of round black glasses and a scar shaped like a bolt of lightning on his forehead.

Jaskier was in love with his mage boyfriend and their relationship so far was great and Jaskier was hoping that would only get even better.

They had met through Jaskier's music. Jaskier had been singing his songs in a pub and Harry had liked his music. Jaskier had bought Harry some beers, they talked and both men developed quickly some genuine romantic feelings for each other. They started dating a week later and now had been in the relationship for about a couple of months now.

It wasn't long before Harry answered the door, a smile on his face when he saw Jaskier standing there.

Jaskier!" Harry exclaimed happily before greeting the bard with a brief kiss on the other man's lips before inviting Jaskier inside of the house.

"Did we have a date today Jaskier?" Harry as they both sat down and got comfortable on a couch.

Jaskier shook his head, "No, I Just have been working on a new song recently and it's done and I wanted to sing it you. It's…It's about us" Jaskier said.

Harry smiled and gave a nod, blushing a little while staring at Jaskier with a look of touched adoration in his emerald eyes.

"Of course," Harry spoke softly to Jaskier.

Jaskier beamed happily at Harry before he then got out his lute and began to play his new song to the man he loved.

Harry gave the bard his full attention while Jaskier serenaded Harry with the new song.

Jaskier couldn't help but feel himself nervous while he sang to Harry the new song, he had put a lot of thought into every word of this song and he wanted his boyfriend to love it. No one had heard this song yet, he had wanted Harry to be the first ever person to hear it.

When Jaskier finished singing and playing upon the musical instrument he looked nervously to Harry. Harry was still staring at him, staring at him with emotion in his eyes and an awe filled expression on his face.

"Do..Do you like it? I hope you do, but if you don't like it that…that's okay. I can keep working on it and make it a song you will really, really love"

Harry smiled at Jaskier and silenced the bard's nervous and self-conscious words with a kiss, pulling him in close.

Jaskier returned the kiss immediately and he hoped that this kiss meant that Harry loved it because why else would Harry reward him with a kiss.

"I love it Jaskier" said Harry when they separated.

Jaskier grinned, even though he still felt just a bit nervous. "Really? You like it?"

Harry nodded, "Of course, you know I love your music Jaskier and this one is about us so yeah, I love it"

Jaskier's grin turned into one of happiness and relief, "Good, I'm glad you like it. I'll write more then!"

The bard gently placed his lute next to the sofa and kissed Harry again, his kiss full of the love he had for the man close to him.

Jaskier knew that Harry was probably the only person who really appreciated the music that he played, though that could just be because of Harry's feelings for the bard, however when it came to this song that he had written he didn't mind if Harry was the only one who might ever like it. He had written this song for Harry and wrote it about their relationship, he wanted Harry to love it, he didn't care what anyone else thought of it.

Jaskier smiled affectionately then as Harry cuddled up intimately to his side.

"Jaskier, can you only ever sing this song about us to me? It's a really special song and I really do love it."

Jaskier felt disappointed for a moment as he felt like he wanted to sing out to the world of his love for the man beside him but Harry was right, this song was special, very special and so he would do as Harry wanted.

"Yes, of course" said Jaskier.

"Thank you" replied Harry.

Jaskier and Harry stayed sitting intimately together for a while until they started to kiss again.

From then on this song quickly turned into one of his favourite songs that he would sing to his boyfriend when they were alone together and he learnt that it was one of Harry's favourite songs as well. Of course, he would write more music about their relationship but this one, the first one he had written about them was very special.