Exiting from the library with Bear, in deep thought about what to do for the day to commemorate Carter's death, John walks blindly towards the bridge where he and Joss last talked. Bear looks across the street, and whines, looks up at John with the knowledge that he had just seen someone he knew.

They walk the distance to the bridge, sometimes on the leash and sometimes off; the look of joy giving Bear the goofiness only his dad and close friends recognize. To the total stranger, Bear is out of control and scary looking – gallivanting along then running back to John, checking to see if he is okay.

The bridge and street are deserted, just the breeze, the streetlights, and the occasional piece of paper disturb the quietness. The tears come quickly, unabashed, and silent. The- if only's, the shoulda-woulda-coulda's, why didn't I's swirl in his mind like a tornado on the Wichita plains; as he looks to the sky, "Joss, I loved you, I miss you so much." A sob escapes, and again Bear looks across the street and whines; he knows who the lady is with the long black hair, round beautiful brown eyes. John, so deep in his grief doesn't see the woman watching him from afar; tears roll down his cheek and fall onto the black leather jacket as he continues to look out at the water. He tells Bear, zit in Dutch which Bear immediately obeys; but then he is back dancing around John's legs. The 'happy dance' and the speeding tail finally capture John's attention. He leans down and asks Bear, what's the matter, while wiping his watery eyes with the back of his hand. Bear whines again, looks at John with the expression of "I'm sorry, but I have to go"; she is here, and I must go see her. Bear makes a mad dash across the deserted street going as fast as he can; letting out one bark which finally breaks through John's fog. He looks to where Bear is circling a woman; looking up at her and receiving a head scratch. What the hell has gotten into this dog that he would run away like he did is the first thought in John's head. He is stunned into motionlessness; he can't breathe; he can't speak; all he can do is look as the woman begins to walk towards him. Bear is doing his happy dance; looking back and forth between John and the woman.

Was he dreaming; was he hallucinating; was he in some sort of mind altering scheme? John touches his face and feels only the scruff, no glasses, so what he is seeing is maybe real? His mind is spinning out of control; then he hears her voice. "Hello, John". He reaches with one hand to touch the face that is standing before him, it's soft, velvety, warm. She reaches up with one hand and touches John's face, the scruff prickly against her hand, and then the hug that washes away the hurt, loneliness, sadness and desperation and grief is felt through their bones. Bear yips and circles his master and Joss.