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The Mad King has arrived!

Also there was a mistake with the last chapter. Brynden asks Jon Arynn how his sons are doing. I misread something from Robert's Rebellion that read 'Jon Arynn's heir' and I took it to mean his son, when in reality it was his nephew and heir. My mistake, and I will fix it.

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Prince Lewyn practically leapt into action and began walking away from me towards Rhaegar. His face was neutral and didn't betray any thoughts.

That in itself was suspicious to me. Why would the arrival of the king change a Kingsguard's face from happy and celebratory to neutral? Suddenly the prospect of Rhaegar overthrowing his father was more likely to me, when before it was nothing more than a theory I heard in another life.


I turned to see Robert approaching, with Ned in tow.

"Lord Robert, Eddard." I said, nodding my head to both of them. Finally I would be able to get answers as to what happened the last two days.

"Piss on that title, call me Robert." The esteemed Lord Baratheon answered. The future Warden of the North just nodded at me, although he didn't look at me with the same respect that he did Robert.

"Very well." I said while I looked around and waved a servant over. As soon as the boy reached me, I handed him the reins to Gimli and sent him on his way. It was nice being a Lord.

"I've been meaning to talk to you." I said as we began walking in the direction of the castle. "What the fuck did we do yesterday?" I asked, seriously.

"Bahahaha, you were right Ned." Robert said as he elbowed his much smaller, much quieter friend.

"Right about what?" I asked, a little concerned. At this point, I would believe anything I did. Although I was very hopeful that it wouldn't lead to years of shame, or a blood feud.

"Nevermind that! Now let's see, after you passed out at dinner two nights ago, Brandon and I dropped you off at your room before heading to the brothel down the road." Robert paused then and began looking off as if remembering the night. "What a night that was. I'll never forget that woman." Robert muttered.

"Focus." I said breaking him out of his naughty flashback.

"Anyway, the next morning we came to check up on you as it was obviously the first time you had been drunk before. When we walked in, you were swinging my warhammer around! You almost took Brandon out by throwing the damned thing at him. AAhaahahahaha Gods that was funny!" Robert continued his story, in typical Robert fashion.

Although he was an idiot, Robert was a joy to be around. His laughter was contagious, and his lack of care for anything but pussy, booze, and fighting was refreshing. It honestly reminded me of some people from my past life.

"How did I get your warhammer?" I asked, confused. Wasn't he protective of that thing?

"You tell me! It was locked in my room, under my bed!" Robert said while slapping a paw on my shoulder and chuckling a little bit.

That made me pause. How had I gotten his warhammer? Suddenly, I remembered the game system that ruled my world.


Petyr Baelish

Title: Greenseer - Increased reputation with those in the North and beyond the wall. Increased reputation with the Children of the Forest. When equipped, a 15% experience buff is applied to the skill: Greenseeing. Nature accepts you, and welcomes you into its arms. Healing increased by 50% while sleeping in the vicinity of a Weirwood.

Strength: 16

Vitality: 18

Dexterity: 17

Intelligence: 18

Wisdom: 19


Economics: Lvl 67

Branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.

Manipulation: Lvl 48

Control or influence (A person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously.

Lying: Lvl 54

The ability to Lie.

Pain Tolerance Lvl 46

No pain, no gain!

Basic Sword Fighting Lvl 97

Defense Lvl 98

Offense Lvl 97

Sword Fighting: Lvl 69

Defense Lvl 73

Offense Lvl 71

Horseback Lvl 20

Archery Lvl 88!

The ability to shoot a bow and arrow.

Accuracy at 20 Yards or closer: 99%

Accuracy at 21-50 yards: 97%

Accuracy at 51-75 yards: 94%

Accuracy at 76-100 yards: 81%

Horseback: 65% (Max range of 75 Yards)



Quickdraw Lvl 45: The ability to nock and loose an arrow quickly. Accuracy dependant on archery level.

Warhammer Lvl 30:

Offense: 45

Defense: 12

Weapon throwing:




Warhammer: Lvl 1



Lockpicking Lvl 25: Ability to unlock doors that are locked.

Sneak Lvl 3: Ability to go unnoticed.

Greenseeing Lvl 1.

Present: Range of 1 miles.



Mutation: Petyr the Gatherer

Can grow Weirwood trees

Companion - Gimli - Horse

Strength - 40

Speed - 60

Stamina - 75

Bond Lvl 90 - 'Horse' adores you and will obey almost every command. He has learned the way your body moves and will move the direction you wish before you can command it.

Whistle - If you whistle, he will come.

I nearly facepalmed as I saw the new addition of skills. I had already gotten Warhammer up to level 30 from just one session of swinging it around?

"You told us you were up all night training with my warhammer! If it hadn't been so funny I would have knocked your head clean off!" Robert continued unperturbed.

"Well shit. Sorry about that Robert." I said a little sheepishly. Who knew I had it in me?

"It's alright, mate!" Robert said slapping me on the shoulder again.

We were about to walk through the castle gates again, so the conversation died out. We were already beginning to see the tail end of the Kings company. It was massive naturally.

"And then what happened?" I asked because there was a whole day that was gone from my memory. That was just the morning after.

"Then you passed out! This is the first time I've seen you since!" Robert said.

Wait, I slept for a whole day?

"Ser Brynden, please sit with us for a bit!"

It was the first time I had heard Prince Rhaegar speak. I understood why he made the maidens swoon. Sure he had the good looks of royalty and the foreign hair and eyes, but the way he pronounced his words was very melodic. It didn't have the natural seduction that the Dornish did. It was the voice of someone who read poetry, and wrote it.

"As you wish, your grace." The Blackfish said as he sat down. "As you all may know by now, this is Lord Petyr Baelish."

I bowed to Rhaegar and his wife beside him. "Your grace." I said as it was expected.

"Well met Petyr. Your display today was one for the history books." Rhaegar said, moving past formalities. I looked up and locked eyes with Rhaegar.

His purple eyes were striking. I wonder if he was thinking the same about my red ones. I still hadn't got used to the looks they got me.

"I am not sure about that, your grace. The Dothraki do what I did everyday for sport." I said, trying to be humble.

"30 paces, yes. 60 paces on a lucky occasion. 90 paces Lord Baelish? That is a feat the Dothraki would respect. And at the age of…" Rhaegar left it open, for myself to answer.

"10 and 2, your grace." I said with a slight wince. It was hard to admit that I was twelve. First of all, I was a man child, even if I wasn't the type of man child that Robert was. Second, I did not act like a 12 year old and my memories didn't tell me I was 12.

Elia Martell's, for that was the only person that could be sitting at Rhaegar's side, eyes widened as I revealed my age. I couldn't help but meet her eyes and drink in her features. She had dark chestnut colored hair that was matched by her dark brown eyes. Her skin was tanned, as was common for the Dornish.

She was very thin, not the thin that came with constant movement, but rather the thinness that came with sickness. Even still, her face was beautiful, with high cheekbones and sharp features.

"Uncle will surely be shocked to hear that." Elia quipped as a smile cut across her face.

"As if my pride could be cut down any more." Prince Lewyn commented from his place above Rhaegar's shoulder.

"Don't be so hard on yourself. We all know what the outcome would be if we crossed swords, or lance." I said, trying to make the older Kingsguard feel better. But it was a fact. Lewyn was no slouch, that was for sure, hence the Kingsguard title.

"Oh I'm not so sure about that. The word around here is that you are a bit of a prodigy in the sword as well." Rhaegar responded with a grin.

"I do not believe that…"

"He is more than talented, your grace." Brynden cut in, not letting me downplay my skills any longer. "He will be worthy of the Kingsguard one day."

"Now that is high praise." A new voice said.

Brynden and I turned to the voice as one. What I saw was easily the most beautiful woman I had seen in either of my short lives. Her face looked to be sculpted by Aphrodite's hands herself. Sharp cheekbones, perfect nose, lips that you could get lost in. The woman had it all.

The most striking however, were her haunting violet colored eyes.

"Lady Ashara Dayne." Rhaegar introduced. "This is Ser Brynden Tully, the Blackfish, and Petyr Baelish, the young man who bested Lewyn earlier on the archery fields."

I did a slight bow, as was formally expected. "It is a pleasure, my lady." I said, being completely truthful. The pleasure really was all mine, I suspected.

She did a small curtsey. "Well met. You believe him to be worthy of standing beside my brother in white?"

"Not yet, no. But one day in the near future, yes." Brynden said confidently. "His progress is astounding."

"Will we see you in the Melee then, or the Joust?" Ashara asked, curious.

"Careful Ashara, he is but 10 and 2 years old." Elia commented playfully from where she watched the conversation.

"So it's a no then?" Ashara asked playfully. I wasn't sure if she meant about her early question or if there was an innuendo in there somewhere.


The entire feast quieted, for we knew who arrived. Although Aerys yelling scared some people, I didn't take my eyes off of Ashara's. I couldn't, it was impossible. She looked in the direction of the yelling with the rest of the crowd to see the commotion. But recognition lit her eyes as she saw the culprit.

She looked back at Rhaegar, who was now standing up, and caught my eye again. I couldn't help but take my opportunity and wink at her before I joined the rest of the partygoers to look at King Aerys. A smile tinted Ashara's face as I looked away.

Boy was he just as bad as it was described in the books.

Aerys walked with a hunchback that was obviously recently developed. The way he did it, made it seem like the weight holding him down was the golden crown on his head instead of a disability. I was convinced that if he took the crown off, his spine would straighten and he would look like his younger self. His white hair was not as glorious as Rhaegar's was. Instead it was matted and clumped.

The absolute worst part were the long fingernails that nearly reached the floor while he was STANDING UP! Like how does one allow that to happen? How is that ok?

How did he make it this long as King?

"I am here, father." Rhaegar said as he walked towards the King.

Aerys reacted to the voice and his gaze snapped to Rhaegar. His eyes immediately narrowed at the sight of his heir and legacy. It was obvious that he was suspicious of his own son. That said so much of the mad king. Paranoia was deadly.

"Good! We have a position to fill on the Kingsguard, and I have made a decision!" Aerys announced as he swept his arm back.

That's when I saw him for the first time. Jaime fooking Lannister stood behind the King with the proudest look on his face that any man could ever wear. He was young, that was obvious, but he was done growing for the most part. He still needed to fill out in some areas, but the height was there, as were the golden locks and green hair.

He's already been sworn in. I realized.

"Ser Jaime Lannister of Casterly Rock has been sworn in as the last Kingsguard! Honor be to him and his family." Aerys said with a wicked grin on his face.

If anyone had any question as to his motives, it was revealed then. This was a plot against Tywin, nothing more, nothing less. There was no honor in taking an heir away from Tywin. Did Jaime deserve the cloak? Perhaps. He was a once in a generation swordsman afterall, but he was also fourteen and there were plenty of men who could probably beat him in single combat. Robert Baratheon being one of them. Given time and experience Jaime could have been one of the best, but it was just too early for him.

There was a slight hush that fell over the crowd, in the same moment that Rhaegar stopped moving to his father. He must have realized what was really happening then. Perhaps it was then that he realized his father was too far gone, but in reality it should have been much sooner.

I could barely stand to watch it, so I turned around and walked away as the crowd began slowly clapping.

I smiled as I saw the two of them dancing. Ned looked like a fool, and he had two left feet, but he was smiling. So was Ashara. There were theories in my old life that Ned and Ashara would make love tonight, leading to a still born baby, causing Ashara to commit suicide sometime in the near future.

As much as I didn't want that to happen, I wouldn't interfere. I would not interfere with the timeline just yet. The Targaryen's had to go, plain and simple. We wouldn't want anyone messing with my master plan of fathering dragons, even if the game wouldn't help me.

"That is a nice thing you did, Brandon." I said motioning to the two of them dancing.

"He is too uptight! He needs to let loose every once in a while." Brandon said while matching the beat of the song with his boot on the ground.

There was a mighty crash on the ground and I looked over to see Robert's drinking opponent knocked out on the ground beside him. Robert stood up and let go of a mighty laugh and drank the rest of the drink in his hands.

I smiled, but out of the corner of my eye I saw Lyanna's disgusted face before she began walking outside of the feast hall. I don't know why, but I got up to follow her.

"Got to piss." I said so that Brandon wouldn't follow.

I moved quickly, outside to the castle grounds. Lyanna was angry walking, and moving with purpose so I had to keep up. Eventually, I turned the corner on a tent only to find Lyanna grab a tourney sword out of the ground beside a tent.

I didn't have time to ask why because across the field there was a young man on the ground past her scooting away from about three squire-age boys. The young man had blood running down his nose, and an assortment of other bruises on his face.

Howland Reed. I thought as I grinned and moved to help Lyanna.

She got within swinging range before shouting. "That's my father's man you're kicking!"


The first squire fell to the ground nursing his head from the blow she had dealt with the flat of the tourney sword. The other two turned to her quickly.

"What the fuck?" One yelled as he dodged a swipe of her sword.

Apparently Lyanna was intent on giving the boys an asswhooping because she kept swinging. She did not notice the first boy she hit getting back up though. Luckily, I was there to stop him from doing anything too rash. My right fist connected with his jaw, catching him unawares and knocking him clean out. It was a satisfying feeling.

Next thing I knew, I had to duck a swipe from the northern Lady. "I'm on your side Lyanna!" I told her.

She ignored me but continued her beating of the other boys, pelting them with the tourney sword and leaving welts and bruises that would be there for days.

I reached down and offered a hand to Howland Reed. "Petyr Baelish." I introduced myself by pulling the young man up. He was about the same size as the other squires, but he was thinly built. The numbers were against him tonight.

"Howland Reed. Thank you for stopping them." He said as he brought a hand up to nurse his nose.

"I should have left you to your fate!" Lyanna said as she shoved me aside and brought his face close to hers so that she could look at his wounds. "Why weren't you at the feast like I told you?"

"It's not my place." Howland said sheepishly as he weathered her stare and hands. She literally popped him on his bleeding nose, a small slap. Howland jumped in pain.

Wow Lyanna, way to go easy on the guy.

"You're the heir to House Reed aren't you?" I asked curiously.

"Yes." He mumbled.

"Then you have a spot at any table in the Seven Kingdoms. You will be a Lord one day." I told him, agreeing with Lyanna.

"Plus, if you can't attend, then I sure as hell wouldn't be able to. And that would mean I can't flirt with all the pretty women there." I joked to try and lighten the mood.

"Do all men only think with their cocks?" Lyanna responded as she grabbed Howland's hand. "Come on, let's go clean you up."

"No Lyanna, not all men think with their cocks." I responded as I tailed them. "Although we are wired to want to breed and continue our species. Some of us can ignore it, though." I expanded.

"Oh please, don't act noble. I saw you leave the feast with Robert and my brother. I know where you went that night!" Lyanna responded.

Immediately I shot that down. She thought I went whoring with them? "They dropped me off at my rooms, as I could barely walk, before they visited the brothel. I had nothing to do with that." I defended myself.

She stopped and turned around. "So they did go whoring!" She said with narrowed eyes. Poor Howland looked like a ragdoll under her grip as she turned and huffed before continuing towards her tent.

Shit! I just broke bro code.

"So that is what has got you all worked up? Your betrothed isn't what you were expecting?" I asked.

That was when we reached Lyanna's tent. She stormed in, threw Howland in and turned around while putting an arm in my way to stop me from entering. "Have a good night, Petyr." She said before closing the flap to her tent.

"I was hoping to have a word with Howland…" I said.

"Go away!"

I couldn't help but sigh.

"Where have you been?" Robert asked as I reached our table.

"I went to piss, and then had to help your betrothed kick some squires ass for beating up poor Howland Reed." I answered before sitting down and grabbing a wine cup.

"Who were they?" Robert practically bellowed. "I'll gut them if they touched her."

"Calm down, she handled herself perfectly fine. Not a scratch on her." I placated him. "I've been meaning to talk to you about her actually." I continued, distracting the man.

"What about her?" He said as he sat back down and got a goofy smile on her face.

"You love her?" I asked seriously.

"Aye, I bloody love her." Robert answered.

"Then you'll have to stop whoring." I said, ripping the bandaid off.

Robert looked at me like I grew a second head. "Why?" He asked as if it was a sin that I even said the words.

"She hates it, and if you continue, she'll hate you too. The north is all about honor, and every time you fuck someone else you dishonor her." I told him, trying to put it in a way that he would understand.

"He's right Robert. Lyanna always tries to fight me when she finds out I've visited the brothels." Brandon said with a wistful smile on his face.

"Well we're not wed yet!" Robert defended himself. "I would never do it while we were married."

A part of me, the part that had seen how he would become, knew that wasn't true. But another part of me wondered if he would actually stop. After all, he hated Cersei and that could easily explain why he had whored his life and kingdom away. Perhaps with Lyanna he really would change?

"You already have a bastard Robert." I commented while shrugging and pointing to Brandon for help in the matter.

"He has a point." Brandon said as he stood up and looked around. "Now it's time to dance." He said as he walked over to where Catelyn was sitting. Robert glared at him the whole way.

"Help me out Ned." I said, asking the Quiet Wolf for his thoughts.

Robert looked back to where he was sitting to see what he had to say. Ned looked down, uncomfortable with the prospect of speaking out against his friend.

"Spit it out Ned, damn it!" Robert said.

"No one doubts you love her Robert, but I don't think you realize how strong willed Lyanna is. She will not sit idly by while you whore around on her." Ned finally answered before taking another drink.

"Oh piss off the lot of you. You don't believe me, is that it? You don't think I'll stop?" Robert asked.

Neither Ned or I answered him. We just sat there and stared at him. If there was one thing that you could count on Robert Baratheon to do, at least at this age, was to accept and defeat a challenge.


Skill Level Up!

Manipulation Lvl 50!

Robert Baratheon - Lord of Storm's End.

Companion - Locked

Talents - Locked

Skills - Locked

A broad smile cut through my face as I read the prompts. The 'Companion' prompt only appeared if I got close to someone. I hoped with Ben and Robert, that I would soon unlock it and find out what it did. Hopefully, it was broken!

Now that is a successful night.

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