Three Ways

Author's Note: Three one-shots about three different ways I can see season 8 going forward after the Anne episode. Each is a different approach to the ending based on some clues or hints, and will not be expanded.

Part 1—Inspired by 2 things:

The fact that Ressler and Liz did not look like the morning after was their first morning after

Reddington saying all Don had to do was supply the bullet and he couldn't get that right


Don walked into Reddington's apartment and joined him at the dining room table, a coffee was waiting for him.

"Skip knows what to do?" Don asked Reddington as he reached for his coffee.

"Yes, Elizabeth and Agnes are going to be safely in Colorado by dinner time," Reddington said.

"And how exactly are you going to make her think she's successfully running a criminal empire against you?" Don asked.

Reddington stopped eating and looked at him carefully.

"You slept with her again," he said more of a statement then anything else.

Don gave him a dark look.

"You always get reticent about the larger plan the morning after Donald," Reddington said, admonishing him.

"I just think she's not going to understand once this is all said and done," Don said, carefully.

"Not going to understand that you have been working with me since Japan, or not understand that this was all to get to a truth that would allow her to take over my empire, or not understand that the man she thought was head over heels for her, may actually be that, but he's also been less than honest with her, which is it Donald?"

Don sighed and sat back in his chair.

"All of them," Don said tiredly.

"This is for the good of the country and Elizabeth, she will see that eventually," Reddington said. "Whether she will forgive you, only time will tell."

"I thought the device was supposed to be a longer timing mechanism," Don said. "We almost did die."

"She was supposed to set the switch but, well, you can't always rely on others…" Reddington said.

"Tell that to the stitches in my arm and back," Don said.

"I'm sure Lizzie kissed them better," Reddington chuckled. "You've survived worse Donald."