Three Ways

Part 3—Inspired by:

The fact that Liz and Reddington always work together, even when it seems they don't

The fact that Liz is in no way a mastermind to the level of Reddington and couldn't be thwarting him

The fact that both Liz and Reddington can see the lengths Ressler will go to, to help them


"We need to tell him," Liz said as she looked at Reddington in the car. They were watching Don Ressler walk away from the park bench where he sat waiting for her. They had just listened to his message.

"Lizzie, it's too risky," Reddington said as he indicated for Dembe to circle the park one more time.

"Then why are we here? So you can torture me with my mistreatment of my friend?" Liz asked.

"Friend, really?" Reddington asked. "Is that what we are calling Donald?"

"He has always given me the benefit of the doubt," Liz explained to Reddington.

"And that's what he's doing now," Reddington said.

"Yes, but he doesn't realize we are working together," Liz said as she turned to face him more fully. "He's a good man and this will…"

"Your personal business with Donald is yours to deal with," Reddington said assuredly. "We have a national security breach that needs to be dealt with if we are ever going to…"

"I know," Liz sighed. "I just don't know how the two are exclusive."

"Donald will feel compelled to make others aware of the threat, and, in doing so, will create more issues that will allow the threat to be realized," Reddington said. "It's his nature to be cautious."

"And it's in your nature to be secretive," Liz explained. "I can't use people like you do."

"We are not using Donald," Reddington said as they stopped at a corner and watched Don Ressler get into his SUV across the street. "We are merely providing him with a focus, you, so we can focus on what really matters."

Liz sat back in her seat and watched Ressler drive away. She wasn't sure if he was going to be able to forgive her for this.