So, attack on Titan has ended and what we got was so pathetic that this needed to be written. It ruined everything that we cared about this series so now I am forced to write this one-shot chapter to fix what we got.

Eren sat on his throne contemplating the last few years. He had done it, he had saved his people from the monsters outside paradise who wanted to see them all dead. Unfortunately, though it had come at a steep cost. That cost being most of those who he thought were his friends, one he considered to be all but a brother, the other a girl he could possibly have spent the rest of his formerly short life with. However, they were among those who betrayed their people. Thus, he had no choice but to kill them as well along with the other traitors. Their names would never again haunt another child as he and his wife made it illegal to use the names of traitors. He also made sure to devour all the other shifters and when he did that, he found himself no different than the original Ymir. Having devoured the other 8 Titans, he broke the 13-year curse on all Titan Shifters. Those Eldians who had been irreversibly infected by Marley such as his Grandparents were killed as well, and the Eldians that had been turned into Colossal Titans were turned back into their regular forms. Now his citizens were multiplying and with the new De-Colossalified members there were nearly 2 million now.

They had collected all the technology that they could find and were had at work to reverse engineer it so that his people could live even better lives.

As he continued to contemplate the voice of his dear wife Historia roused him from his thoughts.

"Ymir get back here" she shouted.

Historia was chasing after their eldest child, a daughter they named Ymir in the hope to get her to stay still. She had her mother's hair and her father's eyes and would grow up incredibly beautiful.

Eren smiled at the sight. In addition, he blessed his people to be long lived and to have their own Titan Shifting abilities when they want. The future for the Eldian people looked bright. Catching a glimpse to the left he saw the spirit of the first Ymir. She was smiling, just as she had since that day. She was happy and free to no longer do another's bidding.

It had taken many time loops buy the future of had been finally secured. Though it was sad that it had proved impossible to save Mikasa and Armin. Armin had not only been infected by Bertolt, but his own skittish nature proved he couldn't do what needed to be done for the sake of the future. He thought that they could just stave off any attack but refused to realize that the entire world wanted them dead and there wasn't any possible way for peace to exist. Honestly looking back, they should have saved Erwin instead as he would have understood what Eren needed to do. Armin had said we need to sacrifice our Humanity to rise above monsters, unfortunately he couldn't seem to follow through with his words.

With Mikasa he honestly didn't know her thoughts. It was possible when he said he had always hated her that he broke something inside her, but he didn't know. All he knew was that she was still wearing the same scarf he had given her all those years ago. It was sad that he had to kill them, but they stood in the way of saving Eldia and her people, so they had to go. He had wished she had just stayed behind but that was impossible. Hopefully, they were having a good life that they couldn't find in this one.