DMMORPG. A term familiar to anyone in 2138. It stood for dive massive multiplayer online role-playing game. And the most popular game being Yggdrasil. This game spanned an astounding nine realms all based on Norse myths, and with a running time of twelve years, it was sadly all coming to an end.

Today we focus on the realm of Helheim, and even farther in on a tomb known as the great tomb of Nazarick, the guild base of Ainz Ooal Gown, a great guild made up of only 41 players, yet consistently staying in the top 10. Here we see a devil walking down a spotless corridor of the ninth floor. A being of malice, Lucifer Morningstar, the World Champion of Helheim, with red and black eyes of flame, a build of over six feet and pale skin that hid great malice beneath it, a suit of black elegantly placed on his being.

He flipped a coin as he walked, one side engraved with his personal symbol of two black wings with a sword of red in the middle, and on the other side, the symbol of Ainz Ooal Gown with the words "only we may stand" emblazoned upon it.

Before him stood massive doors that when pushed revealed a beautiful room with two chandeliers, and a carpet that led to a throne. The entire room screamed of wealth and luxury. Before the throne were the Pleiades, a group of combat maids that served the great tomb of Nazarick under their leader, Sebas Tian, a monk of draconic ascension. Next to the throne stood a beautiful succubus, two wings on her back and horns on her head. They were all motionless, devoid of life. On the throne sat a being of death, an overlord, the highest form of skeletal undead casters. The being shifted his head.

"Lucifer-san" It spoke, in a disarmingly high pitched tone for an undead such as it. "You have come for the final minutes"

"Indeed" the devil spoke, in a voice with a slight british hint to it. "How could I possibly leave my guild master alone in such a time"

The undead chuckled. "I am glad you are here nevertheless"

"We've spent such a long time on this home. I will miss it"

"So will I my friend... so will I."

They sat in companionable silence for a while as the seconds ticked by, the atmosphere one of melancholy but also comfort. Momonga, for that was the undead's name, chuckled to himself and reached over to the succubus with the guild staff, and tapped it on the air in front of her. A wall of text jumped up and Lucifer smiled, saying "Tabula really did like his setting huh"

A bit of text was replaced. "What did you do Momonga?"

"I figured if it was the last day, I might as well have some fun."

The text now read Albedo is in love with Momonga.

"You sly dog, I never thought you would have had it in you"


"So many used to be here, and now they are gone."

"Touch Me, Nishikenrai, Ulbert, Anamonohitotsu"


As they recounted their adventures, time slowly ran through its never-ending hourglass.


"I'll see you on the other side Brodir"

"Indeed, perhaps even in Yggdrasil two"

They both knew it was unlikely to happen, but they could still have hope.






















Nothing happened. A displeased expression appeared on the devils face, eyes flashing with confusion.

A voice talked from the side with a voice like silk. "Is there something wrong my lords?"




The succubus had talked.

The devil spoke, eyes widening with every second.

"What the f-!"

And that's it for the first chapter folks! This is my first work so I would appreciate any feedback. As you can see I have taken character inspiration from the show Lucifer on Netflix and inspiration for the coin came from the MTG show Game Knights, with the symbols changed.

Thank you for reading! Upades will come whenever I can find time!