Name: Lucifer Morningstar

Race: Heteromorph

Alignment: -500 extreme evil

Racial Levels: 40

Imp - 15

Arch-devil - 10

Evil lord - 10

Lord of all demons - 5

Class Levels: 60

Runic apprentice - 10

Runic sealer - 10

Runic master - 5

Apprentice of sark blades -10

Master of the sword - 10

Killer of Surtr - 5 (Special class given by devs for landing the final blow on the world boss Surtr, king of the fire giants)

World champion - 5


Armor of the dark knight - (Think a dark and less mechanical version of Genji's armour with his two swords in the same places) His world champion armour.

Sword of the Devil's Grief - A sword given to him by his dying sister, and imbued with her life force. He has formed a soul bond with it, and the devs gave him a boost because the events were true. Placed on his back and only ever drawn in the hardest of circumstances.

Helheim's Champion - His main sword that gives a 10 percent boost to all evil aligned attacks that suit the champion of Helheim. It can summon a level 85 demon once a week that lasts for 12 hours. (Maybe forever now that he's in the new world)

Runic cards - various cards imbued with his runic powers. Doesn't cost more than the mana he uses when crafting them, and they have 95% of the original spell's power.


Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown - I think everyone knows what this does. :)

Ring of The Armour Of The Dark Knight - His armour turned into a ring using his runic power.

Ring of Helheim's Champion - His sword turned into a ring using his runic power.

Ring of Sword of the Devil's Grief - His other sword turned into a ring using his runic power.

Ring of Bifrost - Ring able to teleport him anywhere under the sky once every 48 hours.

Ring of Cool - A cool ring that can transform into a motorcycle or a car. (Because why not, this is fanfiction and I can!) Unable to be used unless he looks cool while unlocking it.

Ring of False data - A ring that makes others unable to sense his True Power™

The Sentinel - A ring that increases his perception of hidden dangers

Ring of translation - Equipped after the move, it is used to translate any words in a foreign language

The Coin - He can transform his coin into a ring