So that everyone knows, I am using runes of the Elder Futhark variety. Overlord belongs not to me, but to Kugane Maruyama. This disclaimer applies to the whole story.

"My lords, Why would you ask for information and not anything else?" Albedo asked, curious. They were walking towards the chiefs hut, around 20 feet behind the chief himself.

Lucifer smiled "A great philosopher Sun Tzu once wrote 'know yourself and know your enemy, and you shall win a hundred battles.' Wise words I believe."

"And who are our enemies my Lord?"

"At this point we don't know, which is why we need as much information as possible."

They stepped inside the village chiefs hut where they were given a crash course in the new worlds geography. Before they started, Lucifer brought out another card from his inventory and activated it, the rune of translation, Ansuz which looked like an F with the prongs at a forty-five degree angle, flashing in the air and then towards Lucifer, Momonga, and Albedo.

They stepped out of the hut when they were done and were met with a messenger running towards them. "Chief, there are mounted warriors approaching the village."

The chief's eyes opened wide. He turned and started to walk quickly in the direction the messenger came from. When they arrived at the outskirts of the village, they could see warriors approaching. They did not seem to be aggressive, so they cautiously let them approach. As soon as the chief saw the face of the foremost warrior, he dipped into a bow that the others quickly followed.


"Who are you?" Ainz asked, confused.

"I am Gazef Stronoff, Captain of the Royal Select of the kingdom of Re-Estize. By order of the king, we have come to protect the kingdom's villages from the knights terrorizing the area. Who are you?"

"I am Ainz Ooal Gown, magic caster, and these are my compatriots, Lucifer Morningstar, a swordmaster, and Albedo, a shield lord. We have saved these villages from the knights."

The warrior captain smoothly slipped from his horse and bowed his head. "Truly there are no words in which I can pronounce my gratitude for saving this village. I am sorry to say I have never heard your name."

"No matter, we are journeying through, it is only expected."

"If I may ask a question, Lord Gown?"

Ainz nodded.

"Can you remove your mask."

"I could, but I would rather not leave this out of my control." He pointed with a gauntleted finger towards the Death Knight.

"I see… Perhaps you should leave it on then."

"Shall we go to the headman's house to discuss the invaders?"

"Indeed, let us g-" A voice called out, interrupting the captain. A lone cavalryman rode into the village square. "Captain, several figures have been seen riding towards the village and surrounding it!"


Lucifer watched as Ainz and Gazef re-emerged from a stable, with a magical totem in the captain's hand. He approached the caster. "What did you give him?"

"Nothing much, just something to help get everyone into their proper positions." The Overlord chuckled.

"Wow, all you need is a cat and a swivel chair, and you'll be a regular James Bond villain." {James Bond does not belong to me, it belongs solely to whoever in the flippin' honkey donkey created him.}


Lucifer quirked his lips, "But of course my Lord, how could I ever suggest such a thing to your greatness." Somehow, the Devil had an odd feeling that the skeleton had quirked a nonexistent eyebrow in amusement.

"Could you protect the building the villagers are gathering within."

"Of course." Another card was tossed into the air, Algiz, the rune of protection which symbolized a trident with the outside lines wounded more to the outside. {look it up}

A glow seemed to surround the house before fading, and a feeling of safety seemed to emulate from the building. A few minutes passed before Ainz moved again. He offered his arm to Lucifer and Albedo, "Grab hold." The world shifted and they were suddenly in a new place, a few bodies strewn around, angels covering the air, white wings beating, energy swords lighting the air.

Lucifer smiled, something dark and wrong. Eyes shifting to a demonic red, he looked to Ainz for confirmation. Receiving a nod, he grabbed a card and slapped it to his chest. It was Uruz, a rune similar to an N, symbolizing strength, tenacity, and courage. He glowed, power surrounding him, and launched towards the nearest angel.

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