It isn't until later, after the fake statue and scrambling to make sure that Andrew Grant gives up on his idea for the Bibletopia, that Hardison thinks about the confrontation with the gang-members, and Eliot's words to the guy pulling a gun on them.

It's then Hardison realizes that he, and Parker, are members of a very exclusive club.

They've both pointed a gun at Eliot Spencer and walked away without any bruises, at least not courtesy of Eliot. He knows now, that Eliot could easily have taken the gun from him when he was wavering in front of his face back in the abandoned warehouse, but something stayed his hand. Not only did that, Eliot actually pulled him up when Hardison tripped in their rush to get out before they were blown up.

He suspects that it is the soldier in Eliot, after all they barely knew each other before that job, but he sure is thankful. Even if neither he nor Eliot haven't mentioned it again.