Chapter 8

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Vader stood up as the holoimage of the Emperor vanished as the call ended. He walked to the window that separated his and Vera's offices. It was opaque on Vera's side but clear on his. In other words, he can see out, but no one can see in.

Vera was currently intimidating a pompous Moff who had recently landed the Executor to discuss something in person with Lord Vader. Vader couldn't quite remember the Moff's name. Vera snarled and probably said some thinly veiled threat, sending the man scurrying out of the office.

Vader sighed, and walked out into Vera's office.

"You can't scare everyone away. That's my job ," he said, sitting down in one of the chairs in Vera 's office. (The office was set up like a waiting room.)

"I'm bored," said Vera with a sigh. " With AZ to help with my paperwork, I don't really have anything to do."

" AZ?" echoed Vader as he slid off his helmet.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you. AZI-7243-uh, and a bunch more numbers - is a repurposed Medical Droid. So now she can do all the work of a secretary. She 's charging right now," said Vera with a gesture to a

charging station in the corner of the room.

" Well, lucky you. You actually have free time for the first time in your life. Anyways-"


"So, I have a mission, and I'll be going now, um, yeah, " said Anakin awkwardly.

" Yeah. I guess I'll stick around and do paperwork, "said Vera with a mysterious glint in her eyes. Anakin 's eyes widened in horror. He knew that look in Vera 's eyes. She was up to something.

"Or maybe you should come with me on the mission?" Anakin asked quickly. Vera looked disappointed.

" Well, I suppose getting off this ship would be a good idea. I do have a new set of armor. I guess it should get some use. "said Vera dejectedly.

" Yeah. Well, um. Sure, "said Anakin.

Vera trudged to the door,and stopped mid-stride.

" Ah, snap! I'm going to have to cut my hair, so I can fit my heard in the helmet, " Vera said with a scowl before leaving the office.

Realization then hit Anakin-no, Vader.

"Manipulative brat," muttered Vader as he jammed his helmet back in his head.

Vera smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Her black hair now hung to her mid-back. Her burgundy armor was very reminiscent of a Mandolorian's armor, but with a few changes (such as a retractable t-visor on her helmet, or the line of horns infused into her shoulder plates.)

To finish the overall look, she clipped both of her light sabers, a pistol, and her favorite dagger to her belt. She was ready.

Vera watched as the shuttle doors opened with a screech. It was, in fact, her least favorite sound. First the storm troopers filed out. Vader stepped into the ramp which creaked in response to his weight. Vera took a deep breath of the planet's humid, sticky air. She stepped out onto the ramp, confidently. And, the ramp creaked ominously. She frowned before taking another step onto the ramp. It then collapsed (of course) sending her sprawling and raising a cloud of dust into the air, successfully clogging a nearby stormtrooper's helmet's air filters. He started hacking, and stumbled into the trooper next to him


/Hmm. They look like dominoes./ thought Vera with a laugh as she got off the dusty ground.

Vera wheezed as she accidentally inhaled the dirt.

/Stupid ramp. Stupid dust. Stupid air. Wait, the air is okay. Stupid Shuttle/ thought Vera stormily.

Vader bit back a snicker as he "overheard" Vera's thoughts.

/And you said I was the dramatic one./commented Vader in her head.

Vera glared at him.

/ You still are./came the irritable reply.

Vera had intentionally chosen to take a different path alone. She would be able to clear her thoughts and focus on the task at hand. Vader and the main group took the main path, so she didn't need to worry about them.

She worked her way through the dense forest as silently as she could. A subtle footstep closebye confirmed her suspicions.

"Well, if it isn't my favorite backstabber , " called out a feminine voice from the brush.

"Navari, why can't you just stay dead? " replied Vera as she turned to confront the Devonian from her past, light sabers ready. Navari looked just like she had remembered with very short gold fur and two black spots on her forehead when horns were absent.

"Dead? Maybe I don't feel like dying till my revenge is fulfilled," sneered Navari, stepping out into the small clearing.

"Your Revenge?! You tried to kill my sister!" said Vera as she slid into a fighting position.

"She was your adopted sister. She wasn't even related by blood. Besides, we both know that she was getting far too nosy for her own good," taunted the Devonian as she circled Vera.

Vera replied by activating her gray lightsabers.

"So? You want to fight? Here I was thinking we could talk it out peaceably." Navari had a haughty look on her face

Navari activated her blue lightsaber.

"You never could do anything peacefully. Even the Jedi could see that. Why do you think they shunned you? Why do you think the Empire wants to jail people like you?," replied Vera.

The lightsabers clashed, showering sparks into the foliage. The two women engaged in a deadly dance. Navari did an acrobatic offensive, while Vera stayed on the defensive.

"Why did you side with the Empire? Is it because of Vader?" accused Navari.

"Why do you think that? Are you jealous?"

" You and I both know your little secret. "

"Which one? "

"You love Vader don't you."

The dust swirled as they spun around attacking each other.

" Eww! Of course not! " Vera turned green.

"Riigghhttt." Navari rolled her eyes.

" For Pete's sake! He's married! " Vera looked disgusted.

"That didn't seem to stop you. I saw how you interacted with him. You can't deny it!"

" He's my stinking BROTHER you idiot!"

"Oh." Navar looked… shocked.

Vera suddenly switched from defensive to offensive, catching Navari off guard.

The sudden onslaught caused Navari to stumble backwards over a root. Her lightsaber rolled out of reach. Vera's sabers were crossed at the Jedi's neck in moments.

"Well, uh… nice chat?"said Vera.

A blue splash from a stun bullet knocked the Devonian unconscious.

Several storm troopers walked out of the brush, followed by Vader.

"Wow. I'm impressed with your aim, trooper. Only one in every twenty stormtroopers hit the target from three feet away with one try, "said Vera.

/Well! It took you long enough!/ Vera said irritably.

/I thought you were out of practice with your sabers./

/Not anymore./

/ You wanted to fight her, didn't you?/ Vader said accusingly.

/I just wanted to deflate her massive ego./

/How nice of you./

/It was my pleasure. Oh, yeah. I want to tell you something later, that Navari brought up. /

"She thought WHAT!?"sputtered Vader.

"She thought I was your girlfriend," said Vera as she sat in her chair with her feet up on Vader's desk. (She had dragged her chair into Vader's office.) Vader was sitting across from her.

"But 1) You are my sister, and 2) I'm already married. "

" I have this feeling that she didn't know we were siblings. Come to think of it, we would seem to interact very weirdly if someone didn't realize we were related, " said Vera with a frown.

"Hmm, maybe Padme will make an announcement about you to the general public, with perhaps a new status for you. I need to go to Coruscant, anyway. "


" I don't like leaving Luke alone too much. He is only eight, " explained Vader.

"Do I get to meet my nephew?"

" Unfortunately, yes. "


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Navari was just a random name, I needed for the OC.

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