Color her impressed; Matt was the last guy out of their whole... (imagine intense airquotes) "friend" group who she would've expected to make the first move.

He hadn't even said anything yet, but, like... just look at him, staring right at his gym shoes, licking his lips, the whole nine yards.

This was totally gonna be a confession.

She did have to say, she wondered who told him she was down to play ball, in all but that particular way guys like him and Mike were known to go and act like was their whole personality at times, but she wasn't gonna ruin it.

Instead, she was gonna stand right where she was, arms crossed and letting her weight turn planted on one leg, enjoying that he was already getting off to just the right start with her - showing off a surprise alpha side while still being the cute dork you just couldn't smile at while he did something kinda gawky and stupid, like a klutzy fucking puppy...!

Smile, as he stammered his first "uh —"

Scratching intensifies, as Chris or Josh would say...!

The corners of his lips turned up sheepishly; he still hadn't even started to try to make eye contact. "...Huh, hey - I'm just Matthew..."

...Her own lips pursed for... maybe one, two seconds before she pulled them open on one side in an eh face, head falling tilted.

So you are, Matt. ...So you are.

"...A-and this is crazy, but — !"

There he went - getting to a point. Her eyebrows lifted as she leaned in a hint, nodding, giving him a half-interested once-over. You can pick this back up, chief. Go on, get on with it...

"...But here's my number, so, um..." He fished in his pocket.

And offered to her, underhand, pinched between two fingers, a wrinkled-to-hell-and-back Post-It note.

"...call me... maybe...?" he finished. Voice pinched to a cracking height.

Her eyes flicked up from the note to his face.

Her look gone flat, the crossing of her armsstatuelike.

His smile was tight in his cheeks; his brow was furrowed in a cry for help.


"It was Chris who told you to say that, wasn't it," she said, inflection-free.

Matt barely shook out a laugh as he ducked his head. (So much for an alpha side.) " — How did you know...?"

"Don't ask."

She took the note like a receipt over a counter; folded it in half as she pocketed and Matt rocked a step back, settling with his hand rubbing the back of his neck and his feet shuffling.

"I, uh, accept your offer, but next time, maybe don't go getting your pickup lines from the guy who's definitely gonna be last to get laid out of everyone we hang out with, all right?"

She smirked, "hnnn"-ed a laugh into:

"You're better than that."

Cute... stupid dork...!