So, this started as just a fun tumblr post as to which Naruto character would play what role in Game of Thrones. I enjoyed the GoT series, and I'm not going to say anything about the last season and the conclusion because people are split half and half on it.

This story is based loosely on GoT, and I used the House names from GoT, but I also used elements from the Naruto series. I hope you enjoy it, and without further ado, cue the music!

notes: at the bottom, there's a list of which house the characters belong to and which character their storyline is based off of, if there is any.

A Storm of Blood and Fire

When you play the game of thrones, you either win or you die.

Sometimes, I wonder whether this is why I'm an only child — perhaps my parents didn't want there to be any sibling squabbles for the throne. But my mother hadn't been an only child, and she hadn't had any squabbles with her siblings, so I wonder if my mother just didn't want me to ever experience the pain she lived through when her brother and twin sister died and the consequences that followed their deaths.

The journey to the throne for Queen Sakura, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, and the Mother of Dragons, had not been an easy one.

The middle of her father's reign had been marred with the Ironborn pillaging villages and towns in the northern borders. Her mother, Queen Mebuki, who was pregnant at the time, had been adamant on following her husband, King Kizashi, to punish the Ironborn who pillaged and raped the northern towns. At the same time, they went to ensure the North's loyalty after years of dubious swears of fealty.

On the way back to the capital, Mebuki went into labor. The first twin, born with clear blue eyes and golden blond hair, was named Ino Yamanaka because she had been born between the Great Mountains of the North. The second twin was not born until a day later when spring hit the north. As if to christen the day, the second twin was born with pink locks, the color of the flowers that bloomed just as she was born. She was named Sakura Haruno — Sakura of the Spring, the youngest Targaryen princess.

The King, though loving and dear to all his children, favored the youngest the most. This is clearest when he gifted his firstborn child, his only son, one dragon and Ino also just one dragon, but to his youngest he gave one dragon, three petrified dragon eggs, and the promise to reign her parents' dragons. Six dragons in total for the girl whose hair he claimed represented the blood he split on the battlefield and who he claimed served as a warning to all who dared question his rule.

Sadly, the loving King passed away before his baby twins' sixth nameday. He had been hailed as a wise king who ruled justly. His death marked the beginning of the end of the peace he sought to ensure.

He had not named a successor — only his queen knew that he wished to name his youngest as the next Protector of the Seven Kingdoms and had wanted to wait until Sakura was old enough to be crowned his successor — and so Queen Mebuki had no choice but to follow the council in naming her son, Prince Juugo of the House Targaryen, King of the Seven Kingdoms.

Juugo was not an evil person — he was as kind and as just as his father had been — but he harbored a secret that would become his downfall. He was prone to the bouts of madness that plagued a number of his ancestors. At any random time, it would be as if a coin was flipped, and the kind and gentle Juugo would become a monstrous creature bent on bloodshed and terror.

Queen Mebuki had hoped that, as her son had been only twelve at the time of his ascension, she could hide his condition, hoping he'd recover from it completely by the time he'd grown completely. So, as Queen Dowager, she ran the council meetings whenever her son was "taken ill" and she was the one who met with the lords of the various kingdoms.

Sadly, her son's condition never showed signs of improvements, and instead her son seemed to have longer and longer bouts of madness. At times, Mebuki wondered if she should end the kingdoms' suffering and take her son's life along with her own, and by Princesses Ino and Sakura's eighth nameday, her path was clear.

King Juugo had taken to using his dragon to burn servants, villagers, and even lords alive! It wasn't a gradual descend into this hell, however — he just one day decided to burn people alive! Mebuki knew there was no saving her son, especially when he turned an eye onto his sisters.

Even as a child, Ino had a flirtatious personality and enjoyed talking to sons of the various lords that visited Kings' Landing. Juugo believed Ino was conspiring against him. However, it was Sakura who Juugo wanted to eradicate. Sakura was their father's favorite, Sakura was the one who inherited their father's dragon and the only one who that dragon allowed to ride her, and it was Sakura who began to question her brother when he began burning people.

"My King," she had said cautiously but with an unwavering resolve in her eight-year-old eyes, "what wrong did the people do for them to deserve such a gruesome death?"

He answered by shooting an arrow through her, an arrow that just barely missed her heart. She didn't deserve to die in dragon fire.

After that, Juugo never saw his sisters again. Not ever at meals. Not ever even during morning prayers. He didn't care, feeling as though victorious against his sisters who he saw as nothing more than backstabbing wenches off to steal his throne. Perhaps his sisters had died together — perhaps Ino decided to die with Sakura, it would make sense since Ino was conspiring to put her twin on the throne, Juugo deduced very happily. His sisters were dead to him, and he hadn't a worry in the world now.

Had he paid more attention, he would have realized that only his dragon remained at the Red Keep, his castle where his throne was housed.

Had he paid more attention, he would have realized that Lord Minato of House Tyrell had stopped paying him visits after the day he shot his sister.

Had he paid more attention, he would have realized the growing contempt among his Kingsguard and his council once he burned his own mother alive. If he had, then maybe the sword that struck him from behind wouldn't have been such a surprise.

If he had been able to dodge that sword, he would've been able to command his dragon to burn the traitors alive.

But because he hadn't paid attention, he fell to the floor, gurgling blood that silenced his voice. The last thing he saw was his beloved dragon being slayed by the twin of the sword who slew him.

In his mad state, he struggled to live, struggled against the blood spilling out of him and his dragon onto the floor, and he died with his horror-stricken eyes still open. The death of his dragon had been the only death that shook him.

I had planned a oneshot, a very long oneshot, but here you go! The beginning of a GoT-inspired Naruto story!

As promised, here is a character list of who belongs to which house and who their storyline is based off of. Please note that who they're loosely based off of does not always mean they belong to the same house as the character they're based off of.

Baratheon: Kiba

Bolton: Danzo, Kabuto

Drowned Men: Suigetsu, Zabuza, Kisame

Faceless Men: Orochimaru

Lannister: Sasuke, Itachi, Shisui, their parents, Madara, and the rest of the Uchiha clan [Itachi and Shisui are twins, sorta based off Jaime and Cersei Lannister without the incest, or maybe with, if you guys want it]

Martell/Dorne: Gaara, Temari, Kankuro

Stark: Neji (somewhat Jon Snow), Hinata, Hanabi, Hizashi (Ned Stark), Hiashi

Targaryen: Sakura, Ino, Juugo, Kizashi, Mebuki [Sakura and Ino are twins]

Tyrell: Naruto, Kushina, Minato, Tsunade (Olenna Tyrell)

The Vale: Kakashi

Tarth: Haku (Brienne of Tarth)

If you guys believe the characters are in the wrong house or have another suggestion, tell me in the comments!