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A Storm of Blood and Fire

Chapter Five

Kakashi nurses his growing migraine with a goblet of water — he's given up on wine for now because honestly, being somewhat tipsy does nothing for him when the Lannister heir and his old master's foolish son get into arguments. The two remind him too much of the past, of his younger self and a much more innocent Obito — the trips down memory lane are terribly uncomfortable, if the Defender of the Vale is to be honest, and unfortunately for him, taking these two wards on has become quite a hands-on job. Add in Naruto's younger sister, and most of Kakashi's day is eaten up by the three of them.

Fortunately for Kakashi, the Targaryen girl — yes, he's not quite as unperceptive as to believe that this girl with pink hair and the same name as the missing princess is some distant Tyrell relation, no matter how adorned she is in Tyrell dresses and mannerisms — keeps to herself and does not bother him with childish diablerie like her three peers.

Of course, he does wish she would be more secretive with her late night flying sessions because honestly, he does not know how much longer he can keep the Lannister heir off of her tracks — the boy has taken to observing the girl far too closely in the last few weeks. It almost makes Kakashi wonder if the Targaryen girl is being coyly obvious for a reason, but when Kakashi remembers that the girl has been under the Queen of Thorns' protection for a little more than a decade, he chuckles to himself. Tsunade has trained her little student well — the Uchiha boy won't even realize what's happened until it's too late.

And when Sasuke leaves the banquet hall minutes after Sakura has excused herself to the library — a lie that even Naruto should be able to see through — Kakashi wonders if it's already too late for the Lannister heir. The Tyrells always manage to ensnare their targets with their well-grown roses, no matter if that rose is a new foreign addition to their collection.

Itachi does not enjoy his moniker much. The King-Slayer. What a terrible name to be stuck with. At least, Shisui's name, The Dragon-Slayer, did not have the same connotation of betrayal and backstabbing that King-Slayer carries. If he weren't of Lannister blood, Itachi is sure most of his grandfather's court would openly sneer him for killing the king his very twin was sworn to protect, but even if they did sneer, Itachi would not mind. He'd would much rather carry the weight of being a king-slayer than to let his twin carry the heavy burden.

He is just grateful than their youngest brother, Sasuke, was away from all these political intricacies. He wanted his youngest brother to grow up happily, away from any political schemes and unlike how he and Shisui had been raised — it's a sentiment carried by their parents as well, more so now than ever before. Their mother, still nursing her grief at her cousin's execution, is very glad they've chosen to send Sasuke to the Vale instead of here to King's Landing where Sasuke would've been sure to catch Madara and Obito's eyes. It was very smart on their father's part to have suggested they send Sasuke to spy on the Defender of the Vale, and Madara was none the wiser to his own blood's true intentions, having grown so power-hungry that he's forgotten the very foundation of his clan's power — family and blood will always win out in the end, more so than any gold or power that their family would ever hold.

Itachi is grateful that he inherited his parents' wits and their love. It's all he'd ever need in this world — that and the love of his brothers, of course. Too bad he was thrust into a world of politics by their grandfather, a plague on not just Itachi's existence but his family's as well.

Loathe as Itachi is to admit this, but the old power-hungry Madara is still his blood — and the crazy Obito is too, no matter what crimes against the realm the insane man has committed. Itachi just hopes that someone else will come and end their miserable lives before he is forced to act, just as he hopes the little help he gives the new blonde serving girl will help bring an end to his grandfather's iron-fisted reign.

Itachi only prays that the Targaryen princess will be able to carry out her plans before anyone else catches on to who she really is.

The night sky when viewed from the Vale is littered with bright stars and a large moon, closer to touch here than anywhere else in the realm. But Sasuke isn't out sneaking about to gaze at the stars and trace the constellations — he's following after Naruto's so-claimed distant cousin as she makes her way further and further away from the library she claims to frequently visit. To be fair, she did stop by the library as she said she would, only to rush out when she was sure no one was watching. Too bad for her, she was wrong.

And though Sasuke had suspected she was the missing Targaryen princess, nothing could have ever prepared him for when he came face to face with her parents' two full-grown dragons, roaring and hissing when they realized their mistress was not alone tonight.

Sakura gasps when she sees him, and had Sasuke not been completely enthralled by the dragons, he would have realized how odd it is that Sakura's own dragon would come to rest on his shoulder when she pleads with him to keep her secret — how much a coincidence it is that Sakura's slight makeup tonight makes her eyes much larger and doe-like than they usually are. Sasuke won't admit it, but her puppy-dog eyes and the slight pout of her lips enchant him so much that he does not notice when one of the dragons, Kaguya, block his only escape route.

"Please, Sasuke?" Sakura begs, grabbing his arm, hugging it between the firm mounds of her chest threatening to spill out of the tight dress she wears tonight. "Can't we keep this our little secret?" she asks, a quiver to her lips.

In that nest of dragons, Sasuke can only nod his head — what other choice did he have if he wanted to get out of there alive and unburnt? But later that night, when he pens his weekly letter to his mother and brother, he leaves out any detail of dragons, and the image of the Targaryen princess's dimpled smile and the feel of her soft skin never leaves his head.

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Below is the character list so that you guys aren't confused with whose in what house.

Baratheon: Kiba, Choji, Shikamaru (half-Targaryen bastard)

Bolton: Danzo, Kabuto

Drowned Men: Suigetsu, Zabuza, Kisame

Faceless Men: Orochimaru

Lannister: Sasuke, Itachi, Shisui, their parents, Madara, and the rest of the Uchiha clan [Itachi and Shisui are twins, sorta based off Jaime and Cersei Lannister without the incest, or maybe with, if you guys want it]

Martell/Dorne: Gaara, Temari, Kankuro

Stark: Neji (somewhat Jon Snow), Hinata, Hanabi, Hizashi (Ned Stark) [I combined Hiashi and Hizashi together into one character, so Hinata and Neji are siblings. This is also because I get confused which twin is which since their names are too similar.]

Targaryen: Sakura (Daenerys/Sansa), Ino (Daenerys/Cersei), Juugo, Kizashi, Mebuki [Sakura and Ino are twins]

Tyrell: Naruto, Karin, Kushina, Minato, Tsunade (Olenna Tyrell), Jiraiya [Jiraiya has already passed, but he was Tsunade's husband]

The Vale: Kakashi

Tarth: Haku (Brienne of Tarth)

Also, I decided to name the dragons after members of the Otsutsuki clan since they won't be showing up in this fanfic!

Ino's dragon: Toneri

Kizashi's dragon: Hagoromo

Mebuki's dragon: Kaguya

Sakura's dragons: ?

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