Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, and Padmé Amidala made their way to the Jedi Council chamber as there was something that the Council had found. "What do you guys think the Council found?" Ahsoka asks.

"I'm unsure Commander." Rex states. "But whatever it is, it's probably something good or odd."

"Well we're about to find out." Anakin says as they reach the Council chambers and open the door to see the entire Council in their seats with a box in the middle of the room. "Masters."

"Good to see you four again, it is." Master Yoda stated.

"Uh Masters, what is that?" Ahsoka asks pointing at the box.

"Appeared out of nowhere, this box did. Open it would not, without you four also here." Yoda states.

"Even our lightsabers wouldn't cut it open." Mace Windu states. "But now we can finally see what's inside." He walks over to the box and the a blue light scans the room.

"All required individuals present. Revealing contents." A male voice says coming from the box as it opens up. Inside were multiple objects such as a small machine, a holovid, a tablet of sorts, and a paper.

"This is...odd." Mace says surprised as he takes them out. "Let's see what this reads." He grabs the paper and begins to read aloud. "Greeting Jedi Council, if you're reading this, then that means that you have the people required to view this holovid. This holovid contains the information of a world beyond your own galaxy called Earth."

That immediately gets the attention of everyone.

"A world beyond the galaxy?" Ki Adi Mundi asks in shock. "Meaning past the unknown regions?"

"But that should be impossible right?" Anakin asks. If there was a world beyond the galaxy, then maybe everything they know could be wrong.

"If there is a world outside past the Unknown Regions, then perhaps we can use this opportunity to learn things we would have never thought of before." Padmé says actually getting a little excited.

Mace continues reading. "However, before you can effectively learn about the planet you are about to see there is some information that you will have to know beforehand. This world is considered primitive by your standards. Blaster technology, star ships, and even the Force do not exist on that world. Midichlorians do not exist on Earth and life has been made without them." That got gasps of shock and surprise out of everyone.

"B-but that's impossible!" Aayla Secura states in shock. "Life cannot exist without Midichlorians!"

"Well apparently, it can." Obi-Wan states just as shocked. "But as to how, I would like to learn."

"Perhaps an anomaly, this world is." Yoda says. Even after almost 900 years of being alive, he was shaken by this revelation. But he would have to be honest, this new world would be interesting to learn about, even if the inhabitants are primitive if what the paper says is true.

"This world is getting weirder by the second." Rex says as he shakes his head.

"However, just because it is primitive, doesn't mean it cannot hold its own in combat. The Humans that inhabit this world are masters of war, having fought each other for as long as they have existed. And while they use what you call slugthrowers, you can guarantee that they are nothing like the slugthrowers that you know, as you will see for yourselves soon. But know that it is not just war that they care about, for they also love peace and are creative beings that have made many stories of their own and ways of life as there are many cultures and religions. This planet is full of surprises." Mace finishes.

"Masters of War?" Rex says in a humorous tone. "Well, we'll see about that."

"Different cultures?" Ahsoka asked.

Mace Windu turned on the holovid and the image of the planet appears before them. A blue planet with seven large multi colored land masses that were mostly green with one of them being at the south and completely white.

"It's beautiful." Padmé says in awe. "It looks just like Naboo and Alderaan, but it seems more...majestic and fragile, yet strong and it gives off a feeling that there is a lot more to it than what we see."

"Perhaps you are correct Senator." Plo Koon says. "Well shall we get started with this planet?"

Everyone nodded and Mace started the holovid.

The Chancellors Office

'Interesting.' Sheev Palpatine thought to himself as he had received a box containing information about a world. He had thought of everything and expected no surprises, but this world known as Earth and the information that he had just read regarding it shook him to his core. But as with everything regarding the Sith Lord, he would make a plan and perhaps the information would help him when he finally creates his Empire. 'Very well, let's see what this world holds.'

Count Dooku's Palace, Serenno

"You pulled me away just to learn about a primitive planet?" General Grievous asked Dooku with frustration in his voice.

"Unfortunately the box would not open without the two of you here with me." Tyranus Dooku stated. "But now we have the contents, and I shall be honest. This world...intrigues me."

Asajj Ventress scoffed. "This paper claims that the Humans inhabiting this world are masters of war. How can you be a master at war when you are so primitive?"

"Remember to not underestimate anyone you do not know about." Dooku said to the assassin. "It would prove to be your downfall."

"Bah!" General Grievous says. "Let's just get this over with so that I can get back to fighting the Jedi!"

"Very well." Dooku says as he plays the holovid.

And here is the first chapter of Star Wars reacting to Earth. I've seen a few stories of the Star Wars universe interacting with our world, but not them actually learning all about it. Usually going into combat and while that would be fun, it would be nice for them to see what else we have here. Feel free to give suggestions of what I should have them react to in either the discussion or by sending me a private message and I'll see you all in the next chapter. Also just know that I had to publish this story from my Xbox because Desktop Mode doesn't work on my phone and this is tedious, but I am determined to get this story done in any way I can. With that said, I'll see you all later.