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People say that it was so unfortunate that things happened how they did. Not that I care of course. I'm still alive. Why? How?

I am the Junna Wolff, Queen of the Summer Heat. I can survive anything. Once a Princess of Dolnva, once part of a secret organization that I won't you anything about (yet). My nickname was Dynamite. Not just because of my "explosive" personality, but also due to my love of explosives. How did I hide my force sensitivity long before I had training, avoid assassins for years, blow up countless Imperial weapon factories, and duel dozens of Inquisitors? I have no idea because I never did all that. I think. But my life was pretty interesting. The easiest place to start is probably when I was twelve and Aunt Percilla had begun to insist that I should visit other planets for more political insight. Fortunately I had my cousins, Sophina and Haven, right by my side during those boring political meetings. Hey, look at the bright side! I haven't been stabbed- I'm already getting off topic.

(20 years prior - aboard the Wolf Diamond - Junna's Point of View)

I stood up and stretched. Auntie said we were approaching the Imperial center.

"Ugh. Why not call it Coruscant. Why change it to Imperial center?" said Haven incredulously. Count on Haven to get worked up about a planet name.

"Really? It's just a name,"commented Sophina.

/Really Sophi. You just had to say that. Really?/

"Just a name!?"said Haven, her warm brown eyes were flashing. "A name means alot to many cultures. Imagine if someone tried to change your name and convince you that it is completely fine."

"Depends on what they tried to change it to,"said Sophi.

I mentally groaned. /Ugh./

"Okay. Okay. Names are important to many people but not everyone. Can you please not argue right now? " I said, frustrated.

"It was just a discussion," began Sophi.

"Yeah. Right."





"Sophi. Junna. Stop. Okay."said Haven.

Sophi, surprisingly, fell silent, and I went back to the book I had been reading.

/What a grouch./

Fortunately Auntie walked into the room and broke the silence. "I just wanted to let you girls know about the Empire Day celebrations. You three are invited to the Royal Youth Ball to celebrate the young people of the Empire."

/What? What!?/

"You know what? Just go back to arguing. I'd rather listen to you two squabble, (Here Sophi repeated 'Squabble' indignately) then go to some stupid ball," said Haven pulling a blanket over her head.

/Who even came up with a Royal Youth Ball?/

"Too bad. It will be a wonderful experience for the three of you to meet the other royalty and politician's children."

/Ugh. I do not want to go./

"Why us?" moaned Sophi.

Personally, between me and you, my cousins can be so dramatic.

"What about your meeting with Senator-" I asked Aunt Percilla,briefly hoping that there was some reason we would not be able to make it.

"Oh no, no. I still have time to drop you off."


"Well, we will be landing at your Aunt Prilla's home in ten minutes. You might want to gather up your things," said Aunt Percilla before leaving the room.

As soon as the door shut behind her, Haven's face morphed from pleasant and smiling to a look of disgust. "There has to be a way to get out of this," said Haven.

"Like what?" I asked. "It would have to be really good."

"Hmm. We could get sick," offered Sophi.

"I really don't want to get really sick," said Haven.

" 's not going to work," I said. Hope was dwindling by the minute.

"We could fake our deaths," said Sophi.

"Uh, NO."

"We could get grounded."

"Yeah. And get stuck going to more balls."

"Okay. I'm out of ideas.

"How about we just go to it," said Haven with a sigh.