Chapter 4. Trapped!

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Three years later on Triga Minor - a lush jungle planet in the far outer rim with a treacherous mountain range

I gritted my teeth as my foothold in the deteriorating wall gave loose. The stone in question bounced a long way down. I could feel the stone I was holding on to start to give way. I put my knife between my teeth so I could go faster. I pulled myself to the top of the stone wall. I could see the ancient ruins of a temple not far away. Taking a deep breath, I jumped...

Fortunately, the Force was within my grasp and I caught myself before I hit the leafy plants surrounding this side of the wall. As far as I was concerned, fifteen was too young for me to die. Especially after climbing halfway up a mountain and then over a very tall wall surrounding the temple grounds. After slipping my knife into my boot, I made my way towards the ancient temple.

Two unfortunate guards stood guarding the South side of the ruins. Two very unfortunate guards to be exact. I threw a stone as hard as I could against a protruding stone on the base of the temple. The troops turned long enough to see a hail of arrows coming at them. That was also the last thing they ever saw. There was a reason for the do-not-touch-anything mandate. I shook my head. The poor Imperial guards probably didn't know the whole place was booby-trapped to the teeth. I pressed my hand against the one rock with its corners chipped off and watched as a rectangle of rocks slid backward revealing a secret entrance. It was almost disappointing that temples could be so predictable at times.

A figure in black watched from an edge of a cliff.

"You were right. I believe our target has more experience than we realized," the figure spoke into his COMLink.

"Good. Perhaps you will have a challenge this time. Do not let them get away with our prize. Also, bring the target alive. I want to know their identity and skills, "responded a sinister voice.

I walked inside the tunnel. My footsteps bounced off the walls. A constant dripping noise echoed through the tunnel. Suddenly, the piece of stone sank under my weight.Pressure plates! Should have known that was coming.

I ducked and a wave of arrows whizzed over my head.

Doing my best to avoid all suspicious stones, I overlooked the puddle of water that had collected in a low spot on the path. I slipped, fell, and watched an entire section of stones sink underneath me.

That can't be good!

And there was the rumbling and grinding sound. The entrance that I came in was closed. I decided to get up and run for it. Fortunately, I didn't start a moment too soon. Arrows started raining down from the ceiling in rows starting from the entrance going down the hallway towards me. Ducking, dodging,and running for my life are things I do on a normal basis. However, this was kind of overkill. As I ran, I stepped on more pressure plates. Now arrows were raining down from the ceiling and the walls.

Ahh! I should have stayed in bed this morning! The Tri Monks must have been nuts about arrows and booby traps.

I suddenly slammed into a brick wall. Literally.

The hallway had apparently ended, but because of the darkness, I didn't see it coming. The arrows were rapidly catching up. I had to think of something fast.

The cloaked figure stood pushing on the bricks around the closed entrance to the temple. Finally, he found the right one. The temple door slid open revealing a tunnel. It was tall enough that he could stand up, and wide enough that he could spread his arms out fully without touching the sides. The tunnel went in a few feet before making a sharp left.

Wait, the target went through a straight tunnel. Yet, this one is different. Interesting.

Yes, yes I know. Junna is having an Indiana Jones moment. She is fifteen by this point. Why she is in the temple will be explain in upcoming chapters. I Hope it didn't seem too big a twist in the story. Hope you liked this chapter. Good? Bad? Exciting? Boring? Please let me know!