On My Own

Sonic couldn't believe what he just witnessed. He just saw his guardian, Longclaw, fending off echidnas who were going after him, when the portal disappeared. He didn't know if Longclaw was going to succeed or not and that is what worried him. And he didn't want to go back for that will surely put his life in jeopardy.

The young hedgehog looked at his surroundings. He was in a forest, but he didn't know where. He has never been here before. He didn't know what awaited him on this alien planet called Earth. He was all alone, not at all feeling prepared to face up against its potential dangers.

"Are you alright?" He heard a voice. "You look lost. Can I help you?" He looked and saw a big moose standing on all fours in front of him.

"Y-yes." He stammered, afraid of what this mighty creature might do to him. "Do you know where we are?"

"We're in a forest. I don't know where so a forest is all I know. And I'm Fredrick. And I'm a moose. And you are?"

"I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog." Fredrick looked him over.

"You're a weird looking hedgehog then. I never saw a blue one before. In fact, I never seen a hedgehog before."

"Well I never saw a moose before either." Fredrick grinned.

"Nice comeback, kid. Very nice."

"Thanks. So are going to show me around?"

"This is a pretty big place. To be honest, I haven't been to all of it myself. If we started now, I might not be alive to show you the rest. How about I'll just show you what I know?" Sonic looked a tad disappointed.

"Okay." Fredrick then eyed the bag Sonic was carrying, then back at him. "What do you have in your hands?" Sonic looked at the bag.

"Oh, this? It's a bag with rings inside that can teleport you to all sorts of cool places."

"Is that right? I don't know what you mean by that. You better hold onto it then. It looks and sounds important. In the meantime, we better get moving. We have a lot of ground to cover. Then afterwards, I might introduce you to a friend of mine. She might be able to take you in."

"Oh, I don't know about that."

"Nonsense. A young hedgehog like yourself shouldn't be alone." Sonic sighed. He knew that he was right. He also knew that he couldn't possibly change his mind.

"'Kay.' So off they went to cover enough forest ground as possible.

"It's getting pretty late now." Fredrick said as the sun was setting, "I'm going to introduce my friend to you now."

"'Kay. Are you going to show me the rest of the forest tomorrow then?" Sonic wanted to know.

"I think you've seen enough. The forest doesn't have a lot of interesting things to visit. If you want more, maybe ask my friend."

"'Kay." So off they went again, to meet Fredrick's friend who Fredrick hoped would bring Sonic in.

"No, absolutely not!" Fredrick's friend, who was a wolverine, disagreed when Fredrick asked her about Sonic.

"Aw, come on, Frieda." Fredrick pleaded with her. "You're the only one I know who takes young wildlife in when they have nowhere else to go since you don't have children of your own. You love it."

"True, I love what I do, but I have too many as it is right now. I have too many animals that I'm taking care of. I feel that is enough."

"Please, one more wouldn't hurt, would it?" But Frieda wouldn't budge.

"No, I'm sorry. He has to go somewhere else. I'm putting my foot down!"

"Well, if you're sure."

"I'm very sure." Fredrick sighed.

"Okay, I understand." He looked at Sonic. "Come on, kid. Let's see if there's someone else who can take you."

"What about you?" Sonic asked.

"That'll be a last resort."

"'Kay." And so, they began to go off.

Frieda watched them go. She sighed. She did feel sorry for that young hedgehog. Plus, Fredrick was right. She did love taking in young animals who had nowhere to go in to live with her as if they were her own. She counted the young animals that she already had already on her paws. She did have four. But what was one more? She made her decision.

"Fredrick, wait!" She said. Fredrick and Sonic turned to look at her. She smiled. "I'll be happy to look after the child."

"You sure?" The moose asked. "I don't want you to look after too many children."

"But that's what I do. It's what I love. The more, the merrier, that's my new motto."

"Well, okay, then. He's all yours then." He looked at Sonic. "Welcome to your new home then, kid." Sonic stepped up to the wolverine as Fredrick left.

"I won't be a burden to you?" Sonic asked. "'Cause I don't want to be a burden to you."

"You won't be a burden at all." Frieda told him. Sonic smiled.

"Good, then I'll be happy to call your place home."

"Children," Frieda said to two bear cubs, an eaglet and a baby bison playing with one another. "I'd like for you to meet your new brother." The four young animals stopped playing and looked at him.

"What is he?" One of the bear cubs, a grizzly, asked.

"I'm Sonic." Sonic introduced himself. "Sonic the Hedgehog."

"He's not like any hedgehog that I've ever seen, the second cub, a black bear stated. "Then again I've never seen a hedgehog before in my entire life."

"He looks weird looking." The little eagle chirped up.

"Is he supposed to be blue?" The bison wanted to know.

"Children, be nice!" Frieda said firmly. She looked at Sonic. "Sorry about them. I'll leave you all to be acquainted then." She then left. Sonic looked at his new family.

"So you guys all live with her? You are all siblings?" The bison nodded.

"We are all orphans, so she adopted us. Isn't that nice? She says she takes in every orphaned animal like us since she has no kids of her own, and raises them on her own until they are big enough to face the big bad world by themselves. By the way, I'm Bryce."

"I'm Cole." The black bear cub announced. He gestured towards the grizzly. "And that's my bro, Brownie."

"And I'm Evaline." The baby eagle said. "One day, I'll be able to fly and it'll be awesome! I can't wait. It's been my dream ever since I hatched."

"Well, don't tell Frieda this…" Sonic began. "But I'm not staying here. I'm leaving first thing tomorrow." All of the other young animals were shocked. "You can tell her after the fact, but I'll be long gone before then."

"What?!" Bryce asked. "You can't go. You're too young to be on your own. You'll be dead before we can say 'told you so.'

"I'm not too young. I don't need anyone. I'll be perfectly fine. Just wait and see."

"Actually we won't." Evaline pointed out. "Since like you said, you'll be out on your own. We probably won't see each other again."

"You might. Who knows? And when you do, you'll see. You all might."

"He's right." Cole put in. "We might and we might not. We might get lucky and see each other again, even Mom. Life's crazy like that."

"If we do see each other pretty soon…." Evaline started. "Like in a day or something like that and you are struggling, Mom will take you in, then you have to stay."

"That'll never happen." Sonic stated. "First, she has to catch me. And I don't mean to brag or anything, but I'm crazy fast. She can blink and I'll be somewhere else miles away before she even knows I left her side."

"I don't believe you." Cole stated. "You can't go that fast."

"Yeah." Brownie agreed. "You're a liar!

"Why don't I show you how fast I can go?" Sonic asked.

"And then will you stay with us until you can go off on your own?" Evaline questioned.

"You bet!" Sonic promised.

"Then let's see." Sonic started running, then came back to his spot seconds later, impressing the other animals.

"Whoa!" Bryce breathed. "That was fast. I didn't even have time to blink."

"You didn't tell us you had super powers." Brownie observed.

"I don't." Sonic admitted. "Unless you mean that I'm crazy fast, then yeah, I have super powers I guess."

"So you are an unusual animal with super speed." Evaline observed. "Impressive. Now you have to keep your end of the bargain. You can't leave us or Freada until you're ready." Sonic sighed.

"Fine, okay."

"So, can you fly?" Brownie wanted to know.

"No. I don't have the wings for it." Sonic replied.

"Evaline has wings, but she can't fly."

"I can so fly!" Evaline argued. "It's just that I can't fly yet. I just hatched not too long ago. Give me a break! I'll fly when I'm good and ready!"

"So you can't fly like I said." Evaline sighed,

"Correct, but I will one day." She sighed heavenly. "Just picture it. The air between my wings. I can't wait. I'll be free as a bird...literally because I am a bird."

"And one day Brownie and I will be able to climb trees." Cole told Sonic. "And catch fish with our literal bear paws."

"Only Frieda can't teach you those things." Sonic pointed out. "Because she is neither a bird nor a bear. She's a wolverine."

"We can still learn somehow!" Evaline argued again. "There are other bear and birds that might be able to teach us."

"Maybe." Sonic agreed. "If they have the time to, is willing and if they are nice enough. Remember, you have to have those factors to consider." He looked at Bryce. "What about you, Bryce? Any bison dreams that you want?"

"Just be a good, strong bison when I'm older." He stated.

"Well, hate to break it to you, but that's going to take a while."

"Everything takes a while." Evaline said to him. "But the wait is well worth it in the end."

"But waiting is boring." Sonic put in. "Don't you want to do those things now and be done with them?"

"Well, yeah." Evaline agreed. "We need to practice those things a lot to get good at them. Then when we're full grown adults, we can handle anything that comes our way. Patience is a virtue." The hedgehog was confused.

"Who says that?"


"I don't think I like that."

"You better not talk like that to her in her presence." Brownie said to him. "We saw her get really mad once and it's not pretty."

"I'm not scared of her."

"You better not say that to her either. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about."

"I know what I'm talking about to, but, okay. I'm not going to risk it by chellegeing her. She took me in. It's the least that I could do."

"Good." They then heard Frieda calling them all. "We better see what Frieda wants." Sonic prepared to run.

"I'll be there before you." He sped off.

"How does he do that?!" Brownie questioned.

"I don't know." Evaline admitted. "But like you said, it's a super power, like I'm going to have when I fly one day."

"You summoned us?" Sonic asked as soon as he got there. He then noticed a pile of dead fish and a dead ground squirrel for herself. Frieda looked up at him, surprised to see him so soon. She was in the middle of tearing some of the dead fish to smaller pieces which made the young hedgehog cringe."What's with all of the dead animals?"

"These are food for Evaline, Brownie and Cole. I didn't expect you so soon. I literally just called a second ago."

"Oh, I'm fast like that. Anyways, what about Bryce and me?"

"Bryce eats the grass and I don't know what hedgehogs eat. I'm sure we can find you something out here for you to eat."

"I love chili dogs. Do you have any of those here?" Frieda looked at him like he was crazy.

"This is the wild, so we don't have those here I'm afraid. Sorry. I also don't know what that is. Some kind of breed of wild dog?"

"What?! You haven't heard of chili dogs before? They're only the best food ever! Sad that you don't know. And they're not dogs or made from them."

"Then why…?" Sonic shrugged.

"I have no idea."

"Well, if you're going to live here, you're going to have to eat what you like and what is available out here. It's survival of the fittest out here, but since you're still young, I can hunt your food."

"Maybe." Sonic looked all around, but didn't see anything remotely delicious. He looked back at Frieda. "Are you sure you don't have any chili dogs?" Frieda looked a bit annoyed.

"Yes, I'm sure. You're going to have to pick something. Try something new. You might be surprised and like it." Sonic looked disappointed.

"I guess. If I have to." He then had an idea. "I know! I can look around for some chili dogs, maybe far from here." Frieda looked uneasy about this.

"Where the humans live?"

"Yeah, if that is where the chili dogs are. I'll do it!"

"No, absolutely not. The humans are danger…." Sonic looked bored and zoomed off. The wolverine looked around confused. "Where did he go?" The other animals then came. Evaline was riding on Cole's back. She hopped down to the ground and took a bite out of the fish that Frieda tore into smaller pieces. Frieda looked at her. "Do you know where your new brother went?" Evaline shook her head. She looked at the others who all did the same thing.

"The heck we know!" Evaline piped up. "Like he said, he's crazy fast. You'll just have to get used to it."

"I guess I'll have to."

Sonic smelled some delicious smells at a Sonic drive- in restaurant. He stopped to look in the window. He then spotted an image of a chili dog and his mouth started watering.

"That's it!" He said to himself. "That's what I'm talking about!" He looked around at his surroundings. Hmmm, I have to remember this place. Got it! And with that, he sped inside.

He was in luck for an employee was handing over a plate of two chili dogs to a customer. The tiny hedgehog grabbed the plate. The people were confused,

"Sorry!" He apoligized. "Thanks for the dogs!" He sped off before the employee and customer even knew what happened.

When Sonic came back, all of the animals were eating their supper. Sonic showed them the chili dogs he got. They looked at him.

"What is that thing?" Brownie wanted to know.

"This, my friend, are what are known as chili dogs."

"They don't look like dogs to me." Cole pointed out.

"That's because they're not." Sonic explained. Bryce was confused.

"Then why…?" He began. Sonic looked at him.

"Like I just told Frieda, I have no clue. All I know is that they're delicious. I can go get you all some if you like. I know where they are." His new family all shook their heads. "You sure? They're so good. You don't know what you're missing out on." He still had the silent treatment. "No? Okay, whatever." He chowed down and looked at Frieda. He was talking with his mouth full so it was hard to understand. "You said to try something new, Frieda. You encouraged it."

"Don't speak with your mouth full!" Frieda scolded.

"Oh, sorry." Sonic swallowed his food and repeated what he said.

"Oh, I don't know. Isn't that food for humans? Who knows what it contains. It may be poisonous for us. I don't think you should eat it either. It looks unhealthy."

"Oh, come on! As least I'm not eating grass!" Bryce was offended by this.

"Grass is delicious." He argued. "It's your 'chili dogs' that looks disgusting."

"Agree to disagree."

"How about this?" Frieda pointed out. "How about we eat what we eat and leave it at that?" Everyone agreed to this and resumed eating their fill.

"You all stay here." Frieda told the animals the next morning. "I'm going to all get your breakfasts, except yours. Bryce. You can just eat the grass."

"What about me?" Sonic asked. Frieda looked at him. "I'm a growing hedgehog. I need food too. I was thinking chili dogs again?"

"Sorry, if chili dogs are not in the wild, I'm not risking my life to get them for you. You'll have to eat what I find for you." Sonic scoffed.

"Nah, not interested."

"Well, you're going to have to. It's either that or stave and that just won't do."

"Well, guess I'll starve then…" Sonic then got an idea. "Or not. I can get the chili dogs myself."

"No, you'll not. You're staying right here and that's final. You may have gotten lucky last night, but that was last night. You may not be so lucky this time."

"Yeah, I will."

"How do you know?"

"Well I…" Sonic then thought about it. He didn't have an answer to that question. "I, uh…"

"You don't know, do you. Just as I thought. Stay here with the others until I get back."

"I'll just be quick if you just let me…" Frieda became mad.

"Stay with the others, Sonic!" Sonic sighed.

"Fine, I'll stay." The hedgehog said. Frieda changed her mood to happiness.

"Awesome. I'll be back." The wolverine then left the kid animals by themselves.

"Well, I'm going to go get those chili dogs, guys." Sonic told his friends. "Speak now if you want anything." The little animals looked at him like he was crazy.

"What!?" Brownie asked. "You can't."

"Yeah." Evaline agreed. "Frieda said not to. You'll be deliberately disobeying her and that's not wise."

"I'll be back long before she finds out."

"Why can't you just wait?" Cole asked. "Frieda said she'll find you something."

"Yeah, something I might not like. Look, I know she means well, but I can look after myself."

"You better not let her hear that." Brownie put in. Sonic scoffed again.

"Let her hear then. I don't care. She doesn't scare me."

"And you definitely do not want her to hear that."

"I may not like what she gives me, but I know I'll love chili dogs and I'm getting those chili dogs. Be right back." The animals were about to protest again when the blue hedgehog sped off.

"Don't." Evaline stopped Bryce before he could go after him. "You'll never catch him. It's pointless."

"But…" Bryce began.

"You'll be disobeying Frieda. I know Sonic already did that, but that doesn't mean that you should. He'll have to learn the hard way never to make a wolverine mad." Bryce agreed and just ate the grass. He still felt bad though. So did Brownie and Cole...even Evaline to some extent.

Sonic made it just as the restrurant opened. He sped right in just after someone opened the door.

"Two dozen chili dogs, please!" Sonic said to the cashier. Brecause he was tiny, the cashier couldn't see him behind the counter.

"Two dozen?" She asked. "You have to be kidding me!" Sonic shook his head.

"Nope!" He answered. "I want two dozen and I want them now." The lady sighed and typed on the register. "They'll be ready, soon. Anything else?"

"No, that's it."

"You sure? Because chili dogs isn't normally breakfast food."

"It is for me, I could eat chili dogs all day. Better make it snappy."

"We'll do what we can. You may sit down."

"No, I'll stay here if you don't mind."

"Okay. Just don't stand in the way of other customers."

"I won't."

Sonic waited for what seemed like hours for him. He tapped his foot impatiently.

"I'm waiiiiiittttttiiiiiing!" He complained.

"It's just been a minute." The cashier told him.

"Well a minute is not good enough for me. I'm starving!" His stomach growled; "Can't you hear my stomach? It wants food now."

"If you can just be a bit more patient." Sonic sighed.


Minutes later, the lady handed him the chili dogs.

"Finally!" Sonic said and sped off. The lady was confused.

"What about the money?" She looked at the man waiting to order. "You're going to pay for the kid?" The man just shrugged. The woman was then mad and pointed. "Unbelievable and it's not even 6:30 in the morning yet and I got duped by a wired spikey-haired kid."

Sonic was about to race back to his new family when something caught his eye. He stopped and looked though a basement window. The TV was on to a movie. In the movie, some kid was running with a yellow mouse by his side on a lot of stairs while his friends were taking a hot air balloon to the top.

That poor kid. Sonic thought to himself. If I were him, I'd be on the top of the stairs in a millisecond. They then showed the kid and mouse at the top. They were both exhausted from the climb. I wouldn't be exhausted like they are. I'd be willing to do more if I wanted to.

Sonic ended up staying for the rest of the movie and what came after it. A few hours went by and he suddenly remembered his family. Dang, my family! They will be wondering where I am. He saw that he had ate all of the chili dogs. And I ate all of the chili dogs. Oh well, they were all well worth it. With that, he zoomed off.

He ran into Brownie who was trying and failing to climb a tree while the rest of his family watched and shouted out words of encouragement at him.

"I know I'm very late," He began when they all looked at him.

"And I know I ate all the chili dogs. I have the perfect explanation for it. You see I was… uh, Brownie, were you trying to climb a tree just now?"

"Yes." The cub answered.


"We are bears." Cole replied for him. "We climb trees. Once we learn, it'll be a good tactic running away from predators."

"What if the predators can climb as well?"

"Then he'll just run or do the best he can to fight them off when he's bigger. We're just teaching him for the predators that can't climb."

"Only I'm no good at it." Brownie said in defeat. "I don't think I'll ever be able to do it. I'm going to give up and just run away from them for now." Every animal was shocked and looked at him.

"But you can't give up, bro!" Cole told him. "You got this far. All you need is a more practice. That's all. You'll get the hang of it."

"I don't know." Brownie said with a sigh. "I'd rather give up than try again. It's okay, really. I guess climbing isn't my thing and that's okay."

"No, it isn't!" The little blue hedgehog disagreed. This time, the animals all looked at him. "You can never ever ever give up. My former mentor, Longclaw told me."

"But climbing is too hard for me." Brownie argued. "I just can't do it."

"You need practice then and lots of it. That's the only way you can ever be good at it. You might succeed in one more go or you might do it after 99 more times. As long as you do it successfully that's what counts in the end."

"But what if I try for that long and never succeed? I'll be doing it forever and I don't want that and don't have the time."

"And what if you do succeed eventually? You'd never know unless you try."

"I guess you have a point there." Sonic smiled.

"Sure I have a point. A very good point at that." Brownie looked at the tree and was now determined.

"I'm going to try again." Sonic and his other friends and Frieda were happy about this.

"That's the spirit!" Sonic said to him. "You'll thank me later."

"If you say so."

"Trust me."

"I will. I might be uncertain of it, but I will."

Brownie practiced for the rest of the day. Frieda left with the others to do other stuff, but Sonic and Brownie stayed behind. Whenever Brownie complained and wanted to quit for the day, Sonic urged him to go on. And so that is what the cub did.

Brownie finally managed to climb the tree successfully that night. The cub was proud of himself. Sonic was as well.

"I did it!: The cub said with excitement in his voice.

"You sure did." Sonic agreed. "Congrats, my friend. And you wanted to give up."

"Good thing I didn't because then I would never have done it. Thanks Sonic.

"No problem, Keed. I don't know why I just said that."

"I don't know either and it honestly doesn't matter." Brownie saw his brother and the other young animals pass by them. Brownie bounded over to his bear brother. "Guess what, Cole? I did it! I climbed this here tree successfully by not giving up all thanks to Sonic. It took me almost the whole day, but I did it." Cole smiled for his brother.

"Good for you, Brownie. I'm proud of you. Frieda would be too."

"We all are." Evaline added.

"All that hard training paid off." Sonic said. "Another installment of Sonic Says." The others all looked at him. "I don't know why I said that. Sounds cool though. Sonic says. It has a nice ring to it."

"Meanwhile," Cole started. "I climbed my first tree today on the first try. I climbed some more after that."

"We saw the whole thing." Bryce said. "He was a climbing machine. No predator can ever hunt him down now."

"Unless they can climb trees." Sonic put in. "Then he have to just run like heck. I'll outrun them then so I'm not worried. You guys on the other hand, not so much." The others looked at him. "Sorry, but it's true. Only the fast survive. That's my motto. I don't have a motto, but if I did, that might be it." He changed the subject. "You know what? That tree climbing success calls for a special reward. How about after you guys eat, I'll take you to see what I saw earlier." The others all agreed.

"What about you?" Brownie wanted to know. "You have to eat, too, don't you?"

"I'll be eating those chili dogs while we watch whatever's it is we're watching." Brownie felt a little stupid.

"Of course." Frieda called them and Sonic and the others ran off.

"Frieda, Frieda!" Brownie shouted with joy as he and the others met with Sonic and Frieda, Their food was on the ground. "Guess what?! I…"

"I already told her about your success." Sonic said. "And she is very proud just like we knew she would be."

"I also…" Cole began.

"I told her that too." Sonic stated.

"Did you also tell him where we were going after our supper?" Evaline asked.

"No." Frieda said. "He didn't. Where? And it better not be where the humans live to have chili dogs."

"It i…" Evaline started.

"It's not." Sonic lied.

"Eat up." Frieda said to the others who all began eating their food. Frieda looked at Sonic. "You have to find food for yourself, Sonic."

"I will." Sonic told her.

"You want me to come with so if it's a dangerous animal, I can kill it for you?"

"No, I'm good." Frieda looked unsure, but let it slide.

"Okay, whatever then." She dug into her meal as well. It was the remains of a small rodent.

"Finally!" Sonic said after everybody was done eating. "Took you guys long enough!" They all looked at him.

"We all need to take our time to chew our foods." Bryce told him. "We can't just inhale it like you. Eating way too fast is not good for you."

"Slowness is the way to go when it comes to eating." Brownie agreed.

"It's also a way to prevent choking." Frieda added.

"I never choke." Sonic bragged.

"That's good. And to keep that from happening, you need to eat slowly so you have time to chew your food."

"But I don't have teeth to chew with. And if I did, I would look pretty freaky right now, no offence. Teeth is just not my style." He changed the subject. "Anyways, we should probably start going."

"I still don't know where you're all going to." Frieda pointed out.

"Do you really need to know?" Sonic asked her. Frieda thought about this, then looked back at Sonic.

"No, I guess not. Just have fun wherever you're going to and stay out of trouble. Evaline knows the rules just in case you go to the forbidden places. I'm placing her in charge."

"That's right." Evaline agreed. "So you all better listen to me if you know what's good for you." After they bid farewell, the five young animals were on their way.

When Evaline saw that Sonic was heading towards where the humans were, she hopped up in front of him and spread her wings.

"Oh, no." She said. "Sorry, but I'm in charge. Frieda said it's forbidden and counting on me to make sure you guys behave. Now listen to me and let's do something not involving where the humans are, okay?"

"But that sounds boring!" Sonic complained. "Where is your sense of adventure? Come on, you can't follow the rules all the time. That's no way to live."

"It is to keep you and everyone else safe. Rules are put in a place for a reason you know. You all better listen to me like I said earlier if you know what's good for you."

"You said we had to listen." Sonic told her. "You never said we had to obey. Big difference."

"She got you there." Brownie said to her. Evaline groaned.

"Ok you smart Alec." The bird stated. "Obey me then. Do not, under any circumstances, go over there in the human world."

"No way am I going to do that." Sonic said. "I'm my own hedgehog and I follow my own rules."

"You can't do that. You have to follow my rules. Frieda put me in charge."

"I know she did. But I chose not to follow them. Rules are stupid. I hate them. I wish they never existed. Besides, rules are only for the weak. You need to take a chance, Evaline. Rules will only get in the way of that." Evaline was mad now.

"Be that way!" She shouted. "You can go and get into trouble, but not these guys." She saw her step siblings heading towards Sonic. She was dumbstruck. "What!?" Brownie looked back at her.

"Sorry, Evvie." He apologized. "But Sonic's right. We need to have fun. We're kids after all and kids need to have fun. If you follow the rules all of the time, you won't know what you will be missing out on." He left with the others. Evaline followed. She tried to pull on Sonic and her siblings and urge them to come back, but it didn't work. They just resumed on walking away. She made a pouty face.

"Fine!" She yelled again. "You guys all get in trouble, see if I care! But don't come crying to me afterwards. I warned you, but you all decided not to listen."

"OBEY!" Cole shouted back to her.

"OH, WHATEVER!" She then thought about it. I seriously don't want them to get into trouble. She thought. Unless no human sees us, it shouldn't be a problem, right? Right! She hopped off after them. "I'm coming, guys!"

Sonic and his friends went to a house. Inside, they saw a bunch of teenagers playing a video game on a giant television set. The game they saw had carts with characters on them driving around. They were all in amazement and wonder.

"See?" Sonic spoke to them. "What did I tell you? Pretty cool, huh?"

"What are they doing?" Brownie wanted to know. "All of these vehicles seem to be passing each other from left and right."

"I believe that it's a race." Sonic told him. "You all know what a race is, don't you?"

"We know what a race is." Evaline put in. "We're not stupid." Evaline was mad at first and wanted to go home before they were found out, but the TV screen with the motions and all of the bright colors made her entranced in it like the others.

"We just thought the humans wouldn't find it as entertaining like we do." Cole admitted. "It's really neat what you can find out and what's beyond your living space."

"I know, right?" The hedgehog said. "Anyways, you guys stay here. I'm going back to get those chili dogs. I'll be back." Before Sonic sped off, a blue shell on the TV that seemed to come out of nowhere, hit the cart in first.

"Did you see that?!" Brownie said. "That was insane what just happened right now."

"Isn't that considered cheating?" Evaline questioned. "I believe that should be considered cheating." Sonic just shrugged.

"I guess rules don't apply in the big moving box universe."

"I guess not."

"So, anyway, I'll be back in the blink of an eye. You guys need anything while I'm gone?" But they were too engrossed in the action to respond. "Uh, guys? I'll take that as a no. See you!" With that, he sped off.

When he came back, he saw that his animal friends were still watching the same match. He announced that he was back, but he still didn't get any responses. So he just started chowing down on his chili dogs.

"Hey!" They all heard a shout, They looked and saw that it was one of the teenagers who came out to throw out an empty pizza box in the nearby trash can.

"Run!" Sonic cried. The rest of the animals panicked and all began running off as the teenager still screamed at them.

"Go on!" He shouted at them. "Get! Crazy animals!" He then scratched his head in confusion as his friends all came running out beside him.

"What is it?" One of his friends asked him. "Chris, what did you see?" Chris looked at him.

"You guys aren't going to believe me, but I think I saw a blue baby hedgehog eating chili dogs watching TV with other baby animals." His friends all looked at him like he was nuts.

"Have you lost your mind, Chris? Hedgehogs aren't native to Montana. They also aren't blue or eat chili dogs." Chris shrugged at his friend.

"What can I tell you then? Weird as it is, that's what I saw."

"O…kay. Chris lost it." They all headed back inside.

"No, really, guys. I swear!"

"Watching humans play/watch on their magic box was so cool!" Brownie said with excitement as the young animals were heading home. "I could watch them for hours and never get bored!"

"Thanks for letting us experience it with you." Bryce added.

"Even Evaline enjoined it." Cole said. He looked at the baby bird. "Right, Evaline?"

"Guilty as charged." She admitted. "Although it was risky and we were caught in the end by the human, it was a blast."

"I'm glad you guys liked it." Sonic said. "If you want, you guys can come with me tomorrow. We can all have our meal as we watch." The other animals agreed. "And Frieda will never ever kno…" But he didn't finish his sentence for he and the others saw Frieda glaring at them.

"Busted!" Cole stated.

"It's just like that death stare the green man was giving!" Brownie put in. "Only difference is, Frieda's is ten times scarier!"

"I tried to tell them to not to do this otherwise they'd get in trouble." Evaline began telling her. "But they wouldn't lis...obey, actually, listen and obey." Frieda didn't buy it.

"Enough, Evaline!" The wolverine snapped at her. The baby bird immediately quieted down. The wolverine looked at everyone again.

"You all know the rules. I told you not to go where the humans were, yet you all did anyway. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. You all might've been killed."

"It's my fault." Sonic told her. She looked at him. "I invited them. So blame me, not them."

"I know what you did. But they didn't have to follow you. That's why they're much as fault as you are. But come, we'll discuss this some place safe, back at home where no humans are." Everyone followed suit. Evaline perched on Bryce's back; all of them were sad and ashamed for disobeying.

Back at their habitat, Sonic and Frieda got into a heated argument about rules and obeying them. Evaline and the others watched the entire exchange.

"I'll leave then so I don't have to listen to these stupid rules!" Sonic yelled. His friends gasped. "I can live by myself. I don't need you or anybody!"

"You're too young." Frieda informed him. "You may think you can, but you can't. You don't know how bad the world can be. You better stay with us if you value your life."

"No! I can live independently and I will!"

"Sonic!" He looked at his friends.

"See you guys. Have a good life listening to her. That's no way to live, so join me if you want to."

"Sonic," Evaline said. "We can't and you shouldn't either. Please, don't do this."

"I see how it is then. Sorry, Evaline. I'll miss everyone except bossy Frieda here. Bye."

"Son…" But before Frieda could finish, Sonic sped off. The other animals all looked at her.

"Aren't you going to try and get him back?" Brownie asked.

"No." She told him. "I'm sorry, but he made his choice. I hope he's right and can live on his own. But that's highly unlikely. Come on then. Time for more training so you guys can survive in this cruel world we live in." With that they all followed her, not sure that they will ever see their friend again.

Sonic looked back at the forest that he was leaving behind, He would surely miss it, Evaline, Bryce, Brownie and Cole. He would even miss Frieda. She was good for taking him in, and his friends. He began debating if he would go back or not.

"Sonic?" Fredrick asked him, interrupting his thoughts. Sonic turned towards him.

"Oh, hello, Fredrick." He greeted. Fredrick was confused. I

"Are you lost? Do you want me to guide you back to Frieda?"

"No, Fredrick." Sonic told him, making his decision."Thanks anyways, but the rule life isn't for me. I'm not going back. Not ever, ever, ever. I'm going to be a nomad, and live on my own." Before Fredrick could talk him out of it, Sonic waved to him. "Bye, Fredrick! You can't talk me out of it!" With that, he sped off into the distance, never looking back.

"Well, I'm afraid that kid's a goner." Fredrick said and ate a lump of grass. He wished he didn't have to say that or track him down, but knew that he couldn't. That and it was the way of life.

Sonic sped around, trying to find a new place to live, but couldn't. He finally found a home, and it didn't take long to fix it up to his liking. He wished he could share this and live with animals that would show him the ropes of life, but that would mean rules. And he clearly told Frieda to her face, as painful as it was to disappoint her and his friends, that he didn't want to be in any part of that life. He was truly on his own.