it was the middle of the night as Hizashi and Shota were driving back home. it was raining hard. they had a busy night rescuing a village from a landslide. Hizashi was just there to make sure that the people of the village were directed to the medics and Shota was in charge of rescuing people from collapsed houses and made sure that there were no villains around the area.

they were tired and ready to knock out but sadly they would have to wait until they got home. they were currently deep in the woods of the Hashirama Forest. Hizashi was singing his little heart out while Shota was driving rolling his eyes at least every five minutes.

"shut that music off Yamada" Shota snapped at his husband. as he drove silently. it was pitch black and the car headlights barely helped at all just allowing them to see a couple of meters away.

"don't stop! Believing... Hold on to that feeling!..." Hizashi yelled as he sang the song. he was smiling somehow still having enough energy to sing and dance in his seat.

"HIZASHI!" Shota yelled as he reached for the volume

"LOOK OUT" Hizashi suddenly yelled as he looked ahead. Shota instantly looked in front of him. he was shocked for a moment before he grabbed the wheel and made the car turn harshly and kicking the brake stopping the car before they crashed.

a woman was standing there with a child in her arms. behind them, there were 4 children standing there with big bags on their backs.

a loud bang rang out through the forest making the woman turn around in worry. she looked over at the two men who were still in the car before calling the children behind her to follow her and crossing the road and disappearing into the trees with the 4 children following after her giving both men looks of pity.

both men instantly got out of their car and called out to them

"hey hold on!" Shota yelled chasing after them. Hizashi was about to follow after them but he was held back by a loud noise behind him. he turned around only to see some kind of monster running up with more following after it

"KILL THE HUMAN" the monster yelled. instantly Hizashi was in battle position as the monsters charged at him.

it had been three weeks since they had escaped... three weeks after all of their siblings died after the demons found out that they knew the truth. out of all of them only 5 children and their secondary Mama.

the woman looked to be around 25 years old and the children were between 5 to 13 years old.

they had to run for most of the three weeks and only took breaks whenever the youngest got tired or wanted to eat. they didn't have time to mourn the death of their siblings and never even got a chance to face their mother/ sister who outed them to the demons. just a day before they were tracked down after running for so long and they were currently running as fast as they could through the woods and treetops. They couldn't lose the Demons who were after them and they had finally gotten enough distance away from them by the time it started raining.

they were just about to lose them when bright lights appeared out of nowhere and whatever they were attached too, almost hit Kat...

Kat had been the sister of Isabella since they met in Grace Field farm when they were children. she was brought there a year after Isabella was brought in and she took a quick liking to her. The demons found that both women worked better together as Mama's than apart so they decided to place them on the same farm to take care of the children.

while Isabella was cold and doing everything she did for her own survival, Kat did it for the children... she had always been kind-hearted and understanding. she understood that Isabella just wanted to live... she didn't want to die young, but Kat also understood that she wanted to help the children... keep them safe from the Demons and the truth...

she had helped William Minerva whenever she could and even fed him information that she heard from the reports and from the children up until the day he came up missing.

as the lights approached them she ordered the children to stop and was about to throw Phil towards them only to have the lights change course and stop slightly in front of her.

she looked at the... thing in shock before staring two men in the face.

a sound got her attention once more making her look back into the woods where they once came from

"Children we must hurry" she yelled as the children who were behind her started to follow after her again. making sure to avoid the lights and the humans inside.

"Mama Kat there is a human following us" Ray yelled over the heavy rain

"Hey Hold on" a man yelled from behind them. they continued to run as the man was catching up. he had shaggy hair and a white scarf with black clothes. Kat inspected her surroundings before turning around and letting the children run past her

"Emma, take Phil and hide... I'll come to get you once I deal with him" Kat ordered as she passed Phil on to Emma

"But Mama the demons..."

"Go Emma I'll be fine trust me" Emma just looked at her and nodded her head before running off with the rest of her siblings.

the man came to a stop in front of her but was not given a chance to say anything before she attacked him with a powerful kick to the face.

the man's eyes widen before jumping back before the hit could make contact with his face. he did a couple of backflips as the woman continued to kick and punch at him making him back up until his back hit a tree. the woman was about to punch him but he grabbed her fist and pushed her away making sure to twist her wrist. the woman let out a scream before she made a kick to his legs but he jumped up into the sky letting the woman's arm go.

"calm down I just want to talk," the man said as he backed away as she threw more punches and kicks. she didn't say anything "I just want to check if the children are alright" he snapped at her. the woman's eyes widen before glaring at him and sending a hard kick to his stomach. "shit" he snapped before activating his Quirk in case she was using her power. instantly he shut it off realizing she wasn't using any kind of power and grabbed his scarf.

he threw his scarf towards her almost getting it wrapped around her arm but she moved fast and avoided the scarf doing several backflips her dress flowing behind her. her blue eyes shined as they continued to glare at the man

"I am just here to help you," he said as he held up his scarf in a battle stance.

"you think I would fall for such a trick," she said as she stood straight not bothering to get into a battle stance. she wasn't even out of breath and hadn't even lost her balance even once, not even in the little heels she had on or on the wet ground. "I am sure you looked through my file so I'm sure you know I won't be easy to take down" she smirked at him as she opens her arms widely as if to welcome him to attack. she was wide open for any attack but the man didn't move

"I don't know what you're talking about" the man stated "I almost ran you over and you had children with you in this weather and at this time of night," he said with a plain look on his face. he was confused but he didn't show it

the woman smiled and started to laugh "I am no fool..." she said as she smiled "I know what you are really after" she snapped before running towards him "and you will not lay a single hand on any of those children" she snapped as she avoided the scarf and going to attack him. he dodged her attack and kicked her making her back away more from him. he was starting to lose his footing. he wasn't used to fighting in the forest much less in the dark and in the rain.

suddenly an arrow was shot from the shadows hitting the man on his leg, it was only a scratch it wasn't deep but it still hurt. he let out a grunt of pain as the woman got a good hit on his head. the man was thrown into a tree hitting it hard.

"damn it" he snapped as he spits out blood and tried to hold his bleeding leg. he looked over at the direction that the Arrow came from and saw one of the children holding a bow and staring at him.

"Emma run" the woman yelled facing her as the man pulled at his scarf. somehow he got the scarf to wrap around the woman's leg making her fall and hit the ground. the man quickly got up and ran to the woman before she could get up.

"MAMA" Emma yelled as she ran out from the shadows and raised her Bow with a new Arrow ready to fire.

"Don't shoot" he snapped. raising the woman up after wrapping her body up with his scarf.

"Emma, get out of here" the woman yelled just then a loud scream was heard a little further away from them. it was really loud that Emma had to cover her ears along with the other children. quickly the man ran and disarmed Emma shocking her. he quickly made her lay on the ground and held her arms behind her back.

"let her go," a voice said from the trees. the man looked up and found that there were two boys up there, one with white hair and another with black hair. they were both holding bows aiming their arrows at him. they both had a deadly look in their eyes as they glared at him.

"Listen to what I have to say and I will let her go" he yelled up at them. he didn't know how they climbed up the tree with the type of shoes they had on.

"let her go and we will listen" the white-haired one yelled back. the man just nodded and let the red-haired girl go. she quickly got up and ran to the shadows disappearing instantly into the trees.

"what do you have to say" the black-haired one yelled back

"I don't know who you are or what you're running from but I am just here to make sure you all are alright" he yelled as he backed up getting closer to the tied-up woman.

he crouched down and made the woman sit down next to a tree so she wouldn't get any more mud on herself.

"Get your hands off her" one of the children yelled drawing his arrow back ready to fire.

"I am just here to help... let me get my friend who is back on the road and we can talk all of this out," the man said kindly but strictly

"Why should we trust you... you could be working with the demons... release our Mama now" the one with black hair said

"I don't mean you any harm I swear it," the man said once more. he saw something behind the children but ignored it knowing who it was by the red color.

"how do we know we could-" the one with white hair asked but was interrupted by a feather wrapping itself around his arm forcing him to turn his body as it forced him to turn. another feather was thrown to his other hand to make him drop his weapon.

"NORMAN" the one with black hair yelled only to be thrown from the tree making him drop the bow and arrow he had.

"saw you from the sky and thought you might need some help," a voice said from behind the man. the man turned around and found another man flying in the air with bright red feathers. he had a smirk on his face as he got closer to the ground

"I don't need your help hawks" the man in black snapped at the new man

"yeah really... because to me it looked like you were surrounded by children with a trigger happy finger," he said as he pointed his thumb at another kid right behind him struggling to get out of Hawk's feathers. the man just glared at him. "I got called for reinforcement byHizashi and asked me to make sure you were alright," Hawks told the man

"we don't need reinforcements" the man snapped

"some kind of monsters attacked him that was chasing them... I think you do" Hawks smirked back "now to you guys" he smiled at the kid who was being held down by his feathers and just looked at him in fear.

"Get away from him" the boy with black hair yelled

"Don run!" the one with white yelled

"enough" Hawks yelled before forcing the boy forward and closer to them also forcing all the children that he caught to come as well. the woman just glared at the men and gave worried glances at the children as they were all sat down next to the woman by the tree.

"what do you mean there were some monsters chasing them," Shota asked making sure to keep a close eye on the children and woman making sure that they didn't set her loose.

"Yeah. they were being chased. Hizashi told me to come and find you and that he had it handled. looked to be alright I guess" Hawks answered back. "they were mostly taken down other than just one but I saw he had it mostly handled so I came to look for you old man" Hawks told him. Shota ignored that jab to his age and started to think. before his eyes widen

"they had another child with them," he said getting the other man's attention before walking away and back to the little family. all the children looked up at him before sending a glare to both men. the only one that didn't was the tallest child. the woman moved her leg as if trying to block them from getting to the children. "where is the other child you had with you" he asked her in a worried tone. the woman just glared as the children stayed silent. "it's raining and it's dark he could get hurt if he is by himself at that age" Shota said as kindly as he could.

the woman just glared at him and made a move to kick him only for him to move away in time. he glared and cursed slightly.

"can you go out and try to find him," the man asked the wing-man. the other man just nodded his head and took off trusting him to keep the little family safe. "we are not going to hurt you" the man told them crouching down and making a little shelter over them.

"liar" Emma yelled at the man. he just looked at her and wondered why she didn't trust him... he was a hero after all. sure he wasn't one of the heroes in the spotlight but still...

"What makes you think I am lying," he asked her

"do not answer his questions, Emma..." the woman said as she stared strictly at him.

"are you their mother," the man asked.

"don't act like you don't know... you've read the file on us we know what you are trying to do" the woman snapped at him. "I will not allow you to harm the children-"

"I don't want to harm the children I am the pro hero Eraserhead" the man interrupted her. "I am just here to make sure no one got hurt when you ran across the road" the man responded "can you tell me who is chasing you and why," the man asked her as she looked up at him. she was trying to see if he was lying or not. "I can help you only if you allow me" the man started

it was silent for a couple of minutes before the woman spoke again.

"you really take us for Idiot's," she asked with a smirk on her face "we were bred to be the smartest out of everyone else... we are alive because we are smart and have outsmarted everyone... I am alive and here because I outsmarted all of your leaders. if you think I will be taken back without a fight you have sadly mistaken me for an Idiot" the woman spoke softly with a smirk on her face. the children stayed silent as they watched their Mother interact with the man.

"I don't know what you are talking about... but whatever you are running from we can help you hide and even help you make them face justice for whatever they did to you," he told her. she just looked at him but stayed silent. she didn't know what to think as he walked a little bit further away taking out a metal device from his pocket.

"Children..." the woman started

"yes mama" the boy Norman asked

"did you pick up any sign of mistrust from that man," she asked them. she didn't see that he was lying at all but he could have been trained to lie as she had. she knew that Emma had a good sense of character whenever she met someone new.

"... I don't think... mama I think he was telling the Truth," Emma said as she stared at the man

"yeah... he looked you in the eye as he spoke and his breathing was steady," Ray noticed and pointed out.

"where did you leave Phil," the woman asked her children kindly

"two meters that direction under a root that led to a small cave" Don responded as silently as he could. the woman just nodded

"Mama what are we going to do," Emma asked

"Let us see if they can be trusted" the woman spoke to her before looking at the man. he just ended whatever call he was on before walking to them.

"The police is almost here and will be taking your statements about the monsters that were chasing you... you are safe. whatever was chasing you has been apprehended and are now waiting for transport to the closest prison to be questioned" the man spoke.

"if you want me to believe that you are honest about helping us... release me" the woman spoke with a strict face. she held no expression and wanted to see if he could be trusted. the man looked at her with a questioning glance but returned her strict look. he was thinking about what could happen if he were to let her go. would it be better if she was set free... or should he continue to have her tied up for his safety.

"and how do I know you won't attack me when my back is turned. "

"I have children to care for... I shall not place their lives in danger by doing such a thing" the woman spoke honestly. the man just stared at her before nodding his head placing his trust in her before slowly approaching her and untying her from the scarf. she just sat there until he moved away with his scarf at the ready. she nodded and stood up dusting off her mud-filled dress. she stood straight in front of him with both arms at her side. she bowed at him

"thank you" she smiled a kind smile... but it looked like a wicked smirk as she did so. the man just stared at her and nodded

"where did you place the other child."

"i would like for you to prove to me that you can be trusted..." the woman spoke somehow not bothered by the rain that was hitting her or the mud on her dress and skin. "show me that you mean no harm to me or my children by placing down all your weapons" she stated

the man just stared at her.

"no," he said without hesitation. the woman just stared at him strictly before sending him a glare.

"one of my children is out in the cold. that child is under the age of 5 and I do not trust you to be near him with any type of weapon on your person that will allow you to attack us and hurt him" she stated as she placed one arm over the other on top of her chest (Like Isabella does in the show). the man stood there for a moment thinking about all the options he had, in the end, he just nodded and dropped his scarf next to the children who still had their hands tied by Hawk's feathers. he didn't have anything else on him at the moment so he just nodded at the woman before she started to walk deeper into the woods

"Stay here children," the woman said as she walked away. the children didn't say anything as the man gave them a quick glance before going to follow after the woman. they walked close to two meters before the woman looked at the ground. "Phil... please come out" she called once before a small head poked out from under one of the trees. he looked at the woman in fear before it turned to joy. he smiled and claimed over the root he was hiding behind and jumped into the woman's waiting arms. that's when he noticed a man behind her. he let out a whimper before hiding his face in her chest. "it's alright Phil you are safe" she smiled down at him as he hid.

"let's head back," the man said as he waited for some kind of reaction from her. she didn't even bother to respond before she turned to him and walked back the way they came so she could reunite the rest of the children together.

"you best prove you can be trustworthy... or else"