Shota walked the woman and children back once he got Hawks with them again. he was worried considering the children only had thin jackets on and the woman only had her back and white dress and nothing more. Hawks was trying to cover them from the rain with all of his feathers making a small roof over them as they walked but it was barely working. the youngest who was around 5 to 6 years old was shivering as he held on to his mother for dear life giving him glances filled with pure fear.

he didn't really know how to react honestly. sure he was used to not really being recognized as a hero considering he was an underground hero but Hawks was well known and liked by almost all children since he had a childish personality.

once the little boy saw Hawks he hid his head in his mother's shoulder shaking in fear and coldness.

the other children weren't much better giving Hawks looks as he flue slightly over them.

"Are you all alright" Shota asked. all the children jumped at his voice before nodding their heads stating that they were fine.

the woman smiled as they continued to lead them to the road. once they made it to the clearing Shota found Hizashi standing there with blood coming from his forehead and limping slightly, other than that he was fine. he had wrapped up his head by himself.

"thank god" Hizashi yelled as he tried to run to them, "I thought one of them got past me and got to you guys and the kiddos" he smiled at the children who just looked at him confused and tried to hide behind their mother. "are you guys alright? you look cold... here I'll get you some blankets I have in the car? do you guys want some juice to drink?" he asked as he tried to run to the car.

"thank you that would be very much appreciated." the woman smiled at him before giving him a smile. he nodded and quickly went to the trunk of the car and took out all the blankets he had and waited for them to get closer.

"you guys can wait in the car if you want... I'll raise the heat so you guys can warm-up," Hizashi said as he did so. the children looked up at the woman for guidance only for her to send him a look but gave a nod to them anyways telling them they could go to him.

"if anything happens scream," she told the kids just loud enough for Shota to hear along with Hawks. they looked at her as she handed the child, Phil, to the girl and they walked slowly to the blond man. the woman was about to follow after them but was stopped.

"We need to have a word," Shota told her as she stopped walking. she nodded at told her children to go to Hizashi. the children gave her a look before doing as told. Hizashi looked over but still helped the children get inside of the car.

"who is chasing you and why.," Hawks asked her straight forward. "the lives of the children were on the line and Present Mic is one of the most skilled fighters when it comes to hand to hand combat"

"i believe you already know," the woman told them

"before we start asking any more questions we need to get information about you" Shota started

"such as"

"name, age, where you are from"

"... my name is Kat, I am 27 years old and I am from Grace Field" she introduced herself. she waited for some kind of reaction but nothing came.

"here I got you an umbrella," Hizashi said once he was done with the kids. he left the doors unlocked just in case they wanted their mother. he heard the last couple of words as he walked up and handed everyone an umbrella. the woman smiled and nodded in thanks as she took one of them from him.

"and where exactly is Grace Field," Shota asked as he started to write in a little notebook Hizashi gave him when he came over. the woman looked at him with a glare wondering what kind of game he was playing at.


"if you want us to help you, you're going to have to tell us everything you know," Shota told her. lights were coming in their direction along with the sound of police cars and ambulances. the woman looked over seeming to be readying herself to run. "are you running from the police" he asked her.

"no... who are you working for," she said as the lights got closer and she looked even more ready to get out of there.

"We aren't working with anyone. they are just here to take them away," he said as he pointed to the monsters who laid a little further away. the woman looked at them hesitantly before looking at the men and nodded her head. she didn't really trust them but was giving them the benefit of the doubt.

the police cars got there and instantly they got a good look at the situation. Hizashi went over to tell them what happened and to take the monsters into custody. he also told them that he will need medical attention and that the woman and children should need to be checked out by a doctor.

the police instantly got to work in arresting the monsters and helping the children get into the ambulance and placing small shelters while the woman was questioned by the three heroes.

"so you are telling me that those monsters are called demons and that they forced you to live on a farm where you grew up happy and healthy, up until you were 12 years old where you were taken out to be trained to raise more children to feed the monsters and in order to survive you had to give birth to at least one healthy child and raise other children as your own until they where of age to be shipped off to be slaughtered and eaten," Shota asked as he rubbed his temples. Tsukauchi was right there with them confirming whatever the woman said was true with his Quirk.

"... yes that is correct," the woman said as she nodded her head once. Hizashi looked pale as Tsukauchi nodded his head to confirm her telling the truth. he was looking at her with an odd expression.

"and why have you never called the police or informed anyone of this" Hawks asked

"We didn't know there were any humans outside of the farms or that didn't work with the Demons. I have lived there all my life and the only thing we had of the outside world were books dating back to 2015" the woman told them.

"she is telling the truth" Tsukauchi confirmed with another nod and took notes

"... it's nowhere close to 2015" Shota stated.

"if you don't mind me asking what year is it"

"it's the year 2148" Shota confirmed. the woman didn't even bother to look shocked (i am going by the 'my hero academia' year).

"Can you explain to us what kind of training you had to go through," Tsukauchi asked her.

"I believe that this is something we should go over in private... where my children will not hear," she said. everyone looked at the ambulance. the children looked to be paying close attention to them from the shelter that they were under. the youngest, Phil, was being looked over with 2 blankets covering his small form. they wanted to deal with the one that could be in more danger from the cold and get sick.

"agreed... let's continue this at the hospital." Hawks agreed. he told the woman as he walked her to another ambulance. they walked to where the children were and instantly the girl hugged her and the other children gathered around her.

"Mama..." Phil called from the bed on the ambulance. he was looking at her with tears in his eyes as the medic checked him over.

"it's alright Phil... I'm right here" she smiled kindly at him. she knew the other children were also listening to her words and hugged her tighter. Shota was making sure to keep a close eye on her.

"LOOK OUT" someone yelled as one of the demons got loose before they could place him in the reinforced police truck. he was making a run for it to the woman and children.

instantly the three heroes went into action and went to attack the Demon as the woman pushed the children into the ambulance and closed the door leaving herself outside just in case she needed to defend them

"MAMA" all the children yelled as they tried to open the door after being thrown inside with Phil and the shocked medic. the woman instantly ran back only to watch as the heroes try to take down the Demon. it was the one that was leading the charge after them for the last couple of weeks. Shota and Hawks instantly attacked it with their Scarf and Feathers while Hizashi screamed as loudly as he could. the demon fell to the ground clutching its ears and was wrapped by a Scarf with hardened feathers pinning him down. he looked over at the woman who was by the ambulance looking at him with a cold glance.

"you damn bitch" it yelled as it made a final attack toward her only to have Hawks appear in front of her and with a couple more feathers he was nailed to the ground. blood was coming from the holes the feathers made. police instantly contained him in his own cell and drove away.

"Are you alright?" Hawks asked her as she held her fist to her heart. she nodded her head before turning around and opening the ambulance once more.

"Mama" the tan boy called as he jumped into her arms in a hug "are you alright," he asked her

"I am fine dear..." the woman said as she pats his head. the girl and other children instantly ran to her side.

"We should take them to a hospital... I don't think it is safe here anymore" Tsukauchi stated as he looked around into the forest. all the heroes nodded their heads before turning to tell the small family.

"we will be taking you to a hospital in Hosu where all of you will be treated and taken care of... we will meet you there once we settle everything here," Shota told her as he sent a nod telling him that Hizashi would keep an eye on them at the hospital. the woman nodded her head as they got ready to leave

Kat and the children were on their way to the hospital. Kat was in the ambulance with Phil and Emma while Don, Ray, and Norman were riding back with a police officer. Kat had reassured that the police officer would be right behind the ambulance. their stuff was in the police officer's trunk where it would be checked later.

they drove for about an hour before they got into the city. the children in the police car look out the window in shock. they had read about cities and how beautiful they looked with all the lights and people walking around. they were fascinated by everything they passed.

in the ambulance, the only reaction Kat had was her eyes widening at the lights that shined inside the ambulance every time they passed a fancy building. from the little window, she couldn't even see the top of the buildings because the clouds blocked their view. Phil and Emma were also excited and even started asking the medic questions about what it was like living in the city and with hundreds of people forgetting their fear for a moment.

once they made it to the hospital Hizashi was already being treated and waiting in the room where they were going to be placed. it was a big room with multiple beds. they were taken there and were checked over by nurses and were given new clothes and food.

Kat was given a white long sleeve sweater and a long skirt with black flats. the children were given white shirts with different colored overalls and Emma got flats while the boys got some fluffy sandals.

the children would look at every person who walked inside the room with mistrust and anger or fear or even curiosity. Kat was placed by the door by her request while Hizashi was across from her and the children took up the other places in the room.

"do you have a last name?" Hizashi asked her while she was reading a book she got from one of the many nurses who walked in.

"i do not have one... none of us do," the woman said not looking up from her book. "there was never a reason to. we were going to die either way" Hizashi looked at her with pity.

"well what was your life growing up... before you found out everything," Hizashi asked trying to start a conversation

"are you trying to get information out of me Mr. Yamada," she asked him as she looked up at him.

"I'm just trying to make small talk" he responded honestly... if she so happened to reveal any information that was a bonus.

"very well..." she said as she put away her book on the table next to her bed. the children were already asleep and lightly snoring in the background. "what would you like to know"

"well... how were you raised... or your siblings... what where they like..."

"All of my siblings were caring... the older would always take care of the younger whenever we played in the field surrounding the house... only me and my older sister Isabella survived from outhouse being the smartest out of everyone there for many years..."

"how where you chose to be a mom," Hizashi asks curiously.

"to be a mom or a Sister, you must be of course a female and would have to surpass an insurmountable level of expertise in the Litany Exams and have spent a lot of time of training. we must work hard while we train or we may also get killed. we were given the choice to become sisters or moms if we lived to 12 years of age at the farm."

"What does a Sister do," Hizashi asked

"a sister is a mom in training... if a trainee is to... fail... too many times in training she gets demoted from a mom to be to a sister. a sister's job is to prove to a mom by working with them in their farm with the children and get their recommendation to become a mom."

"... were you ever a Sister"

"" she shook her head "I instantly became a mom after giving birth"

"you have a child," Hizashi asked her

"All of them are my children... if you mean biological then yes I have 2 children" the woman smiled. "I of course was separated from both of them from the moment they were born" Hizashi looked guilty about that and looked at her with pity "do not give me that look... I had to do what had to be done for my own survival."

"How did you guys escape... why didn't you escape before," he asked. he noticed someone at the door but stayed silent knowing it was Aizawa because he saw his scarf.

"When you are young you get a GPS implanted into your left ear and when you agree to become a mama you get a bomb placed in your heart so if you decide to escape it will kill you instantly.

"Why don't we talk about this elsewhere," Aizawa said as he opened the door. "don't want one of the children waking up and hearing this," he said as he pointed to the children with his head.

"of course" Kat nodded her head and with a smile, she got up and straightened her self out before following Aizawa out "I of course don't trust you but you can take care of them while I am gone correct" she smiled back at Hizashi before she disappeared from sight. HIzashi looked over at the sleeping children with pity before letting out a heavy sigh