"Wow, you can speak to ANY guy from Sinema online?" Mason asks, his voice getting higher with each word.

"Yeah, I can get you set up on there if you'd prefer?"

"Intense! Sure, so I just click on any name?" He asks


"And chat?"

"No, do cartwheels...It is called a chat-room..."

"So...I can...chat to...you?" Mason asks, staring at the ground. He hears Brett laugh, but he's too nervous to see what type of laugh it is. Is the tall handsome were going to tell him to get stuffed?

"Even to me. Pick a date and we can converse on there..."

"Scotty!" Stiles yells. "Tracy's dad? You were just about to give us the update?"

"Uhh...right...yeah...mom says he's stable. She's tried asking him questions, but he's...he's still out of it..."

"Oh God, Mase, you're listening in on him again, aren't you?" Theo snaps with his usual aggressive tone.

"I can't help it, he's talking to Brett!" Scott whines.

"Crushing on a human? Standards are that low huh?" The Chimera chuckles.

"Fuck you Theo! "You're only jealous because your only crush is yourself!" Malia teases. "Let him have it! Scott, if you ever need one of us to nip at Mason's ankles a little, you know, just so you run to the rescue..."

"Or Stage Masies' kidnap, Peter really wants to try that out..." Stiles ponders.

"Christ! Guys I can get Mason without having to maim or scare him to death!" Scott huffs.

"But cccccaaaaaaaaaann yyyyyyooooooooouuuuuu?" Stiles raises his eyebrows.

Brett doesn't like him. Not really. When I heard them, Brett was talking about some Sinema app online. I can talk to him on that"

"Well only if you're a member, sorry to but in" Danny said holding his tray up to his chest.

"How do you become a member?" Scott asks.

"Long time members have to refer you, then we need your online signature..." Danny waves his finger in air to sky write.

"How many referrals do I..."

"Bullshit, none of us of have time for that! It's Alpha vs Beta and Mason's virgin human heart is on the line here! Danny how much do you want, to hack into this hook up app?" Stiles asks waiting for a number.

"We don't even have to go that far...one of your pack is kind of cute" He smiles to himself.

"Maybe we can make a deal" Theo chimes in. "Who's the lucky guy?"

"Peter hale..." Damny confesses.

"EVERYONE! EMPTY THOSE POCKETS!" Stiles yells. Petey is not for sale! You too Theo, you've replaced your truck seats and they don't look cheap, so don't be stingy open up!" He orders. The pack groans as they all start digging into their pockets for any spare coins. As they pool their money together, Danny grabs a seat next to the Alpha and opens the app.

"I'll log you on"


"Who do you wanna be?"

"Wh...what...there are choices?" Scott stutters.

"He wants to be himself, obviously" ,Malia pats the table in Danny's direction.

"Well...what are the options?" Stiles asks as a worried slience forms a mist over the table. Scott grabs his phone. He can't be someone else...can he? That would be humiliating, dishonest and cringeworthy for Mase if he ever found out. But how would he know? He wouldn't be on there for long. Just enough time to get to know Mason properly, which other horror movies he liked, what he got up to on the weekend? What he was looking for in a guy...just harmless information that he couldn't get from his beta.

"With a little deep diving..." Danny said clicking, "The tate hardrive splits into five, So any name on this list you can take?"

"Wow! He can just pretend to be someone else?" Stiles asks.

"Yeah, but the person your faking can't be on at the same time, or else they'll find out, so you gotta be careful. Try it out, who do you wanna be?" Danny nods.

Scott stares at the options, seeing a few familiar names, like Corey, Sean, Boyd and frowned in wonder at Halwyn before clicking on Brett's name. It's not like the lacrosse player would speak to Mason anyway. He had girls and guys throwing themselves at him everyday, he couldn't be interested in Mason. Now Scott finally had a chance to speak to the human in secret, he couldn't let this slip through his fingers.

He clicks on Brett Talbot's name before the guilt seeps in.