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Takes place after Flashback. Legacy and Unlocked didn't happen yet. Tam was never taken and Umber didn't die. It was an unknown Neverseen member that was part of the group that died.

Yes, Sophitz is going strong here, but that isn't the point of this oneshot and it isn't mentioned much here. Only once.

Sophie held up her home crystal to the beam of light emitting from the sun's light. She had just finished checking up on the alicorn babies in the troll hive, something she did regularly due to the insistence of Silveny, the mother of the newborn twin alicorns.

She concentrated, waiting for the feel of those tickle warm feathers to arrive, but a loud BOOM! Sounded near me. But she was already fading, as the light had started to break her up into tiny particles. Her concentration had been broken, and she collapsed into a heap on the forest floor.

But she saw. She saw the Neverseen figure, darkness pooling out of her nails, smirking. The figure leapt away, no trace of her to be found except the broken tree that had fallen due to shadow flux.

Her echoes started to stir, fear and pain clawing through her mind, but she mustered every ounce of strength she had to push them down. 'Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.' She thought, trying to keep herself calm. It wasn't working, as she was hyperventilating. She cursed herself for ditching Sandor and her bodyguard entourage. She could feel her heart rate decrease, but the one thing she did was transmit, "Fitz... near hive... help..." before she spiraled into unconsciousness.

"Found her... alicorns... tree. Get Elwin!" Was the first thing she heard. Fitz. She might have blushed, but she couldn't know for sure. Fading makes her colorless. She hadn't seen Fitz since they had saved the alicorn twins.

Her voice was parched from dehydration, but she managed to croak out, "Neverseen... Umber... did... this. Fade Fuel... on..." she trailed off, unable to speak. She was worn out, but her mind was a bit stronger than her body, and she managed to transmit to everyone near her an image of her desk where she had a vial of Fade Fuel just in case. She had thought she never would have needed it as the Black Swan had fixed her, but this isn't due to the fact about the way she was born, but rather, why. It was her purpose in this world. But why? Why can't she give up? Why can't she live a normal life? Be normal?

Her mind flashed back to Umber's cruel smirk. All the tragic things that had happened to her. Until she realized, this was the intention of the Neverseen. They wanted to cripple the Black Swan. They know she's a threat. If she gave up now, the Neverseen would win. And she couldn't let that happen. She would get her revenge for nearly killing her, and killing Jolie, Mr. Forkle #1, Councilor Kenric. Being the cause of Calla sacrificing herself. And they would pay, very dear.

She was too weak to transmit the thought to every single Neverseen member that she knew. It would also be reckless of her to do so, but she knew her purpose.

Neverseen. Be prepared to face the wrath of the Moonlark.

And with that thought, she went back unconscious. Unbeknownst to her, Fitz was reading her mind, hoping to figure out what happened.

A genuine smile broke out on his face, the first since he found her. He knew that her words were true.

Sophie Foster knows her purpose. And now, she has finally embraced it.