From linhsong22: Ahhhhh! Love it!

*screams* why does it have to be a one-shot?!

Response: Thank you so much! I didn't know what to do if this wasn't a one shot, so I put it in the format of one. Your words mean so much to me.

From: DobCobbNolan

This was a really fun read, just swimming around in Sophie's mind, and diving into the motives of the Neverseen. Great job!

Response: I'm glad you think so! Most people just animate what they are doing or dialogue, but they don't go much into it. I tried to make these thoughts as overwhelming as possible since, well, that's just how Sophie is.

From Guest:

Ekkk love it! Plz post soon also i would love if u could make this non gay story. I have a sis and she really likes ur story but my parents don't want her to read gay stuff so I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Response: Unfortunately, this is a one shot that won't continue. It's a mini story that is super short. Also, none of this is gay. Fitz is a boy and Sophie is a girl. Umber is a creepy Shade on the Neverseen that hates Sophie.

I don't write gay or lesbian stuff unless it is Theyna or Solangelo from PJO. While I support the LGBTQ communnity, I don't belong in it and I definitely don't write about it unless it is the ships above. Tell your sister that she can read my work, though it is super crappy.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot to me. If I get anymore reviews, I'll probably post and respond to them here.