Chapter 1: Telling the family

Liz was going to kill her. Her parents were gonna kill her. Those were thoughts going through Riko's head as Mirai shook her girlfriend "Riko? Are you okay?" Mirai asks.

"I-i don't know… How are we gonna do?" Riko asks, feeling afraid.

"I don't know… But we can tackle it together." Mirai said, placing her hand on her stomach.

"Should we tell our families?" Riko asks.

"I think we should start with your parents. They're more understanding." Mirai said with a smile, making Riko nervous.

That night, Mirai was sitting on her bed reading her favorite romance novel when Riko came in and sat down on the bed with her, pulling the covers on top of them "So… what should we name them?" Mirai asks.

"I, um… don't know. I've never been a mother before." Riko said with a tired voice.

"Oh… i'm sorry, Riko. I guess i'm just excited to be a mother." Mirai said as she touches her stomach once more "Aren't you?"

"I don't know…" Riko didn't know how to answer. On the one hand, she would love to be a mother. Teaching her child how to use magic and loving them to bits. On the other hand, she and Mirai were dating and not even married. Her heart was being pulled in different directions.

"Well… no matter what we name them, i'm going to love our baby." Mirai said as she places her book to the side and pulls the cover over her and lies down on the bed and falls asleep.

"I know you will…" Riko said as she also lied down and went to bed for the night.

The next day, Riko was in the living room of her and Mirai's house, pouring some tea for Liz and her parents. Liz takes a sip of her tea and so did Lilia and her husband, Lian "So, Riko. What did you want to tell us?" Lilia asks in a sweet tone as Riko takes a deep breath.

"Miraiispregnantsopleasedon'tbemadatherorme!" Riko's family and girlfriend looked back to each other, not knowing what the hell Riko just said.

"Okay…?" Lian looks over to Mirai "Could you please explain what's going on, Mirai?"

"Well, promise us you won't be mad?" The Izayoi family nods "I'm pregnant… with Riko's child." Liz found herself spitting out her tea in shock of the news.

"I'm sorry! Could you please repeat that, Mirai!?" Lian and Lilia were understanding of the news but they were the least of their worries, now Mirai and Riko had to deal with Liz's furry.

"Um… W-well…" Riko was even more scared.

"Liz, please calm down…" Lilia tries to calm her eldest daughter down.

"Fine…" Liz said as she sat back down.

"I promise, I will take responsibility for what I did." Riko said as she got off the couch and kneels down in front of Mirai, pulling a small red box.

"Riko…?" Mirai saw her girlfriend open the red box to reveal a small silver ring with a pink heart.

"Mirai… will you marry me?" Mirai smiles while tears fall from her cheeks.

"Yes…! I will absolutely marry you, Riko!" Riko smiles and places the ring on Mirai's index finger.

After showing their engagement, The Izayoi family leaves with smiles on their faces while Mirai goes to the human world and tells her parents about both the engagement and her pregnancy.

"You're engaged and pregnant!?" Mirai's parents shouted.

"Y-yes…" Mirai was ready for her parents yelling at her but instead…

"So… how far along are you?" Ms. Asahina asks.

"...According to the doctor, i'm three months pregnant." Mirai said as she began to cry but her parents hugged her.

"If you think we're disappointed with you, we're not." Mr. Asahina said, looking at her daughter in the eyes "We were just shocked, that's all." Mirai didn't say anything and just hugged her family.

"So how did your parents take it?" Riko asks, sitting next to her fiance.

"They took it better than I thought they would." Mirai said smiling, looking at her ring "So, when should the wedding be?"

Riko didn't think about that "Maybe we should do it a month after your pregnancy." Riko said as she kisses Mirai on the lips.

"That was sweet." Mirai said with a smile.

"Well, goodnight." Riko said as she pulled the sheets closer to her.

"Good night." Mirai said as she also went to bed for the night.