Chapter 3: Baby shower surprise

A month has passed since… Minami and Kirara left Riko to deal with her pregnant fiancé.

At the Kirapati, Ichika was placing the final touches on the cake while her husband Rio was attempting to feed their daughter… the key word Being 'attempt'

"Honey, you have to eat something for daddy." Rio was trying to get Karin to eat mash peas but she rejected it by turning away from the spoon.

"Taste bad!" Karin said.

"No, it's not. Here, I'll show you." Rio then takes a spoon and eats the mash peas but he instantly turns back into his fairy form, his face completely green.

"Mommy! Daddy fell!" Ichika quickly put the cake into the refrigerator and rushed over to her husband's side.

"Rio! What happened?!" Ichika then looked at the baby food and took a taste of it and she rushed over to the sink and spit it out. She then scanned the baby food and saw that it was one month past its expiration date.

"Say 'ah'."

"Ahhh." Karin then smiled when she ate mashed carrots.

"I can't believe we almost fed our daughter expired baby food." Rio deadpanned.

"Well, now we know until next time." Ichika said with a smile as they heard the door to Kirapati open.

"Ichika?" Ichika and Rio popped their heads out of the kitchen to see Haruka and her husband Kanata and her daughter Sakura.

"Haruka!" Ichika ran up to the woman and hugged her best friend "How are you?"

"I've been good." Haruka said as Ichika saw the four year old hiding behind Kanata's leg.

"Is that Sakura? Look how big you've gotten!" Ichika said as she bends down to the girl's level.

"Say 'hi' Sakura." Kanata said

"...'ello." Sakura muttered.

"You'll have to forgive her, she's just shy." Kanata said.

"Oh, I understand!" Rio then comes out of the kitchen, carrying a box of streamers for a baby shower.

"Is this for Mirai's baby shower?" Haruka asks.

"Yep. Rio and I were about to set up after feeding Karin until you three came by." Ichika explained.

"We're sorry for the intrusion. But we like to help in any way we can." Kanata said as Rio and Ichika smiled.

"We would love that." Ichika said as Haruka and Kanata walked over to the box of decorations.

For the next two hours, the four adults along with the kids were busy setting up the decorations and had a big success with setting them up as the guests came one by one.

First people who came were Nagisa and Honoka and Hikari "It's nice to see you guys!" Nagisa said enthusiastically as she hugs the chefs and the royals.

"It's good to see you too!" Haruka said as the three went to one of the tables and took a seat.

The next to arrive were Saaya and Emiru, holding presents for the lucky parents "It's great that you can come by." Ichika said as the two adult women smiled.

"Well, we want to welcome the new addition to Mirai's family." Saaya said as she and Emiru went to go and place their gifts onto a counter.

An hour later, all of the former precures were all there except for Mirai and Riko "I wonder were they could be?" Ha-chan asks with Mofurun entertaining the kids when the door opened to reveal Mirai and Riko who looked surprised at the decorations.

"Surprise!" The crowd cheered.

"What is this?!" Mirai asks in awe.

"This is your baby shower surprise!" Hana said as Ichika pulls out the cake.

"Care to do the honors?" Ichika asks as she gives Mirai the knife to cut the cake but before Mirai could cut the cake, Mirai drips the knife and felt something wet running down in-between her legs and felt a sharp twinge in her stomach.

"Mirai, what's wrong?" Yuni asks in concern.

"I think the babies are coming…!" Mirai said, making everyone happy for her but they also knew she needed to be taken to the hospital.

"We need to take her to a hospital!" Riko said, hold Mirai's hand.

"But there's no hospital that's near the Kirapati." Rio said.

"Here's a thought. You two have a house upstairs, right?" Ichika and Rio nod, "And some of you are doctors, right?" Some of the women nods "Then how about you take the witch into the room upstairs and have her give birth there." Some looked at Ira with agreement but some looked at him in disgust, but it's not like they have any other choice.

"Ira, you beautiful man who lives in Rikka's house." Hikaru said.

"That's what i do, you pink idiot." Lala didn't like the way the former villain was talking to her wife.

"Say that again, Ira… see what happens…" Lala threatens as Riko and Ichika helps Mirai upstairs.

Mirai was breathing quickly, trying to catch her breath "How much longer, Saaya?!" Mirai asks.

"Not much longer, Mirai." Saaya said, making Mirai become impatient.

"Saaya… I've been like this… for thirty minutes! Get these babies out of me or so help me…!"

"Calm down, Mirai. She's doing everything she can." Riko said when Mirai looks at her with an angry expression.

"Don't you dare tell me to calm down! You're the one who put these damn children into me, you bitch!" Riko covered her mouth in shock.

"Mirai!" She looks at Saaya and Akira and says, "I'm really sorry about that. She's usually not like this."

"It's fine. In fact, it's kind of a complement." Riko was kind of skeptical "Trust me. Being called a bitch is a way of saying 'i love you'. I learned that one from Yukari." to Riko, that made a lot of sense.

"I can see the head! You're almost there Mirai!" Akira quickly put on her gloves and went over to Saaya's side "Mirai, I need you to push as hard as you can!" Saaya said as Mirai pushed the baby out of the womb while shrieking in pain.

"It's a girl!" When Riko and Mirai heard that from Akira, they were practically smiling with pure joy.

"Okay Mirai, i see the other head, so I need you to push as hard as you can." Saaya said but Mirai looked like she was in pain.

"I can't… I'm too weak…" Mirai said with a weak voice.

"You can do this, Mirai!" Riko said as Mirai felt some of her strength returning already and began to push the second baby out.

"You're almost there! Keep pushing Mirai!" Saaya shouted.

"I can't…" Mirai said.

"Yes you can!" This time, it was Haruka giving her support "You fought against an embodiment of pure chaos and darkness, you have the strength to push one more time!"

Mirai's eyes closed as she gave everything she had into the final push "Ngh...Ahhhh!" Mirai screams filled the room as the final baby popped out and into Saaya's arms.

Once at the hospital, the twin girls were wrapped into two pink blankets and Mirai was on the hospital bed, looking exhausted after giving birth "Well, we did it Riko." Mirai said, holding one of the twins in her arms.

"Yeah…" Riko looks at the twins "Hi, Yuka and Asuka…" Riko shed a tear "I'm your mom…" Yuka and Asuka began to open their eyes. Yuka had Riko's eyes and Asuka had Mirai's eyes.

Ha-chan and Mofurun came into the room "Are these the twins?" Ha-chan asks.

"Yep. Meet Yuka and Asuka." Mirai said as Akria came into the room.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I have to take the twins back into the nursery." Akira said as Mirai and Riko gave the twins to Akira and she took them to the nursery.

"I hope they'll be fine…" Riko said, voicing her concern.

"They'll be fine." Mirai said as she yawns "But i think you better get going. I'm gonna need my sleep."

"Of course." Ha-chan said as she left the room.

"Sweet dreams." Riko said as she blew a kiss to her fiance.