Since the last episode of WandaVision came out, going to do this over. But will make it more accurate, rather than what I had imagined. And while Rachel will appear, like the episode; the focus will be on Wanda. And since it showed that going to lead into the second Dr. Strange movie. Unlike my first interpretation, this one won't be a one shot. Just have to see how the movie is and then will see where this story is going, and how long it will be. The end of this chapter though will be Rachel centric, and things will be explained about what happens more in Snapshots.

The pull is insistent, to which she finally acknowledges it. Opening her eyes, she sees the brightness radiating from the night sky. Concentrating on the tug, she sees that she still has a way to go. Powering up, and letting the yellow and red flames engulf her; she is off like a rocket, increasing her speed. The lives she passes unaware of the danger that is to follow.

Landing on the grass she faces who she is currently searching for, "Rachel?!" "Hello, Sergeant Barnes. I am going to need your help." "Hello." "We don't have much time. And there is someone else that we are going to need. I will explain on the way." Completely ignoring the lady standing there, she lifts the two off the ground. "BARNES! WILSON! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! GET BACK HERE!"

The house in the middle of nowhere comes into focus. "Rachel, where are we?" "If Wanda is really in trouble, then you're right, we shouldn't waste any more time." "This won't take long. In fact, they are coming out." Two boys and a girl are followed by a man. "Barton?!" "Hi. It's been a long time, Rachel. And since they and you are here, I don't do that anymore." "It's Wanda, Clint." Barton looks down. "Right. Cooper, Nate, Lila, go inside." "You're leaving again?! What about mom?" "She will understand. It shouldn't be too long."

"Rachel, don't you think it is time you tell us what is going on?!" Clint asks, turning their link on. Sending her response out, "you'll see. We are almost there. Really hoping this will be peaceful. But just in case, I have the best marksmen with me. And whatever it is you do, Wilson, right?!" The wind slowly starts to stop whistling as their descent begins. "Don't do anything until I say, she isn't going to need any distractions. You all are about to enter the big leagues." The storm in the horizon brings a blanket of silence upon them.

Touching the ground, they see Wanda take to the sky; just as two Visions pass by fighting. "MOM! DAD!" "Rachel, the explanation would be good now. Why are there two Visions? What is going on? And who is Wanda up against?" "Clint, I brought, you, the soldier and the bird, is it?!; in order to handle them." The three turn to see the tanks and armed personnel. "Being parts of secret groups, military or otherwise, give you better expertise. Besides, I have other things to focus on. It's not like I would really leave my sister high and dry." Confusion marks Sam's face, "sister?" Rachel remains quiet as they assess what is occurring around them. "We need to evacuate these people before its too late. I'll go since it will take me no time to do so, help them. And I will be back in no time." Rachel raises the civilians from the ground before they are shooting through the air, as the other Avengers have no choice but to watch.

"…Now one can't exist without the other. Save Westview or save your family." The men turn at Agatha's voice. "Wanda?!" Clinton asks just as the barrier recedes. The bullet wizzes through the air before stopping right in front of Agatha. "Bucky?!" "Not now, Barton. You have some explaining to do, darling." He says facing Wanda. "But first, looks like we have to deal with the wicked witch. Sam." Creating a barrier around Wanda and her family, the blast comes out of nowhere, with Wanda barely able to shield them.

"Wanda?!" "I'm fine, Clint." Her hands being gray concern her teammates. Just as they hear and see the vehicles appear from nowhere. "Boys, handle the military. Mommy will be right back." "So, what are we doing here if the situation seems to be handled; and completely useless against a magic user?!" "Because Wanda needs us and Rachel trusted us to handle it, at least from the military's end, Sam." Clint replies. Moving forward with James by his side, he glances to his side, "hey kid" before William leaves his sight.

And not that Barton and Barnes get far before Hayward is firing his gun. Turning, expecting to see the kids on the ground. "Nice tricks." "I like yours too." Seeing things have been averted, their weapons are brought out to deal with Hayward, only to see he used the opportunity to escape. "Have fun in prison." Approaching the vehicle, "don't worry. I have your back." Clint tells him as he notches an arrow to his bow. Reaching out, James grabs the door, wrenching it away from the hinges.

Climbing in, "I may have done a lot of things under Hydra. But killing children or trying to was never one of them." Getting a vicelike grip, he starts pulling Hayward out despite the struggle that the man puts up. Dropping him to the ground upon exiting, "I wouldn't move if I were you. He will have no problem shooting you. Not after what you did to his friend and her family." Hayward looks to see the arrow pointed at his face and in very close proximity; his fear gripping him as he freezes.

The woman appears from behind the vehicle. "Clint." "Darcy." James looks shifts his gaze from each. "You are definitely some else, doll." Ignoring his comment, "so what now?" "We continue to do the job Rachel expected of us. Darcy, we'll stay here. Go over there." Darcy looks to Clint's directive to see Monica standing by two boys. She follows his order just as a woman appears from the sky, landing next to them.

"I've told Jimmy Woo the situation. Now where is Wanda?" She asks as Vision and the boys are reunited. Sam, Monica and Darcy follow with Clint and James coming their way. The bow and arrow still trained on Hayward, as James shoves him forward. The director lands on his knees right in front of Rachel. Regaining his balance, looking up, "I see that some of this is your fault. But we'll deal with you later. And don't even think of trying to escape in the mayhem. There is no place one can hide that I wouldn't be able to find."

The clouds of red and black appear as Wanda and Agatha reappear from nowhere. "Vision." "Wanda, what are you doing?" "Vision, I tried to tell you. It's fine. She has a plan. We have to trust her. And if it becomes too much, I will step in and help her." Turning and kneeling down, "hello boys. You two are definitely different from what I know you to be. And maybe if given the chance, I can tell you about that one day."

"Come on Wanda, escape your fate…There's more. I want it all." "MOM!" Seeing Monica and the others look in concern, Rachel shuts herself off physically. Reaching out, she materializes by Wanda's side amassed in yellow and red energy. The Phoenix projected behind her in all its massive glory. The fear in Agatha's eyes unmistakable. "But you're...That can't be." "And let this be your only warning. I never tread lightly when those I love and hold dear are treated poorly. However, this is her fight. Wanda, go on. Show her, what I have seen, what you are made of. Agatha, continue if you must."

"About our deal…just like you." "Ruins?" "…But thanks for the lesson. But I don't need you to tell me who I am." Rachel remains behind Wanda as the energy surges before being returned from whence it came. "Oh god, you don't know what you've done." "But this is on you. You thought opening this Pandora box was your solution. What you wanted and now you can't put it back. Learn from this Agatha Harkness. And maybe you won't repeat the same mistake and make such a choice. Nexus beings like Wanda and I are never to be trifled with." "You're going to need me…Wait…!" "Wanda, go. We'll be here, waiting. I'll be here waiting."

"You don't hate me?" Rachel and the others keep themselves busy, giving the best semblance of privacy they can. "I don't understand this power. But I will." The sirens cue them that it is time to go. "Goodbye Monica." Rachel has The Phoenix appear. "Take them back to where they were. You know where to find me." The bird morphs into a replica of Rachel before it, Barton, Barnes and Wilson are gone. "Thank you, Monica, for helping my sister when she needed it. If you ever need help, just call for me and I will be there." Rachel moves, following Wanda.

Embracing the wind that whirls by, she stops on the edge of the town to look back. Giving her the moment, she needs to deal with the decision she made, Rachel remains by her side. The silence engulfing them. Placing her hand on Wanda's arm, "come sister." The two turn before once again making their journey to a region only they know.

The whistle alerts her that the item is ready. "MOM, HELP, PLEASE!" "Rachel?" "I heard them. Don't worry. We will find them. But for now, he is coming. He felt all you did. And he has been searching. He has finally found you. Be prepared. This more than likely is going to be another battle where the lines are blurred. But remember this wasn't your fault. Not entirely, I know you never meant to hurt anyone."

The footsteps resound as she continues walking forward. Seeing Rachel concentrating in midair, the sphere she has remains motionless; as her hands move over it in a circular motion. Her eyes open, the yellow and red energy spilling out. A smirk appears on her face. "Bravo. You accomplished everything we have been aiming for. And they still don't expect anything."

She turns to the tug she feels, to see her mother and light-haired girl raging against their cage. The voices materialize from the darkness before revealing their owners, "come now, child. Such games are for children. Your hate and anger are showing too much." "Madelyne is right. We have come too far for let bitterness ruin everything now." The woman stands in front of the cage, running her hand down it. "And to think, we couldn't have done it without this one nor you, my dear niece.

Nor you, Kobik, is it?! If it hadn't been for you awakening me or my sister, none of this would have been possible. Along with bringing our niece to us, tell me, what do you wish for now, Katherine Maximoff? Kobik and your mother have shown that there are so many worlds out there, so what do you plan to do?" "That is none of your concern, mother. Besides, isn't it time to stop this façade. We have more than fulfilled our end of the bargain, Lyja of the Skrulls?!"

The visage of her mother melts away, revealing the green hued being. "And we are grateful. While we may hate you humans, you will be spared. For we do owe a lot of this to you, if it hadn't been for you, your sister and niece, our infiltration wouldn't have been as flawless, Julia Williams." "We will get out of here. And when we do, I will personally make sure you won't get away with it." Rachel responds. Julia turns her back to her, "Faerie, if you will?! And that is very unlikely, my dear sister. You are merely a facsimile of me after all. It is what Sinister created you for."

Madelyne remains quiet, keeping the truth she has glimpsed to herself. 'Let Julia Williams think what she will. Being Sinister's puppet comes with its own complications. Her as an obstacle will be removed at the right time. And not a moment sooner.' Rachel struggling to fight quickly becomes futile. Banging against the mental walls, she can see Wanda in the astral plane focusing on the darkholde. "WANDA! WANDA!"

Recoiling before she coughs as the dust is thrown in her face, slumping. Kobik appears by her side. "Rachel?!" Turning the adolescent faces the other teenager in front of her. "Why are you doing this to her?" Squatting to be on the same eyelevel, "I will give that to you, Madelyne is right. If it hadn't been for you; you messing with things bridged the realities that separated us. And awakened my dear aunts from their otherwise would be permanent slumber. And this made allying ourselves with the Skrulls all the easier. And well to your unspoken question, having Earth's heroes and mightiest see Lyja as Rachel possess The Phoenix, that is just a mere illusion. And granted with I and two of the greatest telepaths helping, it isn't difficult in any way. Really is child's play. Now enough of this posturing. We have wasted more than enough time talking." Katherine stands, making her way back to the seat next to her aunts that she occupies.

Rachel's gaze of anger pierces them. "When I get…" Madelyne waves her hand. "Yes. Yes. When you get out of there, we know. But you aren't." "I have gotten tired of your resistance, dear sister. I am the true Rachel Summers and it is time you go back to what you were, nothing." Julia says, sitting further back in the chair. "Lyja, it is time for you to return in your guise. Leave your message to your people like you want. The exchange will be permanent soon. But also, don't forget your place as a member of The Frightful Four. You can begin now, Katherine. Everything is ready." Faerie has remained standing in front of the makeshift prison. "Why are you doing this?" Blowing more dust in her face, Katherine remains quiet. Rachel shakes her head, attempting to fight the effect off; as the screaming begins as all that she is slowly ripped from her.