Note(s): Basically, one shot stories of moment in time for Marvel characters. And one-sided love stories at times (Dane Whitman/Crystalia, etc.) The first chapter actually focuses on these two. And Rachel from Kaleidoscope will show up at certain moments. This chapter being her first one. Technically, she wasn't supposed too originally. It was just meant to be a scenario between Dane and Crystal; but given the affiliation I have given her to this family, she just appeared.

All the emotions pertaining to what could have been course through him; as he runs his fingers down the photograph. 'I only ever really loved her. I never should have gotten with Sersi. She was just a stepping stone, since the moment our relationship ended; I ran back to her. I know I did wrong chasing and desiring another man's wife. But no matter, how I tried, I just couldn't really bring myself to care.

The same with being Sersi; sure, I cared about her. But I would be fooling myself if it was more out an obligation and friendship being her Gann Josin; rather than having any actual romantic attachments to her. Besides, it is a good thing, it never came to that. Proctor showed how dangerous it could be. And possessing the Ebony blade poses more than enough problems. I tried once before after her resurrection.

And if it hadn't been for Wanda, I would have had a better chance reaching her, even with her husband standing there. I can't do this anymore. Even when letting her know, I let her walk away from me, without much of a fight. Well, I am tired of letting her slip through my fingers so easily. And now that I know that her marriage has been over for a while; it shouldn't be hard for us to pick up where we had left off.'

The door shuts with an unintentional bang. "Luna!" What have I told you about that?" Before she can get a response, the entrance opens once more. "Don't blame her. I apologize about that." Rising with a clear cooking dish in her hands, having just pulled it out of the oven. "Rachel?!" "Hey, Lockjaw, for some reason is sleeping by the door. He awakened for a moment, barely glanced at me before falling asleep.

Is he okay?! Usually, he doesn't do that." "It's fine. Where's Tuc?" Crystalia hands her a glass of liquid. "Thank you." There is a knock at the door, before she can respond to Rachel's question. "I'll go check on Luna." Rachel lets the stool slip away from underneath her; as she makes her way to the girl's room. "Lockjaw, come."

The uncertainty and regret surge through her for the briefest of moments at the visitor standing in the doorway. And before she can make a decision; she is in his arms. 'She is even more beautiful.' "DANE!" The two turn at the outburst, to see Luna running to them. Rachel remains standing by the island, observing the reunion. Lockjaw by her side; 'I see.' She answers to the image he transmitted to her. "Hey, Luna. How have you been?" "I've been good."

Using one of her abilities, Rachel moves locations. "Dane Whitman." She says with a cold expression. "I am sorry. Who are you?" "We haven't been properly introduced. But I know more than I need to about you, Whitman." The silence becomes uncomfortable at her statement. "Luna, why don't you go to your room. And call your brother." Rachel crosses her arms; choosing to keep her mouth shut further.

"Crystal, if we could talk?!" "Oh, by all means, don't let me stop you. I don't like you." His hand on Crystalia tightens a little. Sensing the change, the flames appear crackling and starting to spill out of the corner of Rachel's eyes. "It's fine, Rachel. Let's take this to another room, Dane. I know I can trust you to handle the food before it gets cold." He takes a hold of her hand, intertwining their fingers. Crystal can pick up Rachel having rescinded the flames; the wave of anger and hatred another story all together.

No sooner does the door close, then Crystal moves away. "Whatever you have to say Dane, make it quick. Not only do I have to finish getting dinner ready, I have a guest." "You cut your hair?!" He blurts out. "It looks good." He manages after composing himself. "Surely, you didn't come to make small talk?" "No. I heard about what happened with Pietro. I never stopped being in love with you. And both times, I gave up too easily. Well, I won't this time. I will woo you with everything I have; like you always deserved."

The sigh is almost indiscernible. "Dane, I will never be able to apologize enough. Every time Pietro and I had a rough patch, I let my need for any type of intimacy and my immaturity not to be able to recognize certain things leading to my making poor choices. As much as a dick, Pietro could be; he never deserved my infidelities. And leading you on was wrong of me; besides I am married again now. And unlike with Pietro, there is no disillusion about how I feel toward him. I love my husband."

"Who is he?!" Dane whispers. "Ronan the Accuser." "Ronan?!" "Yes. It is just as complicated as my marriage to Pietro was. I hadn't wanted to marry him at first. But in order for his support, he had asked Black Bolt for my hand; to which my dear cousin agreed. I may have begrudgingly gone through with it. Though, it didn't take a whole lot of time afterward for my feelings to change and grow. He is definitely the antithesis of Pietro, despite his name and reputation.

Our happiness didn't last though. Black Bolt made another pact; one that prohibited Ronan from having any further contact with me. And I haven't seen him since that day; so, I don't even know if he is dead or alive. We may have had a chance once; but that opportunity has come and gone. I would never stray again, not from Ronan. Not even for you." The heartbreak and despair evident in his eyes at this as he recoils.

He walks out of the room with the aura of dejection. And just as he is about to walk out the door; making his place in Crystal's life final, the jab is loud and clear. "You're right, Lockjaw. It is time the riff raff leaves. He stayed longer than should have been tolerated." Havingnever caring about another's words before, the impact hits home due to them meaning losing the only woman he has ever loved. His shoulders and head slump as the door quietly shuts.

"Mom?! Rachel?!" "It's fine, Luna. Why don't you go sit down and keep Lockjaw company; while I help your mom." Both women maneuver around each other; grabbing the last of the food, making their way to the table. Crystal takes the seat next to Luna; while Rachel takes the one by Lockjaw. The dog looks up at her hopefully. "Don't even think about it, Rachel." "Are you okay?" "I'm fine. Thank you, Rachel."

"So, about Tuc?" "He is with William. He chose not to be around us for now. And I couldn't force the issue as painful as it was for me. Finding out he was a space phantom wasn't easy for him. And no matter how much Pietro and I have tried to reassure him; we love him nonetheless; he is still our son. He is just at a place that he can't accept who he is; and besides being another magic caster, staying with William has made it easier. If anyone gets it about being a misplaced child, it is him or Thomas."

Rachel looks to her stepdaughter. "It will be alright. Your brother isn't a quitter. Now let's eat. This food has been cooling long enough. And no, you still aren't getting anything, Lockjaw. We will feed you soon enough." Rachel focuses on the rolls, bringing them to her. As the meal continues in the comfortable silence once more that prevailed before their unexpected visitor had appeared .