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"Demon speaking"

'Demon thinking'

"Normal speaking"

'Normal thinking'

Jutsu name

Naruto Uzumaki, the seventh Hokage of Konoha, was going through his day, as usual, that is doing paperwork and his shadow clones helping out people throughout the village. And suddenly there was an explosion near the main market which rocked the whole village he quickly reached there as he had his Hiraishin markers throughout the village. There was a white-skinned man with white hair and a white kimono present there. As soon as the man saw Naruto he sped through the crowd with a speed that untrained eyes can't follow and started attacking him. Naruto saw the damage which was being caused due to their battle decided to change the field so he quickly grabbed the man and transported him to a barren land a few kilometers outside the village walls. Once they reached there they began their battle once again and Naruto was easily overpowered by that person. Suddenly the person produced a sword from his wrist and stabbed Naruto through the chest. As he was dying his mind rushed with thoughts of his friends: Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and their daughter; Shino Aburame; Kiba Inuzuka; Neji Hyuga, Tenten, and their daughter; Rock Lee and his son; Ino Yamanaka, Sai, and their son; Shikamaru Nara, Temari, and their son; Choji Akimichi and his daughter; Kakashi Hatake; Might Guy; Kurenai Yuhi and her daughter; Anko Mitarashi; his younger brother figure Konohamaru Sarutobi, his girlfriend Hanabi Hyuga; his older brother figure Iruka Umino; his grandmother Tsunade Senju; his fallen grandfather Jiraiya; then lastly his friend who died saving him during the Fourth Great Shinobi War Hinata Hyuga. He was glad at least he had already chosen his successor in the form of Konohamaru Sarutobi. And just before life could fade away from his body he was pulled inside his mindscape as today was the day for the meeting for all the tailed beasts. As soon as he entered his mindscape his life left his body and there was a bright light which emitted from his body and the next second as soon as the light faded he was lying there dead in his own pool of blood and the killer laughing at his work.

The last thing Naruto remembered before dying was battling someone and before dying looking at all the tailed beasts. Now Naruto slowly opened his eyes with a groan as he pulled himself to sit up straight as soon as he sits up and looked at his body he was baffled at seeing himself. He was in his younger body. As soon as he saw this he went inside mindscape to talk to Kurama about this, as soon as he entered he was inside the same old sewer with the giant red gate locked with a single slip of paper on it.

As soon as he saw the cage he went up to the cage and shouted, "Kurama you there? Hey buddy reply to me."

Upon hearing this two red eyes opened within the cage and looked at him shocked, "How do you know my name you human."

Hearing this Naruto was again at a loss of words he stared at his friend with a shocked and pained look in his eyes. He asked his friend, "You don't remember me Kurama?"

The red eyes glared at him and asked him again, "How do you know my human?"

Naruto chuckled at this sentence and replied, "You told it to me yourself big guy."

Kurama looked at him with confusion and anger as he roared, "I haven't told anyone my name, human. Stop lying to me and tell me how did you found out about my name?"

Naruto looked at his friend with a pained look for quite some time and then said, "You can see through my memories, can't you? So have a look at it buddy."

Hearing this Kurama closed his eyes and began going through his jailer's memories and as soon as he was finished he clutched his head with his front paws and screamed in pain. Naruto seeing this instantly asked, "Hey Kurama you alright?"

After a few minutes, Kurama opened his eyes looked at his jailer, nodded, and spoke, "Yeah kid I'm fine."

Hearing 'kid' instead of 'human' Naruto had a big smile on his face. Naruto spoke up again, "So buddy how did we end up here?"

Kurama shook his head and said, "I'm just as surprised as you are kid. And why do I have the memories of each of my siblings too?"

Hearing this Naruto was just as much confused as him and they decided to talk about it later. Now Naruto opened his eyes and started to look around his old apartment and the first thing he noticed was his Konoha's shinobi headband lying on the table, shiny and brand new. Seeing this he reached the conclusion that he was at the beginning of his gennin days and today should be the day on which the teams were assigned. So he quickly did his hygiene routine dressed up and left his house but before leaving he made sure that he was suppressing his chakra to not look different and took off towards the academy.

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