Set in season Four Episode "Smoke and Mirrors"

"You're a disgrace! Alpha my ass! Constantly trying to save the world, with your band of merry teens and a pathetic human by your side! You don't deserve your power!" He snaps.

"I'm taking my pack, and I'm going home!" Scott yells into the dust.

"No way!" Peter snarls. The were in his voice, getting angrier by the second, a couple of steps towards him he can feel the tap of a bat. He turns around grabbing Mason by the arm and hoisting him up into the air. "Agghhh!"

"Liam, no. I can do this!" Scott said waving him off.

"Humans I've never understood the appeal. You can thank me for pushing you two closer, I mean you'll both be sharing hospital beds" Peter grins as grabs Mason by the neck, only to drop him immediately, softer than he wanted to. His pesky, but head-strong daughter dug her claws into his calf, nearly slicing it in two. Liam quickly scoops his friend over his shoulder and takes him into a corner.

"Mason's braver than you'll ever be" Scott cracks his knuckles and curls his fist.

"After I'm though with you I'll be the only Alpha this town ever needs! I'm so sick of you wasting your power on your pathetic high school drama. You should have become a part of the alpha pack. Instead, your dumb ass tried to fight them!"

"You want to fight Peter? Last chance to back out?"

"Hardly. You'll see exactly why I'm the opposite of you!" Peter growls, lunging at him.

"So Petey's gone underground! I mean after that ass-kicking you gave him. It's kind of expected"

"Yeah but for how long?...Oh, wait, he's...hey Mase you okay?" Scott suddenly forgets about his alpha worries and marches up to Mason who's carrying a stackful of books. It's been a few weeks since Mexico, but they haven't seen as much of each other as Scott would like. He hoped the human felt the same. "I've tried calling and stuff but..."

"Yeah my phone crashed, so I literally had to go back to the stone ages and use my dad's flip phone. Corey and I have class" He said pointing to a pale skinny kid that Scott's never seen before.


"Hey" This Corey's voice was flat. Robotic almost. Scott instantly dislikes him.

"Oh, well, you know, come over whenever?" Scott asks his boyfriend, as both boys walk quickly away from him.

"I've got studying!" Mason shouts back with a wave.

"Then I'll..." Scott leaves the sentence in the wind as his best friend awkwardly coughs and tags him with his elbow.

"For what it's worth, I don't think Mason's into that skinny streak of piss over there. He's loyal to you, Plus...he likes guys with meat on their bones!"

"He smells of Brett so this isn't calming me down, he barely said two words to me since Mexico" He admits.

"So make him listen and call him out on his BS!" Stiles riles up.


"You're our alpha Scotty boy! You'll think of something, you always do!" Stiles pulls him by the shirt cuff, before they're late to class again.