As puzzled as he is, it's a relief when he finally enters his home and goes to the lounge. As usual, Mason's place is spotless. Laminated wooden floors that you could eat off of. A fresh Tortilla coloured rug sat underneath the glass coffee table. Scott has second thoughts about sitting on the creme couch, it was leather and he didn't want to accidently scratch it.


"Yeah, please, do you still have that store bought starbucks?" He asks.

"Starbucks coming up!" Mason rushes to the kitchen, but before he can get to the fridge Scott's already there.

"How have you been?" The were asked wrapping an arm around his waist. He could hear Mason chuckle as he lightly sniffed his ear.

"I'm great, what have you been up to since Mexico?" Mason asks, he turns around Starbucks in hand, but his boyfriend's gone. He walks to the doorframe to see the were hanging out watching TV.

"Vey sneaky!"


"I can tell when I'm being scent-marked you know!" He teases.

"Can you blame me?" Scott smiles. "We need to talk and you stink of different guys!"

"Wow thanks!"

"You smell great now, come here" He taps the couch while stretching himself out on it. It was easy for his shorter boyfriend lift up his legs and place them on his own. The were strokes his arm. He didn't feel awkwardness or guilty tension anymore. He delves into Netflix and starts flicking through TV shows.

"I'm sorry, you're right. I've lied all along, but I was scared. After Peter..."

"I'm sorry you had to see two Alpha's going at it..." Scott kisses the top of his hand apologetically.

"No!..,..come on, don't apologise, it was fucking awesome!"


"Oh yes, like the way you dodged his punches and threw him around like a ragdoll! The rising from the table, the superman punch that knocked him out, it was the coolest thing ever!" Mason said rubbing his hand excitedly. "God! Remind me to thank Malia by the way, she attacked her dad for me!"

"She pissed, but just wants you safe. Did you...did you like all that fighting?"

"Who doesn't like seeing an alpha assert dominance over their pack? It was breath-taking, not to mention really hot! Can I admit that?" Mason adds sheepishly.

"Oh, if that gets you horny, I guess I better find Decaulion's pack for round two?" Scott asked, bringing Mason onto his lap. The human turns into him. Running his hand through his hair and leans forward to kiss him on the mouth. His boyfriend gladly accepts. It's isn't long before the human's shaking black fingers trace over Scott's crotch, in silence he gets onto the floor. Unbuckling the were's jeans.

" much as I want this...Mase you've gotta talk to me"

"You're right, I'm avoiding the issue..." Mason nods, getting up while Scott regretfully slides his jeans over his legs. "I haven't been in contact and it's a hundred percent because of Mexico"

"I fricking knew it!"

"But not in the way that you think, look...what if Peter's right? What if instead of fighting the Alpha pack, you were meant to become part of it? They're all underground, but they're here for a reason..."

"Yeah, to take over Beacon hills and ruin our lives!" Scott emphasises bitterly.

"Dude, they're here for you. I think you know it. Peter shockingly, was telling the truth. If that is true, we as a pack could lose you" Mason grasps his Starbucks cup with worry.

"You're not gonna lose me to any other pack!"

"You can't promise me that!" Mason whines.

"Sure I can!...Hey..." Scott leans over, grabbing both of Mason's hands and bringing them to his face. "They can sacrifice a hundred bodies, cast a million spells. Release the deadliest Oni. I'm here with you. I'm not going anywhere"

"Scott one day, you may not even have a choice. Peter has a way of getting what he wants" He reminds him.

"Okay, so what if I wanna spend the whole weekend with you?" Scott asks wrapping his arm around his boyfriend as he leans into him. The film fan always smells of yankee candles and excitement, he loves it.

"Humans and wolves? Spending romantic days together? Should we call Peter and beg him on our hands and knees for his permission?" Mason chuckles as he kisses his alpha's chin.

"Fuck Peter!"" Scott growls. "He's psychotic. Sometimes I wish he just didn't exist! Just because you're an alpha, it doesn't automatically make you a great person"

"Yeah... he is proof that you can be a alpha, and yet be a monstrous ass-hole" Mason agrees. He gets up and points to the stack of stylish bestiaries on the drawer. "Let's check out Bestaries! I wanna be a were -legend genius by the end of the day!"

Scott slumps into the sofa, stroking his tattoo through his clothes. He needs to ask this. "Do you wish I was more like him?" Scott asks, his partner flinches at the words.

"What? More like Peter? Is that a trick question?" Mason pauses horrified.

"You know, more selfish, more cutthroat? You like arrogant like Brett..." The alpha continues.

"His eight pack has a lot to do with that!" Mason grins. "Scott I don't want you to be a control freak like Peter, who'd kill his own family in a heartbeat. I don't want you to be moody and judgemental like Corey. I don't want you to be a rich spoiled brat like Brett. I like you for you! You have your own special intensity. I just...hope after all the lies I've told and the shit that I've pulled...I'm secretly praying that you want this? Like I do?" Mason shyly digs his hands into his pockets.

"Well...Mase...after everything...I'm gonna have to think about what I feel for you right now..."

"Sure, I get you need time..." Mason sighs as he pushes down the tears.

"Can I think about it with my shirt off?" Scott grins.

The End - Thanks for reading!