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(Text) Author's note, "text" speech, 'text' thought, *text* sound effect[s], ~text~ change of scenery/location.

Enemies Unite

CHAPTER ONE: The Reincarnation

A young girl looked around. The girl wore a blue kimono (like Inuyasha's), she had cat ears adorned on her head, a white cattail with a red tip, long raven hair, and hazel cat's eyes. "Where the... I thought I was in..." She said, looking around. Her cat ears twitched at every sound. "I wonder where I am..." She said, leaping off the branch and down onto the ground. She ran along the ground until she got to a clearing.

"Wha..." She mumbled, walking up to a large tree. A boy was there, an arrow through his chest. The vines had crawled around, and they held his knees and down there to the tree. "Hunh?.. I wonder what happened to you... poor guy..." The girl said, absent mindedly reaching up and rubbing his ears a little. "The first person I see in a year... and it's a boy... who can't even talk back..."

The girl sighed, and hopped down from the vines. Then an arrow hit the ground in front of her feet. "Hey you! Get away from there!" Someone yelled from behind her. "Wha!?" The cat-girl said, lifting her head up. Her gaze met with many, many villagers' gazes.

~A Few Minutes Later~

'Why did they tie me up... and not kill me immediately? I am a demon after all...' The gat-girl thought, sighing. 'Thank god they didn't kill me. I'd like to live longer than fifteen years...' "Ye are the exact image of my sister Kikyo... Hm... but ye are demon... more or less a half demon..." An old woman said from a few feet away from the cat-girl. 'Kikyo?.. wasn't she a great priestess?' The cat-girl thought, looking up at the old woman. "I am Kaede... and who might you be, young cat demon?" The old woman said.

"I am Kagome... I'm an orphan cat half demon..." The cat-girl said, looking up at the old woman. "Hello then Kagome..." Kaede said, looking to the man next to her. "Untie her." Kaede said simply, walking towards a hut. The man's face went shocked, then he nodded, and cut the ropes off of Kagome.

"Thanks Kaede..." Kagome said, dusting herself off. Her cat ears twitched, and she sighed. She followed after Kaede, and walked into the old woman's hut. "May I stay here a while, ma'am? I'll leave once I get my bearings, and figure out where I am." Kagome said, standing a few feet from the doorway. "Plus the fact I just turned fifteen years old... I got all my powers only a few nights ago... I still need to learn how to hone them." Kagome said, looking at the old woman.

"Ye may stay here as long as ye want, Kagome. And I knew ye had just become a half demon... otherwise ye would have been leaping about, killing off the villagers for even getting near ye, or something or other like that." Kaede said with a chuckle. "Uhhh.. ok..." Kagome said sitting down beside the doorway.

~An hour Later At Noon~

Kagome shifted on her spot next to the doorway. She yawned, and reached up and scratched one of her cat ears. "Mhmhm... I might as well.. go for a..YAWN...walk.." Kagome said to herself. She stood up, and walked out the door without making a sound. Walking around the village for the first time, she noticed the forest where she had been in before.

The villagers were chatting like crazy as they did their afternoon chores. Kagome passed them, and walked into the forest. Her cat ears twitched as she took one step into the forest. A few moments later, Kagome leapt out of the way of a centipede demon. "Wha!" Kagome yelled as she jolted into the air and did a back flip.

Deeper in the forest, the boy who was pinned to the tree opened his eyes. "Finally awake... at last... time.. to kill the one...who did this..to me.." He muttered, smirking. He reached for the arrow in his chest, but he couldn't pull it out. "D...damnit.." He muttered, his head slumping down a bit. Then he heard an explosion.

Kagome leaped out of the village and into the forest. "C'MON STUPID DEMON! OVER HERE!" Kagome shouted, drawing the demon away from the village. She wasn't yet accustom to her new powers... She kept tripping on the tree branches. "OW! C'MON YOU IDIOT!" Kagome screeched at the centipede, which was quickly following her out of the village.

"Thank ye Kagome..." Kaede mumbled as she watched Kagome. Kagome drew the centipede into the forest, then she fell down in front of a tree. The centipede hovered over her, smirking and drooling. "You hold the Shikon... now I will eat you and become more powerful!" The centipede yelled, opening its mouth. Then the villagers shot the centipede with arrows, causing it to fall back.

"Kikyo... I will kill you now..." A voice said to Kagome, from the tree in front of her. "Hunh!?" Kagome said as she jolted up, and stood in front of the boy who was pinned to the tree. "What... you've become a demon... heh..." The boy said, smirking. "My name isn't Kikyo! It's Kagome! Ka-Go-Me!" Kagome said as she growled in the boy's face.

"Come here girl! I will eat you then hold more power! You hold the Shikon Jewel!" The centipede screeched as it dove at Kagome. "Quickly! Pull the arrow out!" The boy yelled, motioning to the arrow in his chest. "What?! Fine! Ok!" Kagome said as she grabbed the arrow, and pulled it as hard as she could. The arrow shot out, and then hit the centipede, causing it to fall to the ground, shrieking in pain.

"Stupid demon.." The boy said, holding up his hand. "Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" The boy yelled, hitting the centipede with claw blades. The demon then fell to the ground, not dead but in severe pain. Kagome sat bewildered on the ground, a few feet from the tree. "I wish I could do that..." She mumbled, looking at her claws. "Now... I will take the Shikon Jewel... and use it to become full demon.." The boy said, turning and facing Kagome.

The centipede demon stood up, then hit Kagome's side, and cut her open. A jewel came out from her side, and lay on the ground. Kagome held her side, then grabbed the jewel. "I don't know what this is, but it seems pretty important!" Kagome said as she leapt up to a tree branch. "Give that back stupid girl!" The boy said, leaping up and knocking her off the branch.

"Kagome!" Kaede yelled, taking out a necklace. She said a charm, then the beads fixated themselves around the boy's neck. "Say the word, Kagome!" Kaede said as Kagome ran. "What word! Wait... he's a dog demon so... SIT BOY!" Kagome yelled. The boy blinked, then he faceplanted the ground. "WHAT THE HELL..." He mumbled, grasping the necklace.