This fic was made because I wanted to read a Code Geass x Danmachi crossover and found none, thus, this is me giving it a shot, and hopefully inspire others to write this kind of Crossover fic.

Since in Danmachi, Skills and Spells are intrinsic related to one's personality and power, I thought that since Lelouch was the 'Destroyer of Worlds', the 'Demon Emperor', but also 'Zero', and that both are either deified or demonized and that in Cannon Anime Series, after R2, the Demon Emperor Lelouch will probably always be the villain in cartoons and shows and movies, with the plot being of Lelouch coming back to life and the heroes have to defeat him, probably the Black Knights or the reincarnation of Zero will be reborn to defeat the evil and so on.

Also, I wanted a crossover Fic that Lelouch wouldn't think of his Exile as a punishment, but instead as a reward, It started with a Lelouch x C.C. x Kallen, but then I added D.S. because its a Danmachi fic and I didn't want to make him join a Familia already existent, but also not wanting to make an OC God. so why not use a God of Code Geass? Also, there is some err, EasterEggs to some of my Code Geass fics that i didn't post, yet. I added Monica on a whim, but I liked since she is underused.

This is an AU – I changed how the Falna works a bit because Lelouch is someone that will meta the fuck out of the game-like system, so I made a system that made sense, at least on my head.

This is a draft, but if I put the next chapter it will probably explain why is so different from the Danmachi cannon, long-story-short, this is a Version 2.0 of Falna called Gaea Update.

Because Gaea is the wife of Ouranos and improved the system, probably will add that D.S. helped in exchange for asylum on Gekkai and Tekkai.

Warning! This chapter posses rants and AU and generic Harem Romance – you have been warned.

Rant: You know what is interesting? The ship names for Code Geass characters suck.

Really, CluClu and Kalulu make some kind of sense but are not as nice as RWBY's ship names.

Also, is there a name for the ship of Lelouch x C.C. x Kallen? I saw one that, changing Kallen for Suzaku and you have the Unholy Trinity.

So, Unholy Trinity minus Suzaku, but adding Kallen equals Holy Trinity?

Mirror, Claws, and Shield?

Demon's Lime Lotus? Demon is Lelouch's nickname, Lime is C.C.'s hair, and flows smoother than Green, and Karen means Pretty Lotus in japanese, and Guren means Red Lotus.

Zwartkop Aeonium, is a flower thar is both Black, Red, and Green, at least on Google Images.

Demon Claws/Arm = Lelouch x Kallen maybe?

Demon's Lotus also works, and is better than Kalulu.

Demon's Right and Left.

Demon's Queen and Witch.

Witch and Warlock = Lelouch x C.C. thats cannon.

Immortal Coven = L.L x C.C.

Red Coven = L.L. x C.C. x K.K.

Lelouch's Green Lotus.

Coven Lotus

As for the Ship name on my Fic...err, I don't know, yet. maybe Geass Familia, because this is a Harem fic, and this means a big family, get it? hah!

Lelouch's Bedguards: now that's my favorite for Monica and Kallen as knights to Lelouch, with C.C. as his shield... if I ever make a smut fic, this would be the name.

Demon's Valkyries.

Warlock' Shieldmaidens.

Part 01 – Divine Punishment…and a 'Divine' as Reward.

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Also, I will be adding ship names on this list when I receive inspiration, so expect to increase ever slowly.

Edit: 24/05/2021 – Correct typos and added a few lines, and typos, the plot didn't change and I still wrote myself on a corner for the second part!

Geass… is a contract; Plain and simple, a blessing in exchange for a curse.

In exchange for the power of Kings [Geass] the contractor is required to fulfill a wish of the Contractee [Code].

While over the eons several contracts were made and broken, few ever fulfilled their contracts.

Resulting in the mistaken belief that oathbreakers are umpunished.

They also think that a Code is only responsible for gifting a Geass.

Oh, how mistaken they are, a Code also has to fulfill the Goal of the Contractor.

And a King's punishment is harsher, but also, subtler.

The Wish of a Code is linked with the World of C – past, present, and future will ensure that punishment will be made.

Such as… a contract, upon broken, will make the World of C alter fate to make the Wish of the Code or Goal of the King unfulfilled.

While the World of C cannot control Free Will and causality like a Geass, it can alter Fate itself…

And, is not like the World of C is free from the chains of a contract, thus, if you save the World of C… the World of C must help you.

Such as the Goal of Becoming the All World's Evil and Dying, creating a new Era of Peace will be fulfilled.

Even if the Wish is Die with a Smile

Breaking a contract ensures your downfall, however, if you keep your promise, then surely-!

/-/ * /-/

As he opened his eyes, Lelouch found himself exactly where he expected, and looking up he saw the Jovian-like planet shining brightly at him, so close as if he could touch like a low-hanging fruit, yet he could not reach with his arms – as if mocking his inabilities and shortcomings.

Sitting from his laying position he realized that he was in the middle of same the temple-like structure he killed his parents at - he even saw two smears of blood, even though his parents disappeared like farts in the wind.

'This place is based on the cognitive, and since this is the place my parents 'died' there will be remains of their deaths…' Lelouch thought unkindly as he scanned the surroundings.

"…the C's World reject me?" he asked no one, as he saw wisps of figures floating around, all looking at him with anger and disdain as they floated to the Mars-lookalike.

But someone answered anyway.


Getting up he turned to face the speaker, he wanted to say sorry, but he did not have regrets – but one, of leaving her alone.

"C.C. why are you-" he stopped himself, because even if she tried to hide it in a mask of apathy, she had been crying, and her eyes betrayed the emotions concealed within, of yearning and hope, of sadness and despair, of a defeated person: Now, that look did not belong on his Witch.

"It's good to see you again…" he said, before he breathed deeply, thinking of his Witch, of his partner, of her with all the love he had, then he spoke her True Name.

With fondness and care - not unlike the one he only spoke with Nunnally and Euphemia.

With tenderness and gentleness - as if speaking it wrong may break snowflakes.

With Love – a romantic love, for only in death he realized what he had lost.

The sound of her true name made her pause, breaking her mask and stunning her, and from the way tears started to fall, it also broke the walls around her heart.

Lelouch as a tactical and political mastermind knew how to exploit openings, thus, he did what he should've had done when alive.

A kiss unlike no other, different from the ones as his time as Demon Emperor – kisses amidst lust and debauchery do not count for they are merely part of sex – this was the first time he initiated a chaste kiss.

Lelouch felt C.C. reciprocate…as her legs enveloped his waist, and her arms removed his clothes.

As their bodies unified.

/-/ * /-/

"Did you know? Lelouch and Nunnally were born with mysterious talents due to being conceived in this dimension" the teasing voice made C.C. frown, but she did not let go of the embrace of her lover, nor she tried to cover her naked body.

The World of C is amazing in which dream and reality interchange, that's how Charles was able to make a library, and how Lelouch and C.C. were in a motel-vised version of their Imperial Bedroom – the mirrors on the walls and ceiling are surprisingly nice and exciting. kinky.

"That… explain a lot of things, Nunnally's senses were beyond normal, and her ability akin to retro-cognition upon touch is now easily explained…however, I didn't think Lelouch had something similar." She said as she gently caressed her Warlock's hair as his relaxed breathing on her bosom made her give a proud, self-accomplished smirk.

"That's where you are wrong, [- - -]" C.C. frowned at her One True Name being uttered so casually, "as he was able to hear you when you sensed him, he was also able to see the unseen, the light of a Code guided him into the truck you were trapped, and he was also able to see beyond the mortal veil and perceive the Geass of others, be it the red glow around Geassed eyes, or effects such as Jeremiah's [Ward of Geass Negation] blue dome, or Rolo's [Ward Absolute Suspension] red dome… and as he grew in power his perception followed suit, able to see the Geass of those stronger than him, such as Charles, and I bet he could see Mao's dome as well if your former contractor was alive."

This made C.C. tilt her head, she thought only Codes could see the Geass-light…but again, she also thought that only Codes could touch someone and see their minds.

Nunnally's sense could be a lesser version of a Code's psych-link that is formed when they attempt to make a Contract, plus her acute senses and high interpersonal intelligence akin to a sixth-sense, she was able to acquire a power similar to a Geass but natural...ish.

Charles and Marianne are human, but both were contractors and Lelouch and Nunnally were made in a place more spiritual than mortal.

"The vi Britannia siblings are amusing…right, Lelouch?" C.C. asked as she untangled her legs from his.

Her Warlock opened his eyes as he sat up, and with a frown, black and gold royal robes appeared, then he stood up and looked at her expecting and hopefully gaze.

C.C. smiled, a true and happy smile as she tried to fight the tears as she simply replied with an 'Hm!'.

Because for Lelouch, who only speaks lies, his actions that determine the truth – and following his choice of clothes she walked to his side, a Victorian black dress with golden linings on the sleeve, and a black veil covering her green hair.

The opposite of an Imperial Britannian Wedding, instead of white and silver, she dons black and gold. For they are both not-alive and not-dead, the reunion of a spirit and an immortal, in the World of C.

'God' merely smirked at this, being made witness to their wedding, not asked, or agreed, but simply did – how bold of her Warlock!

But she loved it! that excessive arrogance, pompous air of dramatics, and egoistic enough to declare the world wrong and not him, that is her husband! the man that brought the World to its knees, before dragging it kicking and screaming to his vision of Peace and Gentleness, and then deceived it with a grand-finale of his play.

Hah! these sheep thought that the idea of Peace was theirs, but they were only walking on his tune, and even if they discovered the truth they would close their eyes and look to the other side, and even enforce it! Those that rebel of this peace due to their distaste of the Demon Emperor will be called Demon followers.

"Are you the one that will give me my judgment?" her Warlock, the Demon Emperor asked the Dimensional Supervisor.

'God' merely smirked.

"If I didn't have a crush on you, Lelouch vi Britannia, I would have punished this insolence…but now," Alarm bells echoed on C.C.s head, but before she could do anything, that bitch waved her hand and suddenly, her eyelids started to weight a ton. "I only find it endearing."

With these parting words, sleep came to her.

/-/ * /-/

Lelouch… was perturbed, half-afraid, and half-angered, through his Witch was sleeping deeply on his lap due to this… 'Being' in front of them doing something.

Looking at the young woman that could pass as C.C.'s relative, he could guess who she was.

Black hair that ended pink, with pink eyes, and… an attractive low cut loose black shirt, and form-fitting black pants, with a pink sash on the waist… Lelouch could freely admit that God is attractive and knew how to dress – if wasn't the fact that she did something to someone dear to him.

Through, they do say that the Devil Wears Antoinette (His late Sister's Guinevere fashion brand).

"Thank you," the God/Devil/Being answered his thoughts, further proving his hypothesis "and I wanted to talk with you alone. C.C. and I…well, you know her history with God's, and my history with her, Charles, Marianne, and V.V., and I have to make sure you listened to my proposal without interference, worry not, she will wake up shortly."

Relaxing somewhat – because there was little he could do but remain calm, least he repeats his encounter Mao – he appraised the figure in front of him and tried to organize his mind…and something weird stuck out.

"Crush?" he asked with raised eyebrows – can an entity like God even feel human emotions? Or is she more like the Greek version of the divines?

And against all expectations, 'God' blushed.

"I am part of the Collective Consciousness of the Universe, a personification or ambassador if you will, the official title is Caretaker of Spacetime, but I prefer Dimensional Supervisor, D.S. for…friends." She said with a saucy wink that threw Lelouch out of the loop.

He expected many things after he died, such as eternal hell, nothingness, or limbo, not, God flirting with him.

"I said it before, I am part of the Collective Conscious – what humans were, are, and will be – my goal is to maintain the balance of the world and continuity of Humanity… I do have an independent personality, but much is based on what the people of present and future feel…and they feel that you are their owner and ruler, their savior."

Lelouch frowned at that. "I am supposed to be hated by the entire world in the present and future, that is Zero Requiem."

D.S. merely smiled.

"But I am not the imagination of sheep and masses, my dear Lelouch, I am the seer that watches over humanity, this entire year you ruled over Humanity, they consciously or unconsciously though you as their sole ruler, their king, and emperor, you were hated, yes, but I know the truth: thus the hate doesn't affect me, it only makes me like you more as you are being wronged, you are also Zero, and Zero is and will be considered a God through the prayers and faith of the entire world!"

D.S. laughed as she spun in place, and images appeared on the mirrors of their room, of the Mask of Zero being worshiped, of statues of Zero and him in his Emperor garbs fighting (or rather, Zero with angel wings, and he with bat wings, with Zero stepping on his chest with and pointing the Imperial Britannian Sword at his face), the new dualistic religion of Good vs Evil.

Movies, cinemas, stories, fiction, and non-fiction will always refer to him as the new Devil or the incarnation of him, while Zero will always be a hero, the force of good and morality.

Plot of movies and games for children is due to Demon Emperor Lelouch trying to cause problems to humanity from hell through the usage of Zombies or Monsters, and Zero will grant powers to the protagonists to gain powers through colorful Zero-looking colorful armors of red, yellow, blue, green, and pink colors and called themselves the Zero Rangers.

The one where he didn't die but is living in the dark side of the moon and will invade Earth with an army of the mythological creature 'dinosaur' makes him question if should've made them suffer more to get rid of this nonsense. Everyone knows that dinosaurs are merely large mammals of ancient times, since no dinosaur fossil was ever found.

But then again, it is still more believable than Geass and ancient Geass Civilization that ruled the entire world.

"As long most people think you are above them, think of you as their emperor or savior, regardless if they like it or not, regardless if is through Zero or Demon Emperor, I will have feelings towards you – plus, your perfect Zero Requiem ensured a golden age of humanity, and Geass will be nothing more than whispers of myths and legends, you did my job for me, and accomplished my dream of erasing Geass from humanity, and did it beautifully! People will travel the sea of stars and I only have to influences small things here and there to keep it that way."

Lelouch nodded and sighed in relief, so his plan worked, his death wasn't for nothing.

"Worry not, Lelouch, your death deified you, even more, effective than what Jesus did!"

"Who?" Did someone use their death to keep the world at peace?

D.S. waved her hand, "The son of the Abrahamic God, a central figure from a small monotheistic religion that did not manage grow and influence the Roman Empire through the Roman Emperor Theodosius, it does have ancient roots, the term Demon and Angel has roots with this religion, but then again winged messengers of god, the idea of heaven and hell is widespread and in common with several religions all around the new and old civilizations. Anyway, your method worked. Instead of being used as a religious instrument to further the goals of Theopolitics."

Lelouch frowned, this sounded like one of the many small religions in Europe, maybe the parent religion? Also, wasn't Demon and Angel from the book of Ars Goetia? And how come a monotheistic religion have demigods?

"Well, my goodwill towards you won't be wasted, I am here to give you your judgment, your punishment, and rewards – I shall give to you, my twin."

Saying that she looked to the side, and another 'God' appeared.

She looked exactly like D.S, an exact twin, however, her expression was…tired and sickly, with bandages covering her left eye, her hands were trembling, and frankly, Lelouch thought she looked a breath away from death.

She also eyed him hungrily, making the experience even weirder.

Her clothes were burned and torn, as if she just survived a battlefield, they were nothing more than rags – and in this place where reality and spirituality overlapped.. well, for God to feel that way is worrying.

"You…are not wrong, Lelouch," said...First God, err, D.S.1 to him as she waved her hand and send the Second God...D.S.2 to the bed he just made mad love, making the newcomer fall asleep as he blushed a little since he didn't clean the sheets.

Annoyingly, he could not clean it with his mind... looking at the only other one that could block his control over this reality, he received a pair of pink eyes innocently blinking at him, through the light mischief was bare for all to see.

"My twin, you can call her Fallen One," said the culprit "whereas I am D.S., she came from an Alternate Universe where Humanity completely killed each other, one where your Zero Requiem worked for a year before the greatest war happened, a war of extermination instead of conquest: the Kingdom of Zilkhstan seized Nunnally and it caused several important people to die, one where Diethard record over the Black Knights and his knowledge over Geass was released… and also, on that universe you didn't kill the remains of the Geass Order on the Kingdom of Zilkhstan, and Charles left a 'gift' in the form of millions of Geass Seeds on the World of C, before it spread all around the world, not as powerful as Natural Geass from a Code, more like Rolo's and the other irregulars that have demerits upon usage. Such as health risks or lack of control."

Lelouch gasped before he lost the strength of his legs, almost fell if wasn't for the fact he was sitting on the bed, and C.C. was using his lap and a pillow, his feelings surpassing his fright.

Geass being used left and right? That is hell on earth, that Charles couldn't win, so he made everyone lose... Lelouch could feel a phantom pain from empathy from his counterpart.

Lelouch looked around fretfully, but D.S. waved her hand, and he relaxed at this action.

Charles didn't leave a Gift in his reality.

"Of course, it is not like everything was lost, when the Kingdom of Zilkhstan captured Nunnally, she used her hidden card - in that reality, you broke your Geass into seven Geass Fragments and gave it to C.C., and somehow Nunnally managed to send herself and six others - dragging that version of you too - plus Shanma that lost her Geass, into another timeline, leaving their original to die… since Humans of that reality still exist ambiguously, the Human God of that universe, my twin here, still lives even if barely, and…well, since her humans went to another universe anyway, she will fade in time."

Lelouch closed his eyes and massaged the bridge of his nose at this reality breaking knowledge, he knew this Shamna, she had a Geass that let herself go back in time six hours – through D.S. just explained that send her to another parallel universe – it was annoying fighting her but against ultimate power, all foreknowledge and preparation are useless, he managed to capture her and after using his Geass on her he managed to fully cleanse the world from Code and Geass users.

"… the me of that Universe was unprepared for the Zero Requiem?" he managed to say, ignoring the Fallen God's presence, and meaning.

"Nay, it is you of this universe that is over-prepared – in your Universe, the duel between Kallen and Suzaku ended with her landing heavier injuries on Lancelot and its pilot, making Suzaku fall in a coma for a year. In Fallen One's Universe Suzaku was safe and sound, so he had 2 months between the battle and Zero Requiem"

Lelouch sighed as he laid on the bed, tired, ignoring the Fallen One that grumbled something as being used as a pillow – he didn't know what to think of her, maybe anger at failing her job, or pity because humans are creatures that will seek a tomorrow, even if they have to destroy the past and burn the present.

"Two months…huh…"


The first two months were enough to make people fear and hate him, sadly, Suzaku was still in a coma, and Lelouch was in a bind: Either wait for Suzaku to wake up, or returning to be the White Emperor of Justice.

"One year" he promised, as he looked at the still-sleeping form of his successor as Zero "For one year I will wait for you to wake up, Zero, till them I will be the Demon Emperor, but after that, I shall enforce a generation of peace as the ruler of mankind…till I die and mankind breaks each other apart."

And he did it, for the following 10 months, things were…difficult.

Because he wanted to leave a world for Nunnally, a world worth of living, he cleansed it and removed all weeds and rotten bits, killing those with a history of corruption, slave trade, and anything that cause stagnancy and damage to the masses without just punishment – those he was sure that after leaving prison would continue killing or raping or being a menace to his Gentle World.

His forced Utopia.

Sadly, he was doing a goddamn good job in cleaning the house, people started to presume that living under his rule was satisfactory… and while tempting, oh so tempting, to be their ruler, it wouldn't be long before revolts started - he already heard whispers and saw signs of unrest -

and he would have to bomb and kill and torture to make it stick.

Ruling through fear results in discontent, and discontent results in rebellion - he should know, since he rebelled against the world, and here he is, its sole ruler.

Hence, he had to appear evil, yet not enough to raise rebellions in a short time but not a 'good evil' else will make people like or, worse, love him.

However, he didn't want to really kill people - through the Media was 'told to believe' he killed several a day depending on his mood.

He captured Leila Malcal and the rest of the wZERO squad and public executed them using Apollo's Carriage, giving a stigma to such weapon and technology… though in truth, he just Geased Malcal to see if she was worthy of Geass, and destroyed Akito's Geass at his request, before creating new identities and sending them their merry way as he laughed, publicly, over their burning uniforms and corpses...that were being wore by corrupt Europia Military Officials.

With time on his hands, – if he did his 'Emperor of the World' job his perfectionism would make him actually do the paperwork – he prepared several Videologs to teach Nunnally and her descendants how to rule and how to deal with Geass, and the truth of Zero Requiem, and making sure Nunnally didn't do something foolish like giving up her power, making Britannia into a Democracy or Principality, and become some sort of puppet, because a ruler must be both loved and feared – hell, he even send most of his paperwork to her in the excuse that he wouldn't be bothered with it, and Nunnally did after she realized that if the paperwork wasn't done, people would die or suffer.

Obviously, he did the same with Kaguya, Tianzi, and Margaret – these four little girls would literally rule 1/4th of the world each, Britannia, UFN, Chinese Federation, and Europia, maybe 1/5th since Zero carried a weight of its own – so making them suffer together, train sort-leadership together, and live together will sow friendship…probably, well, it is Nunnally he is thinking about, so definitely.

As he didn't know if Suzaku would ever wake up, he started to leave some backup in case he had to really rule over the world.

However, he still had to appear evil, so ordering countries to clear the oceans or face a Fleja in the face was an example of him using fear to clean house, or killing incompetent politicians or those in the government that dared to take or give bribes before.

He also set a limit of how rich someone could be and using his Geased media agents to make it sound like he didn't want people richer than him when in truth it was a way to decrease the social gap between rich and poor.

The news told the masses that he killed the entirety of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan, while in truth he just killed the members of the Geass Order and those that were researching Geass, or knew too much about Geass.

He made sure the Nobles of the Euro-Britannia couldn't reveal that he was Zero and Julius Kingsley, he also made sure that the former nobles wouldn't try to bully Nunnally in giving them their status back or try to use her.

And above all, he made sure that no one could use money and influences to easily get out of jail by making taxes and fines proportional to one's wealth and standing. He had to make it extremely costly and harsh since he was evil... it definitely wasn't because he loved to make the rich and powerful suffer.

He also raised taxes to make sure Nunnally and her descendants always have resources, while making sure that in case one of her descendants became another 'Marie Antonniete' he/she wouldn't be able to spend the Imperial Treasure on useless things, and finally, he destroyed a lot of laws he found ridiculous, (He couldn't believe prima nocta wasn't burned already) then added several ones to make Nunnally appear like an Angel after she decreased taxes and removed or changed the more 'evil' laws that allowed the rich and powerful to oppress the poor and weak.

His laws were easy to spot and remove, at least the ones he wanted to be removed.

He also public shamed and killed rapists and pedophiles of higher circles and those that were deemed 'untouchable', like sons and daughters of powerful politicians or the politicians themselves, the power of Geass is extremely useful after all, and he didn't even had to show existential proof of their misdeeds since he was a tyrant, only record of him forcing them to answer using Geass that could be needed if he had to rule the world.

He saw a pedophile socialite financier that scouted child talents for Knightmare piloting but behind the scenes was the owner of a sextrafic ring and blaming Britannia, whereas the public saw a pretty woman owner of several war orphanages being publicly empaled on her genitals as her own weight slowly killed her – he showed some proofs of her crimes that by Europia own laws were enough for a death sentence if the system worked as it intended, he just raised the brutality to make all good feelings for him killing pedophiles turn sour, and brutal enough to make people rather killing themselves rather than being discovered by the Imperial Police for doing something he found so disgusting he had to erase them from life itself using the most painful means available.

Owners of factories that worked people to death or that threw their trash on rivers…were Geased to work to death, or died by being poisoned to death by the very toxic fumes they released.

He made it a circus to cement his 'Demon Emperor' persona... all right, he had fun doing it and his laugh was genuine.

But when he had to erase protests, he had to appear vicious and evil by sending the police to beat protesters and use live rounds like any evil tyrant would, and if innocents have to die then so be it, and he laughed to hide the pain on his cold dead heart.

Then fully sealing the Thought Elevators, making it sound like embezzlement, and finally, making sure that all those that he Geased to be loyal to him, to not cause problems to Nunnally. (He couldn't have Geased soldiers trying to overthrow Nunnally, only to be stopped by Jeremiah's Geass Canceler, and accidentally cancel certain Geass and spill certain truths.)

And finally, he used his Geass to make sure that people would vilify him and idolize Nunnally in the media, and that the leaders of the UFN wouldn't be corrupt and support Nunnally.

He Geased Kanon as well to kill Schneizel if he ever broke of his Geass and created several more countermeasures till finally Suzaku woke up and the Zero Requiem plan could start.

Sadly, many rebelled on the year of his ruling – so he had to send his army to squash them using ruthless tactics such as using his army as suicide bombers…well, that's how he ended killing all those Geased sycophants to be loyal slaves to him.

Finally, he ended creating several Videologs for the new Zero on how to act, obviously he wore his old Zero costume for that, as he waited for Suzaku to get used to his modified cyber body.

Hell, since 'Lelouch vi Britannia' was going to die anyway he even gave green light to Llyod to study his Geass back on his first week as Demon Emperor, and being subjected to some super Serums in hopes of using his DNA to heal Nunnally's legs… surprisingly, it worked, using the Code-R records and V.V. 's Super Soldier research used on Bismarck Waldstein, the Irregulars and other members of the Geass Order such as Rolo and Jeremiah, the creation of the Serum it was unexpectedly easy and fast… so much that his body became stronger than even Jeremiah's technological body.

Sadly, he knew shit about fighting so he lost, badly, in close quarters anyway.

Also, Kallen, Sayoko, and Anya gained the Serum alongside Nunnally – Kallen deduced what he was planning when he lost to temptation and talked with her at the end of the first week, without Suzaku to make him focus on killing himself his mind wavered... and with a single conversation, or question, 'What I am to you, Lelouch?', his mask broke and...well, she joined him at the 'guise' of Geass, together with few others since he couldn't keep his aides in prison till Suzaku woke up, as he didn't know when and if he would.

Sayoko received one because of her loyalty and the fact that she barely survived F.L.E.I.J.A., only to then flee Schneizel's forces and travel light and injured back to him, she received 'Emergency' cybernetics (she refused to rest after the surgery and joined him as his maid. on her mind, she was already dead for failing her mission) and was allowed to receive the Serum.

Anya received it as a means to give her extended lifespan for the many years she lost to Marianne and Charles.

Nunnally obviously to repair her legs and the many years she spent in a wheelchair, she received because everyone loves her. period.

Just those, while there were others he wanted to receive it, it wasn't him that decided it because it required using C.C. as a prime resource and could only be operated on C's World where reality blurs with the supernatural, thus, only those C.C. approved were allowed to receive the Super Serum, as both resources and entrance to the C's World required her willingly support.

Jeremiah already received a lesser version of the Serum while he was captive by the Geass Order, he had the aid of cybernetics that were powered by Sakuradite, making him the deadliest fighter alive thanks to his many hidden weapons, and that was before Llyod saw his schematics and wanted to upgrade it, and Rakhshaka not wanting to fall behind messed with the organic and Serum parts, with Cecilie being the voice of reason.

No matter what Lelouch said, C.C. refused to let Suzaku receive the Serum and be Zero for longer years… well, she won't give it to the man that will kill the person she loves, after all.

The Serum worked wonders thought, It made his body extremely fit – something that he didn't particularly care about, but C.C. warned that he may have Charles' Code and it may or may not activate upon his death.

And also, after gaining Immortality, his muscles won't grow anymore, nor will he be able to learn how to fight martial arts.

Because his body will stop aging and be forever stuck on time, and hand-eye coordination and muscle memory will not be developed, because it requires repeating an action over and over to fortify neural pathways in the central nervous system, allowing him to perform the same action without conscious input from the brain.

Aka. After gaining the Code he would 'probably' lose his Geass, thus the risk of being captured and experimented for science increased several times – C.C. only discovered that she was able to make people mad upon touch when bandits were about to rape her.

These bandits just happened to be soldiers of a noble, that captured her and burned her alive…till nightfall when she managed to sneak out from out of the ashes of the logs.

That's why C.C. while knowledgeable over several martial arts, wasn't an Ace in fighting and piloting Knightmare – because regardless of her experience her body was biologically and eternally 16, and she was a slave for most of her life thus underdeveloped and lacking nutrients on her youth, her muscles were still the same ones of when she was a slave-turned-spoiled-girl, before she was killed.

Through she can ignore the limits of her body – without receiving sequelae due to her immortality – and go beyond possible just like mothers protecting their children, she strongly recommended Lelouch to learn how to fight and train.

And he agreed, his Geass is his best tool, but a Code do not have a Geass, a Code Geass is merely speculation, thus, his intellect is his best weapon, but take that away and he is useless, such as when he first met C.C. or when he and Suzaku fought with guns back in the Black Rebellion, Suzaku managed to capture him and Lelouch wasn't even able to kill himself with the Sakuradite bomb… and Lelouch did read what they did to C.C. on the Code-R project, for years they tortured and experimented on her till 'terrorists' saved her.

If people discover that he is immortal, and managed to capture him as the Demon Emperor there is no way they won't try to punish and experiment on him, no one will save him since he is the 'Evil Incarnate', and with the world at peace, no terrorists to save him from his hell. With the fear of being used eternally as a test subject, he sucked it up and had a 10-month of intensive training season on martial arts and weapons usage.

Every time he complained, C.C. described all kinds of tortures she received making him angry and fearful, obviously, after these sessions, he pampered his Witch... or he burned some historical remains of some famous figure.

C.C. is surprisingly good at convincing him to work out and learn martial arts, even Tohdoh was unable.

Also, using Geass on himself (After Jeremiah used the Geass Canceller on him) to make him follow the workout and train without whining or lazing is like a cheat... through in truth, the cheating one is C.C., who is rather good at making him do whatever she wants.

Damn Witch.


"So, what does a God from an abandoned world has to do with my Exile from the World of C?" Lelouch finally asked after he finished reliving his last year.

"Everything!" said D.S., "You will be Exiled – that's your punishment for all the deaths you caused and making the whole world hate you, however, we have to reward you for saving Our lives, and making a perfect Zero Requiem – as long as one lives in the Rei Era, one will be in debt with you, and while those in the present wishes your exile, those of future will reward you…through they already rewarded you."

The God said as she looked at his body the same way the girls from Ashford academy looked at him.

Lelouch dazed for a bit before clarity finally returned.

"The proto-Serum was supposed to shorten my lifespan even if it worked, but it didn't leave even a scar…it was too perfect, even when we performed other surgeries in the World of C the results didn't change, only the Serum worked as if the World of C wanted it to work, the probabilities of it working were zero…and yet..."

"Indeed, by the way, it will only work seven times total, and requires a Code or Geass to enter a closed Through Elevator, however, you don't need one to leave it or if someone is inside."

Lelouch widened his eyes before he looked at C.C.

"This Fallen God will take C.C.'s Code?"

He gently caressed C.C.'s hair, she looked surprisingly cute while asleep.

"No, she will take your Code, since my twin managed fuck it up so much her source, the Collective Consciousness, is without present and future, she is…she is dying and requires a Code to continue existing, this will also make you her master and owner in a way because you will then be her present, and future."

Lelouch narrowed his eyes before slowly speaking to the God in front of him.

"Isn't she… your sister?" what the fuck is D.S. trying to do or say?

D.S. snorted. "She is a failure, that's why we call her the Fallen One, the job of the Caretaker of Spacetime is the continuity of Humanity, she failed, plain and simple, thus she is useless, even she accepts that her worth is lower than trash, she is now your belonging - whether you accept her or throw her away - and shall serve as a medium for your true reward."

"Did you just give me a God as a slave?" Lelouch said incredulous, barely hiding his anger at that.

Slaves – his Witch was a slave, Numbers were barely better than slaves, he hated slaves and slavers, he fought and killed anyone that produced slaves.

"That's her punishment thought – she was the one that caused her world's Zero Requiem to fail" D.S. explained.

That put a stop to his anger.

"Fallen One raised the stakes of both sides, allowed weapons of mass destructions, alternate fates to make biological and radioactive weapons common…my sister planed in making humanity sticks and stones, like what happened to the first humans you call Ancient Civilization… however her plan worked too well," Lelouch deeply breathed, the entirety of humanity, dead, because…because someone was careless!? "and the other Gods of other realities decided to punish her by making her subordinate to you, who also made a perfect Zero Requiem."

Lelouch's brain stopped working for a moment before he simply closed his eyes and meditated, he couldn't even get that angry because using his Geass to punish in an ironic or karmic fashion was his preferred method.

Opening again, he looked coldly at the…being, laying on his bed.

He killed people for less, he tortured people for less, hell, he made his elder brother a slave to Zero for less.

"Resuming…I have a mad dog leashed to me." he spat, a God whose idea of balance is to make everyone lose so much they return being caveman, is either idiotic or mad.

D.S. snorted…before she smiled a familiar smile that C.C. does sometimes…oh damned gods.

"If that's your wish, you have my blessing." D.S. said in a singsong voice and he was sure it wasn't an idiomatic expression, with her being a God and all that.

"Also, if you accept my proposal and give her your Code, then 2/3rds of her will belong to you, enough for you to throw her a bone and she will fetch it like a dog." D.S. said with disdain... and a hint of familiar expression he saw on... Milly.

This made him uncomfortable, punishing people he could understand, but taking sexual pleasure in it is a little…

"Or, you can accept the original punishment, that was to make you live eternally and without the ability to Give Geass since you aren't connected to the World of C."

Lelouch blinked before looking at C.C. – spending eternity with his Witch didn't sound like a punishment…

The Dimensional Supervisor snored, "That was why you would also be banished to some random world."

Ah, that explained it.

"Then, do you want a Fallen Dog as your reward?" D.S. said, she really didn't like her sister... understandable and relatable.

"Letting C.C. spend eternity alone doesn't sound like a reward to me." Lelouch protested, losing his Code was nice and all, but he will still be banished.

"What If I told you there is a way to remove C.C.'s Code without killing her? While building a weapon to kill Gods requires two Codes or more, other things can be created that require a single Code… I like to call it, the Mirror of Samsara."

"…Samsara…the cycle of death and rebirth?"

"Anyway, resuming our talk, you will be exiled as punishment, but rewarded as well – your punishment is that you will be sent to another world, another universe, one where you won't ever be able to meet those you love after death, you will be sent alive and without Geass, knowing that you are forever unable to meet them even after death."

Lelouch gritted his teeth as he hugged C.C. who was still asleep.

"Your rewards though, one of them is that you will be sent in a world that already has a hero – meaning, even if you sit back and relax, someone will save it." D.S. explained, sitting in the air in a very cat-like fashion.

He smiled wryly as he gently caressed C.C.'s hair.

"This sounds more like a punishment… if I can relax it implies that I am unoccupied, and this means that I will angst and suffer, with nothing to do as redemption… however there is more, right? else why C.C. and the Fallen God are involved in this talk, even if they are unable to participate." Lelouch said as he looked into D.S. eyes.

The D.S. nodded, before she waved her hand, creating the image of a tower reaching the heavens, with…humans and…

'Are those... Elves? And… are these humans with animal traits? Genetic engineering or…fantasy races?'

"This is Gekai – the Mortal World"

'Mortal world…implies that there is another world that is not mortal.' Lelouch noticed.

"Exactly! This is an unusual universe where Gods and Mortals coexist – all against the Great Dungeon of Orario…and where I hope to send you."

/-/ * /-/

People should stop complaining about her running in the corridors. They are her corridors, her palace, her Empire.

Currently, she spent more than half of her life trapped in a wheelchair while blind, her entire world revolved around her big brother and whatever she could reach while seating. Now that she has her vision and legs, she will run when she wants and forget what people think.

There is only one person that she can make her act like a lady, and that person is not here anymore.

Doesn't matter that she is the 100th Empress of Britannia and has to act ladylike, (She accepted her big brother's council and didn't make it into Principality nor accepted being a figurehead to flee from politics) because she is the Empress and she may as well do as she wished!

She liked dresses, they were fluffy and cute.

But she hated high-wheels, so she never wore them, doesn't matter what people thought when she went to events with running shoes.

She ruled a goddamn third of the world! – Britannia reduced in power, from controlling 1/3rd to 1/5th of the World after… after that asinine plan called Zero Requiem, however under her ministration and suspiciously supportive Government Officials she managed to bring it back to 1/3rd as it was before the war, since many former areas wanted to return to Britannia under her rule after they saw that ruling a country isn't easy whereas Britannia is rising, and the best part is: Britannia is still growing in power and prestige, making many wanting to be part of it.

She is essentially conquering the world through competency and adoration, suck it, Charles!

Through she did act like a gentle and kind empress, smiling, changing the world using soft-spoken words and rationality – even when she wanted to see this world burn for what they did to her Big Brother.

'He died for you, and you answer him by celebrating the day he died? The first time I almost cried live and the second time I wanted to burn people alive. I'd rather see all of you chocking up in your blood, lies, and hypocrisy than seeing a world where my brother does not exist.'

She wanted to make them all die after seeing how great and gentle her big brother was, how her brother died for it, thus she won't let his... sacrifice be in vain.

She will make this world gentle, not because she wanted, but because her brother wanted it.

She hated the world, she hated those backstabbing Order of Black Knights, she hated Kallen and C.C. for letting him die, she despised Kururugi Suzaku for killing the person she loved the most.

However, the one she hated the most was herself.

Because she betrayed her brother, the one that spent all his life, figuratively and literally, to take care of her and make her happy.

She betrayed him for a few words of Schneizel, may he suffer in hell, and It brought him to the brink of suicide.

Nunnally thinks that Zero Requiem was his way to commit suicide, but her brother always loved Dramatics, and what better stage than the world itself, with the entirety of humanity as its audience and unwittingly players, with the ending being the start of a new era.

"Your majesty please reconsider! It is not refined to hear your subjects while wearing jeans and sneakers!" said her aide…frankly, who hired this annoying man?

"Mother once entered the ballroom on horseback…and few times on her Knightmare, all to make a point: to scare some vexatious nobles," Nunnally said to herself…making the aide gasp and finally, shut up.

'Being know as the daughter of Marianne, the Flash, have its upsides… through the biggest downside is that acknowledging that bitch as my mother…'

Nunnally sighed as she finally reached her destination, the new Mausoleum of the Britannian Imperial line is in the middle of a labyrinth garden – with plenty of fruit trees, mostly oranges – and filled with hidden systems and guards.

Where Lelouch is 'know' to be buried.

Vestiges of her big Brother's guards – those that were still loyal to him even after death – stood to protect his resting place…and his wives.

"Your Majesty, I know you are the gentlest Royal but, spending time with the Demon's remains and his mistresses is…"

Nunnally did not even have to turn for her most loyal guard, Jeremiah Gottwald, jumped from who knows where.

"Who dares to insult my liege on my, Jeremiah Gottwald, presence!?"

Nunnally smiled at the fact that he completely ignored the aide he was stepping on and scanned the surroundings.

"Thank you, Knight of Orange, I was almost kicking him myself… I wonder who assigned him to me?"

"Your Majesty doesn't need to tarnish your shoes with filth! As for the one responsible… my Wife's division says is likely Cornelia's attempt to marry you off with someone she approves."

"I am not even 20!"

Jeremiah sensed her disbelieving gaze and simply shrugged.

"I am the same age as..." she could not continue speaking, Jeremiah, sensing her distress, tried to distract her with something else.

"He is one of Darlton's sons, Claudio, the sole Glaston Knights still alive… Princess Cornelia did something similar when Princess Euphemia had to select a Knight."

"Euphie had to suffer as well, huh…" Nunnally said as she nodded, she has to grill Euphie for answers, tonight even! And hearing his voice as well is the reason she is going to the Mausoleum after all.

As Nunnally entered the garden she saw the Gargoyle Division soldiers acting like gardeners.

She smiled at them, the Gargoyle Division was made up of guards that followed her big brother on their own free will and asked to serve him even after his death – and several of them were like Anya, with their memories modified by Charles or the Geass Order, and not knowing where to go as their whole lives were a lie, decided to enter the Gargoyle Division.

She had to reward such dedication to the person she loves the most, so she let them in the secret – and created the Gargoyle Division, the only ones that knew about thought elevators and allowed to use the Mirror of Samsara to talk with the dead…and produce Sakuradite.

Resulting in an Independent Intelligence Gathering Division that instead of working for the Empire, worked for her alone, and didn't leave many trails because they produced their own energy and used the Though Elevators as teleports.

The energy constantly fueled the several barriers around the Mausoleum, enough to withstand a F.L.E.I.J.A. head-on.

Entering she saw her knights, Anya and Alice, picking up oranges at distance – her pink knight was one of the few to receive a Serum because of the many years stolen from her due to Charles and Marianne, she was healthy and would live a long, long live, just like her adoptive parents Sayoko and Jeremiah. While Alice had a Geass and her body was enhanced with C.C.s cells, not unlike a Serum.

Normally those two would always be following her, alternating when needed, but seems like her elder sister Cornelia managed to send them away and put an 'aide' to follow her, and probably try to seduce her.

How long till Cornelia realizes she played for the same team, she wondered?


'How could she control where my personal knights go? I disbanded the Knight of the Rounds, but these two should share a similar level of authority unless...the only way this could happen is if members of the Britannia Sage's Conclave approved… could it be, the UFN is involved? I should've listened to Big Brother videos and only limited and shared my power after I was ready to retire from politics…I should've known better than to listen to anyone other than big brother. Even sister Cornelia. Even if is something Euphie would do.'

Shaking her head she stretched a bit before she started to run.

And run she did – while Jeremiah managed to follow her in her run, the other guards had to use hoover bikes to follow her.

Nunnally smiled at that – normally Jeremiah would be taunting or cursing the guards for their inadequacy in following their Empress, but in the Mausoleum of Samsara, silence is -while not enforced – appreciated.

It is a resting place, after all.

Honestly, she felt like inside a museum or library, or, most accurately, a Temple.

But she liked the quietness, all vehicles were silent, no mechanical sounds were made, only steps, birds, and breathing.

No one talked, but the sounds of gardening shears and fruits hitting the cart, of steps in the gravel road (through minimal since not making a sound is a kind of training), echoed and disappeared as she finally reached the Mausoleum's entrance.

Nunnally ignored it all – no one was buried there – and after opening the secret entrance she entered an elevator where one could see how big the facilities inside were.

The elevator had glass walls so she could see everything, and from her point of view, she could see Kallen fighting a group of guards – all wearing medievalesque weapons and armor.

Kallen herself used a mix of greaves and gauntlets to fight, with her right gauntlet being specially modified, covering till her upper arm and being more armored, and having sharp claws as fingers.

On her left hand, she carried a massive pure metal Kanabo – a two-handed war club with spikes, and a ring shaped pommel– she essentially took the nickname of 'Red Demon' and wore it with pride.

"Truly an Aka-Oni" Jeremiah muttered as she saw how easily Kallen fought off the guards… it seems that something spooked Kallen, she was fighting way harder than normal, almost desperate, and this wasn't good in Nunally's opinion.

Kallen had monstrous fighting talent and instincts, something her Big Brother noticed the moment he saw her fight back in Shinjuku, she never received proper education on martial arts and Knightmare yet she could keep up with Suzaku.

And after the Requiem, Kallen has been drilled with the proper basics of weapons and martial arts, and even some lessons of how to use Sakuradite in hopes of translating into using those 'Magical Stones' her brother talked about on wherever he ended up, plus the Serum helped a lot, Kallen was already a genius, being able to score the top of the class even by going to school once a month and not paying attention to class.

Now, as the strongest Knightmare pilot on Earth, before she took the Serum, her fighting prowess is unmatched, only losing against Sayoko and Jeremiah that have cybernetic implants alongside their Serum.

With such achievements she will surely receive a Skill or Spell, though in a world without Knightmares they aren't sure how useful it would be, thus the martial arts focus.

Hell, she was even taking classes on forging to build and repair her weapons using the tools and technology available on Orario – the place her brother was exiled.

Currently, they only had one-way communications – since the Mirror of Samsara lacked the last piece of the puzzle – her big brother was able to talk but no one could answer, even after two years he talked to them about everything and anything.

Even if he did not know if someone was even listening to him.

With a sigh Nunnally left the elevator and ran towards the Thought Elevator entrance, ignoring the passage of people researching mythology all around the world, their weakness and strengths, legends of sorts since it seems that Skills and Spells of Gekkai are related with them.

There she found C.C. and their unexpected gain after using Geass Canceler on those loyal to Charles – the former knight of twelve, Monica Krushevsky.

The fact that the gentle Monica was arguing with C.C. was bad.

"Dame Monica appears to be winning the discussion, how unusual – Lady C.C. rarely loses a spar of words…" Jeremiah muttered and Nunnally agreed, Monica was the common sense they needed in these tiring times, and when she needed to act, means that people were trying to do something foolish or radical.

Officially Monica died when Pendragon was vaporized, though most believe she was killed by Suzaku when the Knights of Rounds tried to take Pendragon from her Big Brother.

In truth, Monica survived with nasty burns and was on the brink of death – nothing Code-R medicine couldn't repair – and since she and her Big Brother knew her when they were kids, he decided to ship her to a specialized healing facility outside Pendragon in secret, and that's how she survived.

Monica has the same age as Lelouch and her parents were part of Marianne's faction – alongside Milly, she was one of Prince Lelouch's prospective fiancées.

Because her family was close to Marianne, it was obvious that their crazy midget uncle had to send assassins after them, and he did such a bad job at it that Charles had to use his Geass on the survivors – aka. Monica – and since Monica managed to kill the intruders while as a child using a prototype of the Glasgow, Charles saw a gem in the rough and 'wired' her mind to focus on the military.

That's how a girl that previously hated war and fighting as a kid, even when belonging to a family that made Knightmare Weapons, became one of the Knights of the Round at her 17 and became the Leader of the former Emperor Charles' Royal Guard – her loyalty and goals were ensured by the power of Geass.

After breaking free of Geass, Monica decided to follow her original path of medicine, and thus Nunnally decided to make her the 6th person to receive the Serum, with the Condition of making her focus on medicine and healing and serving her brother in the otherworld.

Kallen was the fighter and wants to receive Skills and Spells focused on that, since those powers are guided by the wishes, personality, and experiences of the Adventurer, its clear to everyone that she will receive either a fire/heat spell from her arm or a skill that imitates Gurren's Radiant Wave Surger.

Or as they call it, Demon Right.

Kallen specifically loves it because she can see two meanings, her right arm is a demon, and she is the right arm of the demon.

From what her big brother was able to gather, one's legend and path, their accomplishments, and desires, were also fuel for Skills and Spells – hence Lelouch has powerful Skills and Spells. He accomplished the impossible, he conquered the world, he became both the God and Devil of the new age, and people don't know of it.

As for Kallen, she who fought and struggled, from a repaired Glasgow to the top machine of the world, her legend as the strongest fighter in the world will ensure that.

C.C., however, is unknown, her vast life experiences make it difficult to pinpoint exactly what kind of Spells and Skills she will gain, she still trains to develop muscle and gain muscle memory she gained after being the receiver of the 7th Serum, but is mostly focusing on reading books about sewing, medicine, nutrition, and raising kids.

She declared she would be a mother, and wanted skills to protect, as she is Lelouch's Shield, she already had 500 years of adventures and magic and fights, she will try to raise her Level to live longer and protect her future children, thus she did not want attack or warrior skills like Kallen.

She did not need it.

As for learning how to fight…well, everyone knows that she is the most experienced fighter, apart from participating in several wars, she is also an accomplished killer – learning Ninjutsu directly from the Ninja villages back in the Edo period, through C.C. lacked the conditioning needed for most techniques. For example, while immortal she could do a full split, and even do it through a kick, it injured her body as she never trained it while mortal, and in the time required to regenerate her body she would lose few moments that would prove fatal…if she was afraid of death. So a Berserker Assassin, also called Killer.

The Serum did it for her, giving her flexibility and muscles plus repairing her lack of nutrition as a child, her only problem is the centuries of bad habits that will take a long time to overcome – C.C. learned to fight while Immortal, so things like evading, parrying, and blocking are still foreign concepts to her mindset, getting tired and injured is still a novelty for her.

Overall, she learned a bit of everything in her long years of life, as for what translated to fighting it was mostly sneaking in and out of places and prisons, traveling incognito, and torturing – After being tortured for who knows how long, again and again, she knows how to do the same.

C.C. is sure that she will gain several skills focused on sneaking and assassination as a result of her experience living incognito for centuries, a rogue or spy build.

Or most likely, something involving magic of the mind or curses – she was called Immortal Witch, and Grey Witch and many consider the Geass as a curse of sorts, her legend was focused on the mysteries.

Through personally she wants something to protect, and if Falna also answers to one's ambitions and desires, it could happen.

Thus they are training Monica in the art of healing, in hopes of receiving a healing spell or skill – as these are rare and precious on Orario, some capable of recreating limbs, and Lelouch said that exists spells that bring the dead back to life as long certain requirements are met.

'We can only send 3 people… Kallen and C.C. were a given, as for the third…while I wanted to go, I would only be a burden for Big Brother – and that's something I refused to be, so I will remain here, in control, in power, to let him know that he can rest it easy and focus in conquering the dungeon, and finally, returning to me…'

Nunnally sighed, many wanted to follow Lelouch, however, few were useful and they required variation.

Sayoko was a good choice if wasn't for her Cybernetics, she didn't survive F.L.E.I.J.A. unscathed after all.

Cybernetics required Sakuradite to function, while hers weren't as extensive as Jeremiah – whose vital organs stopped functioning when under Gefjun Disturber's affect – her movements became crippled.

Sakuradite did not exist in the other world, and while sending Rakshata Chawla was an option, they decided that technology wouldn't be as useful in a fantasy place where people could become as strong as Knightmares.

Resulting in Anya and Monica as the next options due to their military background and fighting knowledge, however, Monica won because Anya was a better Knightmare pilot than a fighter, and Monica didn't have large chunks of memory missing.

Plus, Monica was a genius, not only a military leader and strategist – she was the captain of the former imperial guards for a reason – her family used to build weapons for Knightmare and she was raised since young for the family trade, like any noble child was.

She was surprisingly good in weapon development, a talent that was re-discovered after her memories were restored, and she had the basics on how to build up to 4th Generation Knightmares and also aided in the development of Exoskeleton – also called Knightmare Armor, that is made to be used inside Knightmare Frames.

She knows how to fight, how to pilot, how to apply first-aid, in-field surgery, how to lead armies, she is loyal, is accepted by Kallen and C.C. in being a sister-wife, has feelings for Lelouch – old and new – and accept being a mistress, knows how to build and craft mechanical weapons, graduate in the military academy as Valedictorian at 14, before being drafted to be trained as a member of the Empire's Special Operations, where she learned how to use Knightmare and Guns fight, torture, ambush, and kill at a young age and trained on terrorists of the Empire, before being selected as a Knight of Round and Imperial Guard, has experienced in being an aid of a monarch/ruler/leader like Kallen and C.C, and have experience in doing paperwork, (something that both C.C. and Kallen never did, like following Lelouch around with a clipboard, while they could do it Monica was adept and more than happy to share Lelouch's burden), and know and is used in dealing with politics on the level of an Empire.

…frankly, Nunnally is jealous and happy of the support her big brother had, and she was hopping of attracting such talents on her own instead of just falling on her lap due to her big brother influences and 'charm'.

Monica managed to become a Knight of the Round on her own at the age of 17, and that's with the Geass of Charles messing with her mind, or maybe because, she wasn't like Anya that had the spirit of Marianne and thus the favor of the past Emperor, nor was she talented and of a distinguished background like Gino, or had supernatural talents and someone to backstab like Suzaku.

What she had was a drive, a thirst to better herself, she wasn't talented in Knightmare and fighting, but the Geass forced her to see things in another way, and her drive made her accomplish her goals.

Now with the Serum, she had talent – and it's no wonder that she was the one that grew the most in these two years after receiving the Serum.

Kallen always was a beauty that carried an aura of danger and power, now this power was sharper, instead of a wild animal she was like a coiled predator, wild and dangerous yet tightly leashed by experience and iron-clad will.

C.C. received the Serum and became mortal for a year already, but she still has an air of otherworldly mysteriousness and experience that would make everyone remember her, yet she was able to walk around unnoticed by everyone.

Most of Gargoyle's defense system against infiltration is thanks to C.C. using it as a training field, or to make fun of them.

At their side, the past Monica, even with her accomplishments still palled in comparison, like a background character.

Now, well, Monica could hold her own, yet, she was satisfied and quite happy to stay at Lelouch's side as his aide, but still improved herself – she sleeps four hours a day before spending hours working out, and when not resting her body she was reading and studying over a myriad of subjects that could be useful to Lelouch, and intently listening and making notes when he does his daily report, regardless of what she was doing.

This made Nunnally think that Monica wanted to be what Kanon is to Schneizel, Kanon, may he rest in peace, was smart, and part of OSI before an injure crippled him of his fighting prowess before he joined that snake.

Monica's actions lifted a fire under Kallen and C.C., Kallen hated to lose, and consequently, she fought and trained harder than before, while C.C. had a fear of being abandoned or deemed useless, thus while she still didn't have the benefits of a Serum, she didn't have to eat or sleep and she used and abused it to read and complete the Mirror of Samsara.

Only after C.C. completed the Mirror and took the Serum she started building muscle and training physically, putting her research about being the perfect mother to the side.

And how those three could not? Lelouch's daily reports were extensive and enlightening, he studied and fought with his life on the line every day, some days he had to rest because of an injury and he spoke of his mistakes, of his life… of the fact that he lived in a certain inn with plenty of girls that he admitted were cute and quirky.

Or the fact that he already created an underground organization, that acted as an adventurer school for orphans that will become his army, or that he inaugurated a pizzeria as a means for money laundering but ended up making more money than his underground organization, and now most of his subordinates work in the pizzeria, or that he is the only member of his Familia, but almost all small and poor Familia work for him, even if indirectly, and that his relationship with the Goddess Britannia, formerly know as Fallen One (the Goddess of his Familia) progressed.

Also, Goddess Britannia talked to them quite a lot, and she was the one to say that there are plenty of girls that were interesting in Lelouch, with two Familia composed solely of virgin and pretty women and their Goddesses had a debt with him…

And to the annoyance of everyone, she was quite descriptive of her night activities with her elder brother – Godess Britannia was annoying since she liked to put important information about the Gods and the world in the middle of her stories, to force them to listen!

Through when the information was important, she promptly talked to them.

"Resuming, because big brother caused troubles to some evil organization, called Evilus, they managed to make the Greek God of the Sun, Apollo, interested on big Brother enough to try to add him on his Harem." Nunnally resumed the situation.

"According to Lord Lelouch reviews on the God's rules and War Games," said Monica "to be qualified for a War Game challenge one requires suitable reason: Apollo bribed the eyewitness, through anyone that knows him know that the reason the Apollo Familia vault on the 'Apotropaios Temple' – the Apollo's Familia Home – disappeared was due to Lord Lelouch."

Nunnally snorted "Apollo wanted someone to blame and at the same time take Big Brother, so he falsified the proof… and caught the real thief. Big Brother must have been pissed at that coincidence."

She looked at Jeremiah that looked between angry at his Lord being slandered, and a bit ashamed for doing something similar in the past.

"Lelouch was pissed alright, however, his Familia is protected from the War Games due to him being the only member, and that he is Level One…however he already maxed up his Basic Attributes for over a year already and is accumulating Excelia for the Spell, and possessing a Level Two or 3 Familia Members are the minimum required for a War Game," C.C. said as she stretched like a cat, yet still came out as graceful.

A change that everyone noticed after the Zero Requiem… or after their wedding with God themselves as an eyewitness, she acted elegant and dignified, worth of her title as Empress, though still mischievous and annoying at times, she took things seriously and was extremely focused on her tasks and goals.

Always wearing a black version of a wedding dress – making everyone sure that while her expression was always one of apathy, her clothes showed what she was feeling and thinking.

Above all, she stopped eating pizza, Lelouch created the Pizzeria and tried to replicate while creating his own pizza flavors just for her, and C.C. is eagerly waiting for the moment she is 'reborn'.

Nunnally nodded, the Mirror of Samsara was complete, they could talk to the dead, but not go to Lelouch.

This required him to be at Level Two to cast the Spell that would connect both worlds – D.S. gave him a Development Ability, a Skill, and a Spell as rewards before he went to Orario with the Fallen One before she gained a name, and while the requirements were harsh, the power was immense.

"Lord Lelouch plans in Leveling Up during Denatus in a week– ever since my Lord's Basic Stats maxed last year he could Level Up at will – and travel to his hidden base on the Dungeon, there he will try to cast the Summoning Spell… he doesn't know if the mirror is done or not, but if it works we will spend the next 3 months hidden and on intensive training, if not, he will enter the Alliance between Artemis and Astraea… however, it is a Divine Alliance and one of the requirements is trust."

Nunnally sighed, Lelouch loved his secrets, and she did not blame him…much, and while entering the alliance seemed good on paper, and really is, as it was enforced by the power of Gods themselves, he decided to not accept without his confidants and partners.

Really sweet of him.

Also, and probably the biggest reason, he did not want to accept the alliance because the agreements were 'too idealistic' of not killing if possible, and… her Big Brother is one that cuts the evil through the roots, even if it damaged the soil momentarily, it prevented more weeds to be born.

Though he prefers to not kill rather than joining Apollo's harem.

"So…what is the problem?" Nunnally did not understand the problem of the discussion.

"Lady C.C. wants to appear with makeup and wearing her dress, while I want us to be fully geared, warmed up, and ready to fire to kill at a moment's notice. Greeting Lord Lelouch is serious, but his safety is above aesthetics and traditions." Monica deadpanned.

That…made sense, on both sides, if she were to meet her big brother, she wanted to be dolled up and jump on his arms, not…well, being rational as Monica wanted.

C.C. pouted, ah, she was being willful and probably complaining for the sake of complaining.

"Lady C.C., if you become a liability out in the middle of a battle and get my lord killed, I swear that I will torment you for the rest of our times in hell," Monica said with her eyes narrowed.

C.C. … looked away.

Long story short, C.C. carried a secondary bag filled with clothes, dresses, and makeup, she will doll up.

…also, Kallen and Monica had a similar bag.

/-/ * /-/

Zero Hour approached.

The three chosen had their faces flushed after doing a light workout to warm up their bodies, they were geared and armored with a mix of advanced metallurgy to create medievalesque armor and weapons,

According to Lelouch, the ambient magic made certain technologies obsolete, he tried to replicate a radio powered by potatoes, it didn't work, but one powered by magic had potential but required further research.

Thus, radios and other electronics are considered obsolete, thus the armors were powered with a mix of gears, coils, and pistons used on prosthetic legs and arms, and guns.

And a lot of ammo.

Everyone was carrying a 120L Backpack filled with essentials and ammunition of all kinds, carrying the most advanced assault rifles, grenades, gas and poison ganisters, and knives, and more knives to throw, and guns that use either Sakuradite or Gunpowder or both. Lelouch managed to make gunpowder and seems like chemical mixtures work the same, but physics worked differently in that world.

They didn't know if Sakuradite worked as it didn't exist on Orario, thus they didn't make all their propellants Sakuradite based.

They also had other bags filled with lesser but essential items, such as underwear and makeup, but could be thrown away – and remotely explode – if they needed to drop it off and run.

Hell, even crossbows since it would be easier to craft bolts rather than bullets.

The three girls were in front of the silver and golden pool, with the rest of the scientists and guards a bit far away while monitoring the machinery in hopes of gaining data for…whatever Llyoid and Rakshaka wanted.

[I hope I was not talking to a pocket mirror for two years for nothing – nevertheless, I will explain how it will work again…] they heard Lelouch's voice on his Lamperouge persona, the gentle and caring tone he used on family and friends, coming from the pool, the Mirror of Samsara, before he changed to the one used as Zero and Emperor.

[The Caretaker of Spacetime gave me a few gifts before I departed this world, one of them was a spell capable of summoning servants to me – regardless of where they are, or if they want or not.]

He paused for a bit to let everyone understand the meanings behind his words.

[I already said it but I will say it again, Servitium Regis is a contractual spell, also considered a Curse as it consumes Excelia permanently from the caster every time it is used to Summon, those that accept the contract will die if I die, those that accept will forever belong to me, even after death, the release of this contract means a true death that that will cut you from the living, prevent any resurrection or immortality methods, not even the Code, not even Gods, not even magic, not even the Mirror of Samsara will able to contact with such soul. Only natural reincarnation will be permitted.]

[My death shall be your death, my pain shall be your pain, my defeat shall be your defeat – are you willing to make this deal with me?]

C.C. snorted as she stood straighter, prouder, bearing a regal posture with her interlocking hands resting in front of her lower stomach, but instead of the right hand covering the left, her 'sinister' hand covers her right hand.

"Really? After everything you still have to ask – I am your Witch, you are my Warlock." She said, even if Lelouch couldn't hear, but it was more to herself than anyone else. A promise.

Kallen saluted.

"Q-1, Reporting for duty," she said with dignity and passion, her place was with Lelouch, serving her liege as a Knight and officer.

Monica unsheathed her blade before half kneeling and pointing the tip of her blade to her neck as if giving the hilt of the blade to someone – Lelouch – to the decision of either grabbing the hilt of the blade, or piercing her neck, as she swore.

"This knight, Monica Krushevsky, swears that from now onwards, you shall be mine master, and to you I shall offer my body and eternal loyalty, becoming your blade and shield, to stand by you no matter in life or death... or undeath!"

Everything was in silence for a few seconds before Lelouch's voice echoed.

[Very well! If that's what you desire then… My partner and Witch, C.C.! My Q-1, Kallen! And my personal Knight, Monica!]

"Expecting who is waiting for you…even the length of the oaths, predicting this much… it seems that big brother became even sharper than before," Nunnally commented.

["Pledge! –"]

His voice echoed making the entire World of C tremble, the surroundings twisted and changed into a throne room, one that had details of the Black Knights and Pendragon aesthetics. With a fountain with statues of angels behind the throne, carrying jars that continuously produced spring water.

"To change the World of C with the might of his words alone…as expected of my Lord" Jeremiah muttered in praise, and everyone nodded, because it was not everyone that was able to modify the World of C to their desires, only a few were even able to create small objects, let alone a change of scenery.

["-in your Life and the Next."]

As soon as he finished the first verse of the Spell, ethereal black chains came off the mirror of Samsara and bounded the three girls, as if wanting to drag them to hell.

["Vow, that your soul will be mine."]

"Truly, a selfish Demon," C.C. said with a laugh as she felt the chains entering her body, and truly grasping her soul, the voice filled with arrogance and they could see him smirking beyond the worlds.

["My Mirror, My Sword, My Shield."]

The voice echoed, with a hint of delight, but also pride, pride at them.

But unlike of what he said, they weren't objects, they were part of him, he relied on them and trusted his all.

And they accepted and gave their everything.

["That you shall stay by my side no matter what."]

Kallen grasped the hilt of her sword tighter, this time the tone of the voice carried… fear, hope, and despair – he probably was remembering the betrayal.

'No longer I shall turn my back to you, my liege! Lelouch!'

["Against Gods, Demons, and Mortals alike."]

The World of C trembled as if trying to dissuade them – and while many panicked the girls remained calm and composed.

["That even if life is coming to an end."]

Nunnally felt tears in her eyes as she remembered the cold dead hands of her big brother, and from the look of others, she was not alone in reminiscing.

["Even if the world itself is coming to an end,"]

Loneliness. The hall whispered the world lost colors and flavors.

C.C. remembered the scene of the Sword of Akasha and how her desired to die with Charles, Marianne, and V.V. almost destroyed the world.

["Even if it means battling all the Deities in Heaven,"]

Hate. The torches ignited creating shadows of souls dammed to hell.

Monica sighed as she remembered when her reality broke, the Geass of Emperor Charles was broken and she felt as she was worshiping false god her entire life.

["Even if it means slaughtering all Devils in Hell."]

Sorrow. Wind and rain shook the windows as if the Gods were angry at such defiance.

Jeremiah narrowed his eyes as he felt the blood on his hands, under the orders of his liege and his own will, he killed all those that stood on Emperor Lelouch's way, for a tomorrow a lot of blood would be spilled today.

["Even if it means exterminating the entire World!"]

Anger. As the smell of blood became palpable, they noticed that the fountain water was now blood.

Everyone remembered the scene of Lelouch grinning as he captured Damocles and declared himself the ruler of the world.

["Stay by my side, forever."]

He said half a whisper, and half as if…he was proposing, hope and desires, longing… all three girls in front of the Mirror of Samsara said "Yes!" with a shout.


/-/ * /-/

Lelouch felt it, his Servitium Regis Cursed Spell worked. He felt a connection, he sensed them, and they attached to him, they were tied by something stronger than fate, their destinies were now one, be it success or ruin.

The spell has two parts, the one that contracts, and the one that summons.

The harder is the contract due to the several requirements needed, but the second only required a heft price.

Excelia – only, it required him to accumulate the excess, meaning, he could only charge this spell by reaching the hardcap of Excelia he could accumulate in a Level.

Thankfully, it appeared that he could charge endlessly, and he spends a year as a maxed Level One grinding Excelia for this exact moment.

"Let's just hope it's enough…" he muttered as he prepared to cast the spell… then he felt that he could measure how much it would cost to bring them to this world.

"…unexpected low, I could summon them ten times over…however, I have the feeling that is because they don't have Falna, making the cost cheap…"

He gulped a Mind Potion before proceeding to raise his right arm in front of him.

His magic surged and a black miasma emanated from this body.

["I come for the forbidden wall."]

He proclaimed, proud and arrogant, making him remember his time as the Demon Emperor, and the entire world crawled beneath his boots.

A magic circle appeared in front of him, red like his Geass, glowing ominously as his voice echoed from within the Dungeon.

From his experiences, the Dungeon was a mix between a Thought Elevator and the World of C, but instead of a dimension where the entire collective unconscious existed, it was a gate to the underworld.

["I come for the goal of tearing it."]

This wasn't a healing or resurrection spell, after all, it was a spell that could bring even the dead back to him, that could be used on the living!

While could not see it, he sensed another magic circle 'locking' on his targets.

["Against the Code of Mortality!"]

A necromantic spell for those that are selfish and egotistical, disregarding the eternal rest of the dead!

Unaware of it, the entire sky blackened, making all living creatures on Orario shiver as unnatural cold enveloped them as if the gaze of a monster was looking from beyond the darkness.

The Gods in Denatus twisted their heads in interest, while all Adventurers outside the Dungeon rose with apprehension on their eyes and weapons on hand.

["For the sake of healing and support."]

Because he couldn't do it alone, he needed to have allies, partners, servants, and friends – yet he was afraid of being hurt, of being betrayed, so he would curse all of them to stay with him forever!

A pillar of fire and brimstone came from the magic circle as if the gates of hell were opened.

["For the sake of justice and good life."]

He didn't want to control the world or rule it, he wanted to have a peaceful life… however, for that he had to make it a world worth living. – Even if it means breaking it and remaking his image.

The pillar of black and red light reached the top of the Dungeon floor, and beyond as if it didn't exist, as if made of fire – yet everyone shivered for the thick smell of blood and ashes enveloped the entirety of the Dungeon, novices vomited and veterans grouped in defensive formation.

["Thus, welcome my coming with adoration!"]

Because – what this emperor demands, this emperor gets!

He intoned as the pillar of fire became three thick black and red chains with spikes, but soon the chains broke apart and became several blue chains and pierced the space around him.

["O my loyal retainers,"]

Lelouch felt his magic change, this must be due to his duality of demon and hero, the Demon Emperor Lelouch and the Man of Miracles Zero.

The stinking smell around him has washed away as the golden light washed away all evils, the cold feeling people felt disappeared, replaced by a warm and burning energy, excitement, and hope, the same feeling he had when he made his speeches as Zero, as he poured his emotions and people cheered at him.

As the Demon Emperor, he would curse and chain them to him.

As the Savior Zero, he would bless and protect them with miracles.

It is a Curse and Blessing.

A Contract.

["I disapprove of death without my approval."]

He frowned as he felt the familiar gaze of a God on him, she is probably watching him through their Arcanum… or trying.

He felt his Development Ability strain from usage, blurring her Divination (As expected, Divine Tier Ability is the minimum required to block a Divine... and she is not even using Arcanum!), while he wouldn't be able to do it outside the Dungeon, this place is like another world altogether, the Dungeon presence cloaks him further as if excited by the chaos he will cause.

Plus, he's been using it constantly for two years, making it ranking up extremely fast, even more, when a certain Goddess tried to look at him.

Nevertheless – he continued, even if a bit miffed that the Dungeon sometimes thought he was a kindred spirit.

["The royal summons of this Demon King."]

Lelouch fully embraced this identity,

At the same time, the fire changed shapes to an ethereal gate from hell.

["Won't recognize even the tranquility of death."]

He heard gasps as the gate slowly opened, he smiled as the sound came from within the gates!

["Savor the special privilege and suffering of the chosen,"]

Yet, golden and holy light came out from within.

["Savor it well, together with me!"]

The light transformed into three distinct shapes.

["(Regis Evocatio)!"]

Three familiar figures stepped out of the game, geared for War.

However, all he wants is to make Love.

The gate disappeared as the three figures approached.

One half-kneeled like a knight.

One saluted.

And one curtsied.

And he, with open arms, proclaimed:

"Welcome, to the Dungeon City Orario!"

Author's Notes.

Thank you, dear reader, for reading my draft/Oneshot of Code Geass and Danmachi. And maybe a bit of Campione! Since I used the incantation of Youth with Fels resurrection spell as a basis.

By the way, anyone has ideas for the name of the Code Geass Familia? I may try to make it a two-shot, the second focusing on Lelouch being a badass on Orario, but I need some ideas.

(Edit) It is a Two-shot.

I am calling it Geass Familia but sounds too much like Geass Order, maybe I will call it Secret Organization for the lols.

"What is the name of your Secret Organization?!"

"We are the Secret Organization!"

I stole it from 'Trash of the Count's Family' but is funny.

Also, Fallen One (Former Dimensional Supervisor of another fic of mine, that I didn't post, yet, requires a name because she is not D.S. anymore… I needed a God and didn't want Lelouch from entering a Familia, so why not bring a God from Gode Geass anyway? from the few Novels I read that have D.S. as a character, she has a personality similar to C.C., and I don't want to add another C.C. – then I remembered that C.C. has two personalities, the Slave Girl version is super dependent, and from there I created the Fallen One.)

(Edit) the Fallen One adopted the name of Britannia, the goddess personification of Britain.

Fun fact, Marianne is the name of the goddess and personification of France. I guess that's why fics say that Lelouch is of French descent through his mother.

Lelouch was 18 when he was sent to Orario, around five years before Cannon Starts, before Astraea Familia is almost wiped out, and to not fuck Cannon too much I will make Lelouch save Artemis Familia, while we know that Arrow!Artemis asked for help a few months after Cannon, the time where her Familia was erased could have been a long time ago before Hermes found the arrow with Artemis.

Also, it is not Cannon Danmachi, it's an AU where Gaea descended as well and fixed the weird Falna System that makes no sense, because the Difference between Skills and Development abilities is weird, and in the English translation of the Basic Abilities is weird.

I am pretty sure that it is not Strength but Attack, and there is no Dexterity, but Utility, in classic J-RPG system like Final Fantasy, Magic is Magic Power, Agility is Speed, and so on.

Expect Spells to be more Baddass than Danmachi Cannon, instead of some variation of Vancian Magic, its annoying but expected that only Bell can increase or decrease the power of his spells.

Also, Freya can see souls, I am still undecided how Lelouch's soul looks like, he is praised as both the Savior and Demon, due to his dual identity of Zero and Emperor, he also killed a lot of people, through in Cannon I think Schneizel was the one that directly killed the most by destroying Pendragon, second was Suzaku with the destruction of Tokyo, and third… maybe Nunnally I guess, she launched a few bombs through but since they were military targets and spread out in the sky with Knightmares I think.

The number of people killed as Demon Emperor was never explained, though he took the blame from all evils committed as he planned.

Stas for Nerds.

Lelouch vi Britannia, Human, 20

Level One - to - Level Two

"Basic Abilities"

Attack: S-1000 - to - I-1

Defense: S-1000 - to -I-1

Utility: S-1000 - to - I-1

Speed: S-1000 - to - I-1

Magic: S-1000 - to - I-1

(Lelouch is a perfectionist and had to reach the limits to store Excelia for his Curse spell, I also like round numbers thus expect the Demon and his Consorts to reach completion before Leveling up, also, in my AU, stats start at 1 and end in 1000, unlike Cannon that starts at 0 and end at 999, lorewise is because Gaea Update raised the limits of mortals, but meta is because I don't like broken numbers.

"Special Abilities"

(Special Abilities are Passives that grow in power with usage, and can even Rank Up, for example, Blacksmith can become Master Blacksmith or Metallurgy, Mixing can evolve to Mystery or Alchemy, and so on. have Tiers of Power: Mortal, Spirit, and Divine. As expected, Luck is Divine Tier.)

1. World Deceiver: E (Divine Rank) – in this AU, everyone gains a Special Ability the moment they receive Falna, based on their personalities and stories, Lelouch deceived everyone again and again, before deceiving the world itself. (aka. Hides the status, can somewhat lie to Gods when masked and allows one to change shape, size, appearance, voice like a low version of Cinderella to better fit the mask one is using. Even hiding Falna and Magic to a certain degree. Consumes stamina to maintain, ranked up a lot thanks to Freya and his Serum, Lelouch spent the entire time on Orario under a mask of Lamperouge.)

2. Warlock: I (Mortal Rank) – Improves power, widens effect range, and makes mind and sacrifice usage efficient. (Curse version of Mage dev ability, because he is a Spellcaster specialized in using magic circle of Lelouch is his personal Geass emblem that he used in the Black Knight.)

C.C. will gain Immortal, which makes her regenerate and return to life as long she has Mind, then Witch that is a Curse version of Mystery.

Kallen is Champion as a nod as her status as Ace of Black Knights and perhaps the world, improving the power and effectiveness of her weapons, the opposite of Fist Fighter, through the wiki doesn't say what it does one can guess with the name and the fact that Lunoire Faust has it. The second would then be Knight, which I am still thinking, either will affect her armor specs or something to do with Lelouch.

The others are still in the proto stage, Monica only has some backstory in the Anime and I didn't read Oz, thus her background is what I read on the Wikia and what I added, she is like, an OC but not actually OC.

Maybe OOC? In Cannon she was probably loyal to the Emperor on her free will…through I like her character design and expanded her backstory to connect her to Lelouch, though it sounded forced like a bad harem novel, but this is still a draft novel, if I ever go official I may remove her and only make an L.C.K. ship.

Or not, I will continue making her a relevant character, maybe she will get popular and become the new 'Daphne Greengrass' – like, seriously, we don't even know the girl's hair color and she is as popular as Fleur.

Fandom is such a beautiful thing… *pushes Steven Universe Fandom in the trash*.


Triple Luck, Tri-LCK? Lelouch x C.C. x Kallen. Whatever ship name,

Anyway, Monica's first Ability will be something like the Mettle Semblance, which gives her Hyperfocus or something that gives her mental resistance.

Her second ability Justicar due to her quote of "Justice is given equally.", giving her the power to injure with heals.

Because Justice depends on perspective!


On my AU, there is a limit of 2 Skills per Level, so a Level One has a 0/2 slot, and a Level Five has 0/10.

I am still unsure of what kind of Skills Lelouch will have, here are some I devised, Skills are ranked from 1 to 3, Mortal, Spirit, and Divine.

Bell's Liaris Freese is Divine, with Argonaut, Crozzo Blood, and Avenger, being Spirit Rank, the rest like Berserker are Mortal Rank.

Skills are Active or Active/Passive, the Active effects are powerful but consume something, such as Mind, Stamina, Vitality, or Feelings.

The Passive effects do not consume resources.

(Mysterious Dimension Mirror, [Gate of Akashi]) Divine Tier.

· ?

(This skill is what lets Lelouch Communicate between worlds and dimensions through mirrors, one of God's rewards, inspired by Five Dimension Troia Skill when it comes to mysteriousness, and that not even Gods are all knowing.)

(Command Battle Station, [Command Soul Voice]) Spirit Tier.

[Active Trigger] - Consumes Mind.

· Able to remotely speak to target or objects based on user's Level distance is based on user's Level.

· Can be transmitted directly into the mind for people that have the same Falna, consumes Mind.

· Momentary grants a small boost in Basic Attributes if follow the order given, effect increases with same Falna.

· Momentary reduces Basic Attributes if ignores the order, effect increases for those with same Falna.

· Reduces Speed to zero while in use.

(I used this skill as a nod to his commanding skills and when directing battles from a hidden/unseen location, it happened on the battle of Shinjuku, Saitama, on the Babel, and even on Resurrection, it is a higher variant form of Command Howl/Call that uses Mind instead of Stamina, 'If you want to win, follow my commands' legend transformed into an effect similar to Soul Voice from the game 'Xenoblade Chronicles X'. that is a Quick Time Reaction version of assist.)

(The Man of Miracles [Zero]) Spirit-tier

· [Trigger when wearing a false identity Mask.] - Consumes Faith received.

· Grants fast growth of Basic Abilities, and Special Abilities, as long receives Faith, the strength of the effects corresponds with the level of the faith people have for the Mask.

· Negative faith towards Mask slows down growth and lowers Basic Stats.

(A lesser version of Liaris Freese that transforms faith received and doesn't enable one to go beyond the limits, but affects more than just Basic Abilities, Skills powers are a constant and affected by the Level, while Spells are based on total Utility, Magic and Experience one has, I made it such because Lelouch's Spell requires Excelia as fuel, plus, Zero is a freaking God in the eyes of the populace after killing the Demon Emperor. Also, I think all skills have some cost, and Bell's have the feelings/ambitions powering him up, if one day his feelings stops, I think all growth will also stop.)

(The Demon Emperor [World Destroyer]) Spirit-tier


· Positive feelings towards the user restore Stamina, and Vitality at a slow and small trickle.

[Active Trigger.] - Consumes Stamina and Mind.

· Heavily increases all Basic Abilities against lower-leveled enemies.

· Greatly increases all Basic Abilities against equal-leveled enemies.

· Moderately increases all Basic Abilities against higher-leveled enemies.

· Effects increases based on Negative feelings received.

(Strong against the Weak and Weak against the Strong, kinda off, but that's how Villain's work, right? this skill is useless against those that are not Enemies. He is like a Boss that needs his Sub-Bosses killed to finally die.)

(After visiting the Wiki I saw that sometimes skills are translated to Heavy, Large, Massively, so I standardized the effect of the skills)

- Slightly: 10%

- Moderately: 30%

- Greatly: 90%

- Heavily: 270%

- Massively: 810%

Regular Increase is based on Levels, each Level is 10%.


Lelouch only has Curses as Spell slots, Curses are all spells that affect the caster as a form of sacrifice outside Mind.

C.C. Spells will mess with the mind, smoke, and Mirrors, illusions, she will be primary Caster and Rogue. His Mirror. She watches his back and from the shadows.

Kallen is a magical version of Gurren's abilities. Suzaku is Lelouch's Sword, a two-edged one at that, but Kallen is his enforcer and bodyguard, the Demon's Right Arm, not a sword because she is a Godamn Claw that will drag all that stands on his way to hell.

Monica will be a Paladin of Sorts, his Shield, she will also use shields and possess Shield and healing skills, because I like Shields and they are freaking underused.

1/3 - (Servitium Regis) Divine Tier.

· Spirit Contract Magic.

· Curse Summoning – Cost in Excelia depending on the distance of Summoning.

· Bind the souls of willing, giving them access to power in exchange of servitude.

· Subjects can be summoned from anywhere.

· Subjects will die if they leave the contract, or if the contractor perishes.

· Servant Contract Spell: [Commendatio] 11-verses.

Pledge, in your life and the next. /

Vow, that your soul will be mine. /

My Mirror, My Sword, My Shield. /

That you shall stay by my side no matter what. /

Against Gods, Demons, and Mortals alike. /

That even if life is coming to an end. /

Even if the world itself is coming to an end. /

Even if it means battling all the Deities in Heaven. /

Even if it means slaughtering all Devils in Hell. /

Even if it means exterminating the entire World. /

Stay by my side, forever. /


· Servant Summoning Spell: [Regis Evocatio] 12-verses.

I come for the forbidden wall. /

I come for the goal of tearing it. /

Against the Code of Mortality. /

For the sake of healing and support. /

For the sake of justice and good life. /

Thus, welcome my coming with adoration /

O my loyal retainers. /

I disapprove of death without my approval. /

The royal summons of this Demon King. /

Won't recognize even the tranquility of death. /

Savor the special privilege and suffering of the chosen. /

Savor it well, together with me. /

[Regis Evocatio]

· Servant Boost Spell: Locked- · Servant Support Spell: Locked· Servant Protection Spell: Locked

(Servitium Regis is the name of the Spell given by C's God, its essentially an enslavement/monster taming magic mixed with a raise undead, but instead of monsters they are mortals turned into pseudo-summons. Based on Fel's Dia Orpheus and Haruhime's Uchide no Kozuchi, and 'Campione!' Youth Incantation, and maybe 'Charm of the Soul Pets' but have clear requirements to bring someone back to life. Spells grow in power and effect and versatility with the users, like Bell's Firebolt.)

2/3 - (Unholy Miracle) Spirit Tier

· A curse that bewitches and controls the opponent.

· Upon casting, a red Geass sigil appears on the caster's eyes requires visual confirmation of the target.

· Increase effectiveness if gazes meet.

· Sacrifice: Lower Caster's all Basic Abilities and decrease maximum Mind while the curse is active, stack for each active Geass, sacrifice proportional to target's Falna.

· Mind cost is based on the target's current mental defenses and Magic stat. maintaining Geass does not consume Mind, but all active Geass will disappear if caster loses consciousness or Mind reaches zero.

· Chant: ?

(Curse version of Absolute Obedience Geass, can affect mortals, animals, and monsters, and theoretically Gods, through he would have to have enough Mind to match Arcanum and enough Basic Abilities to compare to a God.)

3/3 - (Knightmare Armor - the Zero) Spirit Tier.

· Creation and Destruction Element Avatar-type magic that covers the user with a Black Armor.

. Heavily increases the user's Basic Abilities.

· Transform into a Spiritual Lifeform, granting immunity from all forms of Mortal Weapons and Sources.

. Can manipulate Creation and Destruction Elements with Mind.

· Constantly consumes Stamina to maintain the Spell.

· Sacrifice: Slowly consumes Sanity while in use.

· Activation Chant: ?

· Deactivation Chant: ?

(Zero Suit consumes Mind while active, but also, slowly, makes him insane. – based on the Nightmare of Nunnally, Lelouch's Geass, and the fact that he became an agent of chaos in the end called C.C. the Demon King. - His Geass gave him a lot of things, a suit of armor that enabled Lelouch to fight Knightmares, the ability to hack and control Knightmares, to manifest a Knightmare, and above all, his suit was indestructible.)

(Avatar is like Enchant Magic mixed with Transformation Magic, but instead of amplifying stats with magic, it empowers the user by channelling the power of a higher entity or concept, so expect Zero Armor to have abilities similar to Magic like Knightmare of Nunnally, and this enables Kallen to use a Gurren as Armor, this is inspired by Campione! Divine Possession.)