"She should be trained by me," Jane spoke with such authority. Her twin Alec nodded in solidarity.

Heidi merely scoffs and decides to strike the annoying twins' nerves, "Remind me again whose plan was it to rely on the revenge-seeking-vampire to destroy the Olympic coven, which failed epically? Not to mention, the human just simply needs to breathe to render your gift useless on her."

Before a fight could break out, Chelsea and Afton interfere as per usual.

"Heidi has a point but as we have observed, her protective instinct may possess a direct link to her shield. We need to harness on this knowledge in order to turn her into our valuable asset. With training, she might even be able to summon her gift in the physical form."

Chelse winks at her mate, pride swelling in her eyes. Most of the other guards underestimate him and finds his invisibility gift to be non-valuable but to her it makes him the perfect spy. He is also very observant and often sees more than the rest do. She had sent him to infiltrate on the Olympic coven and gather intels none of them are privy of. So long Aro doesn't have Alice by his side, they would need to rely on other gifts to complete their mission.

Centuries of training with the rest of Volturi guards had made her mate a fast learner especially during those times when Eleazar was still with them. He had taught Afton on how to elevate his gifts and Afton had been practising for almost two centuries to not only be physically invisible to vampires' eyes but also to their other senses. It was how he had managed to sneak Chelsea a few times into Bella's room when she was fast asleep to manipulate the human's emotions whilst she was far away dreaming.

They had to thread it carefully and now their work is almost done. But there were times when they had almost gotten caught and few more dangerous times when they had almost screwed it up. Learning Bella's true bonds with not one but two vampires was the leverage they were looking for. It had made the human vulnerable and therefore more susceptible to their emotional manipulation. On nights Bella had spent with Irina proved to be almost impossible to carry out their planning due to the Denalis' very trained senses. The eldest of the two had never truly left Irina alone with her human mate. But when Rosalie came into the picture, they had taken advantage of the blonde's own demons to create the perfect opportunity for them to finally kidnap the human. They also needed to have Bella in their grasp before the two blondes made their vampire claim on the human, which would be far too late for the Volturi. Once Bella had been claimed, it would be extremely strenous for them to manipulate her emotions.

Bella is the key for the Volturi to acquire those talented vampires - Kate, Alice, Edward and Jasper.

Chelsea just needs to maximise her gift and channel all of Bella's love and trust for the two blondes onto Heidi instead. And so it was decided that the plan is to turn Bella against the Olympic coven to ensure she doesn't get in the way of the Volturi's attacks on the vegetarians. Once they learn of Bella's betrayal, it would leave most of them shocked and exposed, which will ease their surrender.

Aro's condition was clear; to keep the death of the Olympic coven to a minimum and make those five submit as quickly as possible. He still has a soft spot for Carlisle and hates wasting vampire's lives unnecessarily. The survival of the rest of the Olympic coven is pertinent as a lesson to all vampires in the world.

At first Heidi had felt somewhat burdened adjusting to the human. She thought her patience for humans run deeper than the other guards altogether during her planned trips of luring unsuspecting victims in to the castle for their feast. Clearly she had been wrong because Bella Swan is one human that's tough to crack.

And so she had to seek Marcus' help in trying to get insights into Bella's bonds with her mates seeing as Chelsea's knowledge proved to be limited. All her usual advances didn't work on the human. She was desperate and Marcus had nothing better to do. At one point he invited himself to the pathetic town of Forks to see for himself the mating bonds between the two. He had known it was possible for vampires to have more than one mate but it was such a rarity that two vampires are mated to a human girl. He was intrigued and indulged his curiosity by observing the three for a mere five minutes.

Upon his return, he only needed to nod to confirm Aro's suspicion all along, who grinned darkly at the new found information. They had kept Marcus' finding to themselves until today, when Heidi paid them a visit.

"Their bonds are strongly rooted in one another. The human sees them as her protectors and safe haven. In their own way, they provide her with warmth and comfort as she does them."

He grows silent a moment, deep in his mysterious thoughts, before he resumes, "You will need to do something drastic and powerful to win her over."

Heidi is still left stunned walking back to Bella's room after that odd meeting. She has never seen him so deep in his memory as he provided her with answers. He looked almost sad, more than usual. Something about the weird mating bond stirred something chaotic in his usually slumber mind.

Shaking it off, she focuses on the task at hand. She's almost successful in winning Bella's trust as of late. The human seems to smile more in her presence and so she has turned it into a routine; to be by the human's side as often as she can. Dimitri volunteered to take over her blood-fishing expeditions with much joy after learning the seductress' main focus had to be divided wholly on their new mission. While it's been refreshing to fall into this being-in-love-with-a-walking-blood-bag routine, it's also proven to be a great challenge to resist sinking her teeth into the human's neck. Everytime Bella's heart beats a little faster, the temptation becomes too great Heidi has to resort to the stale blood supply in the castle. Thankfully her pride refuses to handover her reigning title as the guard with the highest tolerance of humans due to her nature of work. All the other guards envy her in this control, especially Jane. She has the worst control, which is why the brunette had Aro sealed her request for the blonde to not be within 100 feet from the human. She doesn't trust her the most due to Jane's desire to return Bella's favour and humiliate her in front all of the vampires. Bella unknowingly did that when Jane tried to kill her last time she was here with Edward and Alice.

She scoffs. That's not the only reason she wants Jane far far away from the human. The bonus is she gets to piss that suffering-know-it-all with this order.

But there's a small part of her who secretly enjoys some of the peaceful and private moments she has with the human. After studying the insufferable blondes, she had learned quickly that she needs to be as gentle as possible with Bella. It catches her off guard however when Bella responds as kindly and as gently as she can.

All her vampiric life, Heidi had always relied on her sexual charms to check off her wish list. Humans had been nothing more than food and sex. She never had to be gentle with anyone. Just put on her smirk and they'll all coming running. This methodology weirds the fuck out of her but there's also a weird and unexplained tingling sensation whenever Bella touches her. It took her back to those almost forgettable memories with her original coven.

"Do you remember your life as a human?"

The question pulled her a thousand miles away. She tries to piece it together but much like Bella's memory, it all seems parched and in pieces. That's usually what happens to vampires; sometimes they lose their human memory and she does her best to explain that to Bella.

Instinctively, Bella reaches out and gently squeezes Heidi's arm in comfort, "I'm sorry."

"What for, darling?" the terms of endearment seem to flow more naturally on her tongue these days.

"You had that look."

The vampire stares at her dumbfoundedly, "What look?"

Bella wants to explain but hesitates due to her fear of being more insensitive towards her vampire mate. Most of the times she still finds it hard to believe that this gorgeous vampire is her mate.

She pecks Heidi's cold cheek in answer instead and tries to change the subject, "I was wondering if you had ever taken me out on a date?"

A playful smile graces her lips. She won't resist fate if fate determined her life partner would come in the form of a gorgeous, sexy and charming brunette vampire. But she does want to remember so badly. Trying to lure Heidi into human activities might be helpful, she thought.

Heidi freezes.

In all her years as a vampire, she had never gone out on a date. It wasn't how things worked for vampires. Most vampires who meet their mate would know instantly and they proceed to marking each other. And sometimes lonely vampire with needs would just fuck each other into oblivion. Even if human her had done some dating before, it's not like she could recall those memories let alone do those super old stuff now in this century. She'd fail and humiliate herself right infront of a human.

But seeing the hopeful brown eyes snaps her out of reverie. This would be the perfect time for her to earn brownie points with the human. So she fakes her confidence and turns on her charm.

"Of course, dear Isabella. Surely you don't think all it takes is for me to bat my eyelashes to get you to fall into my arms?"

Heidi leans into the human, her lips ghosting just above warm ones, for extra effect. Unbeknownst to her, Bella has a flash of memory at the vampire's last few words.

"My my, falling into my arms twice a day already, Isabella?"

A/N: Remember where that line came from? Chapter 1! Chelsea's gift is powerful. But Bella's strong. You'll see what happened to Bella's mates in the next chapter.