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"It is simple. Your fishing gift works on a mind basis. Whereas the human's is a mental shield, she is able to resist you."

Heidi's mind has been hunted by Marcus' words. Frustrated at being unable to successfully capture the human's heart, she comes up with a plan to win the human over. When all vampire's usual strategies fail, she turns to human books; psychological and romances. Movies and books of romances disgust her but in them, she manages to find something valuable to her mission.

"Where are we going?"Bella spoke after a moment of silence between them. Her usually warm hand turns slightly cold in Heidi'sas they travel alongside the castle's almost unused corridor,in human speed.

"You'll see," she replied cryptically, with a smirk.

Bella's heart skips a beat at that smirk but not for reasons Heidi is thinking of. As of late, in her dreams, Bella sees as if she's in alternate universe, where she is loved by a different person; actually by two different personalities. She wonders if it's been two different dreams. It's either that or she's in love with two different women in those dreams. Bella scoffs at the absurdity of it all. How would that even work?

But she can't help but feel there's been something missing, like the puzzle doesn't fit. She remembers that particular smirk but it only reminds her that she's seen a better one; one where it makes her cheeks flush and nerves tickle her fingers. One where it sits spectacularly perfect on someone's lips. And the other woman wears a softer smile, one where it gives her a fuzzy feeling. Gosh, what is wrong with her? She has a grogeous and sexy mate right in front of her and yet she's here getting lost in some vague dreams, where other women haunt her even when she's awake. She wonders if there's someone she could talk to in the castle. But she doubts it. It had seemed only Heidi is able to resist the temptation of her blood. From time to time, it confuses her why the Volturi won't just turn her already. It's not like she had anything to lose. Her family are long gone and forgotten. There's no one who would miss her. The only thing she has right now is the vampire with violet eyes.

"We're here," the silky voice pulled Bella out of her thoughts.

They are standing right in front of a steel door. Right next to the door is a retina scanner. Wow, she hasn't realised how modern these vampires are. Most of the common rooms used retain some of that midevil decorations. It's been so quiet it gives her the creeps.

"You know, if you wanted to kill me, you could have easily hand me over to Jane," Bella tried to joke.

Heidi narrows her eyes and pulls Bella against her rigid body, "I am never letting her touch you. That's a promise."

Bella gulps and gives a sheepish grin.

"What I'm about to show you is very private. No one else has been here."

There's something heavy in Heidi's words that they almost drip with a dangerous warning. It's as if Bella isn't supposed to be here at all and Heidi doesn't have much a choice in the matter. The human has seen the way Heidi's eyebrows scrunch in displeasure and frustrations because Bella had been the cause for most of them. Either it's the way she accidentally disrespects the other guards by speaking up her own mind or the silent protests she has had during their punishments for the guilty vampires. It's been tense ever since and Bella doesn't know how to fix it. She could only go to sleep at night when Heidi is in the same room, otherwise it's like she's plagued by this fear that one of the guards would have had enough of her and drain her blood off in her sleep.

It's not said out loud but they both know that Bella doesn't have much trust in her. Granted, Heidi has done many things possible to make her mate more comfortable here in Italy but the fact that she isn't allowed to leave makes Bella on an edge, like she's a prisoner. Heidi tried explaining that there are two blonde vampires out there seeking Bella to avenge their mates' death. Apparently, the clumsy Bella Swan had somehow miraculously killed off two vampires and almost caused a war. She's always know she's a walking disaster but murder? Bella never thought she'd ever be capable of it. Even if she had lost her memory due to the battle but something as monumental as murder would have given her nightmares, correct? As far she is concerned, Bella still has her conscience tighfully intact. She even requests Heidi to make sure her path would never cross those innocent humans who are brought in every once in a while to be fed to the Volturi.

Heidi scans her eyes and immediately the heavy door opens for both of them.

Bella has feared she might stumble upon something she would never be able to rid off from her memory but is stunned to see the insides. It's nothing like the gloomy and depressing look the rest of the castle. It almost feels homey and comfortable. What surprises her the most is the huge tinted window that allows them to oversee the rest of the city. All furniture looks modern and tasteful and much too fancy than Heidi's room. There's a bar in the centre of the room and the right leads them into a huge toilet and closet room. Bella disregards everything else and heads to the window, basking in the heat of the sunlight just from touching the glass. It's the only warm thing she's ever touched here. It gives her a room to breathe.

"Welcome to my sanctuary. Whenever I need to escape the others, I'd be here," she explained as Heidi flopped herself comfortably on the bed.

Bella's eyes are focused on the passers-by, tourists, all enjoying the lives. She wonders what it's like to be out there, free and about. She sees a family of three, chatting happily with a cone of ice cream in their hands. Bella tries to think what her family was like. In a second, Heidi appears by the human's side, her hand is placed gently on the small back of Bella. Something catches Bella's eyes and she turns to Heidi to see her mate glowing under the sunlight. Heidi is concerned her natural look would terrify the human but is surprised by Bella's unexpected reaction.

"You're beautiful..." Her eyes glazed over and for once, Bella can see the mahogany hair turn auburn under the sun.

"This does not scare you?"

Bella shakes her head in honesty.

Something changed in Heidi in that moment. It's a breath of fresh air to only be admired in her most vulnerable state. No human had ever seen her this way. Vampirs and humans only need to look at her for one second and worship her by her feet. If Heidi could blush, she would have. She wonders if this is a small fragment of how the others feel with their mate. Heidi had never cared before. She always felt like it wasn't that important. The only thing that mattered was her loyaly to the Volturi and the role she plays.

Bella's hand voluntarily but slowly reaches out to Heidi and the vampire allows her, curious to her next move. Her body remains stunned even as Bella throws herself at her, softly wrapping her arms around Heidi's body in a warm hug. Miraculously, Heidi could feel the tense leaving her shoulders as she consciously returns the hug. She tunes out Bella's steady heartbeats and focuses on her scent instead. There's an unexplained flavour to Bella's hair and she runs her nose deeper there, suddenly feeling greedy of it.

"I know we're at a weird place, Heidi, but you could always talk to me about anything. I have a good feeling I could be a good listener," Bella offered.

Talk, huh? What an interesting offer. She questions Bella's motives but there's absolutely nothing for her to gain out of this. Heidi's become good at that; reading what people need or want from her. Whether it's lust, influence, or food - all of these are reflected in their dark eyes. So, Heidi pulls back to try and get a good read out of the human and she sees nothing malice behind those brown eyes.

She closes her eyes, trying to listen to the hallways and corridors for unwanted intruders. She hears none. As a reward for Heidi's loyalty all these centuries, Aro had granted her request; a private room far away from the others where she could unwind in her solitude. Being a sex goddess, she has taken many vampires and humans alike to her bed but none ever made it here. The other guards too. Infact, this part of the castle is forbidden to the others upon Heidi's request. She wants to earn Bella's trust and she realises she may need to open up to do so. It would put her at risk of humiliation if others were around for private moments like this and bringing Bella outside the castle is a big no no, in fear they might encounter one of the Olympus coven. This is her only option.

She kneels and takes off both of their shoes and gets them settled in her bed, her arms secure around Bella's small waist. Heidi has seen this before; human couples tend to cuddle. She figures it's the only time she could do this and test out how it would feel. She releases a deep breath and allows herself to sink in further into the bed.

"I don't remember much about my life before I was turned. But I came from Germany. A vampire named Hilda found me in the village..."

As the story goes, Heidi finds herself and Bella more relaxed with each other. She now understands why the humans even have a profession of this cuddling habit. For the first time in a very long time, Heidi feels at peace.

"You are not allowed here," Jane said through gritted teeth.

Bella's heartrate picks up instantly. As usual, she is lost once again in this enormous castle as she tries to find her way to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Heidi was summoned earlier by the Volturi for a meeting. So Bella assumed all the eltie guards were summoned as well and would be safe from the other lower rank guards.

"Um.. I was hungry."

In a second Jane appears right in front of her. Bella finds herself trapped between the dangerous vampire and the fridge.

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing," she flashed her fangs menacingly.

"I'm one of you," Bella tried to talk some sense into her.

Jane narrows her eyes and huffs, "You wish. You're nothing but a pathetic human."

Tired of Jane's insults already, Bella decides to grow a pair and stands up for herself. "If I'm pathetic, then why won't your gift work on me."

Bella suddenly couldn't breathe as Jane's strong hand is wrapped tightly against her throat, "All I have to do is squeeze and you'll be dead. I don't need my gift to kill you." She tightens her grip, leaving no room for air in Bella's lungs. Her legs kick out, trying their best to cause some harm on the vampire eventhough she knows it's useless. Bella's almost passed out when she sees a flash of mahogany hair strikes Jane and chaos ensues in the kitchen.

"I told you not to touch her! It's an unforgiveable act!"

Bella hears some more thunderous collisions and could only wonder what's happening since she herself is still recovering from the chokehold and her human eyes couldn't keep up to their speed. It's terrifying to be in the same room as two Volturi elite guards are fighting. All she could hear are loud impacts against the kitchen walls, hisses and growls.

"She has no right to be here!"

"She's mine! So she has every right!"

Finally, Bella manages to stand on her feet and see Heidi has Jane pressed against the cracked wall. Eventhough she is trapped, Jane still has that cocky smile on her face.

"You're no match for me," was all she said as Heidi crumbled to the ground, screeching in agony. Her limbs shaking as if fire runs through her body.

Horrified by the scene, Bella runs to her mate and drops to her knees, trying everything to protect her.

"Silly, human. Your gift may protect you from mine but not your mate."

With her mind still focused on torturing Heidi, Jane saunter to the human, planning to hurt her as well using her physical force. She rarely resorts to it unless absolutely necessary but she figures it would enjoy her more to inflict pain on both of them rather than just one.

Bella curses herself for antagonising the lethal vampire but still refuses to let her mate go. In an act of desperation, she directs her focus on trying to protect Heidi.

She feels something burning at the back of her spine and as if an explosion occurs right inside her very soul. Bella lets out a howling scream of pain as tears roll out of her eyes. Heidi stops shaking, the pain has lessened somehow. She can still feel it but it's bearable. Coming to her senses, Heidi jumps up and pulls Bella behind her. Shock fills Jane's face and she attemts to double the pain on Heidi.

She is unsuccessful.

They both turn to Bella who still has her eyes closed, frozen in place.

"She did it. Bella's shield is protecting both herself and Heidi," Chelsea spoke and stepped out of the shadows. "Our work here is done."