By: Escarlata

Precure belongs to Toei, plot is mine

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Both girls were tired for the hard work in the farm. They even did fight not one but TWO zakennas and Kimata's grandpa almost got injured, but nothing bad happened in the end and the girls were able to go home with no regrets.

Honoka was happy because she managed to teach the young Kiriya about team work and how humans could reach the best and the impossible working together. Her first-year kouhai had a great potential and he could become a great person in the future, Honoka was sure about that.

Nagisa was upset because she witnessed a deep and quiet love on Kimata's grandparents thanks to the Prism Love Checker (confirmed with the help of the bad guys' attack) AND still she didn't manage to get Fujipi to use the Checker with her. Nagisa couldn't gathered the courage to ask him... Like always.

Nagisa and Honoka were going back to Yukishiro residence, Honoka had invited her best friend to dinner and Nagisa happily accepted, but Honoka noticed her friend wasn't happy at all on their way home. Mepple and Mipple were sleeping after the long day.

"I can't believe this," said Nagisa with a deep sigh.

"Nagisa? It's something wrong?" Asked Honoka but it wasn't hard for her to know that her childhood friend was in the equation.

Nagisa took out the Love Checker from her backpack and then handed it to Honoka. The latter didn't recognize the item but its design said to her it was an object from the Garden of Light.

"What is this? It's cute."

"It's the Prism Love Checker," Nagisa answered. "Mepple and Mipple told me if two people touch this thing, it checks how much they love each other. The higher the meter, the more their love is. They two used it and all the lights and the heart shone after a little while," Nagisa explained and looked at the item. "I asked Kimata senpai's grandparents to use it and their love was at full too."

"I'm not surprised for that fact, their love for each other is very special," said Honoka with a happy smile. The old man really cared for her wife on his own way, even with his grumpy mood and his stubborn attitude. "I respect them, they really love each other so much."

"I saw them too," Nagisa sighed and looked at the floor with a disappointed face. "I tried to use the Love Checker with Fuji-" she mumbled before felt silent, then she blushed slightly and let out a deep sigh. "Forget it... Just forget it, I'm happy to come home alive..."

Honoka smiled, it wasn't hard for her to catch the words Nagisa left lost in the air. She looked at the pink item. "Me too. And thank you for saving me back there, Nagisa."

Nagisa's mood improved thanks to Honoka's words. "No need to thank me, we're partners after all," the girl finally smiled. "You're my best friend, I'll be here for you, okay? And I know you will do the same for me."

"Always." She smiled sweetly. "So... How do you use the Checker?" Asked a curious Honoka as she analyzed every part of the device.

"Oh, look here," Nagisa stopped, then took the item back and put her finger on the right button of the Checker, pressing it. "Just press the other button with your finger. The lights on both sides and the heart will start to shine and this bar in the center will fill with light too. And the level is on the two people using it."

"I see, sounds fun," and Honoka did what Nagisa told her and pressed the other button.

There was no need to wait, all the lights shone in a solid gold color at the same time, without any delay, the fanfare music sounded out loud. Nagisa noticed that it didn't happen when the others used the Love Checker. Nagisa blushed and quickly took her finger away from the button. Honoka raised her eyebrows in confusion and took her hand away too.

"Is this the higher level?" Honoka asked, suddenly her heart started to beat like crazy.

"Maybe... Maybe the Checker is broken! Ha, ha, ha!" Nagisa was confused too. Mepple told her the Checker was always correct and this result was ridiculous! Honoka and her? Really? That dammed thing was a love meter AND she had a love interest on Fujimura, not Honoka! Nagisa blushed as she tried really hard to find an explanation.

Honoka quickly understand everything. The Checker showed their feelings for each other, feelings of love. Of course she loved Nagisa, she really loved Nagisa and Honoka was aware that her feelings were one-sided, also Nagisa had a crush on Fujimura. Honoka had already accepted her own feels and her own defeat on the lovefield, the only available option was cheering Nagisa on her crush and wishing her happiness. Because she loved Nagisa the most and she wanted her to be happy.

Now the Prism Love Checker made clear their love for each other. Nagisa was two steps away to suffer a panic attack and Honoka quickly took the control.

"I mean... We're partners, Nagisa. We are best friends, don't we? We work together, we attack together," Honoka took Nagisa's hand and encouraged her to continue their way home. Nagisa followed her, "our best attack need us like this," then she showed her their holding hands. "If you ask me, we have a match at 100% because we love each other in our own way," Honoka's face softened, "of course I love you," and she really tried to keep her voice in a friendly tone.

A blushed Nagisa opened her mouth and glanced at Honoka.

Honoka smiled at her best friend. "Do you love me?"

"Yes, of course!" Nagisa answered out loud without thinking, without any doubt in her voice, then she shallowed. "I mean, you know... I... You..."

"I love you too," Honoka intertwined her fingers with Nagisa's.

Nagisa took a deep breath, her face was still hot. Honoka's words struck straight to her heart, the poor girl finally collapsed and rested her head on Honoka's shoulder. "Then... It's normal for us to... To mark a high rank in the Checker, right?"

"It's fairly natural for us, yes."

"Then we are the best partners, right?"

"Yes, we are. The best ones."

"Great," a shy Nagisa giggled and sighed calmly.

Honoka wasn't sure if her 'I love you' meant anything else for Nagisa, but letting out that words helped her to give a rest to her heart in love. The girl quietly sighed. Someday, maybe...

Nagisa didn't know why her heart was beating so fast, but it felt good. Honoka's words made her feel good and warm inside. She really liked the soft feeling in her heart.

Honoka smiled after several seconds of silence. "By the way, we have math homework, let's do it after dinner."

Nagisa frowned. "Geez! Honoka, we're having a moment right now, don't ruin it!"

Honoka giggled and Nagisa blushed again. "Sorry, I just remembered it."

"I can't believe it..." She grumbled.

Then both girls laughed and finally got at Yukishiro home. They still needed more time, but they had that day, the next day and many more days to live and fight with their love at 100% and now they knew it.