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Inspiration: Die Hard

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It was early evening on a Saturday on the bustling streets of downtown Vale. One of the busiest buildings was the Vale multiplex, now teaming with weekend moviegoers, many of them guests from other kingdoms visiting for the Vytal festival.

Inside the lobby, teams RWBY and JNPR stood in line to receive their tickets.

"Can't this line move any faster? We're going to miss the movie at this rate," Ruby said impatiently.

"Relax, sis," Yang calmed her younger sister. "The first ten minutes are previews anyway. We'll make it in time."

"I'm all for celebrating us moving to the doubles round and Roman Torchwicks arrest, but a movie night is a bit mundane for my taste," Weiss commented.

Nora rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on. You wanted to go to an opera house. Boooooring!"

Weiss pouted at Nora.

"She has a point, Weiss," Ren defended his partner. "I have nothing against the arts, but opera isn't for everyone."

"Besides, the tickets were free. If we went to the opera, we'd all have to pay admittance," Pyrrha added.

Weiss huffed and crossed her arms. "Philistines," She muttered under her breath.

Yesterday, teams RWBY, JNPR, SSSN, and CFVY received tickets in the mail labelled 'Mystery Movie'. Apparently, each ticket granted free admittance to a random film. Each team had earned their way to the doubles round in the Vytal tournament, and their next scheduled fights were still a few days away, so they figured some downtime was in order.

Luckily, the line moved fast enough, the two teams gained admittance and navigated towards their designated theater down one of the corridors. They didn't bother going to the snack bar, as the tickets said there would be free drinks and beverages at the viewing.

"It is weird though," Blake said with uncertainty.

"What is?" Ruby asked.

"That such a closely knit group would receive free movie tickets. Plus, free food and drinks?"

"It does seem a little suspicious," Weiss agreed.

Yang simply shrugged. "I don't ask questions. I just have fun."

"Maybe they were an anonymous gift from audience members at the tournament," Ren guessed.

The group continued down the corridor. Up ahead, Sun Wukong and Neptune Vasilias could be seen chatting.

"Hey, guys," Sun greeted with a wave as he spotted RWBY and JNPR. "Glad you made it in time."

Ruby scanned the hallway. "Where's Coco and Velvet?"

"In the bathroom," Neptune answered. "They'll be right out."

Scarlet David and Sage Ayana from SSSN couldn't make it to the movie. Nor could Fox Alistair and Yatsuhasi Daichi from team CFVY.

Coco Adel and Velvet Scarlatina stepped out of the ladies room.

"Well, the gangs all here. Let's go!" Coco said eagerly.

The gang of twelve reached their theater and entered through the double doors. They all scanned the room in puzzlement.

It was much smaller than an ordinary movie theater. It only had twenty comfortable leather reclining seats in three uneven rows. Several large metal tables lined the wall opposite of the door. A large movie screen overlooked the room.

"This doesn't look like a typical movie theater," Ruby said, taking note of its small size.

"Yeah. Weiss was right. Something is off about this," Jaune said warily.

"You're not the only ones skeptical about this," A familiar voice said behind the group.

The startled students spun around and saw Professor Ozpin, Qrow Branwen, Dr. Bart Oobleck, and Professor Peter Port approach them through the entrance.

"Good evening, students," Ozpin greeted the group.

Qrow smiled at his nieces. "Hey girls."

Ruby and Yang smiled back as they walked over to hug Qrow.

"What are you all doing here?" Velvet asked.

"I received a 'Mystery Movie' ticket in my mailbox as well. It's the weekend and I figured that I, and some of Beacon's staff, could use a little entertainment," Ozpin explained.

"And we discovered that all of your teams also received these tickets," Port added. "We found it a tad suspicious, so we all decided to look into it together while we had some spare time before the Vytal festival continued tomorrow."

"Indeed. But, apparently, aside from the theaters relatively tiny size, there is no cause for alarm. So I believe it's safe for us to sit back and enjoy the film," Oobleck concluded rapidly before taking a sip of coffee.

The movie goers were about to take their seats before a cheerful and familiar voice rang out.


Ruby instantly recognized the voice and greeting. Her eyes widened as she saw Penny Polendina, General Ironwood, Glynda Goodwitch, and Winter Schnee enter the theater.


The androids eyes widened with delight. "Hello, friend Ruby. It is a pleasure to see you again."

"But it isn't a pleasure to see you again, Qrow," Winter sneered, still angry about their fight the other day.

"Right back at you, Ice Queen," Qrow replied, taking a sip from his flask. "And what are you doing here, Jimmy?"

"Winter convinced me that a little downtime was in order. I expected you to be passed out in an alley by now," Ironwood replied gruffly.

Qrow glowered at Ironwood and stalked towards him.

Glynda got between the two men. "That's enough out of both of you," She reprimanded. "This is why I decided to tag along."

"But why did you bring Penny along?" Ruby asked.

"I wanted to keep an eye on her," Winter replied. "Plus, she's never been to the movies before, so I decided it would be a good opportunity to explore the world a bit more."

"This is sensational!" Penny said happily as gave Ruby a tight bear hug. "I'm going to watch my first movie with my first friend!"

Ruby squirmed in Penny's embrace. "Yeah...really great..." She said in a strained voice. "Could you...please...let me go, Penny?"

Penny gasped and released Ruby. "Oh, I'm sorry. Sometimes I forget how strong I am."

"But there is still one thing I don't understand," Ozpin said. "Who sent us the tickets in the first place?"

As if on cue, the screen activated. A shimmering, blue, figure in a cloak appeared. Only the lower half of the figures face was visible.

"I did, Professor Ozpin." The figure said in a male voice.

Everyone jumped in surprise, turning their attention to the screen. Some even drew their weapons and trained them on the screen.

"Who are you?" Ironwood demanded with Due Process in his hand. "Why have you summoned us here?"

"Yeah, buster," Yang added, aiming Ember Celica at the screen. "This better not be some kind of ruse."

The figure raised his hands in a promising manner. "Calm down, everyone. And please lower your weapons. My name is Gold-Sith. And this is hardly a ruse, Ms. Xiao Long. I merely invited all of you here to watch a movie."

The crowd calmed down and holstered their weapons but remained apprehensive.

"This is rather unorthodox for a mere movie viewing," Glynda said suspiciously. "I feel there's something larger at play here."

"You're correct, Professor Goodwitch. This may be a shock, but I am not human nor faunus. I am an interdimensional being with the ability to warp reality. However, my powers are limited. This theater and the tickets are just about the extent of my abilities"

Everyone stared at Gold-Sith in bewilderment. Ozpin was especially intrigued by Gold-Sith's claims.

Ironwood cocked his brow dubiously. "An interdimensional being? You expect us to believe that?"

"I hate to admit it, but Jimmy has a point," Qrow admitted. "This sounds like a load of bull to me."

"I expected all of you would take it with a grain of salt. But I can prove my claims are true."

With a flash of light, an assortment of food and beverages materialized onto the tables lining the side of the room opposite the door. Everyone gazed in amazement. Ruby and Nora in particular squealed with delight when they spotted cookies and pancakes among them. Qrow even found a bottle of his favorite whiskey and happily filled his flask.

"Wow," Coco muttered, lowering her shades. "Well, there's the free food that was promised."

"I already know which food and beverages you all favor, so they will be available to you."

Oobleck nearly dropped his thermos in shock. "By the Brothers! He's telling the truth!"

"This is unreal," Neptune said in amazement.

"That explains why the theater is so small," Blake realized.

Gold-Sith nodded. "That is correct, Ms. Belladonna. I could only accommodate a small number of people. And many of you will be starring in the films I am about to show you."

"What?!" Everyone exclaimed collectively.

"How is that possible?" Glynda asked. "Nobody here has ever starred in a motion picture before."

"Except maybe P-Money," Yang said, referring to Pyrrha.

Pyrrha giggled. "No. Only Pumpkin Pete commercials," She replied, appreciating the flattery.

"As I said, Professor Goodwitch, I'm an interdimensional being. Have any of you ever heard of the multiverse theory?"

"I have," Oobleck answered quickly. "According to the multiverse theory, there is an infinite number of alternate realities that are completely unknown and inaccessible to us."

Gold-Sith smiled and nodded again. "That is correct, Dr. Oobleck. Inaccessible, but as of now, not unknown. Courtesy of yours truly."

Dr. Oobleck grinned pridefully at being right and addressed by his proper title.

"What do you mean by that?" Ozpin asked.

"I also have the ability to travel, observe, and record the multiverse. And, I have in my possession my own favorite collection of alternate realities of planet Remnant. All of them have many alternate versions of yourselves. Each universe shall be shown to you in the form of a film for the purpose of entertainment."

"That sounds awesome!" Ruby said while fist pumping excitedly.

"It also explains how he knows our favorite snacks," Sun said, enjoying a slice of banana cream pie.

Ozpin scratched his chin. "Hmm, this is strange but enticing," He admitted.

Qrow shrugged. "Well, we all came here to see a movie anyway. I'll give it a shot," He said.

Weiss stepped forward. "Hold on. Are you saying you tricked all of us here just to force us to watch alternate versions of ourselves in a movie?"

"You're mistaken, Ms. Schnee. I'm not holding you here against your will. You may all stay or leave anytime you want. The door is right there."

Unconvinced, Weiss crossed her arms. "Even so, this still seems a bit fishy to me."

"I agree with Ms. Schnee. This is very unusual," Ironwood agreed, always the cautious type.

Ruby placed a hand on Weiss' shoulder. "Don't worry, Weiss," She reassured.

"Yeah, Ice Queen," Yang added. "Don't be such a stick in the mud. This'll be fun."

"And it's all free! The film, the seats, the snacks!" Nora cheered, holding a plate of pancakes.

"Ms. Rose is right, General," Ozpin assured Ironwood. "I'm certain that if Gold-Sith meant to harm us, he would have done it by now."

"I'm with Ozpin on this one, Jimmy," Qrow said. "Anyone giving me free booze has my trust."

Ignoring Qrow, Ironwood hesitated before answering. "Very well. I'll trust your judgement for now, Professor."

Weiss sighed. "I'll give it a chance, but I hope this is good."

Everyone collected food and beverages from the tables and took a seat.

"Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show everyone," Gold-Sith said as he vanished from the screen.

The overhead lights dimmed as the screen changed to the feature presentation.

The film opened onto an airfield on a late afternoon. An Atlesian airship descended for a landing. Snowy mountains were visible in the background.

"It looks like the film takes place in Atlas." Winter guessed, observing the background and airship model.

Inside the airship, a hand with a wedding ring clenching an arm rest could be seen. A businessman sitting next to the passenger noticed his jet lag.

"You don't like flying, do you?" The man asked.

The camera zoomed out, revealing Jaune Arc. He looked very relieved that the airship was finally landing.

"What gives you that idea?" Jaune replied sarcastically.

"Look, there's Jaune." Ruby said, happy to see the first friend she made at Beacon.

"He's older, though. Early thirties by the looks of it," Ren noted.

"I like the shorter hairstyle," Yang complimented.

"And he's married," Nora finished in a surprised tone, pointing out the wedding ring on Jaune's finger.

Jaune's eyes widened. "I'm what?!"

"Oooooh~! I wonder who the lucky girl is," Coco teased, giving Jaune a smirk.

"You want to know the secret to surviving air travel? After you get to where you're going, take off your shoes and your socks. Then you walk around on the rug barefoot and make fists with your toes."

Jaune looked dubious. "Fists with your toes?"

The man chuckled. "I know it sounds crazy but trust me. I've been doing it for nine years. Yes sir, better than a shower and a hot cup of coffee."

Jaune gave the man a half smile. "Okay."

Yang giggled. "It seems Vomit Boy isn't big on flying, no matter what universe he's in."

"At least he's not puking this time," Pyrrha defended her partner.

"Indeed. It seems Mr. Arc simply has a phobia of flying," Glynda observed.

The airship finished it's landing. Jaune stood up and opened the luggage compartment above him. The businessman's expression turned to fear as he noticed a handgun hanging from a holster under Jaunes coat.

"It's all right. I'm a cop," Jaune assured, noticing the man's expression. "Trust me, I've been doing this for 11 years."

"No surprise there. Fearless leader would never play a bad guy," Nora said, always having faith in Jaune's integrity.

"Indeed," Ozpin agreed while sipping his coffee. "Mr. Arc isn't the type to play a villainous role."

"Thanks everyone," Jaune said gratefully. "I wonder what kind of role I'll be playing?"

The man relaxed and smiled as Jaune grabbed a couple of bags and a large teddy bear from the luggage compartment. He exited the airship, walking past a stewardess giving him a sultry look before entering the airport lobby and lighting up a cigarette.

"Smoking is very bad for you, Jaune," Ruby scolded.

"Don't worry. I would never take up that habit," Jaune promised.

"Why do you have that huge teddy bear?" Nora asked, wishing she had one as a child.

"Maybe he has kids and it's a gift for them. He is married after all," Pyrrha reminded, then grinned to herself at the possibility of being Jaune's wife.

With a loud chime, the bold, glossy blue words 'Die Hard' appeared onscreen beside Jaune.

"So, 'Die Hard' is the title of this film," Ozpin noted.

"Sounds hardcore to me," Yang said, being an action film buff.

"I think you'll be playing an action role, Jaune," Pyrrha predicted, prompting her partner to nod with an eager smile.

Cut to the interior of Schnee Plaza. A white haired man in a grey, tailor made, suit stepped out of an office attached to a mezzanine overlooking a large office floor. He smiled as he was greeted by a group of investors. A small violin group was playing jovial, classical music.

"Is that Whitley?" Weiss asked in surprise.

"Yes, but he's much older. Maybe in his forties," Winter added.

"Who is Whitley?" Ruby asked, having never met the boy.

"Our annoying younger brother. That's all I'm going to say," Weiss said irritably.

Whitley Schnee, President of the Schnee Dust Company, approached the edge of the balcony. Down below was a large group of party goers. All of them were SDC employees. The opulent floor had an indoor pond and waterfall.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Whitley addressed the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen! I want to congratulate each and every one of you for making this one of the greatest years in the history of the Schnee Dust Company."

The crowd cheered, raising their drinks to Whitley. Amongst the crowd was a redheaded woman in a pink blouse and black skirt. She walked through the crowd holding some documents.

"So this is Atlas. Judging from the mountains in the beginning, it's likely Mantle," Winter realized.

"Look, Pyrrha. You're there too," Jaune pointed out, taking note of how well she aged and how good she looked in corporate attire.

"And you work for the Schnee Dust Company," Weiss added, wondering what occupation the Mistral champion had. She believed it would be high level.

"You look good in business threads. Wearing your hair down is a nice touch too," Coco complimented, admiring Pyrrha's appearance.

"It would seem many of our counterparts are older in this universe," Oobleck noted.

"On behalf of my father, chief executive officer Jacques Schnee, and the board of directors, we thank you one and all, and wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year."

"Merry Christmas!" The crowd cheered.

"I'm assuming this is a major SDC building if Whitley is president and hosting the party," Weiss guessed, drinking a cup of lemon tea.

"That's right, Ms. Schnee. With the exception of SDC HQ in Atlas city, Schnee Plaza is the largest building in the company," Gold-Sith answered.

Pyrrha strolled down the hallway observing the papers in her hand. A tall, orange haired man wearing a bowler hat followed her. He was wearing a white, pinstripe suit and had a light beard and mustache.

"Hey, Pyrrha. What about dinner tonight, huh?" Roman Torchwick asked with a shit-eating grin on his face.

Jaune glared at the screen. He didn't appreciate someone like Roman flirting with his crush.

Pyrrha noticed Jaune's angry expression. "Don't worry, Jaune. I'd never date a scumbag like Roman," she assured.

Jaune calmed down and gave Pyrrha a grateful nod.

"Roman, it's Christmas Eve. Families, stockings, chestnuts, Rudolph and Frosty? Any of these ring a bell?" Pyrrha replied, blowing off her co-worker as she continued walking.

"Actually, I was thinking of mulled wine, a nice, aged brie, and a roaring fireplace. You know what I'm saying?" Roman said, still grinning as he walked backwards, following Pyrrha into her office.

Pyrrha rolled her eyes. "Oh please," She scoffed, having heard similar from gold diggers or creeps who thought they were Oum's gift to women.

"How did a cretin like him get hired in the first place?" Weiss wondered aloud.

"Probably nepotism," Qrow guessed, munching on some popcorn. "The SDC has hired plenty of clowns simply because they had friends in high places."

The Schnee siblings glared at Qrow but let it go when they realized he wasn't wrong.

Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha's secretary, sat behind her desk jotting down some notes.

"Nora, it's 5:40. Go join the party. Have some champagne. You're making me feel like Ebenezer Scrooge," Pyrrha told her secretary.

"Thanks a lot, Ms. Nikos. Do you think the baby can handle a little sip?" Nora asked as she stood up and cracked her sore back, a noticeable bulge on her belly.

"That baby's ready to tend a bar," Pyrrha joked as she sat down at her desk.

Nora's eyes widened in surprise. "Hold on. I'm pregnant in this universe?!"

"But who's the father?" Jaune asked, happy for his teammate.

"Sorry. No spoilers," answered Gold-Sith.

Nora and Ren exchanged glances, then they both blushed at the possibility of them being married in this universe.

Nora left the room to join the party while Roman stayed put.

"Last chance," Roman offered.

"Bye," Pyrrha said dismissively as she picked up the phone to call her house.

At Pyrrha's house, two children, a blonde boy and a redhead girl were playing with their toys in the kitchen. The girl rushed to answer the ringing phone.

"Arc Residence. Thetis Arc speaking," The girl said.

"Hello, Thetis Arc. This is your mother speaking," Pyrrha answered as she gazed at a row of family photos. One of them showed Jaune, Pyrrha, and the two children smiling together.

Everyone gasped in surprise at this revelation, especially Jaune and Pyrrha who both blushed deeply. Ren and Nora were elated for their teammates, clapping them both on the back to congratulate them. Everyone else smiled in happiness for the onscreen couple.

"I'm married to Jaune," Pyrrha whispered delightfully. "And our daughter is named after my mother."

"Oum! That's so sweet!" Ruby squealed with her fists to her cheeks.

"What's our sons name?" Jaune asked, now wearing a goofy grin.

"Jaune Junior. Or J.J. for short," answered Gold-Sith.

"Awwwww," Every female in the audience cooed at this. Even Weiss and Glynda found it rather cute.

"Mommy! When are you coming home?"

"Pretty soon. Pretty soon. You'll be in bed when I get there, though. Let me talk to Velvet, okay hon? And no snooping around the house looking for presents."

"I remember Yang and Ruby doing that when they were little," Qrow chuckled, remembering Christmas time when the girls were younger.

"Uncle Qrow!" Yang and Ruby whined at the same time in embarrassment.

Everyone else chuckled at this as well.

"Is daddy coming home with you?"

Pyrrha paused and swiveled in her chair with a frown. "Well… we'll see what Santa and mommy can do, okay? Put Velvet on. Bye honey."

Ruby blinked uncertainly. "What does she mean by that?" She asked.

"Maybe Jaune is often busy with work and doesn't see his children that often," Nora guessed.

"But then why was I on that airship?" Jaune wondered aloud. "Since when does a cop take business trips?"

"Velvet!" Thetis called.

Velvet Scarlatina, who wore a pink apron, took the phone from Thetis.

"It looks like you're the Arc family's nanny," Ren said to Velvet.

"That fits you like a glove, bun-bun. You're great with kids," Coco commended her teammate.

"I am," Velvet giggled in agreement.

"Hello, Mrs. Pyrrha," Velvet greeted..

"Um… did Mr. Arc call?" Pyrrha asked.

"No, Mrs. Pyrrha. No phone calls."

"Well, he probably just didn't have time before his flight," Pyrrha answered, hiding her disappointment. "It might be a good idea to make up the spare bedroom just in case."

Velvet smiled. "Yes, Mrs. Nikos. I did that already," She replied.

"What would I do without you, Velvet," Pyrrha said gratefully before hanging up.

Pyrrha swiveled around in her chair to gaze at a family photo of her, Jaune, and their children. She angrily turned it face down.

Everyone frowned at this, especially Jaune and Pyrrha. The joy from learning the two were married had vanished.

"I don't like the looks of that," Jaune said softly.

Back at the airport, Jaune walked through a crowd with his belongings. A young, giggling woman rushed past him and leaped into her boyfriend's arms.

"Atlas," Jaune said under his breath as he moved on.

Jaune stopped at a line up of limo drivers. He spotted one holding a sign that read "J. Arc". Jaune approached the limo driver.

"Hey, I'm Jaune Arc," He introduced himself.

The limo driver was a young, blue haired man wearing a black suit, necktie, and yellow tinted sunglasses.

"I'm a limo driver?" Neptune asked, surprised by his role.

"That explains the outfit," Weiss said. "You look good in a suit though."

"Those shades are pretty sweet too" Coco added, being a fashionista.

"Thank you, ladies," Neptune smirk and gave his signature wink and tooth flash.

Sun rolled his eyes at his partners flirting.

"Neptune. I'm your limo driver," He introduced himself with a smile.

Jaune nodded slowly.

Neptune noticed Jaune's gift. "Nice bear."

"Okay… Neptune," Jaune said awkwardly. "What do we do now?

"I was hoping you could tell me," Neptune said, removing his shades. "It's my first time driving a limo."

"It's okay. It's my first time riding in one."

Neptune drove a black limousine down the streets of Mantle. Jaune sat in the front passenger seat.

"Relax. We've got everything in this mug, man. Look at this. CD, CB, TV, telephone, full bar, VHS," Neptune listed the limos accessories.

"Awesome!" Nora said, impressed by the limousines entertainment system. "Now that's my kind of limo."

"Indeed. That's quite a variety of entertainment devices," Penny agreed.

"Any limo with a bar has my vote," Qrow said as he opened his flask.

"Of course it would," Winter sneered.

Qrow just grinned at her and sipped his whiskey.

"If your friend's hot to trot, I know a few mama bears," Neptune joked, gazing at the big teddy bear in the backseat through the rearview mirror. "Or is he married?"

"He's married," Jaune replied simply.


Jaune shuffled in his seat and pulled out a wrapper from beneath him. He tossed it in the backseat.

"Oh, sorry about that. It's the girl's day off," Neptune apologized. "I didn't know you were gonna sit up front. So, your lady live out here?"

"About the past six months," Jaune replied as he lit another cigarette.

"Meaning you still live in Vale?"

"So, Mr. Arc and Ms. Nikos are separated in this universe," Glynda said sympathetically.

"And she took Thetis and JJ with her," Velvet added, ears drooping in sorrow for the kids being away from their father for six months.

Jaune and Pyrrha looked upset that their counterparts marriage wasn't as stable as they'd hoped.

"You always ask this many questions, Neptune?" Jaune asked, a little annoyed.

About half a mile down the road, Schnee Plaza was visible.

"Impressive building. It must be over thirty stories high," Oobleck commented, sipping his coffee.

"I'd expect as much from an SDC building in Atlas' second largest city," Weiss agreed.

Neptune chuckled. "Sorry man. I used to drive a cab. People would expect a little chit-chat," He explained. "So you divorced?"

"Just drive the car, Neptune," Jaune replied offhandedly.

"Hey, come on you divorced. You separated? She beat you up?" Neptune laughed at the last guess.

"She had a good job. It turned into a great career."

"That meant she had to move here," Neptune deducted.

"So Pyrrha's job caused strain for their marriage," Ren said sadly.

"Unfortunately, careers can inadvertently tear couples apart," Port said.

"I've witnessed that plenty of times," Ozpin said, having seen countless relationships and marriages fall apart throughout his time on Remnant. The biggest one of all was his own...

"You're very fast, Neptune," Jaune admitted.

"So why didn't you come?" Neptune asked.

Jaune didn't answer. It was a touchy subject.

"Kind of nosy, aren't you bro?" Sun scolded his partner.

Neptune held his hands up defensively. "It's not me. Besides, like he said, cab drivers are chatty."

"Well? Why didn't you go with her man? What's up?" Neptune pried.

Jaune sighed and gave in. "Because I'm a Vale cop. I got a six-month backlog of Vale scumbags that I'm still trying to put behind bars. I can't just pick up and go that easy."

"In other words, you thought she wouldn't make it out here and come crawling back to you. So why bother to pack right?" Neptune laughed again.

"Like I said, you're very fast Neptune."

Weiss glared at the screen, then at Jaune. "Come crawling back? What, you thought she wasn't up to the task?"

Jaune raised his hands. "It's not me! It's just an alternate version of me!"

"He has a point, though. In a major city like Vale, any cop would be overwhelmed with work. They both have careers to look after," Pyrrha said, defending Jaune's counterpart.

"At least he didn't cut Pyrrha off when he didn't get his way," Winter said, remembering how her father disowned her after she joined the military.

"Or strong-arm her," Blake added, remembering how Adam would abuse and gaslight her when she disagreed with his methods.

Neptune decided to drop it. "You mind if we hear some tunes?" He asked as he inserted a cassette into the radio, playing a funky RB song.

"RB. Nice," Coco complimented.

"Hey, that'll work," Neptune said, bobbing his head to the rhythm.

Jaune sighed. "Don't you got any Christmas music?"

"This is Christmas music."

"Hardly," Weiss said, not being a fan of RB.

"Speak for yourself, Ice Queen," Yang said as she swayed slightly to the rhythm.

Nora, Sun, and Coco smiled and tapped their fingers to the beat of the music.

The limo pulled into Schnee Plaza's large drive around. Jaune got out and looked up, admiring the size of the building looming over him.

"So your lady sees you, you run into each other's arms, music comes up, and you lived happily ever after, right?" Neptune asked.

"It's not that simple," Blake said grimly. "People rarely live happily ever after."

"Geez, Blake. Downer much," Yang said.

"I'm sorry. But, I learned that from personnel experience," She said with sorrow, thinking back to her past relationship with Adam.

"I can live with that," Jaune replied.

"So, if it doesn't work out, you got a place to stay?" Neptune asked.

"I'll find a place."

Neptune pulled a card out of his pocket. "I'll tell you what. I'm gonna pull into the parking garage and I'll wait. You score, you give me a call on the car phone. I'll take your bags to the desk. You strike out, I'll get you a hotel."

"That's sweet of you, Neptune," Velvet said.

"Sounds like something I'd do. I've always been a good wingman," Neptune replied.

"That's true for the most part," Sun said with shrug.

Jaune smiled gratefully as took the card and put it in his pocket.

"You're all right, Neptune."

"Just remember that when you sign for the tip," Neptune reminded.

Jaune entered the Plaza's luxurious main lobby through a revolving door. A large Christmas tree against a nearby wall. Behind the front marble desk sat a security guard jotting down some notes on a clip board.

"Hi," Jaune greeted as he approached the desk.

"Good evening," The guard replied.

"I'm here to see Pyrrha Arc."

The guard gestured to a touch screen monitor. "Just type it in there."

Jaune paused before tapping the screen. It changed to a directory with a keyboard.

"Cute toy," Jaune said sarcastically.

"Yeah. If you have to take a leak, it'll even help you find your zipper."

Sun chuckled. "Jaune's not too big on modern technology in this universe, is he?"

"Some people prefer the 'good old days' when things were simpler and there was less technology to deal with," Port lamented, having been in Jaune's shoes before.

"I still remember teaching you how to use your newest scroll," Oobleck snickered, earning an annoyed look from Port.

Jaune pressed the letter 'A' for 'Arc', but the list of employees didn't include Pyrrha. Jaune grimaced slightly. He tried again, searching under 'N' for 'Nikos' and found Pyrrha in the next list.

"Monty," Jaune sighed, as he tapped on 'Nikos, Pyrrha'.

"So, Pyrrha is using her maiden name," Qrow observed. "They're definitely separated."

"Well, hopefully, they can reconcile," Glynda said, sipping a glass of white wine.

"30th floor."

"The party. They're the only ones left in the building," The guard informed, pointing down a nearby hallway. "Take the express elevator. Get off when you hear the noise."

"Thanks," Jaune said, whistling 'Jingle Bells' as he headed towards the elevators.

He passed another security guard cleaning his fingernails. Jaune pressed the elevator button and cast one last glance at the idle guard before stepping on.

Meanwhile, underneath the plaza, Neptune drove his limo into the deserted parking garage. He found a suitable spot and parked it frontal parking position.

Back inside the building, Jaune arrived at the 30th floor and stepped out of the elevator. The party was still bustling. Schnee employees were chatting and enjoying food and beverages. A waiter approached Jaune with a tray of drinks.

"Champagne, sir?" The waiter offered.

Jaune accepted the glass. "Thanks."

Jaune scanned the room for Pyrrha. He sipped his drink as he walked steadily through the crowd, feeling out of place.

"He's a fish out of water. A Vale cop surrounded by Atlesian businesspeople," Port said, drinking a diet soda.

"I pretty much felt the same way during the dance," Ruby said, not wanting to wear high heels anytime soon.

Yang snickered as she remembered Ruby struggling to keep her balance in high heels during the dance.

He looked up at the band still playing atop the mezzanine. Satisfied with his drink, he placed the half-empty glass on a passing waiter's tray. A drunken man walked up to Jaune.

"Hey! Merry Christmas!" The man said happily as he kissed Jaune on the cheek before shambling away.

"Monty! Fucking Atlas," Jaune muttered, putting a hand to his cheek in bemusement.

Most of the audience members burst out laughing or at least chuckled.

Jaune gaped at the screen. "What the hell was that?"

"Looks like that guy had way too much to drink," Yang said, still laughing.

Jaune spotted Whitley Schnee nearby. He recognized the man and approached him.

"Hi," Jaune said. "I'm looking for…"

"Pyrrha Nikos," Whitley finished.


Whitley smiled and offered his hand. "Then you must be Jaune Arc. Whitley Schnee. How was your ride in?"

Jaune shook Whitley's hand. "Nice. I have you to thank for that?"

"It seemed the least we could do."

"I like this Whitley more than the real one," Weiss admitted, having never particularly gotten along with her younger brother.

"It take it the real Whitley isn't very pleasant," Neptune guessed.

"No. Unfortunately, he's shaping up to be like our father," Winter answered sadly.

Weiss nodded in agreement.

"It's quite a place you've got here," Jaune complimented, gesturing to the luxurious office floor.

"It will be once we get it finished," Whitley said. "There's still several floors under construction."

Whitley led Jaune down a nearby hallway. "Pyrrha went to the room to fax some documents. In the meanwhile, her office is right back here," Whitley said as he opened an office door for Jaune.

"P. Nikos, Director, Corporate Affairs" was painted on the door.

"I had a feeling P-money would be a bigwig in the company," Yang said, eating some popcorn.

"So did I," Weiss added. "A director of corporate affairs is a remarkable occupation."

Whitley frowned as he spotted Roman snorting cocaine off Pyrrha's desk.

"Roman?" Whitley said in a surprised tone.

"I was just making a call," Roman said nervously as he quickly sat up wiping his nose and the remaining coke off the desk.

Coco scoffed. "Was he snorting lines off Pyrrha's desk?" She asked.

"I've seen that kind of yuppie behavior at the Schnee Dust building in Atlas," Weiss said with disgust, remembering numerous sleaze bags in the SDC who did drugs.

"How appalling," Glynda said, prompting everyone to nod in agreement.

"I want you to meet Jaune Arc. Pyrrha's husband. Pyrrha's policeman," Whitley said, subtly warning Roman to cease his coke habit. "Roman is in charge of international development."

Weiss pinched the bridge of her nose. "Why on Remnant would Whitley give someone like Roman that kind of job?" She groaned.

"He's lucky that I'm off duty," Jaune added, taking a sip of his soda.

"A shame. I'd like to see that scumbag in handcuffs again," Ironwood said, glad the real Roman was behind bars.

"Heard a heck of a lot about you," Roman said, shaking Jaune's hand.

"Missed some," Jaune snarked, referring to the coke on Roman's mustache, who awkwardly wiped his nose again.

"Can I get you anything?" Whitley offered. "Food? Cake? Some watered-down champagne?"

"No, thank you. I'm fine," Jaune declined as he picked up and observed a picture frame on Pyrrha's desk. "You throw quite a party. I didn't realize they celebrated Christmas in Atlas."

"We're flexible," Whitley explained. "The Great War didn't work out, so we got you with dust."

"Is that true, Weiss?" Ruby asked her partner. "There's no Christmas in Atlas?"

"There is. But the majority of Atlesians celebrate Winter Solstice instead," Weiss explained.

Ironwood blinked. "What does he mean the Great War didn't work out?" He asked curiously.

"The Great War reached the same conclusion as it did in your reality. But after the Vytal Treaty was signed, Atlas focused more on economic development and dust trade expansion than building up it's military. As a result, the Schnee Dust Company grew faster and more powerful than it did in your own world," Gold-Sith explained.

Jaune smiled while Roman chortled.

"Actually, it's kind of a double celebration," Roman said. "We closed a pretty big deal today. And a lot of it was due to Pyrrha, right Whit-Whit?" He clapped Whitley on the shoulder.

"I'll be out in a couple of minutes," Pyrrha's voice could be heard as she appeared in the doorway.

Jaune turned around and smiled at Pyrrha.

"Jaune," Pyrrha said softly as she stepped inside. "Have you met everyone?"

"We've been sticking them with spears. Of course, he has," Whitley joked.

Pyrrha and Jaune hugged each other, nuzzling their cheeks together briefly.

"Awww," Nora cooed softly at the touching scene.

"They look happy to see each other," Ren said with a smile.

"Maybe our marriage isn't so strained after all," Pyrrha said, giving Jaune a hopeful smile.

Jaune returned the smile. "It looks that way."

"Our marriage?" Yang said teasingly, causing Jaune and Pyrrha to blush.

"She was made for the business. Tough as nails," Whitley praised Pyrrha.

"I was hoping you made that flight," Pyrrha said.

"Show him the watch," Roman said.

"Later," Pyrrha replied.

Roman grinned. "Go on. Show him. What, are you embarrassed?" He chuckled. "It's just a small token of appreciation for her hard work."

"I'm sure I'll see it later. Is there a place where I could wash up?" Jaune asked.

"Sure," Pyrrha beckoned him to a nearby bathroom.

Meanwhile, in Mantle, a green Solitas Courier truck hauling a large cargo container cruised down the street, then turned right, heading towards Schnee Plaza. Foreboding music played concurrently.

"I don't like the looks of this," Ruby said with concern, munching on some cookies.

"I don't think any of us do, sis," Yang said, hearing the ominous music accompanying the scene.

"You'll have to forgive Roman. He gets very depressed this time of year. He thought he was Oums greatest gift, you know," Pyrrha explained.

Jaune was in the bathroom. He had removed his coat and shirt, leaving him in a white tank top that clung tightly to his athletic physique as he washed up.

"Yeah. I know the type," Jaune replied. "I think he's got his eye on you."

"And I've got my eye on you," Yang said with a slight purr, admiring Jaune's build.

"Nice chest hair, too," Coco said in a sultry tone as she lowered her shades to get a better look.

Even Weiss had to admit to herself that Jaune was more attractive in this universe.

Pyrrha narrowed her eyes at the other girls' comments with jealousy while Jaune chuckled bashfully, scratching the back of his head.

"That's okay," Pyrrha said. "I have my eye on this private bathroom. Where are you staying? Things happened so fast I didn't get a chance to ask you on the phone."

"Ozpin retired out here," Jaune replied. "He told me I could bunk with him."

"Ozpin retired, huh? Where's he live?"


"So, I was also in law enforcement in this universe?" Ozpin asked.

"That's right. You were a police captain in Mantle and Jaune's superior," answered Gold-Sith.

"You'll be in the car half the time. Why don't we make it easy I have a spare bedroom. It's not huge or anything, but the kids would love to have you at the house."

Jaune smiled warmly as he locked eyes with Pyrrha. "They would, huh?"

"I would too," Pyrrha replied, smiling back.

Jaune and Pyrrha felt their hearts melt at the scene.

"I think their reconciliation is going well," Penny said cheerfully, curious on how it would feel to be in love.

"Yeah. Neptune was right. They'll kiss, make up, and everything will work out fine," Nora said optimistically.

Suddenly, two drunk SDC employees barged in, laughing. They stopped when the noticed the room was occupied and quickly left.

"Sorry," The woman said sheepishly as she closed the door.

"Awkward~," Coco said in a sing song voice.

Qrow grinned mischievously. "That reminds me of that one visit to Atlas academy when Winter walked in on me and that professor."

Winter shuddered. "Ugh! Don't remind me!" Winter said in disgust.

Pyrrha smiled warmly "I missed you."

"I guess you didn't miss my name, though, huh? Except maybe when you're signing checks?" Jaune said angrily. "Since when are you using Ms. Nikos?"

Pyrrha's smile vanished. "This is an Atlesian company. They figured a married woman's got—" She tried to defend.

"You are a married woman, Pyrrha," Jaune interrupted. "Remember? You're married to me?"

"Oh, come on. Don't ruin it!" Jaune berated his counterpart.

"I spoke too soon," Nora said sadly, feeling like she jinxed it.

"Are we going to have this conversation again? We finished this in July." Pyrrha said, getting angry herself.

"We never finished this conversation in July," Jaune retorted.

"I had an opportunity. I had to take it."

"Right. No matter what the consequences. No matter what it did to our marriage."

"I didn't do anything to our marriage. Except change your idea of what our marriage should be."

"You don't have a clue what my idea of our marriage should be."

"I know exactly what your idea of our marriage should be."

Many audience members looked saddened or discomforted by the scene.

Jaune and Pyrrha exchanged awkward glances, but they were grateful they at least never had arguments like this in real life.

"Poor Thetis and JJ," Glynda whispered, knowing separations were always difficult for children.

Yang cast her gaze downward as she dwelled on how Raven's divorce and abandonment of Taiyang broke his heart. And her heart as well.

"This reminds me of arguments between our parents," Weiss said sadly to Winter, remembering how her domineering father did everything to control the family.

Winter gently placed her hand over Weiss' for comfort.

Suddenly, the office door opened and Nora stepped inside.

"Ms. Nikos, I—" Nora began before noticing Jaune. "Excuse me," She apologized, realizing she had interrupted the couple.

"Hi," Jaune said, trying to hide his frustration.

Nora scratched the back of her head. "Yeah. That was bad timing on my part."

"Mr. Schnee is looking for you. He wants you to say something to the troops," Nora informed Pyrrha.

"Speech time. Be back in a few minutes," Pyrrha said as she left the room.

Now alone, Jaune sighed wistfully.

"That was great, Jaune. Good job. Very mature," He muttered to himself.

"I suppose marriage doesn't always work out?" Penny guessed with a frown.

"Sadly, no it doesn't," Weiss lamented, noticing that Jaune at least realized his faults as a husband. Jacques couldn't have cared less.

Ozpin looked sorrowful, remembering how he consoled Taiyang after Raven left him. Summers death only hit him harder.

Cut back to the Solitas Courier truck and the sedan. Night had fallen by that point. The two vehicles took a right turn into Schnee Plaza. The truck descended into the parking garage while the sedan headed for the drive around.

In the lobby, the guard at the front desk spotted the approaching truck on a security monitor in the parking garage. He then glanced up, spotting the sedan as it stopped outside. Two well-dressed Faunus climbed out and headed towards the front door. One of them was a bulky, male, cougar Faunus while the other was a female chameleon Faunus. Dismissing it as ordinary, the guard continued writing down notes.

Down in the parking garage, the truck driver, Fennec, sat patiently in the cab. He appeared to be waiting for something.

"This can't be good," Neptune said. "I think we're about to meet the bad guys."

"Yeah. Shits about to get real," Yang said.

"Language!" Ruby reprimanded.

"Your sister is right, Ms. Xiao Long," Glynda agreed with a stern look. "Please refrain from using profanity."

The two Faunus entered the lobby through the revolving door. The chameleon Faunus, Ilia, was discussing a recent basketball game as she and her partner approached the front desk.

"So Brawns rebounds, right? Feeds Roy on the break. Over to Nolan. To May. Then back to Roy, right?"

Suddenly, the cougar Faunus, Karl, drew a silenced pistol and shot the guard in the head, killing him instantly.

"Boom! Two points!" Ilia said, giggling as she hopped over the desk, kicked the dead guard's body over, and pulled a radio out of her pocket. "We're in."

"Yep. Definitely the bad guys," Sun agreed with his partner.

"Wait. Why didn't the guards aura protect him?" Pyrrha asked.

"There are no auras or semblances in this universe, Ms. Nikos," Gold-Sith replied.

Everyone looked very surprised at that revelation.

Down in the garage, Fennec confirmed Ilia's transmission on his own radio and began to back up the truck.

In the lobby, Ilia entered the security room, sat down at a monitor, and began typing while Karl removed his coat and tossed it aside. He wore a black tank top that revealed several black tattoos on his left arm.

Weiss gasped lightly. "I recognize those tattoos. He's that White Fang brute I fought during the train robbery."

"So the White Fang are the antagonists here," Ironwood said, narrowing his eyes in anger.

Karl walked down a nearby hallway, pulling something out his pocket. Around the corner, the other guard was oblivious to the situation. He heard a noise and turned around. A flashbang grenade shaped like a hockey puck rolled up to him, fell flat on its side, then burst in a shower of sparks and white light.

Karl whipped around the corner and shot the disoriented guard dead.

Back down in the parking garage, the truck finished reversing and extended its boarding ramp onto a loading platform. The trailer door slid open, releasing a group of Faunus carrying bags and cases of equipment. One of them was a bull Faunus with red, brown streaked hair and blue eyes. He wore a grey trench coat over a charcoal suit with a dark red necktie. Adam Taurus led the group down a corridor towards the service elevator.

"Adam. I might have guessed he'd be the villain in this," Blake snarled at her former lover and leader.

"It makes sense the White Fang would raid Schnee Plaza," Weiss said, scowling at the screen.

"Yes, but I don't remember them trying something this brazen before," Ironwood added knowing that attacking an SDC skyscraper in Mantle was very risky, even for the White Fang.

"But none of them are dressed in White Fang uniforms. They must be disguised" Oobleck pointed out, noticing that all the terrorists were wearing normal clothes.

"Or perhaps they're not even White Fang at all," Port theorized, knowing the White Fang wasn't the only Faunus movement on Remnant.

A/N: The reason I chose 'Die Hard' for my first film is because it's my favorite action movie. And seeing that there is a Bruce Willis expy in RWBY by the name of Spruce Willis, I figured it was about time somebody wrote a 'Die Hard' adaptation.