AN: I didn't intend to start this story just yet but my inspired mused wouldn't friggin shut up so here we go. Just so you know, this story isn't going to rush straight to Beacon. The first few chapters will be revolving around Jaune in the bootcamp and the prep academy, so you won't be seeing the rest of the RWBY/JNPR cast just yet. This first chapter is more of a prologue but there will probably be another 3 or 4 chapters after this before we head to Beacon.

A Personal Favor

Chapter 1

-Alexander Arc-

Scowling, Alexander stalked towards his study, his furrowed brows darkening further as he heard his son's door slam shut with a loud boom. His daughters, thankfully, kept quite as they slipped off to their own rooms, keeping silent to avoid setting off him or Jaune after the argument that had just ruined yet another dinner. His son, the eager, insistent, stubborn, stupid by that was determined to become a Huntsman despite Alexander's steadfast refusal on the matter. The boy kept whining about how it wasn't 'fair' that the girls were getting training while Jaune wasn't, that it was his 'dream'. The little fool refused to think, to consider that there might be a damn good reason why he refused to train him.

He'd had enough of that garbage, of dealing with the Councils, of dealing with Ozpin and the man's loyal little toadies. And despite what Jaune thought, he couldn't stop the girls from training anymore, not legally anyway. The councils and kingdoms were quite insistent that nobody could be forced to drop out of the Huntsmen training program, they could only voluntarily step down. Jaune though, that boy hadn't started official registered training when Alexander had grown tired of the bastards and nothing would change his mind on the matter, no matter how insistent Jaune was about his 'dream'.

"Still though," Alexander took a sip of his brandy "at this point he might just run off with Grandfather's old sword the moment he turns seventeen." And wouldn't that be a bitch and a half of a headache. "I need him to want to give up on that stupid dream, but how?" deciding to peruse the internet for ideas he finally came across one option that made him smirk.

"Atlas boot camp for teenagers?" He read the add aloud, "Turn disrespectful youths into respectful members of society today? If he thinks it's being tied to becoming a huntsman then Jaune will be begging me to come home and give up on that stupid goal." Going to the website, he began to fill out the details with an amused chuckle at his plan, relishing the moment the lazy, naïve, brat would give up and come crawling back with all this stupidity behind him.


Standing in line with the rest of his Boot Camp 'Class', Jaune stared ahead as their drill Sargent, doing his best not to shiver in the frigid Atlas air. "Alright Whelps!" their 'trainer' for the camp shouted, those on either side of Jaune flinching hard at the volume and sharp tone "Welcome to the Frozen Pit of the deepest Hells that even the Grimm can't save you from!" the man started pacing along the line of the various teenagers and pre-teens that were sent there, although Jaune noted that he was the might be the only twelve year old here, the rest looking closer to fourteen or fifteen if not older, and either sneeringly defiant or shaking in their boots from sheer terror. "You all have been sent here by your mommies and daddies because they're sick and tired of you little brats not listening." Jaune let out a scowl at that, having figured what his dad's plan was by sending him here, although extra confirmation never hurt.

"So, they sent you to my personal little playbox!" the Drill Sergeant gave a chilling laugh as he gestured grandly to the militaristic boot camp situated in one of the less populated regions of the city of Mantle, Atlas floating ominously above. "Here, you lot are going to be stuck until your mommies and daddies take you back, you come of age, or you manage to graduate to the Academy." That caught Jaune's attention, and likely a few others if the Sergeants bemused smirk was anything to go by. "Oh, are the little guppies interested? Well don't get your hopes up, only the best are allowed to enter the Atlas Academies, whether it's the prep school or the top institute. But maybe that little nugget o' hope will keep you whiny shits from crying too hard at night!" the man gave a mocking derisive belly laugh "While here I'm going to run you ragged, work you till you break! You will be getting up early, eating on a schedule I set, learning and doing what I say! I doubt runts like you could be huntsmen, you couldn't even make a solid soldier! But maybe, just maybe, I can make you a functioning member of society. Now, do you crybabies have anything to say? Don't be shy, step forward and speak your mind."

Face set in a determined scowl, an expression he'd inherited from his father, Jaune stepped forward even as the Sergeant looked mildly surprised, and the other recruits looked at him like he was nuts. "Well then runt, you at least have some balls. So, what do you want to tell me little boy?" the Sergeant crouched down to smirk mockingly at Jaune.

"Fucking bring it." Jaune snarled, eyes burning with determination as even the Drill Sergeant blinked in surprise "I will be a Huntsman! I don't give a damn what you, or my father, have to say! If your training can help get me there, then give me everything you got!"

At his outburst, the camp was silent apart from the chattering howl of the Atlas wind, a silence shortly thereafter shattered by the Sergeant throwing his head back to laugh "You got guts brat! You'll either end up puking them out or you might make it as a Military grunt. And if you want my worst, then fine. As of right now, you're the 'Squad Captain' for your class of misfits and Morons. You're in charge of them meaning if any of them fuck up, then you share in their punishment. Your first job is to get this lot to your barrack and settle in" the Sergeant pointed before smirking "Good luck." A glance at the sneering older teenagers made it clear it was gonna be needed.