Well this should be new for anyone that has seen my content so far. After my last few Doremi fanfics were done and uploaded I found that I was lacking ideas for Doremi and so I stopped writing for a while. Naturally as you can tell i've gotten some new ideas as I have been going through the PreCure series starting with the first season Futari Wa and going forward all the way to currently Yo 5 Go Go. I must say this franchise is incredibly fun so far and I am glad to be a part of it. Anyway as for this story, naturally in PreCure I got very interested in shipping, primarily the ship which this fanfic is all about, Honoka x Kiriya. I love this one so much, granted I do joke that a show I compared to Doremi mainly for the staff who worked on it had a storyline so close to the basic idea of the Wizard plot of Doremi, and at the center of that are these two. Their chemistry is so endearing and their character interactions are some of the best from this season which is why it pained me the show ended with Kiriya having no memories of Honoka and the following season just ignoring him all together aside from some flashbacks here and there. So why not do what I love and write my own ending for these two and a happy one at that! I hope you enjoy and if you have not seen Pretty Cure then I hope this might influence you as it's a great show and for my Doremi fans it very much reminds me of that series mainly in the characters and the way they interact.

"They did it...they really did it.." I said as I looked up at the sky as the shadows of the Dark King faded away leaving a clear blue sky and the shining light of the sun to blanket the world once again. As I looked at this sky I smiled happily because now I can die peacefully knowing I helped them..that I saw them again. However, soon my smile turned into a frown. My body was already starting to feel the intense pain. I knew this would happen but I still didn't think this much pain would happen so soon. Still it was clear to me that the death of the Dark King ends all of the creations of the dark zone, even a traitor like me. However, as I clenched my stomach in pain I soon saw a ray of light come from the sky but not from the sun. It seemed more ethereal, almost holy, and as the light hit me I felt myself being pulled away.

As I looked around I saw the cityscape faded and was now was replaced by a pure white area with light all around in a castle of some kind. I looked to my right only to be met by a face of smiling at me kindly from over 20 feet high. A giant woman sat on a throne with a heart shaped object resting on her hands. Nearby her was an older man shorter than me with a grey beard and wearing robes. "Where..am..I?" I questioned but slowly due to the pain I was feeling. "You are in the Garden of Light, Kyria." I heard the women speak to me as I looked around. "The..Garden of Light...so that means you must be.." I said as she completed my thought. "The Queen of this world..correct." She spoke. "But..why have yo...never mind I suppose you will execute me for being a creation of darkness." I said as her face shifted into a smile. "No..I do not wish to harm someone like you, who despite your upbringing and despite the danger of betrayal still helped Pretty Cure and fought against those who created you." She spoke to me as I understood what she meant which left one question. "Then..why..am I..here?" I questioned as she smiled. "Because I wish to save you from death. Someone such as yourself shouldn't be harmed for all the good you've done." She spoke to me. "That's...incredibly kind...of you..but..I don't think..you can do..anything." I told her, since after all I am pretty much at death's door. "I can and I shall, with these." She spoke as suddenly a smaller man than even the old man appeared and fell down as objects came from a device underneath him and circled the queen. However, seeing them as they showed with light made me realize what they were. "Prism Stones." I said in sheer shock. All 7 of them gathered in one place, never did I think I would see all of them in one place. "Yes these instruments of creation are very important for the Garden of Light but these powerful stones when gathered together can make miracles happen." She told me. "Miracles?" I questioned. "Yes..with these stones I can turn you from a being of darkness connected to the Dark King, into a being of light connected only to the existence of this garden and the stones, which would reflect someone like you with a good heart." She spoke to me as I was shocked but soon I sighed. "I am honored but..I am not as good hearted as you believe..even if I did one good deed it doesn't offset what I am and my destiny." I told her as she giggled lightly. "You're modesty is rather honorable but you are wrong. I have seen all the good you've done alongside Pretty Cure, you saved them from your sister's wrath multiple times when if you did not they would have most likely died, you gave up your own life to allow them to gain the yellow prism stone as well as helping to keep them from dying against the villain of darkness and even fighting them yourself despite knowing the power gap between you and them." She told me as I couldn't help but smile at those memories and felt good for what I had done but I still frowned at her. "You...are not wrong..but..even with..that...I..believe this..is what I must do…" I told her. "It is your own choice but will you truly be happy to die and let your friends be once again depressed by your disappearance?" She questioned. "What do you..mean?" I questioned as another flash occurred.

I was suddenly on the battlefield from before and standing in the middle of it were two girls. One with short length orange hair wearing a black uniform with pink hearts, and the other was a girl with long blue hair wearing a white uniform with light blue hearts. The two seemed to be yelling but I was confused as to what they were saying. However, as I got closer I could hear easily. "Kyira! Where are you!" I heard the orange haired girl, Nagisa yell as I saw her face. Her normally happy grin was replaced with a somber look with tears covering her face. "KYIRA! KYRIA!" I heard the other girl, Honoka yell as my heart nearly burst into two. Her yell was so scared and emotional, her voice seemed to quiver and her beautiful face was now covered with tears but not only that the expression she had was far from one I had seen on the normally hopeful girl. "KYIRA! KYira…" Honoka kept yelling but fell to the ground in sadness as Nagisa tried to lift her up. Seeing this I couldn't handle it as tears fell from my face as well. They are truly saddened by my disappearance, I figured they would be truly happy defeating the Dark King but my death would only hurt things. Maybe she's not.. I thought as my body was hurting far more than earlier as I was back where I should've been with the Queen looking at me. "Kyira..it's now or never to choose between death or life. I am afraid you don't have much time left." She told me as I tried to stand. "I..never wanna see either of them in pain like that again..I wish to be saved. I choose life!" I told her as I started to fall over. "Very well!" I heard as a light shined on me and it felt nice but soon I fell unconscious.

I awoke later with light hitting my face as I looked up and saw the sun shining on me as well as the light blue sky and clouds. As I picked myself up I felt different. I felt powerful but I felt a new kind of power. I looked towards the water and saw I looked the same as I was whenever I disguised myself for school except my skin looked a lot darker almost like Honoka's. "Kyira." I heard as I looked around but saw no one however I recognized that voice. "You're majesty." I said as I heard her giggle. "Yes, I trust you feel better." She said as I smiled. "I do. I truly feel amazing..although what am I now?" I questioned. "The power of the prism stones made it so you are now a warrior of light instead of a warrior of darkness." She told me as I smiled. "That is incredible." I said. "Yes it is but I will have to contact you later as I feel some familiar faces are coming by now. You should probably have some time to talk to your friends again." She said giggling as her voice faded. "Familiar faces?" I questioned but I soon heard two people talking to one another. A familiar two indeed as one was a girl dressed in a white and orange t shirt with a pink coat on with red shorts and black and white sneakers, while the other was a girl dressed in a lavender top and white skirt along with white short heels. As I saw both of them they looked to me and froze. Nagisa looked dumbfounded but Honoka was the quicker to act and rushed down the hill. "KYIRA!" She yelled as she hugged me wrapping her arms around my back and placing her head on my chest. "It's...it's really you..right Kyira?" She questioned and looked at me with her eyes looking ready to let tears fall. "Yes..it is me..Honoka, Nagisa..I am back." I told them as Nagisa ran down and quickly looked at me curiously. "But how I thought the Dark King and you were connected and why does your skin look so tan?" She questioned. "Well..um..that's thanks to the Queen of Light. She..saw everything I did and wished to thank me by turning me into a warrior of light. Doing so has allowed me to survive and..now I can live here on earth with both of you." I told them. "That's incredible everyone was so worried when you left! I bet everyone would love to see you again." Nagisa said enthusiastically as I chuckled. "I..i'm so happy..I thought I lost you again.." I heard Honoka say as I looked down at her and saw her face full of tears. "Honoka please stop crying it's okay I am here and I will never leave you again, so you don't have to be sad anymore neither of you." I said, whipping her tears away. "Oh..Kyira." she says smiling.

"Oh hey..um Honoka I am going to go tell everyone else about this well not about Kiyria being um eh yeah! You guys stay here and talk! Okay Bye!" Nagisa said rushing off as we were confused but soon the two of us started to laugh at her antics. "I'm glad to see she hasn't changed." I told Honoka as she giggled which was adorable to me. "Yeah Nagisa is..still Nagisa, she never changes." She said. "I'm glad you haven't either..I was scared I caused you pain by leaving." I tell her as I frown but she soon smiles. "Don't worry I won't be sad anymore cause you're gonna stay here right?" She asked. "Of course..I would never leave you again." I say bowing to her. "Aww you're so sweet..I love that about you." She says as I look up and then both of us blush. "Um...anyway wanna come over to my house. Knowing Nagisa, she'll invite everyone to say hello to you again?" She asked as I smiled. "Of course." I tell her as she smiles and grabs my hand. "Come on then Kyira let's get going." She says as I smiled as she dragged me to her house and the whole way there the two of us were smiling. I am so glad I am alive, I have another chance and I will use it to keep being close to Honoka and defend her with my life, I will be her warrior of light.