"Sophomore Slacker"

Dan Silo was gazing at the stars when he should have been doing his homework. He was a slacker. His mother had to take him out of high school. Months before, with a telescope, he found an old freighter in the Orion Syndicate. Dan took out a small loan for transport to the freighter. An Orion female transported him there. Her name was Shy. At least, that's what she claimed her name was. The two left for the old freighter in a shuttlecraft equipped with a warp booster pack. Warp booster packs had to be jettisoned after only one use. The freighter was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen – a DY-100 class spaceship – damaged, but still with a shuttlebay ready to receive him. The freighter was in orbit of a blue gas giant. After the shuttlecraft was safely within the shuttlebay, a force field sealed it up again. The cargo hold seemed to be bigger on the inside. Dan Silo knew what to name it. He named it – Alpha. Klaxons suddenly alerted them to the bridge. A Klingon D7 class cruiser was coming in at maximum warp. Older Klingon starships used forced labor. Coming in at maximum warp damaged their security systems, causing mutiny and emergency boom separation. Dan attempted evasive maneuvers to avoid collision. It failed. The Alpha slammed into the secondary hull of the Klingon starship. Dan and Shy found life support masks and put them on. Dan searched for a thruster suit. He found one and blasted towards the boom section through a large hole in the cargo hold created by the collision. Shy left in the shuttle.

Dan entered the boom section through an airlock. Gas from the planet turned into a blue liquid as he closed the airlock back up again. He was safe inside. Gravity slowly returned. A Klingon security team was sent to apprehend him. Dan fired his hand laser at the door behind the Klingon security team. The laser bolt hit the door and caused the blue liquid to flood the corridor, burning the Klingons. He started to search for a nearby transporter room. There, he was met by more Klingons. He was forced to negotiate with them – the separated boom was slowly falling deeper into the atmosphere of the blue gas giant. He spoke truth. There was no choice but to transport to the secondary hull. Unfortunately, they would have to divert power from life support to activate the beam. It could only be done once. The Klingons left behind would die of air loss. Dan was their prisoner. In the secondary hull, the mutiny proved unsuccessful. Dan was led to his father. He was a distant father that was thought to be away on business. Both were taken to a Klingon mistress, Kuris. She welcomed them at her table. Dan Silo was vaporized in the back of the head for rejecting her. With only the ability to move forward, the secondary hull of the Klingon D7 class cruiser returned to Klingon space. They did this by propelling themselves around the blue gas giant the boom section had since crashed into. Shy would die of air loss.

The End