"So, what are you going to do? Are you going to take Agnes to see Red or not?" Tina asked Lizzie.

Lizzie pondered for a moment. She was still thinking about whether to bring Agnes to see Red or not.

"I will take Agnes to see Red but I will find it difficult to convince Red to trust Agnes his daughter." Tina looked at Lizzie without understanding what Lizzie meant.

"What do you do by that?"

"I always lied on him, tried to kill him by trying to blow him up near the room he was being treated for, put him in jail until he was almost sentenced to death. Pretend to die after giving birth to Agnes. So what would you do if you were in Red's place?" Lizzie said in tears.

Tina hugged Lizzie as if giving patience to Lizzie. She understands it is not easy for Lizzie to bring Agnes to see Red.

"If I were Red, I would love that Agnes is my daughter because Agnes always gives me a smile and strength." Tell Tina with a smile. Tina will continue to support Lizzie no matter what happens later.

"Can you call Skip to come here for a moment." Lizzie asks Tina to call Skip to the kitchen.

"Skip, Liz wants to talk to you about something." Tell Tina.

Skip nodded.

"Tina told me you had something to talk to me about something important." Skip sit in front of Lizzie.

"I want to take Agnes to see Reddington."

Skip was shocked.

"You want to kill Reddington in front of Agnes and your revenge against Reddington is gone, like that?"

Lizzie shook her head. "That's not what I'm going to do."

"Okay, then how is it?"

"I'll take Agnes to see Reddington and you'll come too." Tell Lizzie.

"But what how? Reddington isn't near Washington now and he's with Annie." Skip said.

"But wait, why do you want to take Agnes to see Reddington?"

"Because I want them both to meet." Answer Lizzie.

"Yes I know that but for what reason? You wouldn't just bring Agnes to see Reddington. There must be a reason why you're determined to bring Agnes to see Reddington." Skip asked tensely.

"You want to know why I want to take Agnes to see Reddington?" Skip nodded.

"The answer is Reddington is Agnes's biological father." Tell Lizzie with tears pooling in her eyelids.

"You're not kidding about this, are you?" Asked Skip who was still shocked after hearing the answer from Lizzie.

"You see my face is serious or joke? I must give the right answer. I don't want to play in this. And I want Agnes to be happy when she can meet her biological father later." Tell Lizzie.

"I hope Reddington is happy to hear all this later."

"Skip, I don't know how to meet Reddington and tell him the truth." Tell Lizzie hesitantly.

"Right now Reddington is in Kansas with Annie so we're going to Kansas to see Reddington." Skip made a suggestion to Lizzie.

"You think Reddington wants to see me and will he believe what I'm going to tell him about Agnes? He hates me now for what has happened. I almost killed him a few times. So, you think Reddington will believe." Tell Lizzie.

Skip glared at Lizzie.

"If you don't find him and tell him, you won't know." Skip cheered Lizzie. He knew now that Lizzie needed support from others to meet Reddington.

"Okay, we'll meet with Reddington tomorrow. Make sure everything's okay later." Tell Lizzie.

"Okay don't worry about all that. I'll take care of everything." Answer Skip confidently.

"So, I'll tell Agnes about this thing." Skip nodded.

"Agnes, I have something to tell you." Tell Lizzie excitedly.

"What's the matter, mummy?"

"I'll take you to see Raymond soon." Said Lizzie. Agnes jumped for joy. She will be meeting with Reddington soon. Suddenly Lizzie's phone rang. Lizzie looked at her phone, a call from Neville Townsend.

Lizzie sighed long. Lizzie turned to the kitchen to answer the call.

"What do you want?" Lizzie asked Townsend angrily.

"I want Reddington dead." Answer Townsend. Lizzie rolled her eyes.

"Give me time."

"If you don't kill Reddington, the lives of your loved ones will be in danger. So, the choice is in your hands now." Townsend threatened Lizzie. Lizzie had to agree.

Now, he has to think of another idea. The idea that in the end would not bring death to Reddington, Agnes and the people she loved.

"Skip, we have a problem right now." Tell Lizzie to Skip.

"Problems about what?" Ask Skip.

"Townsend wants me to kill Reddington as soon as possible or other people's lives will be in danger."

"And you have no idea how to kill Reddington?" Lizzie shook her head.

"I'm not going to kill Reddington."

"So, what are you going to do?"

Lizzie thought for a moment.

"Reddington is in Kansas right now, right? With Annie?"

"Hmm. What are you going to do?"

"I'll go there and meet Annie for a while. And from that, I'll be able to meet Reddington." Tell Lizzie about her idea to Skip.

"What about Townsend?" Ask Skip.

"To convince Townsend of my revenge on Reddington, I had to give the idea to Townsend to get involved as well."

"What's your idea?"

"Townsend will attack Reddington after I get Annie's trust but before that we have to go to Kansas."

"Agnes? Will you take her?" Lizzie nodded.

"Who will take care of Agnes when we go to Kansas later?"

"You will take care of Agnes." Tell Lizzie. Skip agrees.