"Raymond, are you sure?" Asked Dembe with worried.

"Don't worry Dembe. I'll be okay." Answer Reddington. Dembe relented with an answer from Reddington.

"But you have to be careful near there later. You said we have to always be in front of the enemy." Dembe warned Reddington.

As usual Reddington will listen to advice from Dembe although not always advice is listened to by him. Red's mind was now filled with memories of Anne Foster. A woman who managed to win his heart.

"Raymond, do you still love Elizabeth?" Dembe asks Red about the man's feelings for Lizzie. Red looked at Dembe with a sharp look.

"Why do you want to say her name and bring up that feeling?" Red asked angrily.

"I just want to know how you feel about Elizabeth right now. It's proven now that Anne has managed to get rid of your feelings for Elizabeth. I'm impressed with Anne for being able to make you forget Elizabeth." Dembe defends himself from being further blamed and scolded by Red.

Red rolled his eyes.

"From today, never mention Elizabeth's name in front of me. Now my feelings of love are only for Anne and not for Elizabeth."

"I want to ask you." Dembe asks permission to Red to ask questions.

"What do you want to ask?" Red asked.

"If Elizabeth came to see you and she apologized for what she had done to you, would you forgive her?"

"Depends on what kind of future." Reply Red. Dembe complained.

"If Elizabeth came to see you with Agnes, what would you do? Leave or listen to an explanation from her?"

"Why do I want to hear an explanation from her. It just wasting my time. There's no good for me either."

"So now you're really serious about having a relationship with Anne?" Asked Dembe. Actually Dembe is a bit of a mistake to let Red continue to have a relationship with Anne, Dembe is worried about the safety of the two of them later.

"Yes I'm sure. You know Dembe, I feel very happy with Anne." Said Red happily.

"Why? After all, you realize that Anne doesn't know who you really are." Dembe tries to fix Red's mind about his relationship with Anne.

"When I'm with Anne I can be someone else and not feel burdened but when I'm with Elizabeth I feel like I'm burdened. So, I'm happy to be with Anne. After this, don't question how close I feel to Anne and don't mention Elizabeth again. " Red answered without hesitation.

"Okay, I won't question it again. I believe you will make a good decision but always be careful." Dembe told Red and Red nodded as he drank his scotch.

"Thank you Dembe for understanding my situation." Say Red sincerely.

"Call me if there's anything later." Tell Dembe calmly even though he's actually worried about Red's safety.

"Liz, do you know what to do later?" Skip asked Lizzie.

Lizzie nodded.

"Don't worry, I know what I will do later. You have to remember, take good care of Agnes. If anything happens near Agnes, wait for what I will do later near you.


"I'm sorry. I didn't see you earlier because I wanted to hurry." Said Lizzie wrongly.

"Don't worry, there's nothing. Besides, I'm also wrong because I didn't look back and see what the situation was like before." Anne replied to Lizzie. Both feel completely wronged by each other.

"Give me information about you so that later I can deal with insurance matters.

They both exchanged information with each other.

"Your name is Anne?" Lizzie asked.

"Yes, and you too Lisa?" It was Anne's turn to ask Lizzie's name.

Lizzie nodded.

"Sorry I have to go now. See you later." Told Lizzie to Anne.

Lizzie called Skip immediantly.

"How's Lizzie? Is there any development?" Skip asked quickly. Can't wait to find out.

Lizzie rolled her eyes.

"I've got Anne's home address. So later I can put something near her house to find out what happens next." Tell Lizzie. Skip nodded.

"Camera? You want to put the camera?" Skip asked even though he already knew what Lizzie's answer was.

"I have to put the camera down and with that I'll know what Anne and Reddington are doing later." Lizzie answered angrily and scolded about the question Skip had asked.

"Even if you're going to be offended to see what they're going to do?"

Lizzie sighed.

"I have to look too even though it's really hard to look."

"Okay, anything don't stress too much. Take care." Skip reminded Lizzie.

Knock ... Knock ... Knock ...

Anne opened the door when she heard the door of her house being knocked on several times by someone.

"Oh hi Lisa?" Anne greeted 'Lisa' happily without any suspicion. Anne looked scared.

"Can I come in?" Lizzie asked.

"Oh sorry I forgot to ask you in because I was surprised."

"Surprised? Did anything happen to you?" Lizzie walked into Anne's house and she placed the camera on a vase near the table in the dining room.

"I'm just feeling something. It's like someone is watching me." Told Anne without hesitation on Lizzie.

"I didn't see anything near the outside of your house just now. Maybe it's just your feelings?" Told Lizzie.

"Hope so." Said Anne.

"I should go right now. I have something to do." Told Lizzie as she walked to the main door.

"You want to go already? I just want to offer you a drink." Said Anne a little annoyed. Lizzie smiled broadly.

"I'm sorry I can't stay at your house. Maybe next time we'll meet again." Tell Lizzie before leaving. They smiled back at each other and waved.

"See you again." Said Anne happily.

"Me too." Replied Lizzie.