Rolling her eyes, Elsa turned to the man approaching her. "Don't buy me a drink. I don't want to sleep with you. Goodbye." The blonde turned back to her drink, feeling the annoyance overpowering her sadness. Being a moping girl in a bar was not going well for her.

Elsa just wanted to have a few drinks and forget her misery. However, apparently a bar was not the place for it. For one, the bar was loud, giving her a headache and reminding the girl why she rarely came to places like this. Mostly, though, the blonde was just annoyed with how many guys thought she was an easy hookup just because she was on the verge of tears.

The guy in front of her raised a brow, seeming slightly amused. Elsa would admit he was handsome with his messy white hair and striking blue eyes. Likely a douchebag but easy on the eyes. "Actually, I was going to warn you those guys over there were talking about slipping something in your drink." He plopped himself onto the barstool beside her. "Apparently no one is getting anywhere with you, so they thought you needed to 'loosen up.'" He put quotes around the words, rolling his eyes.

"Well, shit." The blonde's eyes widened. Guys hitting on her was one thing, but now they were trying to drug her? Humanity sucked. "Sorry about earlier, by the way. I've been hit on one too many times tonight, and I just wanted to cut to the chase."

The boy smiled at her, but she noted his eyes held a sadness in them. "Don't worry about it. Too many guys confuse 'no' with 'persuade me'." He fluttered his eyelashes sarcastically as he talked. "However, misery does love company. If I promise not to hit on you, can I stay?"

The girl's lips curved up slightly as she took in his genuine facial expression. Some company wouldn't hurt. "Okay, deal. I'm Elsa." The blonde turned around in her seat to face him better.

"Jack," He replied. The boy was wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans and a blue hoodie. He seemed tall, though it was hard to tell when they were both sitting. Either way, he gave off a youthful aura, as if he was still a teenager despite the fact he looked to be in his early twenties.

The blonde's eyes twinkled as she replied. "If you don't mind me asking, what is it that is making you miserable tonight?" The sadness in his eyes was still evident and the blonde wondered why.

The boy shrugged slightly. "Broke up with my girlfriend of three years." He turned away, not letting the girl see the way his eyes glistened with tears. It didn't matter though as the girl heard it in his voice; he was broken up over it.

Elsa racked her brain for a proper response. "Three years?" She ended up spluttering instead. "I mean, sorry, that sucks." She paused a moment, her eyes scanning the boy. "Three years though? I can't even imagine."

He chuckled, the sound bitter. He shook his head slightly. "I'm living it, and I still can't process it." He continued shaking his head before running a hand through his hair. "I was going to propose to her today. As you can probably tell, it didn't go well."

"She said no?" The girl couldn't help the shock that was in her voice. Jack seemed like the last man Elsa would expect to have trouble with girls. His appearance was that of a Greek god and, even heartbroken, he seemed charming. Was his ex-girlfriend just insane?

Another bitter laugh escaped the boy, a smile that matched. "I wish that was what went wrong." This time he ran both his hands through his hair. "I had this whole plan, a scavenger hunt. She was going to go to all our most significant spots and get clues. I had been planning it for months. I told my best friend about the whole plan and he was very supportive. You can only imagine my surprise when I went to give her the first clue and she was in bed with him."

Elsa's eyes widened in shock. "No way!" That asshole!

"My thoughts exactly." The boy clenched his fist. "He knew exactly what time I was coming to her house and made sure I caught them. It's been going on for months apparently. I broke up with the girlfriend I was about to make my fiance and blocked my best friend. Lost the two most important people to me."

The blonde couldn't think of words strong enough to comfort the boy. She figured it was because they just didn't exist. Only time would heal a wound like that. "I'm so sorry, Jack." She placed her hand on his knee, making eye contact. "I know this doesn't help but neither of them deserved having you in their life. I mean, a scavenger hunt; any girl would be lucky to marry you."

The boy gave her a small smile. "Are you hitting on me now?" He teased and the blonde could tell he was clearly joking. "Ironic considering how our conversation started."

Elsa rolled her eyes, letting the boy change the topic. She supposed it would be hard sharing something like that with a total stranger. "My apologies, I'll hold myself back from now on." She laughed gently.

She could tell the boy was grateful she hadn't tried to force him to say more. "So, what about you? What happened to make a pretty blonde like yourself come to a bar at 1 am and endure all the drunk guys hitting on you." He raised a brow in inquiry.

The blonde had almost forgotten she had her own sob story. "Oh, well, now mine will just sound stupid compared to yours." Her relationship hadn't been near as serious.

Jack only laughed. "I don't think we need to compare our pain." He gestured for her to continue speaking.

It was only fair, the blonde supposed. "I've never had much luck with dating, even back in high school." The girl paused, a far-off look in her eyes. "And then I met Adam. He was everything I was looking for: caring, intelligent, and easy on the eyes too." She chuckled lightly. "We had only been dating for a few months, but I honestly thought our relationship could go somewhere. Well, until I caught him in bed with someone else earlier today."

Elsa's bar companion raised a brow. "We're in the same boat then?" He inquired.

The blonde nodded. "In more ways than you think actually." She paused, shaking her head slightly as she recalled her confusion when she caught Adam. "I also caught my partner in bed with a man."

She watched Jack's eyes widen, a poorly contained laugh escaping his lips. "He's gay?" He laughed more freely this time as the girl nodded. His eyes scanned Elsa. "Yeah, I see why you wouldn't work for him; you're a beautiful woman, much too feminine."

"Clearly." The blonde tried to feign annoyance but her eyes twinkled too much for it to be convincing. "It's my luck, really. I finally meet a guy who has everything I'm looking for, and I'm not at all what he's into."

The boy forced himself to stop laughing, smiling at the girl. "That must have sucked."

She nodded, gesturing to her surroundings. "Must of if I actually decided to come to a bar. An idea I was coming to regret before you showed up." Her words would have come off as flirting if not for the bitter undertone of their conversation.

The boy smirked in response. "As I said before, misery loves company." Elsa couldn't help but agree.

"I honestly hate you, Els." Jack glanced around the room, his eyes taking in the way his apartment was decorated. Elsa had hung a giant banner with the words 'misery loves company'. Not to mention, there were several balloons with frowny faces on them.

Elsa merely smiled in response, making jazz hands as she continued to gesture to the room. "Happy anniversary, Jack! I was going to get you a card, but it turns out they don't make a card for the one-year anniversary of the day you both caught your significant others in bed with a man and moped together at a bar."

The white-haired boy laughed, pulling something out of his bag. "Which is why I had this one custom made." He handed a card to the girl, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

The blonde's face softened, touching her heart sarcastically. "And here I thought you forgot." She smiled. "God, I love you." Elsa froze, realizing the words that had just left her mouth. She and Jack had become friends after their time spent in the bar that day. However, recently the blonde's feelings for him went a bit further than just friends; she was in love with him.

"You do?" He stared at her hesitantly, his eyes asking a question even before he spoke again. "In what way?" Jack didn't say more, letting the silence engulf them as Elsa thought of a reply.

She supposed she could play it off as her saying it as friends. Elsa knew that would make sense; he'd probably even believe her. Still, she didn't have it in her to lie, not when she had the perfect opportunity to finally be honest. "I didn't mean to say that," The blonde admitted, her cheeks flushing. "I did mean it though, as more than friends." She bit her lip self-consciously, trying to study the boy's reaction.

He just stared at her, confusion evident on his face. He frowned slightly and the blonde figured that wasn't a good sign. It also didn't seem positive that he had yet to respond.

Elsa dared herself to continue. Their friendship was already ruined; what was the harm in messing it up even more. "That night at the bar you made me feel so much better just by sitting there and talking to me, and you've continued to make me feel better ever since that day. Not just about Adam, about everything. You've helped me grow so much as a person and made me realize how many things about myself that I like." She gave him a small smile. "I'm glad things ended with Adam because he didn't make me near as happy as you do. Just knowing you exist makes me smile. And honestly, I tried not to fall for you, but I couldn't help it." She shrugged, smiling hesitantly. "I'm in love with you, Jack."

The blonde shut her eyes, turning away from the boy as she waited for the inevitable rejection. Despite the relief she felt from finally getting the words out, she still wasn't sure she could handle what would come next. Elsa's heart was pounding violently, the sound so loud she wondered if she'd even hear Jack's response.

Hands were suddenly resting on her shoulders. "Els, what are you doing?" She heard Jack's soft chuckle. "For goodness sakes, open your eyes!"

The girl peeked open one eye, surprised to see Jack was smiling widely. She wasn't sure she had ever seen him that happy. Not to mention, he was getting closer and closer to her. Soon his lips were just inches from hers, his eyes closing. "Why did you have me open my eyes if I was just going to have to close them ag-"

Her last word was lost as Jack's lips slammed into her own, a feverous passion consuming the pair. They kissed as if they'd never get the chance to again, pouring their pent-up emotions into it. Slowly, Jack's eyes fluttered open, a nervous look in them. It didn't disappear until he saw Elsa smiling.

The blonde raised a brow. "That better not have been your way of letting me down easy." She laughed gently, despite the insecurity she felt.

"No, nothing like that." His eyes grew serious as he looked at her. "I love you, Els." After a year with the boy, Elsa could easily tell when he was lying, though he rarely did. Right now, Jack was staring at her with the most sincere expression she had ever seen the boy wear.

"I love you too." She smirked slightly. "Care to make this day two different anniversaries by becoming my boyfriend?" Her eyes were wide and hopeful.

Jack laughed, shaking his head as he gently punched her. "I was supposed to ask!" Still, the boy nodded. "Yes though." He leaned forwards to kiss the girl he was now dating. However, she stopped him.

"Promise you're not gay?" She teased.

Jack nodded, rolling his eyes. "Promise." And then the pair kissed like there was tomorrow, not realizing they'd be kissing each other for the rest of their lives. Today was the anniversary of their meeting at the bar. It was the anniversary of them becoming a couple. Eventually, however, it would also become their wedding anniversary. The pair found it too amusing to resist, after all.