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~No More Twilight~


Bella once heard the saying that falling in love was like dying.

She'd never thought that this saying would apply to her literally, but it did.

And now here she was, in the heart of Volterra in search of the Vampire that not only captured her heart and broke it, but also managed to turn her suicidal in the hopes of one day joining the legions of the beautiful and perfect undead.

She made a mad dash across the courtyard as she elbowed and shoved her way through the crowd of red robed people, and then she saw him, looking as good and inhumanly perfect as ever whereas she looked like a mess with disheveled hair, dark bags underneath her red and puffy eyes from the sleepless nights that this perfect immortal she now stared at had indirectly caused.

Bella scoffed at the unfairness of it all before she realized that she still had one last hurdle to overcome in order to get to her ex-boyfirend/lover/stalker, otherwise Edward would end up sparkling like a disco ball and deader than even the dead.

But Bella could barely run without tripping over her own two feet, and here before her was a courtyard filled to the brim with people enjoying the celebrations and the only way through it was to jump over the large fountain in the middle of it all.

Still, 'This is for Edward!' she thought before breaking out into a run which soon evolved into a dead sprint.

This was for Edward.

The very same Edward that left her choking on her own sobs back in Forks. The same Edward that promised her that he would never leave, and the same Edward that told her that he didn't and never truly loved her.

Bella swallowed thickly and fought off the reflexive scowl that threatened to form on her face. She lovedhim, and she damn sure wanted an explanation followed by an honest to god apology for all of this.

Bella sped up even further, running as fast as her very much human and very much feeble legs would carry her, praying to every god known to man that she wouldn't slip on the slick cobblestones of the fountain.

After some herculean effort and even more luck, she finally managed to cross the fountain and with a triumphant smile she made to jump out of the water onto solid ground…

Only to lose her footing on the last paces before she would've reached safety.

She screamed and closed her eyes on instinct as she fell, preparing herself for the pain that was sure to follow only to be surprised when she felt a firm grip on her arm that saved her from meeting the ledge of the fountain with her face.

Whoever had gripped her managed to pull her up and steady, and when she opened her eyes to look at her savior, she saw…nothing.

She looked around in confusion, her eyes searching but there was no one even close to her, she was the only one stupid enough to stand square in a waterspout fountain.

She shook her head and looked at Edward, she couldn't help but ogle him slightly as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt in the shadows.

Okay this was so not the time for hormones to act up.

Her eyes widened in panic as she finally realized that he was just about to reveal himself-and his nature-to all these people gathered at the town square, an action that would surely lead to Edwards's death and the possible destruction of the entire Cullen Family.

"Edward!" She screamed in desperation while waving her handy wildly above her head, but it was to no avail, it was as if Edward was in his own little world, something she should've expected by now.

Bella looked on in dismay as Edward rid himself of his shirt and took that first slow and tentative step towards the light. She redoubled her efforts and jumped, colliding against the cold and painfully hard brick wall that was Edward Cullen.

Her hands trembled as she grasped his chin roughly, forcing him to look at her as she tried to push him back into the shadows.

"Bella?" His melodious tone assaulted her ears, and she didn't know if she wanted to cry or punch that man in the face.

"Edward!" She cried loudly, "get back into the shadows, I'm not dead!"

He did step back while staring at her with an expression of shock, confusion and pure joy, a look that once would've managed to make Bella swoon, but somehow, she just knew that those times were over.

"Amazing…" Edwards seductive voice tickled her while his cold fingers ghosted along her jawline. "Carlisle was right, we do have a soul." Edward said softly.

Bella flinched away from the hand caressing her cheek, and it was not the cold of his fingers that caused this reaction, something that the man holding her in an iron grip seemed to take note off.

"What's wrong love?"

Oh Hell No!

Bella couldn't even believe that he would ask her that of all things. And My Love!? He dared to call her his love!? After all that he put her through!

Her eyes burned up with righteous feminine fury even as tears began to gather at the edge of her brown orbs before she leveled a glare on Edward.

"What's wrong? What's wrong you ask?" She used all of her meagre strength to push against his chest, trying to get free from his hold on her hip, but the man didn't relinquish his grip and only seemed to pull her in tighter, so she just opted to continue her tirade from within his arms.

"Well, I'll tell you what's wrong. I haven't had an hour of peaceful sleep since you left! I left Charlie a crappy old note to come here to save you after I promised him that I wouldn't ever do that again after that whole Jamie fiasco! And still you have the nerve to touch me, hold me and talk to me as if you didn't break my heart and walked away from me without so much as a 'by your leave'!"

She finally managed to push herself away from him after Edward's entire body seemingly went slack in stunned shock.

Bella herself was left panting and wide-eyed as she processed the words that just left her mouth. Never in a million years did she think that she would be capable of speaking her mind to anyone, let alone to perfect and untouchable Edward Cullen.

She looked at the face of the man in front of her and Bella almost snorted at the stunned and wide-eyed look that was on Edwards's face.

And then Bella felt nervousness creep into her when Edward's cold hand lightly wrapped around her throat while an animalistic growl seeped through the broody Vampire's lips. She felt herself being spun away from the light and pushed back into the shadows of the alley.

And then she heard Edwards growl out, "What do you think you're doing here? Do you have any idea how dangerous it is for you to be here in Volterra?"

That was it.

Bella's nostrils flared.

Her mouth settled into a grim line.

Her inviting brown eyes turned into cold and furious chips of eyes.

And Alice softly landed on the ground next to them.

"As much as I'd enjoy watching Bella verbally castrate you dear brother, the Volturi guards are closing in." Bella looked at the smiling Alice, noticing the smug and proud look on the female vampire's face before she too smiled when Alice sent her a wink.

Then she and the two vampire's tensed as one when three figures emerged from the shadows on the other end of the alley.

"Jane, Felix, Demetri." She heard Edward address the three while pulling her to stand to his right and slightly behind him.

Bella wanted to roll her eyes at Edward acting just so like Edward, but this situation seemed to be rather serious if the tense and stiff forms of Edward and Alice where anything to go by.

"As you can see I have yet to reveal myself to anyone, so I won't be needing your services Gentlemen, and young Lady." Edward said calmly, but she knew that his composure was an act.

The tall and muscular Vampire stepped forward, he was-to no surprise-handsome, with a slightly olive complexion that took away from his otherwise pasty white skin tone.

He looked over the three of them and Bella shivered when the man's blood-red eyes focused on her. The hunger within those eyes was clear and she wasn't foolish or naïve enough to think that this was the risqué kind of hunger either.

Bella was suddenly quite glad that she stood behind Edward.

"Ano wants to speak with you again." The tall and muscular vampire spoke in a politely threatening kind of tone.

Edward's jaw clenched. "No rules were broken."

"Nonetheless we should take this conversation to a more appropriate venue." The smaller of the two male vampires spoke in a suave tone.

"Fine." Edward said, his body still ridged before he turned his head to look over at Alice. "Alice, why don't you take Bella and you two enjoy the rest of the festival?"

"No. They come with us." The taller Vampire growled, dropping his polite tone in it's entirety.

Bella gulped and took the slightest of steps back even as Edward growled at the three Vampire's standing across from them. She felt quite small and feeble now, a feeling she had to become used too ever since she began to keep Vampires and Werewolves as company.

And with every life-threatening encounter she came to hate this feeling of vulnerability more.

"I have to insist that my companions be allowed to leave." Edward hissed out from between clenched teeth.

Bella worried that Edwards stubborn reply would surely lead to a violent confrontation but her worried were for naught as a beautiful, yet childlike voice rang through the alleyway.

"Enough, calm yourselves now." The shortest of the three Vampires stepped forward and the only human's eyes widened as she got a good look at the female Vampire.

She was a child.

The most beautiful child that Bella had ever seen, but a child, nonetheless. And while her demeanor and appearance were anything but threatening, the taller Vampire's flinched at her voice before backing away without complaint.

The young girls red eyes then focused onto them and she spoke with an air of authority about her. "As for you Edward Cullen and company, you will follow without complaint, is that clear?"

Then after the little girl had spoken, she turned around and began to walk away without stopping to look back. And much to her surprise, Edward grabbed her wrist and began to follow the petite Vampire, as did Alice.

'What's going on?' Bella thought while looking at the back of the small girl's head, 'Who is that child?'

"Just do as she says." Alice whispered to her, which only served to raise more questions within Bella's mind.


Bella Swan looked on in wonder at the massive chamber that served as a throne room for the Volturi royalty. It was quite spartan she thought. The walls and the ceiling were made from what she assumed to be marble in the most boring shade of grey and the only extravagance to the room were the three embellished thrones of what she assumed to be the rulers and Kings of Vampire kind.

"What a happy surprise!" A pale and long-haired man stood from his throne and smiled brightly at them. "Bella is alive after all, isn't that wonderful? Truly Edward, I'm so very glad that you didn't go through with your plan. Ah happy endings, I do love them so very much and they are oh so rare!"

Edward tensed up visibly as he pushed Bella behind himself. "I…have no reason to end my existence, not anymore." He squeezed Bella's hand lightly.

"Hmm, indeed!" The man who Bella could only assume to be Aro clapped his hands as if cheering and walked closer towards them with a purpose to his every step. "So, tell me, might this be the girl of your thoughts? The one who's soul you can't read?"

Edward gave Aro a curt nod while Alice inched closer to Bella.

"Interesting…" Aro muttered before his eerie red eyes focused on Alice. "Ah and this must be your lovely sister, is she not? The one who can foresee the future?" He motioned Alice to come towards him.

Which she did, tentatively walking towards Aro while her eyes surveyed the room cautiously, all the while she used her gift to take peeks into their immediate future and Alice felt relieve washing over her when she glimpsed what would await them all in but a few short moments.

"Hold out your hand dear." Aro commanded Alice with glee in his voice.

Alice bowed in a show of respect before gingerly placing her palm into Aro's waiting hand.

The ancient Vampire closed his eyes and an indulgent smile spread upon his face.

"So very fascinating!" Aro exclaimed in what almost seemed to be manic glee as he witnessed the future that could come to pass through Alice's eyes. "So very fascinating indeed! Oh but to think that he'd have this road ahead of himself, intriguing indeed!"

No one but Alice knew the reason for Aro's maniac glee, Bella was clueless and completely out of place, whereas reading Aro's or Alice's minds was the last thing on Edwards mind at this very moment.

Bella's earlier words and this meeting had his mental faculties in quite the disarray.

Aro let go of Alice's hand and she was quick to scurry away as the elder Vampire's glowing red eyes focused on Bella and Edward. "Ah but now to get to the reason for which we have gathered here, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan."

Aro walked towards them and without asking took Edwards's hand into both of his, an action that had Bella take a few steps away from the creepy vampire.

"La tua cantante" Aro whispered while swallowing thickly. "Her blood appeals to you so much…it makes me thirsty." When he spoke that last word his crimson eyes gazed directly at the frightened girl standing close to them.

She also accurately took note of the way he swallowed so thickly after he finished his speech.

"How can you stand to be so close to her?" Aro asked Edward.

"It's not without difficulty."

"Oh, I can see that."

"Aro can read every thought I've ever had." Edward told Bella in that low and despondent voice of his, a voice only made worst by what Bella assumed to be the pain of her earlier words to him.

'Well what did he really expect after leaving me!?' Even in a situation as bad as this one was turning out to be, she couldn't quite shake the anger and hurt that Edwards very presence evoked.

"Hmm, a lover's quarrel?" Aro laughed lightly, "my oh my, to be young again!"

Edward grimaced and growled at Aro, "you now know everything about me, so get on with it already."

Aro's ever constant smile faltered before turning painfully forced. "as you wish. You fancy yourself quite the soul-reader yourself, do you not my dear Edward? And yet, you can't read Miss Swan's thoughts…. Fascinating!"

Aro stepped away from Edward before turning towards the small human. "I would love to see if you are an exception to my gifts as well, Bella."

Said girl swallowed as the attention of the powerful and very much bloodthirsty being was now solely on her, and she had to restrain herself from stepping back when Aro held out his hand for her to take.

"Would you do me the honor?"

Slowly and very reluctantly she took a step towards him before she placed her right hand into his upon which Aro enclosed it in both of his. Again, Bella had to restrain her own body, this time from shuddering violently; Aro's hands were so cold, somehow they were so much colder than even Edwards.

And the way Aro cradled her hand, the way he pushed it into his own chest…this Vampire, this Aro, he was wrongand terrifying in so many ways.

"Interesting." Aro said, this time any kind of act that he may have put up vanished. His voice was deeper, his smile was gone, and a pensive expression appeared on his visage. "I can see nothing."

He released Bella's hand and turned away from them, pacing.

"I wonder…" He spoke again after a few short moments of silence, turning to face Bella, staring at her as if she was the most complicated puzzle, he's ever stumbled upon. "…if she is immune to all of our gifts."

"Shall we Jane?"

Jane for once had another expression on her face rather than the one of stoic indifference she's donned this whole time. This expression was one of manic glee and Bella couldn't help but shiver and cringe as it was directed at her and no one else.

"With pleasure."

"NO!" Edward jumped in front of Bella snarling and growling, but it was no use. The moment Jane placed her attention on him he crumbled to the floor in pain, twitching, groaning, and writhing as the little Vampire girl seemingly did unspeakable torture onto him with the force of her mind alone.

Bella could only look on in horror as the man she once considered to be the center of her universe writhed in unending agony, even as she saw Alice fight against Felix's hold from out of the corners of her eyes.

"Enough." Aro said calmly, pleasantly even.

Jane bowed in accordance with the order and Edward stopped twitching in pain. He took a shaky breath before he was lifted off the ground and restrained, courtesy of Demetri.

Aro sighed in exasperation. "Let's try this again, shall we?" He gave the green light to Jane and she focused her gaze on Bella, her eyes looking at the human eagerly waiting for the screams of pain and terror, yet nothing happened.

Bella just stared at her with those big brown eyes.

"Well?" Arno said impatiently.

Jane grits her teeth and snarls out. "Nothing."

"How very interesting." Aro hummed, "I wonder what gifts you may receive once you've joined our ranks."

Edward broke out of Felix's grasp as he stood in front of Bella. "She will not be changed."

"You are aware of the rulesEdward? She must either become one of ours or she must die." Aro sighed in feigned sympathy.

"There just has to be another way!" Edward protested.

"Wait, Aro, you've seen it in my visions. Bella will become one of us." Alice interjected hastily. "If Edward won't change her then I will."

Bella and Edward looked at her incredulously, the latter of which was growling much like a caged animal as he fought against his bonds, but both halted as Aro once more came walking towards them.

"I've come to a decision." He exclaimed loudly and firmly. "I shall give you three months' time to change Bella into one of ours. If she is not changed by then, then we will have no choice but to execute her." Aro sighed sympathetically, "you must understand, the Masquerade must be kept at all costs, no lose ends or possible weaknesses may remain unchecked."

Edward wanted to protest, he truly did, but he knew that there was absolutely nothing to be done at this moment. But he would find some way to prevent this, that he swore quietly to himself.

"But before you go there is one more condition that must be met."

Alice gasped audibly as she looked at Bella then back at Aro. She did her best to hide her thoughts from Edward, thankfully he was too absorbed at the Volturi's thoughts to be paying attention to hers.

"One of my elite guards shall accompany you back to Forks, as insurance if you will, to make sure that Miss Swan over here gets turned according to schedule."

Bella gasped and Edward held back a growl, he would think about how to solve this new hurdle after he got Bella back to Forks. Not trusting himself to keep calm, Edward nodded as an affirmative.

"Come forth, Naruto my boy." Aro called out.

The massive double doors opened, and Bella was the only one to look at the new arrival.

Her cheeks immediately flushed as she took in the form of Aro's Elite Guard. She knew that Edward was beautiful, but this guy was something else entirely, he could easily rival the Cullen man in looks and come out the better.

Naruto was tall, blonde and tan! He was taller than Edward who stood at 6'1" and he was significantly broader than the slender Cullen as well. His face was chiseled with high cheekbones and a straight nose, his lips were thin and curled up into a lax smile but the thing that caught Bella's interest the most were the six jagged whisker-like marks on his cheeks. Bella's breath hitched as he looked at her, he had red eyes, just like the rest of the Volturi.

But Bella caught something in his eyes that made him stand out from everyone else.

He looked at her with what she could only describe as pure lust…

Their eyes met for but a moment, and Bella's stomach flipped when he licked his lips hungrily before winking at her.

By God, she had to rub her thighs together to stave off the building heat.

"This right here is Uzumaki Naruto, the pride of the Vulturi and my personal guard." Aro said fondly, causing Edward, Alice and to some extend Bella to raise curious eyebrows.

Bella's big brown eyes focused on Naruto in intrigue. 'The pride of the Vulturi?'

Naruto's eyes swept over every person and undead in the room, when they reached Bella, they were fixed on her far longer than on anyone else, and Bella didn't miss the glint of intrigue and curiosity in his eyes either before he finally tore his gaze away from her to look at his leader with a smirk on his face.

"You've called boss?"

Bella shivered, shivered, as his deep and rich voice tickled her ears. Good God, she did not even know this man and he already had her breakout in goosebumps with nothing but his tone of voice alone.

"You shall accompany the Cullen's and Miss Swan back to Forks." Aro drawled, smirking right back at the whiskered blonde standing before him. "Make sure that she is changed by the third month of your stay with them, if she is not then turn her yourself or execute her, though I'd much rather have as one of our own, she's a truly gifted girl, her death would be a waste. And make sure to protect her until either she or the Cullen's have come to a decision."

"Really A?" Naruto asked his leader in amused disbelieve, getting glances of surprise from more than just a few people present. "What ever made you think that I was the right man for this job? You more than anyone should know that I do not kill without a good fucking reason to do so. And you more than anyone should know how I feel about a human being turned against their will or without clear consent."

"But you've also bugged me for an extended mission away from Volterra for the last decade or so, which I find very peculiar seeing as you are never here in the first place. The last time I had work suited to your ever elusive skillset I've had to send Felix on a wild goose chase through the Himalayas since you've only left me a sticky note saying and I quote 'I'm out hiking. See ya walking and talking Disco Balls later'." Aro said dryly.

Bella tried to hold it in, she truly did, but all the same she couldn't help herself. This story was so ridiculous and the mental image of a childish Naruto bolting at every chance he had while making the lives of the Volturi Vmpires hell was too much for her to handle and she broke out into a fit of giggles. Right here in front of the King's and Regents of vampire kind.

"S-Sorry…I-I'm sorry!" Bella wheezed out through the giggles that wracked her body.

"I like her." Naruto spoke over the stunned crowd of Vampires that had just witnessed a human girl break down in a fit odd girlish laughter in front of them. "I think I'mma go on this mission, it should turn out amusing with her around."

Bella stopped her laughter on a dime and her head shot up to look at Naruto's face. Had she just imagined the possessive growl in his voice? No, it was there again, that hunger and lust in his eyes, it made her tremble, and she couldn't say that the sensation was terrible.

And as Bella shivered in whatever it was that this Vampire made her feel, Edward was trying to find out if he could incinerate a Vampire with nothing but the force of his glare and the cold fury it held.

Alice…Alice was just smirking as if she was watching some sort of sit-com.

Aro chuckled while the rest of the guards smirked at the way Naruto looked at Bella. "Well, I'm pleased that you've made up your mind old friend. But Naruto, do try to keep your antics in check, will you?"

"I won't promise anything~" Naruto sang out joyously which caused Aro and several others to become even paler if that was a possibility.

"Then may God have mercy with us all." Aro whispered to himself while every other Volturi Vampire looked on in resignation and even some sadness.

"Come on, lighten up you lot!" Naruto's eyebrow twitched at the looks of his comrades and leaders. Who did they think he was? Dracula!? "It's not like I've ever destroyed a town…" he mumbled out with a petulant pout on his lips.

Somehow the Cullens and Bella got a bad feeling about this entire situation.

"Anyways, are we done here?" Naruto asked, the cute-to Bella-pout on his lips vanished as if it never was there in the first place and his entire posture returned to the carefree and lax man that had entered the chambers.

"We are." Aro said, "Do send Carlisle my best regards, you all may leave at sundown."

Naruto smiled broadly and inclined his head towards Aro, the closest thing to a bow anyone but the Hokage would get out of him, before he muttered some goodbyes to the rest of the guard and ruffling Jane's hair affectionately.

The little minx huffed in protest and swatted his hand aside before giving the tall blonde a quick hug while hoping that no one would notice before she released him and scurried off.

"That little girl…" Naruto muttered with a soft smile before he turned and walked towards the two Cullen siblings and his new charge.

"Alright you lot, let's get going." He smiled at them jovially which somehow, someway made Bella be at ease in his presence…

…or at least she was at ease until he put his arm around her waist and pulled her into his side, he had to crane her neck up to see his face, it was comfortable.

"Got a name sweet thing?"

Bella blushed prettily at that one and suddenly found her feet to be remarkably interesting.

Edward growled at the blonde, as he read the filthy thoughts going through his head. "Her name's Bella." He growled out rudely, which garnered him a glare from said human.

Naruto just looked at Edward, not at all intimidated by the other vampire's hostile behavior. "Hmm, did you say something? 'Cause I'm fairly sure I asked the young lady over here and not you." He said innocently.

Bella and Alice couldn't help the sweet laugh that burst from their lips at the bit of good natured-or at least they hoped it was- ribbing from the taller Vampire.

"Well?" Naruto prodded.

"Bella, Bella Swan." She mumbled shyly.

Naruto hummed appreciatively.

"That's a nice name Bella. Fitting for a gorgeous girl such as yourself." He growled lowly.

And there it was again, the same lustful look that made her weak in the knees and her stomach clench.

Edwards growled louder while Alice bit her lip and glanced between the two male vampires and back to Bella, she was sure that whether her vision came true or not, this would be trouble…

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