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Chapter One: His Girl

"Don't you get it? I don't want to you to come with me." Edward said softly.

Bella looked at him wide-eyed, her lips trembled as she spoke. "What…you don't want me?"

The golden-eyed Vampire stared at her impassively, his face not betraying any emotion. "No, I never did." He sneered at her. "Did you think that I'd actually want a human?"

"Wh-What!? But you told me! You told me that you would never leave me! You told me that you loved me!" She cried out.

"Tsk…I'm a very good liar. Forget about me Isabella, it will be better for the both of us."

"No!" She reached out to him, desperately clutching at his signature beige coat. "Edward…please I need you."

Edward looked at the hysterical girl and for the first time since they entered the forest Bella saw her old Edward. His eyes gave him away, but it was still no use, he gently shrugged off her hand gently as he walked out of the forest.

"You'll forget about me." Edward said over his shoulder yet did not turn to face her. "Don't worry, time has a way to heal all wounds."

Bella's breath came hard and fast, she shook as she fell on the forest floor as her eyes followed Edwards's form as he walked away from her.

How could this happen to her?

They went from being a happy, if not a bit intense couple to a hasty breakup, and the thing was that she had no idea why he just did what he did!

She shook her head and tried to contain the sobs that threatened to take over her body. It made utterly no sense to her but even then, she called out his name.

Even after he broke her, she still called out to him.



Brown eyes snapped open as Bella took a in a deep, shaky breath.

She ran her hand through her damp, messy and sweat-soaked hair as she exhaled softly.

She hasn't had one of those dreams in a while.

Bella stared out into the darkness of her room while thinking about the dream she just had, 'what brough this on?' She wondered before dragging a hand down her face and willing her mind to wander to other, less depressing thoughts.

Oh wait…she went to Italy to save Edward and Charlie had grounded her for the rest of her life…but that was just a nightmare, right?"

"Bad dream?" A deep baritone drawled out from the darkness of her room.

Okay, never mind. Maybe she wasn't dreaming after all, which would mean that…

Bella gasped before pulling the covers tighter around herself.

"Naruto!" She hissed.

"Yup that's me." She growled lowly at his chipper and uppity tone.

"What are you doing here in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping!? I thought watching people sleep was Edwards weird shtick!" She complained none too quietly.

The thought that Charlie could hear her didn't even cross her mind in the heat of the moment.

Then Bella suddenly felt her bed dip and a cold finger trailed down her cheek which caused her breath to catch in hear throat while her cheeks flared in a cute, embarrassed flush.

"Oh, but creeping on girls is Eddies thing, not mine, after all, he did it out of his own volition whereas I'm ordered to protect you from any threat that may wish to do you harm." Bella shivered when the mischievous Vampire leaned into her back and whispered those words into her ear. "Those threats include the monsters that would hide in your closet and under your bed."

"S-so you're only doing this because the Volturi ordered you t-to be my bodyguard?" Bella stuttered out in an insecure voice only to squeak when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her midsection before being pulled back into his chiseled chest.

She could've sworn that her own heart was beating its way out of her chest.

"Oh, don't be like that my sweet little Bella." He whispered into her ear. "I'm quite excited to be with you…if you know what I mean." He teased and she could feel his chest rumble in quiet laughter when his sensitive hearing picked up on her rapid heartbeat. "And I'm pretty sure that I don't really work for the Volturi as much as I'm working with them."

"Why do you work with them?" Bella asked, in part because she was curious about him and partly because she wished to distract him from her flustered state.

If there was one thing that Bella had learned in the short time, she spent together with her protector then it was that Naruto was a tease like no other.

Naruto mulled on her question for a moment before answering. "Because believe it or not, the Volturi Vampires are not at all evil. We of the Volturi are nothing more than guardians, and we protect all vampires, whether they like it or not. Without the Volturi being here to make the difficult decisions, human's would've long since discovered the existence of vampires and that would have marked the doom of an entire race of beings. But just as human's have a general distaste for police officers, many vampires don't exactly like us or the rules we enforce."

Bella snorted in amusement, "let me get this straight…you basically are a vampire cop?"

"Something like that." Naruto laughed before resting his chin on Bella's shoulder, pulling her closer into him until she was basically sitting in his lap, which caused said girl to blush cutely. "But enough about me, wanna tell me about that dream you had?"

"No, not really." Bella muttered, "it was a stupid dream anyways."

"Hmm I don't believe that it was, but I won't push if you don't want to talk about it." Naruto said quietly, "still if you ever change your mind, I'm all ears."

"Thank you." Bella mumbled before yawning and rubbing at her eyes.

"You should go back to bed Bella; we've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow."

Her brow rose, "a big day?"

"Mhm, Eddie told me that he'd be here bright and early to take us to the Cullen's. Well, he said you, but we are a packaged deal since I'm your bodyguard and all."

Bella perked up in Naruto's hold, smiling over her shoulder at him. "The Cullen's are back?" She asked excitedly before her face changed into a frown that didn't quite fit her in Naruto's opinion. "Wait, Edward was here?"

"Uhm, yes to both I guess." Naruto mumbled. "Eddie's been stalking us, or rather you ever since we left Volterra a few days ago. I'm fairly sure that if it wasn't for me, he'd be right here next to you, watching you sleep or whatever."

"That…sounds like Edward." Bella sighed, before shaking her head and smiling to herself. "Still, I'm glad that the Cullen's are back, I've missed them a lot when they were gone."

"Uh huh, which is why you need to go back to bed young lady." Naruto mock scolded, "the sooner you go to sleep, the sooner you wake and can go to see them."

Bella sighed and pouted, "fine mom."

"Mom?" Naruto chortled with a shake of his head before leaning down to nibble at Bella's ear. "And here I hoped that you would call me daddy."

"Naruto!" Bella cried in outrage, though she couldn't quite stop the laughter that escaped her lips. "You're impossible…"

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"You really shouldn't…" The human girl huffed with a smile on her face, unconsciously snuggling back into Naruto's hold before letting out another tired yawn.

"You really should go back to sleep Bella." Naruto stated while gently rubbing circles on her belly which was covered by a simple white t-shirt.

"Mhm." Bella sleepily hummed her agreement, already half asleep in Naruto's cold but gentle hold, which was something that the blonde vampire took notice off.

He couldn't help but smile at the sleepy girl in his arms before he gently removed her from his lap and laid her down onto the soft mattress of her bed. Naruto then tucked her in under the covers and was just about to get up when Bella lazily grabbed his writs.

"Don't." She whispered quietly.


"Stay with me." She mumbled shyly. "I don't want to sleep alone tonight, please stay."

Sighing in fake exasperation, Naruto carefully crawled under the covers as well, shuffling up behind Bella to spoon her. He wrapped his arms around the girl and pulled her back into his chest while his hands rested on her hip and belly.

"Better sweet girl?" He asked.

Bella shivered and it wasn't all from her heated body coming into contact with his cold one. She felt his chest rumble as he spoke and she couldn't help but compare Edward and Naruto's presence.

Edward, she began, was more lithe and slender compared to Naruto's bulky frame. The few times that she could recall Edward holding her like this were just never so…full? Or rather, Edward's embrace didn't feel this encompassing.

Edward, he was always so distant, and he would do his best to keep a safe distance between them, but Naruto? He had no sense of personal space. His thick, muscular arms surrounded her like a blanket and there was barely any space between his body and hers.

She just felt so secure and small in his arms, it made her feel more feminine and even girly. Somehow, she could feel herself relaxing whenever Naruto was close to her. It was as if his mere presence took away her every worry and concern.

"This feels nice." Bella mumbled sleepily, smiling as she felt Naruto kiss the back of her neck before her mind drifted off into a relaxing sleep.

Naruto for his part resolved himself to simply hold her body, for once there was not a single ulterior or uncouth thought on his mind.

He just enjoyed holding…his girl.


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