One day, Perry was in his car on the way home from work when there was a car accident. He was part of that, but he had no choice. It was a serious accident, and he soon noticed that something was wrong, but really couldn't tell what was. Another car was close to his and then ran into one more. The next minute or so, he blacked out. About another twenty minutes arrived and he didn't hear anything, and that was when sirens from an ambulance showed up.

When the paramedics arrived to his car, they immediately recognized him.

"Hey, this is Perry Mason. How did he get here?"

One of the other guys looked at this.

"I don't know if he's alert or anything. Should we try something and see what works?"

"Sure," he answered.

They opened the driver's door and took a look.

"What do you think?"

"I don't know what to think. Could he be seriously involved?"

"It's a good guess, but let's try something."

One of the paramedics took off his seatbelt. He decided to check the pulse.

"Anything there?" the second one asked.

"I don't feel anything. Let's take him to the hospital and see if they can do something there."

So they carried Perry out of the car and into the ambulance. They made it ten minutes later, trying what would work, but got nothing.

When they got inside, one doctor came their way.

"Who is this?" he asked.

"Don't you recognize him? It's Perry Mason," the second paramedic answered.

"What was he doing that brought you here?"

"Well, Doc, someone reported a car accident and we recognized him as Perry Mason. We tried what we could do, but nothing. We think he must've been seriously involved."

"Let me look at him. I'll make that call to his office."

"Thanks. We appreciate it," the first paramedic said and then left.

The doctor did see they were right about recognizing him as the famous lawyer.

"I will see if someone can take him into surgery right away," he said to himself.

When he did so, some other people took Perry to emergency while he made that call. He listened to the phone.

"Hello?" Paul said.

"Is this Perry Mason's office?"

"Yes. Do you want to talk with him?"

"I can't. I just called to share some news."

"Why are you calling here?"

"The news is that Perry was involved in an accident. He's in surgery right now."

"Gosh. I'll be right over."

"Thanks, Paul. See you soon."

Della looked at him.

"Who was that?"

"A doctor."

"What happened?"

"He said Perry was involved in a car accident and is in surgery right now. I'm going there and see what happened."

"How did that happen?"

"I don't know all the details, so I'm heading there now and see what information they can give me."

"Do you want me to come?"

"No, Della. You stay here."

"Let me know what happened."

"I'll try."

Then Paul left.

Della didn't like the news she just heard. All she could do now was answer calls. When Paul arrived to the hospital, he asked for Doctor Webber. That was the name he heard over the phone.

"I am Paul Drake. I received your call."

"Thank you for coming right away into my office."

So Paul did. When they walked into the office, Paul asked, "What happened to Perry that brought him here?"

"The paramedics who found him weren't so sure. They said there was no pulse."

"Is he seriously injured?"

"I don't know how to answer that."

"Where is he now?"

"Surgery. I haven't heard anything yet."

"Well, give me a call when you do. Is there anything I can do now?"

"No. I think his car might be at the garage. I might hear from them too."

"Thanks for the call. Let me know."

"I will. Just go home and we'll call when we can."

That's when Paul left without a word.