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Hello, all! Welcome back to "Hearts & Fists"! I know it's been a minute since anything new came down the pipe! Here, we have a story that takes place rather early in the timeline, not too long after the first story. I'll admit, I made some pretty significant changes that were inspired by "The Raid 2". Huh. Those movies really influenced me a lot, the more I think about it.

I always meant to do more with Chow and Chun-Li but the rest of the series just kind of got away from me. But this will keep things interesting, I think.

Also, those who've been following me for a long time know that I named Chun-Li's daughter Mei because, at the time I started the series, she wasn't named in the games yet. Well, "Street Fighter V" gave her the name Li-Fen, and even gave her a backstory. Well, all due respect to the creators, I'm too deep into my series to change anything now. Her name is Mei in my series and that's how we're going to rock this. My series, my rules.

Alright! Enjoy!

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Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Three weeks had passed since Neo-Shadaloo was taken down. Despite the amazing positives that came from the ordeal, Chun-Li had a few questions that needed answers.

And the answers she needed could only come from one person.

Chun-Li was sitting at the restaurant, waiting for Chow to arrive. Soon, Chow walked through the door and Chun-Li waved at him.

Chow walked over, smiling as he approached. "Hello."

Chun-Li smiled. "Hello." She motioned to the chair across from her, "Please. Have a seat."

Chow did so. He stared at her in an awkward silence. "So… do we jump right into this or eat first?"

Chun-Li giggled. "Let's eat first."

They ordered lunch and ate. Both of their minds going a hundred miles a minute with questions. Though, soon, they realized a lot of their questions were just variants of similar ones. After they finished eating, they decided to tackle this.

"I think…" Chow said, "it's only fair that you go first."

Chun-Li studied Chow for a moment. Then exhaled. "How long did you know?"

Chow sighed. "Most of my life. My mother… told me everything when I was a teenager. She just didn't know Dorai's real name. He said it was safer that way. He was trying to bring down some danger drug dealers. She passed about… three years ago."

"I'm sorry."

Chow nodded, "It's okay. Anyway… her and Dorai… it was an undercover mission. She was a… prostitute at the time."

Chun-Li took a deep breath, "And…" she exhaled, "depending on the details of the case… he had to go through with the act."

"That's how she explained it to me. They weren't trying to… have a child. But… my mother wasn't known for making the best decisions at the time. And… she always wanted to have children."

"You were her only one?"

"Actually, no. I have two other younger sisters."

Chun-Li smiled. "Besides me?"

Chow nodded.

"So… why become a criminal?"

Chow sighed. "Actually… that… was a bit of a lie. I just wanted to get to Bison. For murdering Dorai."

Chun-Li stared at him, confusedly.

"My mother and I moved to Jakarta when I was about… four or five. She wanted to get me and herself away from the criminal element she'd known for most of her life. That's where she met my stepfather. He's a good man. They got married, had my sisters. And I made my career in Jakarta." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a badge, showing it to her. "I really work for the National Counter Terrorism Agency of Indonesia."

Chun-Li looked at the badge and nodded, slowly, "The Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Terorisme. The BNPT."

"You're good," Chow chuckled, putting his badge away. "Not many people call it by that name."

"You were working undercover."

"Deep undercover." He shrugged, "Guess that makes it a family trait. I wanted your help to get out and make it look like I was still a criminal. Just in case Guerrilla made it to Bison's level and my cover had to be reactivated."

She exhaled, relievedly. "But you're not a criminal."

"No. I only wanted to get Bison, but… that guy was too strong. I stayed in Shadaloo to keep tabs on them and provide what information I could to law enforcement."

"What made you seek me out?"

"Guerrilla," Chow shrugged. "Though I didn't know his name at the time. But he was starting to make waves. I wanted a way out but with a possible way to get back in, if need be. Right as I was getting in contact with you, Guerrilla found me. He threatened my sisters and my stepfather. He wanted information. He…" He sighed. "…he knew I did extensive research into the fighters Bison was gathering and combating. But… you were a focus of mine. He wanted to know why."

"Then he put two and two together," Chun-Li deduced.

"After extensive and persuasive questioning and a blood test. I'm sorry, Chun-Li."

"Don't worry," Chun-Li said. "He probably pulled the same thing with me when he knew I'd call Ryu."

"Oh, yeah!" Chow smiled. "Him."

Chun-Li smiled, pleasurably. "Yeah. Him."

Chow held his smile at Chun-Li's calmed mood. He chuckled, "I think heard Guerrilla refer to him as an 'angry hobo'."

Chun-Li laughed, "Yeah, we heard about that."

They both laughed for a moment then settled down. Chow could see something was still on Chun-Li's mind.

"What's bothering you?" Chow asked.

Chun-Li sighed. "Just… a brother I never knew about. Father… never mentioned you or… I don't even know if he knew. And it… it just makes me confused on what to think."

"I understand that."

"I guess… in some ways… it… casts him in a… less than flattering light."

"I wish I knew what to say to… dispel that. A lot of the time… I think that's why I turned to being an agent in the first place. I volunteered for the undercover work. I guess to… see what Dorai experienced."

"Did you?" Chun-Li asked.

"To an extent." Chow shook his head. "My parents… my mother and stepfather, I mean… didn't want me to do it. They knew… how all of that affected me. But… I had to experience it myself."

"You shouldn't have been abandoned, Chow. By Father, I mean. You shouldn't have had those questions or experiences. I'm so sorry."

"It's okay." Chow smiled. "And I wasn't abandoned. Not at all. I just… wanted to know more about my biological father. Mother had a picture of Dorai. I ran it and got his name. Sparked a fire that led me to the BNPT. Learning more about him… led me to looking you up."

"Couldn't have been easy to learn about me," Chun-Li surmised.

"No, it wasn't. It… made me a bit angrier at Dorai, but…" He sighed then shrugged, "Cause and effect. Mother and Dorai met. Both were in a position where… they did what they had to to stay alive. Had me. So… not the worst thing in the world. Mother… by her own admission, was a not known for making the best decisions. With men or life in general. Dorai was probably the closest to a good man she'd fell for before my stepfather."

"Still didn't end well."

Chow shrugged again, "Well enough."

Chun-Li thought for a while. She shook her head, "If he knew… then…" She exhaled. "I just can't imagine abandoning Mei. For any reason."

Chow chuckled a bit, "Don't worry. Even if he did neglect me, which… I'm not entirely sure he did, honestly… I can tell you won't ever do anything like that."


"Mei." Chow chuckled, "Wow, that little girl loves you."

Chun-Li smiled. "Feeling's mutual."

"She looks up to you. She was positive you would come and save us."

"Sorry I couldn't do it myself."

Chow shrugged, "Why? Apparently, you have some really good friends! Ryu and the ones who saved us? All the research in the world wouldn't have prepared me to see them that strong! I didn't think anyone was stronger than Guerrilla or Bison then… Ryu tore through those guards and Vega. Then Sagat faked loyalty to Guerrilla so Ryu could get close, and Ken showed up. Then Cammy showed up, guns blazing. Never seen anyone fight like that in a leotard."

"I always find it interesting the friends I have when someone else describes them," Chun-Li said. "I've been around them so long, I don't even notice those kinds of things anymore."

Chow laughed. "So… as your big brother, I have to ask… what's going on with you and Ryu?"

Chun-Li laughed. "Well. I'll say this… I like how things are starting."

Chow chuckled. "I can tell he really likes you."


"The only thing he cared about was saving us. Getting Mei back to you. I don't know many people who take on a terrorist for a friend."

"Ryu would," Chun-Li admitted. "But… you're right. It's more than friendship. A lot more."

"How long have you wanted that to be the case?" Chow asked.

Chun-Li stared at him. "A long time. A romantic dream that… somehow, thankfully, became a reality."

Chow nodded. "Well, here's hoping you get everything you want out of it."

"I think I will."

"I hope so. You deserve it, Chun-Li. With that being said… I'm gonna do my best to not disrupt your life. Not anymore than I already have. Sorry for the trouble I caused."

Chun-Li thought about it. "You mentioned cause and effect. If hadn't been for all of this… I wouldn't have Ryu now. Sure, I would've like to have worked out something like this with Ryu without the kidnapping, severe body trauma, and international terrorism attached but…" she shrugged, "take the good from the bad."

Chow chuckled. "Yeah."

Chun-Li paused. "About Father… he was always dedicated to being a cop. I'm sure it hurt to keep so many secrets. I'm sorry you had to bear the brunt of that."

"It's fine." Chow shrugged, "While… nothing as big as that… I've had to keep my own. And… it's a terrible burden. Like you said… if he knew about me… I can't imagine what he went through."

"He may not have known about you. But I do. You don't have to stay away, Chow. You're my brother. I want to be family."

Chow smiled. "Well! I work at a lot, and travel a lot, but…" He looked toward the window, "Hangzhou seems to be a pretty nice city." He looked back at her. "A few more visits might be in order."

Chun-Li smiled.

"So!" Chow leaned forward, "Tell me all about Mei!" He raised an eyebrow. "Tell me about Ryu."

Chun-Li laughed. "Well, that's two long stories."

"I've got all day. And longer. If you need."

Chun-Li held her smile.

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