Chapter 1: Charms and More

Lorcan was chatting amicably with Alice when Lysander came in just in the nick of time sitting with the fellow Gryffindors. He chuckled under his breath as Professor Flitwick cleared his throat.

"Good morning and welcome to Hogwarts first years!" the short man took his place atop a stack of books. "Now, we're going to start with some very simple charms."

"My father would disagree on that." Gordon Finnigan said.

"Mr. Finnigan! Perhaps try to not be an inferno like your father?" Flitwick requested.

"No promises!" he smirked.

"Very well. Alright, we'll be starting with Lumos and Nox. They'll come in handy quite often and are very simple." he demonstrated. "Give it a try now!"

Lorcan's wand lit up almost immediately, and Lysander, who was already growing impatient glared across the class.

"Mr. Scamander is it?" Professor Flitwick examined the light, Lorcan nodding.

"Quite impressive. See if you can't put it out and get it brighter, just not too bright." the professor moved on helping everyone else.

"Give me a hand?" Alice asked, her wand flickering.

"Sure," Lorcan guided her hand "And there you have it!" the wand lit up.

"Nox" she said, easily putting the light out and managing Lumos herself. Across the aisle, Lysander and Gordon were less successful, with no result whatsoever. Lorcan demonstrated slowly, hoping Lysander would be able to follow. Instead his brother pointed his wand at him.

"Expelliarmus!" he shouted. Lorcan's wand dropped to his desk, clearly the charm being cast improperly. "Bloody hell!" Lysander crossed his arms and leaned back frustrated.

" ." Flitwick kept a level head "Five points from Gryffindor. " he now turned to Lorcan "Ten points to Ravenclaw for a successful charm and for not retaliating. You'd do well to follow your brother's example." He turned back to Lysander. After class ended Lorcan intercepted Lysander.

"Get out of my way Lorcan." he tried to push past him, but his brother didn't move "I'm going to be late to Potions."

"Ly, I wasn't trying to show you up." Lorcan pleaded.

"And you didn't. Now go. Just be glad we don't have potions together." Lysander gave his brother a harder shove, and he stumbled back, Cedric steadying him.

"C'mon Lorc, we ought to make our way to Defense Against The Dark Arts." the boy said, Lorcan nodding and following behind him.

In the dungeons, Professor Bobbin droned on about the importance of measurements while Lysander sulked. Rather than take notes, he drew rather unflattering pictures of the witch, who was rather old. He didn't notice the teacher standing above him until Gordon elbowed him in the ribs.

"What in Merlins- Professor Bobbin." he smiled up at her cheeky as ever.

" . 5 points from Gryffindor. And detention. Come here immediately after dinner." she said. Gordon snickered.

" , seeing as you haven't managed to blow anything up yet I'll leave you with a warning. Unless you'd like to join your friend?" she asked, confiscating the drawing.

"No ma'am, sorry ma'am." he said.

"Good, now, can either of you tell me why it's important to measure everything perfectly when brewing potions?"

Meanwhile, Professor Bill Weasely was teaching DADA. After the war, the position had been tossed between many members of the Order of The Phoenix, but ultimately following in Lupin's footsteps as the second werewolf to teach at Hogwarts, Professor Weasley became the permanent professor, becoming head of Gryffindor, allowing McGonagall to focus fully on being Headmaster.

"Good morning. I see some familiar faces and names on this sheet." Bill said, relaxedly leaning on his desk. "Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, you're going to be a fun group." he smiled.

"Excuse me, Professor Weasley?" Alice raised her hand.

"Ms...Longbottom!" he smiled "How can I help dear?"

"Why do you say we're going to be a fun group?" she asked.

"Well, my brother and his friends may be very famous for their fight in the Second Wizarding War, but personally, without Luna or Cedric's, bless his soul, sacrifice where would we be? And your father. He slayed Voldemort's greatest friend and a Horcrux." he said.

"My mother helped that much?" Lorcan asked.

"You know she did." Bill chuckled heartily "Ravenclaw's diadem? We needed her. Now, let's get started. Looks like you're all here. We're going to start with some very simple but useful spells- Expelliarmus and Protego. Pair up!" he waved his wand and the desks slid to the sides of the room.

Many floors below them, Lysander was carefully measuring while Gordon stirred their first potion. But, somehow, a Finnigan always managed to blow something up. Gryffindor lost no points though. It was a mistake. However, they were forced to clean up early and write down their mistakes.

Lorcan, on the other hand, was practicing dueling with Alice.

"Alright great stance everyone!" Bill shouted from atop his desk where he could overlook all 10 pairs. "Now, students on the right" he held up his hand so they'd know which right he meant "You'll be casting expelliarmus. On the left, protego. Ready, go!"

The first few spells from everyone were weak or unsuccessful, but eventually they started to pick it up.

"Expelliarmus!" Alice shouted, and almost immediately Lorcan cast Protego. The spell bounced off the shield and Alice's wand flew to Lorcan's hand.

"Pause!" Bill said, a few wands clattering to the ground. He chuckled. "You're all doing fantastic, but what we have here is a fantastic example of both spells. Alice, Lorcan, to the front." They approached nervously. "The goal of this lesson isn't necessarily to be the fastest, though eventually you'll want to be able to cast Protego very quickly. Right now, it's about getting the spell strong and right. Now, even if your partner manages to deflect your cast of expelliarmus, it shows how strong your spell was by how it hits you."

"So my expelliarmus was excellent?" Alice asked.

"Precisely. Lorcan's shield may have deflected it, but had it hit, he'd have been knocked back and lost his wand just as you did." Bill said "Cast Protego for me Lorcan." He cast the spell, holding the shield steady "Now, disarm him" Bill said. Alice struck his shield, and even Lorcan slid back a bit as it went and hit her, knocking her back, her wand flying to Lorcan's free hand. The rest of the class applauded.

"If you want more practice, myself and Professor Longbottom have reinstated the dueling club. Please, don't practice these in your dorms. See how we cleared the furniture?" Bill asked and everyone nodded as he slid their desks back, gesturing for them to sit "This spell can send you flying backwards, and a table could really injure you. And I don't think Madam Pomfrey wants any of you in the infirmary yet." they all laughed "Alright, note down the effects of both spells when cast properly and any extra tips for yourself. Your homework is to pick a charm you'd really like to learn this year: but pick something doable. You're just learning to cast spells, and even Potter could cast a Patronus until his third year."

Down in the dungeons, the rest of the class while Lysander stayed behind.

"Can I help you ?" Professor Bobbin asked, sweeping up some remnants of ingredients.

"I just wanted to apologize for how I treated you today. I shouldn't have drawn that picture. And, I'm not making an excuse" he said, the professor raising an eyebrow "but I was in a really dreadful mood. I understand I channeled it incorrectly, and it won't happen again." he made to leave but the teacher stopped him in his tracks with a simple spell.

"Lysander is it?" she asked, and he nodded, taking a seat. "I'm going to give

you back the points you lost, because most students don't apologize."

"I wasn't apologizing to get points," he said hastily.

"I know, and that's why I'm rewarding you. But I still want you to come here after dinner. But not for detention. I know you're focused on Quidditch and being cool, but you could do really well. I want you to try today's lesson again, without Finnegans interference. I can tell that you've got smarts, you've just got to apply yourself." she said.

"I think you've got the wrong Scamander. Lorcan's the brains." he shrugged.

"People called your mother Loony when my daughter Melinda attended Hogwarts." she said "You've got curiosity. That can easily become smarts. If you want to experience everything Hogwarts has to offer, bring your cauldron tonight." Lysander nodded as he headed out to the lawn.

"Flying lessons!" Madam Hooch announced "Are to be taken SERIOUSLY. No fooling around. I expect very few of you to successfully take off, but those who do are to do one small circle just a few feet above our heads before landing." All the first years were back together, and all 40 nodded their heads.

"Alright, lineup in alphabetical order." she said. Lorcan and Lysander stood next to each other. The latter tried to speak, but his brother wasn't listening.

"Lorc, please. I'm sorry." Lysander begged, watching another classmate fail takeoff.

"Ly, just leave me alone." Lorcan said, listening intently to Madam Hooch's critiques. Finally it was his turn.

"Lorcan Scamander!" Madam Hooch handed him a broom "Straddle, Ready" Lorcan nodded "Take off!" Lorcan went up, and managed to find his balance in the air. He was one of few so far to have been successful.

"Fantastic. Now just a circle dear." she said. He leaned forward ever so slightly and made a circle before coming down, landing a bit unsteady. Madam Hooch patted him on the back and he watched his brother in anticipation, hoping he wouldn't showboat. Both boys were experienced in flying, but Lysander spent a good deal of time flying with Harry and Ginny. He had a lot of skill. More than was necessary today. Despite what had been instructed, Lysander did what Lorcan feared. He shot up into the air in a spiral. He did a few quick turns and flips before landing.

"As impressive as that was" Madam Hooch snatched the broom "It was dangerous! Five points from Gryffindor!" Lysander went to argue, but Lorcan beat him to it.

"Ma'am wait" he said, gently stepping in front of his brother "Pardon my interruption, I don't mean to speak out of place, but my brother's been trained in flying since we were 6. By Ginny Weasely and Harry Potter."

"That doesn't excuse him not following instructions. Now I suggest you step back before I take points from Ravenclaw too. Lorcan sheepishly stepped back but Lysander wasn't happy. He stormed back to the castle, Madam Hooch watching him go. She deducted another five points from Gryffindor and finished the lesson, excusing them all for lunch. Lorcan found Lysander sitting on the steps outside the Great Hall and sighed.

"I'm sorry Ly." Lorcan said.

"What for? You did your best. I'm asking Professor Weasley to remove me from flying class tonight." Lysander said "I can't just sit by and idle in the air."

"You're a keeper, that's your thing!" Lorcan argued.

"Why do you assume I'll play keeper?" he asks.

"Well you always do at gatheringsā€¦" Lorcan said sheepishly.

"I'll have you know I prefer Chaser. Aunt Ginny taught me how this summer. I play keeper during our kids games cause no one else will. Chasers have to keep too." Lysander explained.

"So, you're versatile?" Lorcan asked, and Lysander nodded.

"I just hope Bill will consider recommending me for the team." Lysander sighed.

"I know I said you aren't Uncle Harry, but you never know. You might be a backup, but they've been keeping extra players after all the catastrophes. Why they ever only had the seven players beats me." Lorcan shook his head.,

"Cause if no one gets injured, there's no need for anyone else." Lysander stood up and left his brother. Lorcan watched him go before making his own way to the Ravenclaw table.

"It was admirable of you to stand up for your brother." Alice said, but Lorcan shook his head.

"It's what we do." he ate slowly.

"Your brother doesn't seem to agree." Connor said "He was an arse in charms."

"And in the hall," Cedric added.

"Drop it." Lorcan said "He's just competitive."

"Dude" Aman said "This is more than competition. Ma and Auntie were competitive but this is just rude."

"And I'm no longer hungry. I'm going to go see if Hagrid needs any help getting ready for Care of Magical Creatures. I'll see you all there," Lorcan pushed his barely touched food away and stomped out towards the grounds.

"And where do you think you're going?" Teddy Lupin, now working at Hogwarts as the new Transfiguration instructor, appeared from the shadows.

"Teddy, I'm not in the mood. I'm just going to help Hagrid before class." Lorcan said.

"Hey, lighten up kid." Teddy's hair went bright yellow "I'm not mad. You're not doing anything wrong. But a first year wandering the grounds is a bit suspicious. So come with big cousin Ted."

"How's teaching?" Lorcan asked amicably.

"It's a bit of a bore honestly. Especially when my dad's life was so much more fun." Teddy laughed.

"I'm pretty sure fighting in two wars wasn't fun." Lorcan pointed out.

"Says the kid who wears his grandfather's Deathly Hallows necklace." Teddy shook his head "Why do you anyway?"

"He gave it to me as I was going to Hogwarts. He knows how intently I study everything, pointing out his falsified creatures. He likes that I believe this story, but I do because it's true." Lorcan said "He gave Ly a broom"

"That's actually cool. Look kid. I don't know what's going on that's got you wandering the ground to Hagrid's alone, but just know other teachers aren't as awesome as me." Teddy recommended "Including your head oh house. You've got a good head on your shoulders. Don't lose it." and with that Teddy was gone in an apparating flash. Lorcan knocked on Hagrid's door.

"Who's it?" he bellowed.

"Lorcan!" he shouted back.

"Come on in kiddo." he opened the door "Why are you here?"

"I didn't mean to interrupt, was just wondering if you wanted any help setting up class." Lorcan said shyly "I can go if I'm bothering you."

"Don't be silly. Course ya can help. Yer excited for class then?" Hagrid led the boy to a clearing.

"I'm a Scamander Hagrid." Lorcan reminded him.

"Ah, right. Your mum's a creature lover too." Hagrid laughed heartily "We aren't gonna study her favorite Thestrals, wouldn't want any of y'all to reveal nothing. But she also really enjoyed Hippogriffs." he whistled and one of Buckbeak's offspring landed.

"You really think first years can handle hippogriffs?" Lorcan asked.

"Yer gonna test that theory. You know the drill." he said. Lorcan bowed low, and waited as the hippogriff slowly bowed too. "Good on you, go on pet him" Hagrid said.

"Good boy" Lorcan smiled "What's his name?"

"That there is Junior." Hagrid said happily, handing Lorcan an apple. The boy smartly tossed it, letting the hippogriff relax.

"I know I handled him well, but my classmates aren't likely to." Lorcan said.

"Ya think so. Darn. Blast-ended salamanders?" Hagrid questioned.

"How about bowtruckles?" Lorcan suggested.

"But they're no fun." Hagrid sat on a log.

"You're kidding right?" Lorcan asked "They're fascinating and safe."

"Alright, alright. We ought to head to the greenhouses to gather em tho. Longbottom's taken quite a liking to 'em." Hagrid led Lorcan back towards the castle where they found Neville.

"Ello Hagrid! And that looks likeā€¦" he searched his brain.

"Lorcan Scamander Professor." he shook Nevilles hand.

"No need to be so proper kid. Your mum's a good friend." he invited them in.

"What can I do for you?" he said, carefully watering the mandrakes.

"We're on a bowtruckle hunt." Hagrid scoffed "I was so looking forward to hippogriffs, but Lorcan thinks that's too dangerous for first years."

"You remember Malfoy don't you? Here" Neville picked up a big pallet of herbs. Bustling around the herbs were bowtruckles

"What happened to Draco?" Lorcan asked.

"Buckbeak near killed him" Hagrid said.

"And I prove my point further. Thank you professor Longbottom." Lorcan said.

"No problem. And call me Neville kid." he waved them off.

"You mind if I pick one up?" he asked Hagrid.

"Keep it for all I care. Just don't Neville catch ya." Hagrid set the creatures down on a table.

"Hey little guy. My great grandfather had a bowtruckle" Lorcan told Hagrid.

"Dumbledore was a big fan of that Newt." Hagrid remembered fondly "Thought I could've been just like him had Riddle not framed me."

"I'm sorry Hagrid." Lorcan said "But my grandpa knows a whole lot about what great grandpa did if you ever want to chat creatures. Grandpa Xeno ain't too bad either, when he's truthful."

"That's alright kiddo. You gonna name him?" he asked, as the bowtruckle settled in the boys robe pocket.

"Lockett." Lorcan smiled "I hope Thunder likes you."

"Your cat?" Hagrid commented.

"Yeah. Bit of a killer he is." Lorcan sighed "He's been on a rat hunt since we arrived."

"So long as the rats ain't people no more" Hagrid chuckles. "Looks like the rest of yer class be coming. Don't act like yer already the favorite."

The entire group of first years gathered around the table full of bowtruckles, Lorcan squeezing in beside Alice.

"Alright now, yer all a bit young for the tricky stuff, so I thought we'd start with something real safe: Bowtruckles. Can anyone tell me what a bowtruckle is?" Quite a few hands go up and Hagrid calls on a Gryffindor, Hailey Archer.

"Often referred to as stick bugs by muggles, bowtruckles are a difficult to spot magical creature, who can pick locks with their sharp finger. Although difficult to find, when found by a wizard bowtruckles can bond to their caretaker. Besides picking locks, they love to help gardens and eat insects." she says.

"Very thorough . Ya 'mind me of 'Mione." Hagrid compliments. "Now today, we're studying Bowtruckles from our very own bowtruckle Island out in the lake. We've got a lovely tree there. Can anyone tell me what kind?" Quite a few hands raised, but Hagrid called on Blaine Zabini Jr., a Slytherin.

"Wiggentree. Great for wand making and a potent potions ingredient" he answered.

"Great work, that's correct. Now today, we're going to learn to understand bowtruckles' relationship to humans. All of you pair with a bowtruckle. I have some locks. If you can convince your bowtruckle to unlock it, you won't have to do homework. If you don't, don't fret. Just one paragraph on the importance of Bowtruckle Island okay?" Hagrid said, and there was a collective nod before they all got to work picking their locks. Lockett peeked out from Lorcan's pocket, and upon seeing the boy struggling with a lock, scampered down his arm and picked it quickly before returning to the boys pocket.

"Bravo Lorcan! You've done it. It just takes a bit of finesse everyone. Be friendly to the bowtruckle, don't try to force it." Hagrid instructed.

"How'd you do it so bloody fast Lorcan?" Cedric asked as he gently held out the lock to the bowtruckle in front of him.

"It's the Scamander blood!" Lysander cheered as his lock clicked open.

"It's being a friend to the creature." Lorcan sighed, moving to Cedric. "Let the bowtruckle climb in your hand. Now show him the lock." And like that, locks started clicking open around the class. A few students weren't able to negotiate with the bowtruckles, but overall the class was successful. With their final class of the day finished, the students were released to do their homework. In a few hours, they'd all gather in the Great Hall for dinner.

Lysander headed to the greenhouses on a search for Professor Weasley to see about being exempt from flying lessons and joining the Quidditch team. He knocked on the door to his office, and Bill shouted come in.

"Lysander. How can I help you? I heard you lost a few points today." Bill said disappointedly.

"I'm sorry about that. I just came to ask about something." he said.

"Go on." Bill said "I'm not gonna hold these first few points against you. I know you're just getting used to things."

"Great...I was hoping I could be exempt from the rest of the flying lessons. And be given permission to try out for the Quidditch team." he said hopefully.

"Take a seat Lysander." Bill gestured to the seat on the other side of his desk "You do know Harry was an anomaly?"

"Of course. I know I'll probably just warm the bench." Lysander admitted "But I'm begging you to let me try."

"Well, I can't stop you from trying out. But it's up to James if you're on the team." Bill said "He's team captain."

"Right. And the team is full up right now?" Lysander questioned.

"Not exactly. James makes everyone try out each year. Save for himself." Bill chuckled "Look, my nephews are on the team, but I think you'd be a great addition. Try out."

"Thanks, and the flying lessons?" Lysander asked.

"Make the team, regardless of if you're Tier 1 or Tier 2, and you'll be free." Bill sent him on his way.

"Lysander, there you are!" James said "Your buddy Finnigan says you want on my team." he smirked.

"Gordon had no right to say that" Lysander glared "But I would."

"You really think my mum's training makes you Chaser material at eleven?" James said.

"James, be nice." Lily scolded.

"Keep it down little sis." James said "Well?"

"I do. I just want a spot, I don't care what tier. Just let me try." Lysander said.

"Alright, but against people with Weasley and Potter blood I don't think you stand a chance." James shooed him off.

"I think that went as well as you can expect." Gordon said.

"It would've been better if I didn't have you going to him before me Finnigan." Lysander said.

"Yeah Gord, the hell?" Kyle McLaggen said.

"I was just trying to be a good friend." Gordon held up his hands in surrender.

"Whatever." Lysander loosened his tie and went up to their room.

"Come on Lyle!" Gordon said going after him.

"Just give me some space." Lysander said with his head down.

"Alright, just like, I'm sorry." Gordon said sincerely.

"I'm sure." Lysander didn't look up as Gordon left.

In the Ravenclaw the first year girls were teaching the first year boys a lesson in being respectful. Save for Lorcan who laughed quietly as his friends learned a lesson after they attempted to prank the girls.

"I wasn't part of it, honest Alice!" Lorcan said when she sent him a look for laughing.

"It's the truth. He was out at Hagrids already." Cedric said.

"Maybe you four should've gone with him." Lavender Patil, daughter of Parvati Patil, and cousin of Aman. Her name reflected her mother after her Muggle father left them, and she was named after Lavender Brown.

"He didn't want us to cousin." Aman said.

"You let him rule your lives?" Julia Knottingham asked.

"If they did they'd never have pranked you." Lorcan reminded.

"True." Helena Clearwater-Johnson said.

"C'mon girls focus. These boys need a lesson in respect." Teresa Boot urged. The girls nodded. The boys groaned as the girls spoke about how awful witches had been treated and yet were equally as powerful and important as wizards. Lorcan knew all this well- his mother and Hermione had written a story along with Ginny for the Prophet about the problem. The girls were using lines straight from the article. The Quibbler put out an extended edition, which the girls had clearly read as well.

After the boys apologized, it wasn't long before the Great Hall filled with students. McGonagall thanked them all for a great first day of classes and announced clubs as well. Lorcan was interested in quite a few and took note of which he'd have time for.

After dinner, Lysander found himself in the Dungeons, learning how to properly make a potion. He was thankful for the chance, and with how upset he was with Gordon, he was glad to do it without him. He thought he'd found a brother in Gordon, but obviously he couldn't count on anyone like he could Lorcan. He finished the potion, impressing Professor Bobbin.

"You have potential. Why don't you apply yourself?" she asked, cleaning the cauldron with a flick of her wand.

"I'm sorry. I'm just trying to figure things out." Lysander said tiredly.

" , whatever is going on, you need to deal with it. As impressive as this potion was, it wasn't perfect. And I know you upset two other teachers today. You won't get far that way." she warned.

"I know ma'am. I'll be better. I promise." he was sincere.

"Go get some rest. And if your behavior doesn't improve over the course of the week, myself and your other teachers will be recommending you speak to your head of house and possibly Headmaster McGonagall." she dismissed him. He got back to the common room and James immediately caught his attention.

"I heard how many points you lost us today." he said "I'm warning you, if you keep messing, no amount of talent will get you on the team. Not to mention I'm head boy"

"Got it." Lysander said.

"I'm serious Scamander." James said.

"I know." Lysander said tiredly.

"Alright, what's wrong with you?" James said."C'mon, as your friend now."

"It's nothing you'd understand." the boy evaded.

"Try me." James said.

"I miss Lorcan. Real bad. And suddenly, all the attention is on him and I'm just a speck in the crowd." Lysander complained.

"Look, Albus and I are not that close, but it was hard when he got all the attention as a Weasley Potter in Slytherin." James said.

"I don't know. I just was used to being praised and now I'm not." Lysander sighed.

"Your brother is finally getting the recognition he deserves. I know your parents paid you more attention, but you can't expect him to hide here too. This isn't home where he can read all day." James said.

"I never thought how he might feel at home. You think it's like this?" Lysander asked.

"I don't know. But you clean up your act, understand?" James said.

"Yeah. Thanks James."