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Kiana Kaslana.

Or rather K-423, Otto's science experiment of merging the genes of the original Kiana Kaslana and those of Sirin, Herrscher of the Void.

She was the character that would be at the epicenter of the Honkai Universe, every action that she did would affect the fates of everyone else around her.

Her journey would not be a kind one to her, but the development that she underwent turned her from a naive Valkyrie, into a Valkyrie that would have made her Kaslana heritage proud.

I knew that Kiana was a bit of a 'loose cannon' for lack of a better term. She was spunky but lighthearted and didn't hesitate to say what was on her mind. Her academic skills were less than stellar but her combat skills more than made up for it.

Though in this case I had hoped that her academic skills weren't that bad.

After all, she somehow got into Chiba Academy so that meant she had some merit.


I looked to my right to see Kiana humming a tune to herself as she doodled on her paper, completely uninterested in whatever the teacher was lecturing about. There hadn't even been an attempt to try and take some notes, the moment that our teacher had opened his lips she had completely spaced out.

Though I had to give credit where credit was due. She did try and make an attempt to listen and take some notes early on in the day, though towards the end that mentality was all but forgotten.

And from what I remembered the notes she had done were actually good enough to study off of. Clearly she knew how to take good notes. The problem just lied with the fact that Kiana had absolutely no interest in taking it seriously.

Most people would be annoyed by Kiana's behavior but it didn't affect me as much as I thought it would. There was a certain charm to Kiana's antics, sure it got on my nerves at times but I couldn't bring myself to stay mad at the Tuna that was Kiana.


"Couldn't she have picked someone else's class to doodle in?" My eyebrow twitched as Kiana continued to doodle on her paper. Why did she have to choose Ishigami's class out of all of the classes to space out in?!

"As you can see if the center of a very massive star collapses in on itself, what follows is the phenomenon known as Black Hole." The lab coat wearing teacher finished drawing his diagram of a black hole, pointers throughout the diagram showing different tidbits of information.

He turned around to scan the classroom before his eyes eventually fell on the unsuspecting Kaslana, who was all but unaware of the danger that she was in.

"Kaslana-san," The sudden attention tore Kiana's attention from her doodling, her eyes like that of a deer caught in headlights. "Since you seem to be so focused on your note taking, can you tell me who was the one to originally discover gravity?"

And just like that Kiana discovered the menace that was Akira Ishigami. Sitting right next to her I could just see her eyes frantically darting across the room, as if some corner of the classroom would hold the answers that she needed.

It was quickly apparent that she didn't know the answer, whispers began to break out between the students.

"Ishigami-sensei strikes again."

"You can't help but feel bad for her."

"He's so about to rip into her, this is going to be good."

"Better her than me, I wasn't paying attention either."

Hearing the whispers of our fellow classmates, I couldn't help but sigh before elbowing the Kaslana as discreetly as possible. Luckily since our desks were merged side by side no one noticed my elbow hitting hers.

"Huh?" She looked at me confusingly before her eyes wandered down to my paper, where I was furiously circling the answer with my pencil.

Come on Kiana, take the hint and answer the question before I get busted!

"Issac Newton!" She declared triumphantly as I sighed in belief. At least she was able to pick up the hint.

"...Correct," Ishigami relented, but not without shooting me a look that I just knew that he knew what I had done.

Great, I'm about to get my teeth knocked in later during our chess matches, I just know it.

Still it wasn't all that bad. "Thank you Haru-senpai!" Kiana thanked me as the lecture continued. Upon hearing my new nickname, I couldn't help but raise my eyebrow.


"Yeah cause Haruto-senpai sounds too weird and long so Haru-senpai is the solution!" She closed her eyes and you could see the smugness just practically radiate from her form. "Sometimes I'm too smart for school."

I lightly laughed at that. Meeting Kiana was certainly something I didn't think would happen so soon but it certainly was a breath of fresh air. "I suppose so Kiana-san," I redirected my attention back to the board as Kiana, unsurprisingly, began to resume her doodling.

Soon the lecture ended and with it the close of the first day of Chiba Academy's Spring Semester.

After the bell had rang, Kiana was the first out of the door. I couldn't even blink fully as the white haired student had just run out of her seat, leaving me in my seat to ponder her sudden action.

"Is she okay Haruto?" Mei asked worryingly as we were walking down the halls of Chiba Academy. We didn't have to worry about our clubs for the first day as club activities would resume on the third day.

"I don't know," I told her as we soon left the main building of the academy and made our way towards the gate. "I certainly wasn't expecting for her to bolt out of her seat so suddenly."

But now that I thought about it...wasn't it around this time that Kiana was still looking for her father, Siegfried? The game doesn't go into much detail about the story before the first chapter but from what I remember Kiana was on a journey to find her father who had disappeared one day without warning.

That was until she encountered Mei in Nagazora and the rest became history.

But that begged the question how she even got enrolled into the academy in the first place. I was sure that only those that were either rich, super smart, or had connections got into this academy, and I knew for a fact Kiana didn't get in because she was super smart and I wasn't so confident that she had the money to get in so that only left the connections.

And seeing how the only person that I knew who had connections to get into the academy was Raiden Ryoma. Then that meant that Siegfried had some history with the CEO of Massive Electric.

My phone suddenly buzzed with a message notification from my grandmother. Opening the message, I read what my grandmother had to text me.

[Haruto, I'll be throwing a welcoming dinner for our new tenant to help her feel welcomed. You'll be joining because you're around her same age group and I feel that having you here would help the atmosphere. I ordered some food that you need to pick up, dinner starts in 15 minutes.]

"Well my obasan just loves these last minute plans," I sighed before putting my phone away, mentally preparing myself for what was to come. I turned to Mei. "I need to get going, see you tomorrow." I waved her farewell before I accelerated my pace out of the academy.

It didn't take me too long to find the restaurant where the food had been ordered but there was still the problem of the distance between the restaurant and back home. And seeing how I only had about seven minutes before the dinner began...

Que the epic running music.

And in record time I was able to get back to the front of the apartment in record time. "Next time obasan please tell me ahead of time." I panted as my hands were on my knees, my body desperately trying to get oxygen inside.

I guess luck was on my side as the ordered food hadn't gotten messed up when I ran through the streets of Nagazora. That would've been awkward if I had walked in only for the food to be all messed up.

Walking up the stairs of the apartment, I wondered who my new neighbor was. While I didn't mind a new neighbor, I really did not want the universe to throw me another curveball.

Kiana was just introduced for crying out loud!

Soon I got to the floor that my room was on and made my way towards my obasan's room, which was coincidentally just three rooms away from mine.

"Obasan!" I announced as I opened the door. "I got the food! I hope I'm not late for the-" My voice trailed off as I locked eyes with my 'neighbor' who was chatting with my grandmother.

Hazel eyes locked gazes with that of light blue.

My eyes widened just as Kiana's did as well.

"YOU'RE MY NEIGHBOR!" We simultaneously shouted as we pointed at each other.

"Oh so you're acquainted with each other already." My grandmother clasped her hands together, obviously pleased with how things were going. "Since you've already known each other, why don't we sit down and have our dinner."

She smiled sweetly. "I'm just dying to know how you two exactly met."

"And that scary lab coat wearing teacher looked at me with a stare that could freeze Hell over!" Kiana regaled as she took a bite of a chicken wing. If you looked more closely than you could see a pile of Kiana's previous victims not too far from the side.

"But I stared back at him defiantly and gave him a piece of my mind!" She puffed her chest triumphantly as she finished her chicken wing.

"That did not happen whatsoever." I deadpanned next to her as I took a bite from my plate which had a far smaller portion than what was on Kiana's. "She didn't know the answer so I had to bail her out."

"Haru-senpai!" Kiana protested before she wrapped me around in a hug with no shame whatsoever. Normal people would never hug someone straight up on the first day that they met, it was just unthinkable!

But Kiana Kaslana was no normal person.

"You ruined my moment!"

"What was there to ruin?" I replied back, unfazed by the sudden hug.

"My epic victory against the devil that is Ishigami-sensei!"

"That same teacher is also the sponsor of my chess club."

Kiana gasped dramatically as she placed a hand on her heart, as if what I had said was the greatest tragedy that she had ever heard. "Then I vow to you," She stood up and placed a knee on her chair, pointing her fork like sword up to the ceiling. "That I will vanquish that demon and free you from him!"

I stared at her, my mind unsure if what I was seeing was actually happening. And once I realized that this was actually reality and not some strange dream.

I began to laugh at how ludicrous Kiana was acting.

"Bravo, bravo." My grandmother clapped her hands as Kiana went back to her seat, a smug smile on her face before she went back devouring the food in front of her. "Eat as much as you like Kiana-san, I don't think I've ever seen someone devour this much food before. It's almost scary."

"Scary cannot describe her appetite." I shuddered as I thought back to the lunch period, where I learned first hand the black hole that was Kiana's stomach.

I didn't even see it coming. Kiana had forgotten her lunch and being the kind classmate that I was, offered to share my bento with her.

I blinked once and the entire bento was gone, just like that. Not even a single grain of rice was left when Kiana was through with my bento. The bento looked so empty that the only way I knew that it was even full of food was the fact that I had made it myself.

"I'm curious though Kiana-san," My grandmother leaned forward. "From what you told me moving to Nagazora was something that you didn't plan for, why did you move to Nagazora then and enroll as a student?"

That got my attention as well as I stopped eating, fully intent on understanding the reason why Kiana even came here in the first place. Though I'm sure that Kiana will be as secretive as possible so I'm going to need all of my deductive skills to…

"It's because I need to find my deadbeat father!" She slammed her hands onto the table. "I heard that he was in Nagazora and posing as a teacher so I came to find him!"

Okay nevermind she was just going to say it downright with no attempt to hide it.

"And what might he be doing as a teacher at the academy?" I asked knowing that Siegfried was nowhere remotely close to a teacher that had worked in the academy.

"Cause he's a pervy man that flirts with women so it's natural that he sets his sights on my fellow classmates!" The conviction behind her words were both very damming for her father, but also said with a hint of familial love. For all his faults that he clearly had, it was also clear how much her daughter loved him.

Though she clearly had no shame in calling him out like that.

Elsewhere Siegfried suddenly sneezed as the waitress that he was flirting with took that opportune moment to slip away.

"Um Kiana-san," My grandmother sweatdropped by the white haired student's reasoning for coming to Nagazora. "You do know that it's a crime for a teacher to lust after his students."

"And besides," I chimed in. "Raiden Ryoma wouldn't allow a teacher like that to be on the premises anyway, not with his daughter attending the same school. Remember the girl sitting on the other side of me?"

"Oh you mean the beautiful girl!" Well, glad to know that Kiana's attraction towards Mei hadn't changed in any bit.

"Yeah her." I confirmed. "She's a friend of mine and she's never told me of a teacher that sounds like your father."

"What I'm trying to say is that I think whatever you heard was a lie."

Kiana's face quickly dropped at my words and I was quick to elaborate on what I meant. "But that's not a bad thing! I mean there has to be some truth to the words that you heard, maybe he really did come to Nagazora."

The last thing I wanted to do was accidentally send off Kiana to god knows where. Not only was she an instrumental part to the story but by keeping her here meant that should Mei ever become a Herrscher...

I could count on Kiana to break through and bring her back.

But another reason why I wanted to keep her here was because of the vision that I had of her being tortured by Schicksal scientists. Seeing it through a vision was one thing, seeing the person in real life and knowing the pain that she would go through was something else.

I didn't want to add more misfortune to what Kiana was already going to experience.

"But where would I even start!" She complained as she ate another chicken wing. Seems even the sadness of the reason behind her even coming to the city being a lie was not enough to dissuade her from eating. "This city is too big!"

"Well do you remember who it was exactly that you heard the words from?" I asked, hoping that there was somewhere to start off with.

"Well not really…" Kiana had a sheepish smile on her face. Just seeing that smile on her face already told me I was about to hear or see something stupid.

"I got this note and it just sorta snowballed from there." She admitted as rummaged through her pockets before showing us the 'note' that had led her here.

And to be completely honest.

It was stupider than I could ever imagine.

[Your father is in Nagazora working at Chiba Academy]


I didn't even know what to say as I kept rereading the note over and over again, trying to find some hidden meaning that would make sense and have everything click into place.

I knew Kiana could be dumb at times but this was just insane!

"And you just trusted this?" I said in disbelief.

Kiana just nodded her head as if what she had done was perfectly normal. "I move around a lot so for someone to pass me down a note must be important to my mission. And if it was a trap then I would just beat up everyone there." She brought up her fist to emphasize the fact that she could probably knock out someone twice her size.

Aside from the fact that Kiana could actually beat up anyone thanks to her Kaslana blood, I could see the merit in the way she thought about it. If you moved around alot then someone tracking you down enough to be able to hand a note could either be a good sign or a very bad sign.

It was a brave but a very reckless kind of thinking. "Uh Kiana maybe next time don't go trusting every note that gets handed down to you."

"Okay then Haru-senpai!" Kiana smiled widely.

"And you're taking this too lightly," I sweatdropped at how Kiana treated this like we were discussing the weather and not about her life being in potential danger.

"Aunt Akane! Do we have any desert!?" She yelled out, the conversation that we just had all but forgotten.

"I think we have some ice cream left in the fridge, Haruto could you be a dear and grab it alongside some extra spoons?"

"Of course obasan." I stood up from my chair and made my way to grab the items. One thing was for certain...

Life had certainly gotten much more interesting.

"Haru-senpai!" Kiana called me as I walked out of the apartment dressed in my school uniform. Hearing my name I turned my head to see Kiana in her own school uniform waving at me.

Yesterday's welcoming dinner had ended with Kiana somehow managing to conquer an entire ice cream tub by herself until her stomach had decided that it had enough for that day. I didn't know if I was more amazed by the fact that she had finished an entire tub of ice cream or the fact that her stomach actually had a limit.

And a limit meant her potential for eating more food was still there.

"Kiana-san," I greeted as I walked up to her. "I'm surprised you woke up this early for school."

It had become a habit for me to go to school early so I didn't have to worry about some sort of unexpected event making me late to class. A little byproduct of having been on guard ever since Rita's attack.

Though if I ever found myself in another situation like that in the morning, being late to class was the last of my worries.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kiana placed her hands on her hip before giving me an angry pout. "I'll have you know that I am a model student."

"Of course, of course," I jokingly bowed. "Forgive me for my actions, oh 'I didn't know who discovered gravity'."


"I'm joking!" I stopped my bowing as I looked around, trying to find what Kiana had been doing before I had come by. "Were you waiting for me?"

"We both go to the same school so wouldn't it be natural if we both walked there together?" Kiana tilted her head before her eyes widened as if she remembered something important. "Oh yeah look I made a new friend while I was waiting for you!"

She turned around and gestured to the tree behind her, to which a lone owl was sitting on one of the branches. The owl hooted as it found itself the center of attention, their eyes peering into each of our own.

It was actually kind of unsettling.

"Yup I was just sitting here and in came my new friend." She walked up and tried to pet the owl's head. To my utter shock the owl just let her pet their head, not at all scared by her actions.

"That's...something you don't see everyday." Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen an owl up close, let alone one in Nagazora.

"Why don't you try petting them?" Kiana offered as she walked away from the owl and grabbed my arm. "Their head is pretty soft to touch, you'll see."

"Uh I don't think that's a good idea," I tried to dissuade her but Kiana had a grip of steel that said otherwise. I was sure that she wasn't even using all of her strength but a mere fraction of it.

She could crush my hand if she so wished it.

"Nah this is a great idea!" We came to a stop right before the tree. Kiana lifted my hand towards the owl. "Trust me Haru-senpai! You won't regret it once you've petted their head!"

I was still skeptical about petting the head of an owl out of the blue but I knew that Kiana would not allow me to leave until I did so. "Alright I'll pet them." I relented as my hand shakily approached the owl's head.

The owl did nothing as my hand made contact with their fluffy head, even going so far as to close their eyes as I marveled at how soft it was.

"It's so soft."

"I know right!"

The petting continued for a little while before the owl decided that enough was enough. Their eyes opened as they let out one last hoot before spreading its wings and taking flight. It flew high into the sky until it was but a mere brown speck in the azure blue sky.

"Aww," Kiana lamented. "I couldn't even give them a name before they left."

"I'm sure that you'll be meeting them some time in the future," I assured, a sinking feeling in my gut that we would be seeing that owl again for all the wrong reasons. It wasn't the case of deja vu that I had before Kiana had come into the story but my gut was telling me that something was up.

"But we should probably get to school now," I nudged Kiana by the elbow. "We wouldn't want the 'model student' to be late now would we?"

"I'll have you know I take my studies very seriously!" The Kaslana protested as we made our way towards Chiba Academy.

It must've been a wake-up call for any poor unfortunate soul that happened to pass us. Everyone, including me, were still a bit drowsy from how early it was. And here was Kiana talking my ear off with all sorts of information that she learned from her travels across the world.

Don't get me wrong, what she was saying was very interesting and insightful, but it was way too early for this and her voice was a bit too loud for my tastes.

And judging by the stares we got from passing people, I wasn't the only one who agreed that Kiana was a bit too loud for this early in the morning.

"Say Kiana-san," I started, desperate to try and switch the topic into something that would lower her voice. I knew the girl didn't mean any harm but I didn't have the heart to say that she was being loud. "How did you get enrolled into Chiba Academy in the first place?"

Thankfully my prayers were realized as Kiana perked up and unknowingly lowered the volume of her voice. "It happened just the day after I got the note. I was told by the principal of my old school that I had gotten a scholarship to the academy, it seems that fate was rewarding me for my hard work!"

If I had gotten an anonymous note that told me to come to Nagazora then the next day receive a scholarship to the most prestigious academy in the same city, I would most definitely be suspicious about the whole thing.

Aside from how suspicious it was to get Kiana enrolled, I couldn't help but notice the fact that she had been enrolled the same way I had been.

We had both been called by our principals to receive a scholarship.

And I knew only one man who would give them out like that.

So that meant Siegfried knew Raiden Ryoma? Well that was certainly an interesting development, I was more interested in the fact that both of us got our tickets into Chiba Academy from the same man.

But if her father really did orchestrate her into going to Nagazora, for what purpose? I would've thought that he would try to send her far away from his troubles as I knew that Schicksal was looking for her and that Siegfried was a wanted criminal.

Was it because of the protection that both Raiden Ryoma and Anti-Entropy could provide in Nagazora? During the winter semester Anti-Entropy and Massive Electric made a deal that basically allowed the Schicksal defectors to set up a base in the city.

Wasn't sure if that was canon but the garrison full of AE Mechas was a sure deterrent for Schicksal in case they tried anything.

"Looks like we both have something in common other than Kiana-san," We walked through the gates of Chiba Academy, where a few students and the facility were just milling around. "I also got a scholarship to the academy."

"Really!" Kiana looked at me in shock as we entered the main school building. "Not only are we neighbors, we're also fellow scholarship students! It's like we were destined to meet!"

"I-" She actually did have a point there. It was two scary coincidences that I couldn't help but connect now that she mentioned it. "Didn't think of it like that."

"Hmph, even Haru-senpai cannot help but be dumbfounded by my IQ." Kiana smugly crossed her arms as we entered the classroom, quite a few students already sitting at their desks.

"Oh?" Mei looked at the two of us entering the classroom together with intrigue, not expecting the both of us to be here at the same time.

"Mei, meet Kiana-san." I motioned to the grinning girl. "My new neighbor-."

"Haru-senpai likes to snore really loudly," She grinned unashamedly.

"...And disregarded anything that leaves her lips." Mei laughed as I shot a look at Kiana, who didn't look the least bit affected as we both took our seats before we began to unpack our bags.

"Huh!?" Kiana called out in shock as she began to furiously rummage through her bag. After searching every inch of her bag, she held her head with her arms and cried out in outrage. "I forgot my lunch...again!"

"I'm not giving you my lunch." I replied instantly, my mind still remembering the horror that was Kiana's stomach.

"So mean!" Kiana angrily pouted before she slumped forward, all the energy in her body having been drained. "I was so excited for it as well, there was so much good food in there like this new onigiri recipe that I wanted to try out and…" She began to list off every single food in her bento, each one casting an ever dark cloud over her head.

"Kiana-chan," Mei interrupted her brooding as she pulled out a purple bento box from her bag.

Just seeing the purple bento box instantly lifted Kiana's bad mood as she shot out of her desk to be right in front of Mei's desk. "Is this?" She looked at the bento box excitingly before looking at Mei with uncontained elation.

"I thought to bring an extra bento case just in case you forgot yours and Haruto would have 'share' his again with you." Mei smiled. "I could hear his stomach grumbling throughout the duration of class yesterday."

"Oh you heard that," A gloomy expression appeared on my face as Mei ignored me before pushing the bento into Kiana's hands.

"I'm not sure if you'll like it but-." Kiana's eyes began to sparkle as she opened the bento box, a slight trail of drool left her mouth as she witnessed the majesty that was Mei's cooking. Without hesitating she took a bite out of one of the onigiris, her face melting into utter bliss.

"It's so good!" She moaned appreciatively before quickly devouring the rest of the onigiri in record time.

"Are you sure?" Mei asked bashfully, not used to being complimented for her cooking. "I followed the recipe that Ayaka-san made and-".

"Mei-senpai," Kiana placed the bento box down and held the heiress's hands with her own, a rare serious expression in her light blue eyes as she stared into Mei's dark blue eyes.

"Y-Yes Kiana-chan?"

"Please marry me."


And just like that you could hear a pin drop from how deadly silent the entire classroom went. No one dared to utter a single word as everyone processed the words that left Kiana's mouth.

Even I had to take a second to make sure my mind wasn't making things up, luckily that didn't have to last long.

"EH?!" We all shouted in unison, though with drastically different facial expressions.

Mei cheeks were akin to that of a cherry with how red they were at Kiana's proposal. The sheltered heiress opened and closed her mouth as she struggled to respond back.

My expression was pale like I had seen a ghost. I knew Kiana liked Mei but damn that was quick!

And the expression on our classmates was that of utter fury.

"You can't marry Mei-sama!"

"Look at this hotshot over here thinking she can make the moves on our beloved princess!"

"Who does she think she is?! She is just a transfer student!"

"Oh yeah?" Kiana let go of Mei's hands as she cracked her knuckles threateningly. "Then come at me then!" She challenged before the entire room descended into absolute anarchy at her words.

"This is way too early for this." I tiredly sighed as I could see Kiana just ready to get some action. Luckily our teacher chose that opportune moment to enter the classroom, quickly getting the situation under control.

And while all this was going on…

An owl hooted as it watched the events of the classroom play out from its perch.

In an unknown location…

A tired sigh left a lone figure as he leaned back into his chair, apathetic light blue eyes stared at the screen in front of him.

The screen in front of him was massive, nearly spanning the entire room that he was alone in. Multiple windows of data littered the screen, a chaotic mess of information and pictures that would make any sane person scratch their heads in confusion.

But for the World Serpent Officer Owl, this was but mere child's play.

His dispassionate eyes would quickly look over the information that was being sent to him, quickly determining what was important and what was deemed fodder information and sorting them accordingly.

From information ranging to Schicksal supply lines.

Honkai Infestations.

Any potential World Serpent Allies.

Hints of the arrival of the next Herrscher.

And even…

His hand reached up and trailed the necklace that hung from his neck, the promise of the half completed necklace always fresh on his mind.

But before he could dwell any further on it, a new notification popped up from one of his familiars.

Gathering information was always a hard endeavor. There were many things that people wanted to hide from the outside world, always so careful to hide it away when in the presence of other humans.

And for an organization lurking in the shadows, information was the only way that they would be able to stay ahead of the game.

But while humans would be on guard when in the presence of others, they always dropped their guard when it came to birds. Maybe it was the feeling of superiority that humans seemed to be born with, that if birds were watching then they would not mind showing their true colors.

A philosophy that he did not hesitate to take advantage of.

He was sure that Jackal or Raven would've made a joke on how he was living up to his codename, that he had a massive network of mechanical owls around the world prowling for important information.

Yet they would not be able to fault him for the effectiveness that the birds had.

"Huh." Owl intoned as he focused all of his attention to the information that one of his owls just sent him. Without wasting any time he quickly messaged someone he knew that would be interested in this development.

"Gray Serpent, I think you would like to see this."

For the image that he was seeing was that of Kiana Kaslana giving his owl a funny look, trying to invoke a response out of the avian.

And not too far behind her.

Was the red head human that had piqued the hacker's interest.

It's always Kiana isn't it?

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