It was the end of the line, as the flames surrounded them, threatening to engulf them. The green flames were intense but the two warriors persevered. Victory was within their grasp, soon the dragon, Maleficent, will be green flames have been intense, but the two warriors persevered. They were sure they would defeat the mistress of evil, awaken the princess, and save the kingdom. However, fire surrounded one of the combatants, leaving her unable to aid anymore.

"No," the blue haired Keyblade warrior exclaimed.

The dragon chuckled when she separated those who oppressed her in this battle. She thought would get the upper hand now especially since she knocked the shield out of the prince's grasp as well. In spite of her effort, Maleficent didn't account for one thing: the three fairies accompanying Phillip and Aqua.

"All together," said the red fairy, Flora. The three wave their wands to enhance Phillip's weapon. "Now sword of truth, fly swift and sure...that evil die, and good endure."

The handsome prince threw the sword and it struck Maleficent the Dragon's chest. She shrieked high into the sky in anguish, blood spilling from the stabbing. She collapsed on the edge of the cliff they were fighting on, but not before chomping her jaws in an attempt to kill Phillip. Fortunately, he dodged the bite and the dragon fell into the gorge, breaking the cliff edge in the process. Unfortunately, the rock work that took Maleficent over the edge crumbled underneath Phillip and he fell, hanging on the edge for dear life.

"Phillip!" exclaimed Aqua.

The flames diminished; freeing her and giving her the opportunity to aid him. The three fairies, now at a bigger size, attempted to grab his hand. Nonetheless, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather were too weak to lift him with brute strength and by the time Aqua reached them to help, Phillip slipped and fell into the ravine.

"Oh no!" Aqua reached for him but it was too late.

"Aqua!" he shouted as he declined deeper and deeper.

Mouth agape, the young woman just sat there on her knees looking down into the abyss.

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear," Merryweather exclaimed. "This is bad. Awfully bad."

"Way to go Merryweather," Flora said.

"Excuse me," Merryweather said.

"If you had stronger hands, Phillip would've been fine."

"If I had," Merryweather said.

"Well, you've got the slippy fingers."

"I do not!"

"Ladies," Fauna said. "Let's not fuss."

"Well now Phillip is dead, Rose wouldn't wake up and neither will the kingdom," Merryweather said. "Where else will we get a true love's kiss?"

"Perhaps we can find a replacement," suggested Flora

"But who," questioned Merryweather.

As the three fairies were bickering, Aqua was pondering to herself. She too was wondering how she could break the curse without Phillip. Just then, she got an idea. "What if…I kissed her?"

The Good Fairies stopped arguing when they overheard what the blue haired woman said. Flora asked, "What was that?"

"I've been told my heart is incredibly pure," Aqua explained.

"I've seen Phillip's heart and it's as pure as mine. Perhaps if I kiss Aurora her heart may not tell the difference."

"Perhaps it could work," Fauna said.

"I don't know," Merryweather said. "Aurora's memories would detect whether or not Aqua is her true love."

"It wouldn't hurt to try, Merryweather," Flora said.

"Maybe we could alter her memories."

"Alter her memories?!"

"For a little while, at least for until after the kiss."

"We could do that," Flora said.

The keyblade girl made her decision; she felt a strong urge to go to the castle, where Aurora laid in slumber.

"It has to be me," she said, rushing to the castle.

"Well ladies," Fauna said, "let us see if Miss Aqua is right."

The three flew alongside the Keyblade welder. They went into the courtyard and saw the tower the princess was in. Aqua raced up the stairs to the to tallest tower."

"I sure hope you're right about this," Merryweather said.

Being the one who changed Aurora's curse, she was hesitant about all this. It was too late to turn back now; at last, they arrived at Aurora's chambers. There she was, the sleeping beauty, asleep in a bed with a crown in her golden hair and a rose in her hands. Aqua had stopped to admire the princess's good looks. The fairies floated about the sleeping girl, waved their wands, and replaced Phillip with Aqua in Aurora's memories. Slowly but surely, she walked up to the bed and got down on one knee. Aqua had never kissed anyone before, but now was not the time to get butterflies in her stomach (though Aurora's pretty looks were a good enough reason to). She looked down at the girl's lips, the same color as the flower in her grasp, closed her eyes, leaned down, and placed her own on them. Aurora's lips tasted sweet, as if sweet honey and rose petals were entering Aqua's mouth. It wasn't a long kiss, but Aqua felt she could stay there for minutes on end. After about 5 seconds, she broke away from the blonde. Aurora's eyes fluttered open (similar to Snow White's which Aqua had seen earlier) and the color was back in her appearance. She looked up at Aqua, confused.

After a beat of three seconds she asked, "Who are you? Where is he?"

"Apologies Princess," Aqua said, standing up. "My name is Aqua, keyblade master from Master Eraqus's class."

"Oh," Aurora said. "I thought you were him."

"We're sorry, Rose," exclaimed Flora. "We had to change your memories of Prince Phillip, the boy you met, to Aqua to wake you."

"Oh," said the Princess. "Why though? What happened to Phillip?"

"He fell down a cliff during our battle with Maleficent," Aqua explained.


"I'm so sorry.

Aurora sat up in the bed, holding her head to try and comprehend what had happened to her soul mate. Aqua sat down next to her and placed a hand on Aurora's shoulder to reassure her. Suddenly, the blue wearing princess softly turned and cried into the blue haired girl's shoulder.

"There, there," Aqua said. "We tried to save him, but couldn't. I knew I had to at least save you. No matter who you are, Briar Rose or Princess Aurora, he loved you and wanted to be with you."

"So his death wasn't in vain," Aurora asked, tears running down her face.

"I suppose not," said Aqua

"That's good," the blonde sniffed. "You know...your heart is pure, Aqua"

"Same to you."

"And you have a deep love for many people and creatures," said the Princess.

"I...uh… yes," blushed Aqua.

Aurora looked up from Aqua's shoulder to face her. "You may not be Phillip," she said, "but like him I feel like I know her once upon a dream."

"Um, that might be the memory altering thing," stuttered the keyblade master.

"Yes," Aurora said. "But would it be so bad for you and me to be together?"

Aqua turned dark red; she hadn't felt this flustered since her interactions with Zach earlier.

"I suppose not," she said. "Though I should be going soon. My friends...they need me."

"Oh," said a saddened Aurora. "I understand."

"I can come back for you though," Aqua said.

"You can?!"

"I'll try."

Just then Aqua felt Aurora's arms wrapped around her.

"I'd love that," the blonde said.

"Me too," the blue haired girl said.

Elsewhere, the castle's staff and visitors were waking up; including those in the throne room. "Oh, ah, forgive me, Hubert, the wine," yawned King Stephan.

"Now, you were saying?" "I was," asked a half-asleep King Hubert. "Oh yes, well, after all, Stefan, this is the fourteenth century."

"Yes, you said that a moment ago," the tall thin royal replied to Hubert.

"Well, to come right to the point," said the short and fat royal, "my son Phillip says he's going to marry..."

Before he could finish, Hubert was interrupted by a fanfare. Coming down the stairs came Aurora and Aqua arm in arm.

"It's Aurora, she's here," Stephan exclaimed in excitement. Hubert wiped his eyes, mouth open. "and... who is that?!"

Aurora and Aqua knelt before the throne. Aurora then fondly embraced her mother.

"I don't understand," stammered Hubert, muddled.

"Where's my son?! Where is Prince Phillip?!"

"Maybe I should explain," the blue haired woman said. "My name is Aqua, keyblade master from Master Eraqus's class. I came to this land to investigate and keep an eye on my friends Terra and Ventus. I fought alongside your son against the witch who cursed Princess Aurora. Unfortunately, he did not survive the battle."

"What," softly said the king in denial.

"I tried to save him, but it was too late," Aqua explained.

"So, it's your fault he's dead!" "No...I!" King Hubert stood and strutted over to her. "Why I ought of have you hung for this! Beheaded! Have you become a poopsmith!" Hubert rambled incomprehensible words before being attempted to calm down by Stefan.

"Easy Hubert," he said. "Do you 'easy Hubert me," shouted the old man.

"My son is dead and now our kingdoms will never be..." In a one-eighty twist he collapsed down and sobbed at Stefan's feet.

"There, there," the black-haired king said, rubbing the other king's bald head. "We'll...figure something out."

Aurora stepped forward. "I'm sorry for your loss. I knew Phillip well. I met him in the forest as a common girl this morning."

"Wait," sniffed Hubert.

"You were the girl he was going to meet with?"

"Yes," the blonde said. "I knew him once upon a dream. And though I cannot see him again, I see him in Aqua's heart. She woke me up with her purity."

"She did," exclaimed Hubert.

"So, it seems," Stephan said.

"You-you're okay with that," pondered aloud the other king. "Well as you said this is the fourteenth century."

"I suppose."

"Well thank you for your service to my daughter, Master Aqua."

"Thank you, your majesty," she said with another bow. "I'm afraid I must go. My friends need me."

"Understood," Stefan said.

"Although, I couldn't leave your daughter without a goodbye," Aqua said, holding her hand out for the Princess. She knew she had to find Terra, but what is one small dance going to hurt. Aurora looked at the warrior's palm.

"May I have this dance?"

"You may," Aurora took Aqua's hand and led her to the center of the room.

The castle's musicians played lovely music for the two women. Admittedly Aqua wasn't quite the dancer, but after a few steps it felt like the two were dancing amongst the clouds. She knew she had to go back to finding Terra, but for a princess she was willing and happy to dance with her. It may have been a few minutes, but the blue haired one treasured this brief yet pleasant moment. Out of the corner of her eye, the Keyblade Master saw Flora wave her wand at Aurora's dress; changing it into a pink color.

"Whoa," Aqua flushed.

"What is it?" Aurora asked.

"Your dress!" The blonde looked down at her attire.

"Oh! That's interesting."

"It was one of the fairies, the red one. Regardless, you look beautiful. Inside and out."

"Thanks," the princess said. "You are too"

Aqua smiled at that complement.

"Promise you'll come back?"

"I promise. I'll always be with you. And Phillip too. May your heart be your guiding key."

Aurora smirked. "Well thank you Master Aqua for saving me."

"You're welcome," Aqua replied. "I love you."

"I love you too."

As the music slowed down, the two leaned in for one last kiss together (slightly longer than the previous one); concluding their dance together.

This was a random idea I had for years. I know Aqua never interacted with Aurora in Birth By Sleep so I had to work with another KH fan to write it. Consider it crack shipping. Hope y'all enjoyed this.